Clock’s ticking

March 31, 2021

Slept half the day away this morning, it’s almost April, and am beginning to believe the old tale about time speeds up as we get older. Never was one for sleeping in, or getting eight hours a night, and when I ask the wife to get me up if I’m still sleeping when gets home, her reply is I look so peaceful sleeping. Except for the occasional fight while sleeping being at peace is a good option.

And we have Easter Sunday coming up. This one might be different than most in our past. Are churches even open to the public or do they video on social media? My how things have changed. This whole virus debacle has allowed our control driven government to control even more of our lives than at any point I can remember. What happened to the land of the free?

My Mother-in-law is still in the hospital with a non-Covid related issue and is getting better. Not sure when she’ll be discharged but things are looking good. And our local hospital has a new policy concerning visitors. I realize they don’t want to spread the virus but cannot figure out the one visitor a day policy. Even having one visitor in the morning and one in the afternoon doesn’t too dangerous to this old redneck.

Which begs the question; when will we get back to normal? Or at least the old standard of normal. This whole event has not affected the wildlife, as far as we can see. Plenty of birds singing, the feral cats are doing good, and the four legged critters that come out at night haven’t disappeared. Time will tell.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re halfway to the weekend. Now for coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Photo update

March 30, 2021

The full worm moon was out the other night and we happened to get a picture later that night. It came up out of the eastern sky really bright but this is how it looked closer to sunrise early the following morning. Didn’t get a chance to chat with the man in the moon as two of the feral cats thought I was out there to feed them.

This is Lil Bit trying on her mean face. She was glaring at something and half asleep. She stayed like this for a while before getting up to have some more kibbles, or maybe it was bits. Not sure, but she made herself scarce when I went out this morning to fill the bowls.

Not to be outdone, Patches strolled up doing her ‘grumpy cat’ impersonation along a path the cats have been using in the back yard. They all walk this same path and it has gotten to where there is nothing to mow along their path. At least it isn’t very wide.

This is what happens when a feral cat forgets his sunglasses on a sunny day. Either that or he’s doing his Clint Eastwood impression. When coming out of the brush he didn’t look too happy. If seen today we’ll ask him if his day got better.

Just to prove I photograph more than the moon and cats, here’s an early morning shot of the back of a flower complete with dew on the petals. Must have planted the flowers wrong as before they always faced the camera. And that concludes our little update and we will return to regular posting shortly.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and pizza. Comments are always welcome.

Giving it a shot

March 29, 2021

Just when you think you think you think you have things all lined up, things go FUBAR and you have start again. We took the oxygen concentrator over to my Mother-in-laws the other day in the hopes it would make her life a little easier. Learned this morning that she is in the hospital again with unrelated issues. The wife is on her way to visit and find out what said issues are.

On another note, heard Biden said that veterans and ex-police officers are the cause of the rise in white supremacy. Lord love a duck! With all the bull being shipped out of Washington that has to be at the top of the pile. I’m not in a good mood anyway since I found out coffee prices are going up, again. The politicians we have wouldn’t know the first thing about the average American, how we live, or what we want. If they did we’d have term limits.

As a veteran I find Bidens’ statement beyond stupid. Just more proof that the man is brain dead and should not be trying to lead our country. But as someone said a long time ago, if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. Thank God we still have some people around who can still think for themselves and see through the push to dumb down our country. I neither want nor need governments help and would be happy as a clam if many of them just went away.

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need coffee while we can afford it. Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

March 28, 2021

There was once a young Nun in training. As she was new to her convent,
her job was to do the grocery shopping every week.

One week, she asks to be excused from this duty, as she ends up being
stopped by the police every time and it’s getting on her nerves.

“Are you speeding? Staying in the right lane? Obeying the traffic signs?”
The Mother Superior asks.

“I follow all the road rules.” The young Nun answers.

“Very well. I shall hide on the floor between the front and back seats,
and see why the police keep stopping you.” The Mother Superior answers.

After they leave the supermarket, the Mother Superior feels the car slow
down and pull over. Out the window, she can see two uniformed police
officers sauntering up to the young Nun’s driver-side window and
unzipping their trousers.

The young Nun exclaims “Oh great! Not the frigging breathalyzer again!”

Got ‘er done

March 27, 2021

This is late again so we’ll explain in a minute why it’s late. Pictured above is the tom cat that has been hanging around the flock of female feral cats we have outside. Hope he doesn’t cause a feral kitten boom anytime soon.

This is late getting out as moving the oxygen concentrator took longer than we expected. When we got up the third floor apartment I grabbed said concentrator and did a test lift. It was roughly around 100 pounds but did come apart with a lighter top and heavier bottom.

Since it was on wheels it made more sense to wheel it to and from the car than carry the pieces and make two trips. During this process we found out the little plastic wheels didn’t like to go over gaps in the elevator and thresholds. As a matter of fact, it didn’t want to roll over differences in flooring either.

But we got it to the Mother-in-laws new place and set up without a hitch and she is now using it Whole lot better than changing out oxygen bottles. We put it against an outside wall in the middle of a room as she was worried about the noise it made and that said noise may carry. When we left, we stood there a minute outside the door and didn’t hear a thing so we think there shouldn’t be any problems.

When we got back home one of the feral cats had caught a small mouse somewhere and was playing with it in the yard. Evidently, feeding them doesn’t affect their hunting abilities. Now I am ready for for some pain cream on my poor back. Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a nice one here. Comments are always welcome.

Still grey out

March 26, 2021

The sky is still grey and rain is in the forecast, but it wasn’t raining when we left to do the errands this morning. We were almost to the grocery store when we realized the road was closed due to an accident that took out some power poles earlier in the morning.

So we had to backtrack and go twice as far to get to where we going. Then we got to the grocery only to feel something wasn’t right. The place was almost empty and we got a parking spot right by the door. That just doesn’t happen usually. Still don’t know the reason people weren’t shopping and the cashier said she hadn’t heard about the accident.

After filling the trunk, taking the cart to the corral, and stopping to buy cancer sticks, we made our home with no further delays. Got everything put away, the feral cats fed, had a sweet roll for breakfast, and settled in. Just something about those rolls with the fruit filling that can make even a strange day seem normal and soothe the soul.

Another problem popped up that we’ll look at tomorrow as we’re not sure what we’re dealing with. Seems my Mother-in-laws oxygen concentrator has to be moved from her old 3rd floor apartment to her room in the assisted living place she’s at. Even though the contraption has been there every time we went over I’ve never looked it over and don’t know how big, or heavy, it is. We will find tomorrow.

Also got busy taking some pictures and got a few of an as yet unseen tom cat that is new to the mix. Don’t know if this new addition is a pet or feral, yet he still makes us nervous as there are too many female cats who haven’t been fixed running around. We don’t want another feline population explosion and aren’t sure what do yet. We’ll work it out after we figure out how to get the medical equipment moved tomorrow.

Enjoy our Friday as we will. Now for more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

A few pictures

March 25, 2021

Mentioned a grey day in an earlier post and here’s what it looked like between the rains. The gloomy sky sucked the color out of almost everything under it as shown in the color pictures. It even felt like rain and was interesting to watch the clouds dance across the sky. We did end up with close to an inch of rain for the day but we shot pictures between the drops.

The ever watchful, as yet unnamed, member of the gang of feral cats running around the neighborhood. Even after a year of putting out food and water, this one won’t let us get close. This gal and Lil Bit play together most days and are usually seen together.

Speaking of Lil Bit, she’s grown since her days as runt of the litter. Still not a big cat but looks only slightly smaller than the other cats hanging around. Still not sure what happened to her tail and she isn’t talking. We’ll see if we can coax it out of her.

Even with terrible lighting, managed to catch a female cardinal in a neighbors tree. Didn’t realize the females sang but heard it with my own ears. The way she kept going, and going, and going, she must have had something important to say. Happy to see the birds coming back as during the cold winter they were far and few between. Am surprised we haven’t seen the first robin of spring yet.

Enjoy our Thursday as the end of work week is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and some food. Comments are always welcome.

On a loop

March 24, 2021

Here we go again. With the mass shooting in the Colorado store politicians used the camera time to tell us we need more gun laws. Funny thing is, Colorado already has many of the restrictions the Democrats would like to see nationally, and the shooting still happened. And of course since the shooter wasn’t the ‘violent white man’ they could not blame systemic racism.

We’re getting tired of the bull being shipped about how if they take our guns away it will make things safer. No, that would merely make us victims. Yet some politicians insist new laws would be for our benefit and would save lives. We say it isn’t about guns it’s about control. But at what cost? Even tying up Congress to debate the issue takes time and money while not spending the time tackling real issues of the day.

Issues that don’t see important to them like homelessness, sex trafficking, and the mess on our southern border. How about the rising cost of gas, groceries, and other necessary items to live in a way we are accustomed to? Although recent laws passed do explain the fence and National Guard in our Capitol. Congress works for us not the other way around. It’s past time somebody grows some balls and sets them straight.

All the smoke and mirrors prove it is past time for term limits. If some were paid what they’re worth they would be homeless. Time for Congress to do their job and stop posturing. It’s time to take them out of the loop as we’re tired of hearing and watching the bull being ship, time being spent, and promises made that can’t be kept.

That’s our opinion and you’re welcome to yours. Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for some coffee and breakfast. Comments are always welcome.


March 23, 2021

Got the wife off to work yesterday and took the trash bag out to bin when I heard a squad car hit the siren about a block away. Nothing new there, while not a daily experience it happens often. What came next sounded like three gunshots. Again, nothing new and was sure it would be on local news later. It was not. There wasn’t anything on social media either.

Later we’ll look at the police reports for yesterday and see the incident is mentioned there. After all, I know weird dreams come often, just not while awake. Then went out this morning with camera in hand to find nothing. Just dark grey clouds in the lighter grey sky. Did get a few bird pictures, cat pictures and sky pictures. Just not sure how they’ll turn out.

If the pics turn out we’ll share some tomorrow. I have come to the conclusion that my eyes are getting older and perhaps new glasses needed. Never did take decent pictures when the lighting is dim so not sure if glasses would help with that, but they couldn’t hurt. Another reason for not going sooner is the masks. Our state doesn’t require them yet some businesses do.

I find it ironic that when I say I can’t wear a mask I’m never asked why are allowed to explain. All I hear is that I can’t go in the business without one. Seems like discrimination to me as I have a medical reason for not wearing a mask. Guess it’s time to find a place that doesn’t require them.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s going to be a wet one here. Now for more coffee and some pizza. Comments are always welcome.

Just another day…

March 22, 2021

Went out to watch the moon the other night and will admit things looked different then. For one thing you could actually see the moon instead of a sea of grey between us and the Heavens. Those who throw darts at the board to predict the weather on TV say we may see some rain today with a better chance tomorrow. Makes on wish it could be clear out when it rains.

Got to thinking about my time at sea last night night also and was surprised the thoughts were so vivid after all the decades that have passed since then. But if ever you’ve ever seen the green flash at sunset from the flying bridge it is a memorable experience. Or dropped anchor outside Maui and saw whales frolicking all around the ship, or dolphins swimming alongside the moving ship at sea. Or even just sailing past the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

I imagine things have changed since my discharge in the 70s and Lord knows I have, but even with some of the scuttlebutt heard, would do it again. The Navy becomes your family and shipmates brothers. At least that’s how it worked when I served, now there are women aboard also. Nothing wrong with that although I imagine they would have a different take on how things go when the ship is DIW.

But even being dead in the water and having to be towed back to port wasn’t so bad. Those who have been there know that without power and fresh water things could get a bit gamey. But once back in port you realize just how good a hot shower feels. All in all it’s an experience like no other.

Life interfered with my thoughts at that points but we’re making progress on getting back to normal, or at least as close as usually are. Yeah, just another day in the neighborhood. Enjoy our Monday as it’s another day closer to being over all the covid bull. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.