What’s wrong with us?

August 31, 2017

Since the hurricane in Texas we’ve seen people of all races,
religions, and political beliefs helping other people of
different races, religions, and political beliefs. And instead
of the media covering the fact that when the going gets tough
none of that matters.

Instead of covering stories that could lift the spirit of our
nation the media chooses to focus on our first ladys shoes. Who
cares if she wore high heels at first and later switched to
tennis shoes once there.

Friends, neighbors, and complete strangers answered the call
for help. Supplies are being sent from across the country and
around the world as another storm of the century goes in the
record books.

Of course the criminal element has also been seen and yet it
couldn’t be any other way. We’re human and not everyone is
going to react the same way.

And silence from the groups who claim everyone other than them
is either racist, sexist, homophobes, or whatever while trying
to destroy things. No claims they are owed something or well
wishes for the victims.

All this begs the question; why can’t it be like that all the
time? Why can’t we unite as Americans and get things done as
Americans? I can remember a time it felt that and would like to
see it return.

Enjoy our thursday as we’re almost to a long weekend for some.
All this thinking made me hungry so I’m going find some bacon
and eggs and keep them company until it’s gone.
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Of tough shrubs and critters

August 30, 2017

I’ve put the chores on hold to get this out and stop the
bleeding since I look like I was in a bare knuckle brawl with a
bobcat. Who’d think bushes have tougher thorns than roses? Well
these did. And this happens every time I trim that same bush.
Makes one wonder if somebody makes work gloves with long Kevlar
arm pieces attached.

The moon last night looked like it needed a friend so while
spending time with that I missed out on some sleep. But the
moon said he felt better after our chat and so did I.

Although we haven’t seen the feral cat and her kittens in a
few days the bowl of food we set out gets empty by later in the
day so they must still stop by. If the chores ever get done I
spend a little time trying to figure it out.

At least the winged critters show up daily to roost in the
trees and eat the bird seed we put out for them while somehow
managing to look majestic in their poses.

And we had a new visitor today that I don’t remember seeing
around before. The antenna on this creature look like something
out of a sci-fi flick to me. Not sure if the critter is a moth,
a butterfly, or an alien who just landed, but it is different
from what usually spot.

It was pretty small but also looked mad about something.
Perhaps it should phone home. Enjoy our wednesday as in a few
more days the weekend will be here. Since I’ve had my pizza
it’s time to clean the wounds, smother them with iodine, and
find the band-aids.

Pleas keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.
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Thoughts on the storm

August 29, 2017

While the sky here on the east coast of Iowa was so blue it
looked like you could swim in it, Texas is still getting hit
hard. Friends down there are taking the brunt of the storm but
safe, and family are far enough north to be safe.

What always amazes us at times like these is the fact thieves
and thugs don’t take the day off. Stories of break ins and the
Cajun Navy getting shot at while trying to help are almost
beyond belief. It makes one wonder if these criminals are just
that greedy, think it’s just another wonderful day in the
neighborhood, or see the storm as a career opportunity.

Blame is already being aimed at anyone who made a error in
judgement while alligators swim in front yards. The media is
jumping on the wagon too. We learned a long time ago that
hindsight is 20/20, and you hope for the best but prepare for
the worst. Instead of pointing fingers and playing the name
game why not go out and help?

So please give a nod to your God to look over Texas, if you
don’t believe in God keep them in your thoughts. and give a
donation to one of the agencies waiting to help if you can.
God bless Texas.
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Looking and seeing

August 28, 2017

It’s funny what you can see if you just look around. Some may
not even notice what’s going on around them, but we do. So here
are a few pictures of things we’ve noticed in the last few days.

Until recently we didn’t know that birds fed other birds. We
knew it happened in the nest but once the little ones started
flying we thought they were on their own.

We also noticed a problem with male cardinals this year. We
have some who seem to have lost the feathers on their head. It
makes one wonder that if that cardinals are a sign a loved one
in heaven is thinking of us, does this mean they’re having a

Other winged critters have been abundant this year also. Not
sure what kind of butterfly this is, but he kept busy.

There are times when a picture is better. How could you
explain what these two looked like? I knew mere words wouldn’t
do them justice.

The bees have busy although these we give a wide berth as
we’re both allergic to stings. Yet somehow when you get a bit
closer they are magnificent creatures.

We also have some feral cats that live somewhere on the lot
behind ours. Mama had kittens and the look on the first face
is the reason we set out food and water at the end of the

Even the sky has been a work of art. The clouds that
surrounded the church steeple 3 blocks south of our back door
were a sight to behold.

Now that we’ve bored you to tears, we’ll finish this as I have
things to do and sights to see. Enjoy our monday. It’s here so
we may as well enjoy it.
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Three problems

August 27, 2017

While the rain has put a damper on outdoor activities on the
east coast of Iowa news of all sorts has been filtering through
our daily lives. The storms in Texas, the nut job with the bowl
haircut firing a few missiles, and the Navy not being to
navigate friendly waters come to mind.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Texas, we can only
imagine the grief caused. We know the fact that help is on the
way is of little consequence to those hardest hit but there is
not much more to be said at this point.

North Korea fired off three missiles yesterday and a thinking
man has to wonder where the threat is. The first missile failed,
the second blew up shortly after being launched, and the third
missile failed. This means only one of two things.

Either they are dumber than bricks for trying the same thing
over and over, are they are intentionally firing off the duds
so others get complacent. I don’t like either of those options.

As I perused the Navy Times a story caught my eye and had me
staring at the monitor in disbelief. The headline was ‘Maybe
today’s Navy is just not very good at driving ships’. Huh?
Isn’t a Navy supposed to involve ships?

As I read the article I was concerned as the statement came
from a retired Navy Captain. First off, you don’t drive a ship.
A helmsman pilots the ship. Surface Warfare Officers don’t even
know the terminology? According to the retired captain ‘the
current generation of officers rising into command level
billets lacks the skills, training, education and experience
needed to operate effectively and safely at sea’.

This begs the question, who on the ship does have the skill to
operate the ship safely? 17 dead sailors this summer because
the ability to operate a ship in open seas is unknown to those
doing so? I’m glad my hitch occurred when we knew how to do it
safely and bring all hands back to port.

It may just be time to bring God back to the public. Enjoy
our Sunday, I’ll still be shaking my head tomorrow.
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Sunday snicker

August 26, 2017

Here’s two, they’re short.

A priest and a pastor are standing by the side of a road holding up a sign that reads “The end is near! Turn around now before it’s too late!”

A passing driver yells, “You guys are nuts!” and speeds past them. From around the curve, they hear screeching tires—then a big splash.

The priest turns to the pastor and says, “Do you think we should just put up a sign that says ‘Bridge Out’ instead?”

During an ice storm I went to check the mailbox, carefully shuffling down the driveway. When I reached for the mail, my feet went straight up in the air, and I landed on my back. More embarrassed than hurt, I looked to see if anyone witnessed my fall and spied a fire truck passing by. The crew had seen the whole thing.

Firefighters climbed out of the truck to assist me. “It’s the preacher,” one said. “Are you okay?”

“I just got the wind knocked out of me,” I replied.

“Wow,” said another firefighter. “It takes a lot to knock the wind out of a preacher!”


August 26, 2017

This weekend on the east coast of Iowa we have Farm Days in
the Village, the Corvette Rally in LeClaire, and the World
Series of Drag Racing across the river. We couldn’t make them
all and had to choose one. Here is what we chose.

And just a short walk away is a spot on the bluff overlooking
the Mississippi river that I like to go to and see what’s going
on below.

Not as exciting as drag racing or as flashy as the Corvettes,
but just as enjoyable. The tractors and exhibits will be in
the Village until 4 pm tomorrow if you want to take a look.

We will post a snicker later today as time allows. Enjoy our
Comments are always welcome.