Getting ready

September 13, 2017

The roofers made it this morning and are busy tearing off the
roofs to install new. I met the driver delivering the dumpster
at 6:30 Monday morning to drop the box, the materials came
later the same day, but the roofers were delayed on another

We were told that it would take 2 days to tear off all 4 old
roofs, resheet, and install the new. If they pull it off I will
admit to being impressed. We will be happy to see the roof done
before we leave on vacation.

Next week we’re cruising west on a meandering route with no
set stops until we hit Idaho later in the week. We will
probably end up in Montana for a bit and usually stop at a
small town in Nebraska for the night as it has a great Steak
House and a connection to the wife.

Posts may be sporadic, but when aren’t they? We’ll post in the
afternoon/evening when we stop for the day, or at least attempt
to. But we’ll have a new roof and the church steeple we’re so
fond of photographing will also. We found out said steeple is
getting a new roof due to storm damage.

We’ll also share some pictures if any get taken as I have a
bad habit of forgetting the camera. We plan on unwinding,
unplugging, and relaxing with just a touch of acting like

So remember; try to put a smile on someones face today and if
you can’t do that, be the reason they drink. Enjoy our Wednesday.
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It’s a conspiracy

September 12, 2017

The drive by media is biased, local print media is left
leaning, and I believe I’ve uncovered an insidious plot to get
us God loving, gun toting conservatives to give up. Not our
beliefs, just where we get our news.

Case in point: you probably know newspapers are using a
different ink than in the papers of my youth. But as an affront
to us older subscribers I think they’re making the print smaller,
and thus harder, for us bifocal wearing oldfarts to read.

Yesterday as I perused our local paper I was confused by an
ad on an inside page. The wife noticed my confusion and asked
what the problem was. But whe I looked at the ad again, the
ad changed! I could have sworn the ad was for Naked Pizza.

That could turn into every parents nightmare if a child saw
it and asked what a naked pizza is. But when I looked again
the print had changed to Baked Pasta! A hologram? Magic? An
oldfart who hadn’t had enough coffee yet to comprehend?

So I told the wife, hey I’m only 66 years old and I shouldn’t
be having these kinds of problems yet. She explained that I
can’t hear out of one ear, my knee goes out more than I do, my
back constantly hurts, and my hands cramp up. So what is so bad
about one more little problem?

It doesn’t seem bad to a person younger in better health but
once we reach a certain age we want less, not more glitches.
At this rate I’ll be making myself a cane soon. So I am
once again going to man up and admit the paper has once
more changed to a smaller print size.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now I go in search of some leftover pizza
to fill a need. At least I can still remember where we keep
the pizza.
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Sad anniversary

September 11, 2017

Hard to believe another year has passed and 9-11 is here
again. The anniversary of the day the towers fell and Americans
rose. We cannot forget the lunacy of the terrorists behind the
attack who thought the event would bring the country to its

I remember September 11th, 2001. I arrived at a friends
muffler shop that day to hang quarter panels and rocker panels
on his 54′ Chevy and during a break went into the office but
entered the Twilight Zone.

We stood in silence watching the attack unfold on a small TV
and stared in disbelief. Some were ready to fight, others to
enlist, and a few sad. It was a day none of us will ever

2,977 people lost their lives including 31 Muslims who were
not terrorists. Please take a moment today to remember.
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A little rabbit told me

September 10, 2017

The man in the moon was out this morning but it didn’t feel
right talking to him during the daylight so I found a talkative
rabbit. And most of what he said made sense.

He had no need of money, didn’t care about politics, and
wasn’t worried about the weather. He did seem a little
concerned as he said I looked hungry and he didn’t want to be
lunch. I assured him my only hunger was for knowledge and we
sat down to chat.

We talked of many things and I learned the neighbor turns his
dogs loose just to get the rabbit. Said rabbit is too quick
thinking for a couple of older dogs to catch, yet.

While talking I realized that life isn’t easy for a wild
rabbit in the city. He told me his goal is to survive the cold
winter and I hope he does.

I’ve been busy the last few days preparing for the roofers to
start on Monday and while I’m ahead of schedule there are still
a few things to finish up before I can kick back and relax. I
also saw a few birds this morning but they weren’t talking.

So I had a play time early this morning as I knew the work
wouldn’t get done on it’s own later. Enjoy our Sunday and rest
if you can.
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Sunday snicker

September 9, 2017

Two nuns are doing their grocery shopping. As they pass the cooler full of beer, one nun says longingly to the other one, “A cold beer would go down great tonight!”

“Indeed,” the other nun replies, “but how can we show up with beer at the check-out counter?” “Don’t worry, I have a plan,” the other nun answers. “Grab a six-pack.”

The cashier is surprised when he sees the beer, but the one nun is ready with an explanation. “We use the beer to wash our hair” she says. “At the convent, we call it ‘Catholic shampoo.'”

Without hesitation the cashier bends down, grabs a package of pretzels, and throws it in one of the nuns’ groceries bags, saying “The curlers are on the house.”

Picture Thursday

September 8, 2017

Thought we’d share some pictures taken this week, and yes we
know it’s Friday. We just liked the sound of the title as is.
The other evening after a day filled with haze from the smoke
of all the wildfires passing over us the moon took on a strange

The following day the haze cleared and the critters were in a
show off mode. The feral cats stopped and posed for the camera,
butterflies stayed still long enough for a shot, bees were
buzzing, and we had more birds than you could shake a stick at.

And the church 3 blocks away is getting more work done than
first thought. As someone who used to erect scaffolding I can
only imagine the work involved in getting things this high.
The top of cross sits 256 feet above ground level.

The sunsets haven’t been bad either. Even though due to the
change of seasons the sunset moved just enough to put the pole
and wires in the middle, it was still something to see.

As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
That’s a sample of the critters seen, the moon watched, and
a sunset enjoyed. We hope you like them too. Enjoy our
Friday, it’s looking to be a good here on the east coast of
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Not really a rant

September 7, 2017

At one point in the history of this blog I used to rant on
Thursdays. That stopped because I found it harder to get mad
enough to do so. While I’m still not mad, let’s consider this
not really a rant.

As of Monday 1.4 million acres of our great country are on
fire in 8 states to our west. Montana is the hardest hit with
over 660,000 acres aflame. To get an idea what that looks like,
see footage of a satellite feed right here.

The states currently reporting large fires are California,
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and
Wyoming. Montana, California and Oregon have the most fire
activity. These fires are consuming more acres every day.

Of course some are blaming global climate change and all the
people with their cars. How about the media picking this up
and getting volunteers out there to help. These fires impact
the air quality of our country. Go to AirNow for the current
air quality conditions.

This is not a record setting year for fires either although
it is being compared to the fires of 1910. So, the fires aren’t
breaking any records, they are many and understaffed, and who
cares what the cause is. Wait until they’re out before you get
on your pulpit.

Even though I’m not watching big media news, I’m sure most of
this isn’t being aired and should be. And a big thank you to
the fire fighters, support crews, and volunteers who give their
time to fight these fires while sleeping in tents away from
your families. You are not paid enough.

We certainly hope those in Montana get a break and don’t have
to stay until the first good snow. Enjoy our thursday.
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