Running late

June 11, 2019

Last night the sky was clear as a bell so the moon and stars put on quite a show here on the east coast of Iowa. So Monte, the man in the moon, and I had a long talk. We talked of the crazy weather, the rare clear night, and rather or not we should start building an Ark. As you can see in the picture he was smiling as wide as I was.

This morning I went over to Dads for a visit and we had a great time while he ate some of the donuts I bought then later in the living room. Of course talk of the farm came up and different smells that went with that.

The barn with the hay in the loft and the leather of the rigging for the horses, even the livestock pens. Of walking the beans and corn, the huge country suppers, and family both here and gone. He got a gleam in his eye as he mentioned the old Johnny Pepper 2-cylinder tractor and again mentioned he thought the Model T was best car ever built.

He lives up to his self-proclaimed nickname of Antique Farmer. He again told me he liked the picture of a white barn that we got him for his birthday and had it hung on the wall by his TV.

As I was headed home a glance at the clock in the car told me I’d spent a lot longer than usual visiting. And even knowing that I’m still smiling. Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Clean living

June 10, 2019

Last night, since the wife was out of town, I decided to go out and talk with the moon longer than usual. Problem was he was dancing with the clouds and I didn’t want to interrupt. But I did get a picture.

This morning I woke up with fewer than normal sore joints and took that as a sign it was going to be a great day. Had my coffee and took my meds before the wife got home so we could talk a bit. She surprised me with Kindle Fire for Father’s Day which I took as another good sign.

Then I went to go in the office and it all fell apart. I turned the knob, pulled on the door, and nothing happened. Yes, the knob turned but the striker didn’t. Since I put the lock set in around 1994 it was time to replace it. Luckily the door opened into the dining room so I removed the hinges and got the door open that way.

Thinking I may have a striker sitting around I headed to the basement in hopes said striker would be there. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a new lock set on a shelf beside the stairs! So I took the old lock set out , put the new in, rehung the door and was back in business.

The wife might roll her eyes, but I think it was all due to clean living and a little bit of good luck. If I still went with my old ways things might not have gone so smoothly. My temper did flare a bit, only because I don’t like surprises. But the lock got fixed and this post got out.

Enjoy our Monday or hate it if you must. Now I need some coffee so I can get a late start on mowing.
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Sunday snicker

June 9, 2019

Mother Teresa dies and of course goes directly to heaven. God greets her and asks her, “After you get familiar with this place, how about we have dinner together?” “I would love to eat dinner with you!”

Later that evening they meet up for dinner and she takes a seat at the dining room table. God is in the kitchen and starts preparing a very simple meal: one can of tuna fish and some crackers.

Through some cracks in the floor, Mother Teresa looks down at Hell; she sees fire and red hot flames with hundreds of thousands of people, and they are dining on lobster, fine wine, chocolate cakes, steaks, pancakes, row after row of fine food.

Mother Teresa can’t help but ask, “God, look at how they’re eating down there. Shouldn’t we be dining even better than Hell? You are just serving canned tuna and crackers…

” God says, “Well, I figure since it’s just the two of us, why cook?”

You ever wonder about…

June 8, 2019

A lot of us grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning and I’ve learned some interesting things about one of my personal favorites, Popeye. The character was created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1928 in Chester, Illinois. He started out in the comic strip “Dice Island” in 1929 as a sailor for hire.

I did not know Popeye was based on a real person. Frank “Rocky” Fiegal was born in 1868 and was a local legend in his hometown of Chester, Illinois. He was a lot stronger than he looked, smoked a pipe, didn’t back down from a fight, had a squinty (or missing) right eye, and at times butchered the English language when he spoke.

If you watched Popeye you remember Olive Oyl. Her character was also based on a real person. Dora Paskel owned a general store in Chester, was tall and thin, dressed like the cartoon character, and her gravestone is engraved with the face of Olive Oyl.

Remember “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”? That’s right, J. Wellington Wimpy was based on J. William Schuchert who ran the local theater and at one time was Segars boss. He was not a cheap person but did have a love of hamburgers and round shape.

And I also didn’t know that the first “Popeye the Sailor” cartoon was part of the Betty Boop shorts. So now we know the real Popeye didn’t live on the island of Sweethaven, but in Illinois.

Enjoy our Saturday and try not to think about old cartoons. Now for some coffee and a cookie.
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Have you ever?

June 7, 2019

This has not been my day so I feel like I’ve been shot at and missed and shit at and hit all over. It’ll get better. Even my hearing was acting up again which caused the wife to give me ‘the look’.

After our morning errands the wife tuned the TV to the Today Show and that’s when it started. For a show calling itself a news leader they spent an awful lot of time talking, and listening to, the Jonas brothers. I didn’t mind that as my mind was elsewhere but just before the commercial break something was said that I heard wrong.

Giving air time to new show with the Jonas brothers in the frame I thought they said watch ‘Thongland’ on NBC. The mental image I got of these guys in thongs playing their music caused a strange look on my face and the wife was waiting to pounce.

Just then I got it. Looking at the wife I said ‘the show is called Songland’! The wife then asked me what I thought I heard and when told she rolled her eyes and looked at me like I was crazy, again. We both got a laugh out of it. So even though the day had a rough start I know it’s going to be a good one because I woke up breathing.

I was not alone in my misery as the bird flying away in the picture is probably not having a great day either. So enjoy our Friday. Now for more coffee.
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We must remember

June 6, 2019

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, an operation that involved 150,000 soldiers and 195,700 naval personnel, that began the liberation of German occupied France. Allied casualties were over 10,000 with 4,414 confirmed dead.

And while I was watching the morning news one of the talking heads stated that our kids today believe we fought with the Germans against the Russians! I certainly hope that isn’t true.

Later in the program they profiled a Native American who became a combat nurse and served during that time and treated casualties of the invasion. Yet when she returned home there were no parades or fanfare, only signs in businesses in her home town that said ‘Indians and Dogs Not Allowed!’

We must remember and pass our knowledge on to our children and grand children so they remember after we’re gone. Today we are 75 years separated from D-Day and we don’t have many left who can say they were there. Sadly, in my lifetime there will be none.

And if you’re having a bad day think about the 18 year old boys who jumped off the LSTs and stormed the beach 75 years ago today. We owe them our freedom and respect so the least we can do is remember them.

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Another late one

June 5, 2019

The wife worked late yesterday which meant I was late getting over to Dads yesterday to find he wasn’t home. So the donuts, card, and gift were left on his back porch and I came back home. We talked this morning so at least we got a visit in.

The birds were out when I got home and the first one seen was this robin who looked to be power walking with a purpose. He kept the marching up as he went down the alley.

This cardinal perched on the garbage bin and appeared to be waiting for the truck to come and dump and the bin. Not sure what he was doing but he spent a while doing it.

A brown headed cowbird was prancing around too but he was on the lawn. Since he was near where I put out bird food I thought that must be his purpose in being there. Although fun to watch I don’t care for these birds as they put their eggs in other birds nest to let them hatch them.

And I caught this cardinal headed for the feed and even he seemed to be determined. After strutting around in circles he zeroed in on the seeds and had quite a feast. Now if I could only keep the European starlings out of the cat food it would have been a perfect day.

Enjoy our Wednesday and the pictures. Now for some left over pizza and another cup of coffee.
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