Sunday snicker

October 31, 2021

A Catholic and a Buddhist were on a quarrel on whose God is more powerful. The Catholic said mine is powerful, the Buddhist said, no, mine is powerful.

They decided to jump off a high building and the one with a powerful God will hit the ground alive. Buddhist jumps and calls Buddha. Buddha, Buddha, Buddha. Hit the ground and lives.

The Catholic jumps and calls Jesus. Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. When he nears the ground and sees nothing is happening, he decided to call Buddha, Buddha, Buddha help help. He hits the ground dead.

Moral of the story. Have Faith.

It’s time

October 30, 2021

We will forewarn you that we didn’t fact check the vintage post card above so it may be true, or not. Just to be on the safe side don’t laugh at any witches tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

Yes, it’s that time of year again and with all that has happened this year it snuck up on us. Since we live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of young children, and a does have a bad reputation, we don’t get trick or treaters. We get candy for the costume kiddies yet they don’t show up. That causes us to have candy left over after Halloween which we force ourselves to snack on.

Here in our little portion of the east coast of Iowa there will be a parade and trick or treating. Many other places have the same and both events are well attended. Since the wife can’t walk that far anymore we won’t be going to the parade but may watch it on TV if it airs. Much like New Year’s Eve.

If you’re out driving tonight, please keep an eye out for the little ones in costumes. Not all have reflective material on and in the excitement may not pay attention. So enjoy our Saturday and we’ll have a snicker tomorrow. Now for some coffee.

Another one

October 29, 2021

Met my youngest son from my first marriage for breakfast yesterday and had a great time and some good food. If the place has biscuits and gravy, and coffee, I’m in. Hope you enjoyed it also Chris. That said, I went outside this morning in the rain with it cool enough to see your breath, and had a smoke and a grin. Going to be a another great day.

We also got our refrigerator running again so grocery shopping a little later is going to get expensive since we lost a lot when the fridge went out. Now’s the time to try some new things. We have a few pictures we’ll share, and it may sound crazy, but they are all of the same bird. There are only four, so please bear with us.

Went out later yesterday and saw this cardinal about 20 feet away. Decided to sneak back into the house, grab the camera, and hope this guy was still there when I got back. He was! He was getting wetter by the minute but was determined to have lunch.

At one point he looked to be trying to scare me off. Didn’t work, but we did get the picture. The lighting had changed since the first photo yet we like them both.

In this one he was munching among the poke weed and had a nifty cowlick. Whatever he was munching on must have been good as he kept at it for about 20 minutes longer. He was in the rain the entire time.

For this one we changed the settings to come up with a darker looking picture. He was still eating in the picture, and still very wet. At some point he had his fill and flew off to dryer spaces. It felt good to get these shots on such a dark day. And we didn’t even get wet taking the pictures as we were under an awning.

Enjoy our Friday, even if it’s raining where you’re at. Now for more coffee.

Been outside?

October 28, 2021

Been outside twice this morning and it’s only 03:30. When I first went out a light drizzle was starting and the second time it was a good steady drizzle. I like to be outside at times like that as it is the quiet time of the day. Later noise assaults your ears and it gets hard to think.

And in the drizzle I noticed the wildlife out and about and the winter coats were everywhere. My jacket used to be water repellant but needs to be treated again. Remembered that about the time I started feeling wet. A problem that will have to be remedied before winter sets in.

Some think I’m crazy as I declare it’s a beautiful day and state that it’s raining out. What that has to do with my good mood or the fact I’m celebrating another day I woke up breathing is beyond me. These same people will also tell us how stressed out they are at work. Well, if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living you have a job, not a career.

Now that some are up in arms because of what’s been said we’ll add that the above is my opinion which may differ from yours. And that’s fine. It would be an awful boring world if we all thought alike. Just remember, it not what you go through in life, it’s how you go through life.

Enjoy our Thursday as we will. Now for some coffee.

Been busy

October 27, 2021

Our refrigerator should be fixed some time tomorrow as we got a call that told us the part was in and a technician would be by to fix it. You don’t realize how much you use your refrigerator until it’s on the blink. We did have a few moments to take some pictures so we’ll share them.

The moon went from a full moon to this in less than a week. We like the look and wish we could get more detail in the shot. The man in the moon didn’t have time to talk this time so we’ll wait for another night to chat.

This robin was enjoying the sun on his private branch. He was alert, and colorful, as he soaked up the suns rays. He didn’t seem to notice the other birds in the area as he struck a few poses for us before flying away. As the temperatures get colder these sightings may became rare, but we’ll keep looking.

This small bird was perched on a phone line into the neighbors house. Even in the morning chill he was alert and active. He just acted like he belonged, and somehow, he did.

In a nearby walnut tree this squirrel was going for the remaining walnuts at the end of some pretty slim branches. He ended up getting a walnut and scurried off to thicker part of the tree. We hope he has plenty stored for the upcoming winter. As busy as this one has been he should have enough for two winters by now.

Enjoy the pictures and our Wednesday. Now for some coffee.

Who’s fault is it?

October 26, 2021

You may have heard of the unintentional shooting on a movie set that left one dead and one injured. If you have, you’ve probably also heard a lot of opinions on whose at fault. From what we’ve read some blame the armorer, some the director, and a few actually blame the actor who fired the weapon.

We have some strong feelings on this subject, and despite our dislike for Mr. Baldwin, will try to keep this neutral. With so many rumors flying around it’s hard to know what exactly happened and we mere mortals may never know. Rumors we heard are that Alec Baldwin was handed a gun that he was told was not loaded, aimed it at two people, and fired. Said gun WAS loaded with a live round and now a woman is dead.

Having been around guns from an early age and having been taught gun safety since the beginning. I have a few issues with this event. First, why didn’t Mr. Baldwin check the gun to ensure it was empty. Word is it was a revolver so checking would only take seconds. Does Mr. Baldwin, with his at least 5 movies involving weapons, even know how to check a weapon?

The other big issue, as we learn gun safety, is to never point a weapon at anything unless you’re prepared to kill it. Most we know won’t even point an unloaded weapon at another person. That said, we realize that in a movie these things must be done and are surprised more people aren’t hurt or killed.

And finally, the one holding the gun is responsible, not the person who handed it to you. If you don’t know how to check a weapon to see if it’s loaded you should leave it alone until you do know.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now I need a bucket of coffee.

Got a few

October 25, 2021

The weather has not been cooperating so the camera has stayed in office. Guess we could have gotten shot of water running off the roof, or out of the gutters. But we did get a few pictures before the storm and will share them with you now.

Was trying to get a picture of this raccoon that resembled a cartoon with the blurry legs looking more like circles than legs. This was as close as we could get Saturday with the settings we tried. He was a fast little critter.

You may have to enlarge this one to see the female cardinal sitting in the pine tree. Didn’t have the longer lens so this is what we got. We think it says fall with the colors. She didn’t stay long and we knew a trip to the house to change lenses would give her time to be long gone.

Again, you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it, but this guy has having lunch atop a poke weed bush that we let grow out in the back yard. Birds love the berries and we like watching the birds so everyone is happy. He was a fine specimen to photograph.

Here’s another female cardinal, this time in the poke weed. While the weed is toxic to humans it doesn’t bother the birds. She looks to be dreaming of warmer weather, or more poke berries. You can never tell.

This little one perched on a phone line to have a look around. It didn’t take her long to look and she was soon back in the air. We did mange to get two shots before that happened.

And this one like the poke weed also. Liked the striped look of his head and the yellow atop his eyes. Just seemed like a pretty dapper little guy on a breezy day.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s here anyway. Now we need coffee.

Sunday snicker

October 24, 2021

After the Baptism of his baby brother in church, little Johnny sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car.

His father asked him three times what was wrong. Finally, the boy replied,

“That priest said he wanted us brought up in a Christian home, but I want to stay with you guys.”

Have you ever…

October 23, 2021

watched European starlings perched in a tree in the early morning light? Or went outside on a chilly morning at 4 am to seek out the constellation Orion in the night sky? Or just went out and enjoyed the outdoors and look at the wildlife around us? Seen the sunrise/sunset on the ocean from the bow of a ship? Or watched the same sunrise/sunset over the mountains from Treasure Valley?

For those of us who have, we find it hard to believe that there are people who don’t believe in God. We’ve seen both good and bad in our lifetime and hope to experience more of the same before we take our final ride. Humans have probably argued about God since anyone knew about him and the debate goes on today. But as for us, we believe. If you do not, you are welcome to your belief.

We also believe that their are certain rights that are God given and cannot be taken away by any Law of man. Freedom is one of those rights. We have the freedom to be considered a little quirky and go outside in the early hours to watch the night sky if we so desire. There are others but we would have to write a book to cover them all. Let’s just sum it up by saying that we believe the law of man cannot supersede the law of God.

May get into this a little deeper at some future point but we believe the above sums up our take on the matter as our government ignores the Constitution, the rule of law, and the law of God. We’re off the soap box now so have a great Saturday. Now for some coffee.

It’s happening again

October 22, 2021

Much like the well fed raccoon above, we went on a hunt for food. I say hunt as once again the shelves are looking pretty bare. Usually in spots where our favorite goodies used to reside. Turns out I should have rationed my Chester’s Hot Fries as that shelf was one of the bare ones. Just something about artificial french fries covered in artificial hot sauce and packed with preservatives that make my mouth water.

Evidently the shortage hasn’t hit the oral hygiene aisle yet as we found mouthwash that was actually on sale. We could have went to another store to check if had the items the one we visit didn’t, but a bottle of oxygen only lasts the wife so long. After chatting with a few people who we knew before leaving to cruise back home and unpack what we bought.

As for the raccoon above, he isn’t on my Christmas list as he and his cohort eat as much cat food as all the cats combined. Been half tempted to wing him with my pellet gun to get them to stop, but as I get older I see them as ‘cute’ instead of pests. Still working on a solution to the problem as we speak. We’ll see how that turns out.

And we may have some new pictures to share shortly as we have a blue sky today and we’ve seen a lot of birds around. So enjoy our Friday as before we know it Monday will be here. Now for some coffee.