The holiday

August 31, 2014


Happy Labor Day to all! Most know it is a holiday
we celebrate the first Monday in September but did
you know at one time it was celebrated in May? That
changed after the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago
which happened on May 4, 1886.

Then President Grover Cleveland didn’t want the
holiday to fall anywhere near the time of the
massacre so in 1887 it was established that Labor
Day would fall in September.

Labor Day is also considered the end of summer by
many which means parties, barbeques, fireworks,
parades, and a lot more. It also used to ring in
the start of the school year around here.

There is no dress code, unless you have one at
your house, and there is no set schedule to be
followed. It is our day and we should all enjoy it.
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A Sunday message

August 30, 2014

A friend sent the following to the wife, she
sent it to me, and I’ll share it with you. It
doesn’t need a set-up as it is just audio of an
old Christian standard combined with a slide show
about the days of yore.

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The next big threat?

August 30, 2014



We felt it time to talk of the problem of violence
in our culture. No, not the problems in Missouri or
the 42 shot and killed in Chicago this month. The
violence we speak of a is a growing fad of
attacks on unarmed people by others wielding
baseball bats.

This is not a laughing matter. If someone bonks
you on the head with a ball bat you’re going to see
stars at best or meet your maker at worst. And
there is no bat control nor bat registration.

One of the most recent attacks happened in
Baldwin, Iowa on August 23rd, 2014. Drinking was
involved and when one young man was told to leave
he went to his car, pulled out his ball bat, and
bonked two people with it.

One man who was hit on the head was bleeding a lot
and disoriented when deputies arrived. Another man
was hit, not bleeding, and refused treatment while
the first man was taken to a hospital for head

The man with the bat was charged with willful
injury and assault and is in jail on a $5,000 bond.
This is crazy. We need a three day waiting period
when buying a bat and meticulous registration of
those who buy them to insure this doesn’t become
a trend.

The bat wielding thug cannot be charged with
assault with a dangerous weapon because a ball bat
is not considered a weapon. We have to change this.

How many thugs out there are too stupid to figure out
how to get a firearm, are afraid of firearms, or
won’t because of the cost. Enter the ball bat. And
it’s just that simple.

Did you know that during the 2011 riots in
England baseball bat sales for self-defense
caused a sharp increase of said bats in civilian hands? Or
that TSA bans baseball bats, unless they are less
than two foot long and weigh less than 24 ounces?

There are millions of unregistered ball bats in
the country today made of hard woods, aluminum, or
composites. We need to keep an eye on this trend.
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A longer tale…

August 30, 2014

We wrote a little about Dan Parker yesterday and
now feel we should tell a little more of his story.
Parker was the 2005 ADRL Pro Nitrous World Champion.
His dream was to build race cars and race until
the wreck that took his sight in March of 2012.

He used to spend his weekends like this-

There are tracks across our great country where
every weekend the average Joes, the backyard
mechanics, tinkerers, and professionals run what
they brung.

Parker went to the Salt Flats last year and the
National Federation of the Blind (NFB) became one
of his sponsors. This year he went back. Riding
a three-wheeled motorcycle, that he designed, he
set a new world record in 51-85cc single cylinder
2 stroke cycle car class with an average speed of
62.05 mph.

He also went in the record books as the first
blind person to set a Land Speed Record without
any other human assistance. He did have a very
sophisticated GPS system and electronics that
would turn off the engine if he veered off course.

Mr. Parker is now on the return trip home after
achieving his goals on the salt. If you would like
to know more about his run, please watch this

Congratulations Mr. Parker, and we’re sorry we
called you Don in yesterdays post. We will not make
that mistake again as we follow your career.
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A racer, a rare car, a train wreck, southern women, and more

August 29, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Don Parker, we hope you
remember his name after reading this. He is at the
Bonneville Salt Flats with his motorcycle and has
the required passes to get an average speed. His
official average speed is 62.05 mph.

That may not sound like much to many but it has
earned him our respect. As he puts it “I’m not a
blind man trying to race. I’m a racer who went


Now here are some upcoming events in our area.
Friday, August 29th will be the Midnight Mayhem at
Cordova Dragway. Gates open at 10 pm and the races
will run from 11 pm to 3 am.

Also tonight is the Friday Night Cruise In at the
Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa hosted by the
Classy Chassis Cruisers from 5-9 pm.

Saturday, August 30 is the Sauerkraut Days Car
Show held in Blairstown, Iowa.

Sunday, August 31 is the Labor Day Weekend Car
Show held in beautiful downtown Bradford, Illinois.

Sunday is also the Orion Fall Festival Car Show in
picturesque downtown Orion, Illinois.

Monday, September 1 (Labor Day), is the 17th
Annual McCausland Labor Day Car Show held in
McCausland, Iowa. Things kick off at 7 am with a
pancake breakfast and the parade starts at noon.

And Saturday, September 6, is the Rollin’ In The
Oldies Cruise-In at NorthPark Mall in Davenport,
Iowa hosted by the River Valley Classics. Starts
at 5 pm.

Here is a car you may not have seen before.

Some think our society crazy today but we didn’t
get that way overnight. Starting in the late 19th
century, train crashes were a spectator sport.

How about a primer on the sh*t southern women say?

We don’t have a song this week so will leave you
with this…

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I’m not sorry

August 28, 2014

Have you noticed we are living in an apologetic
society? Every time we turn around somebody is
apologizing to someone else because of their faith,
political party, or skin color.

I’m with Merle Haggard on this one, I am a white
boy. I was born that way, can’t pass for anything
else, and wouldn’t want to if I could. It’s all I

Nope, I’m proud of the fact. Some may call that
racist and in our country it is their right to do
so. But simply saying so doesn’t make it so.

Why is it, in this wonderful land we live in, it
is ok to have brown pride, black history month,
and the talk of our need for cultural diversity,
but it is not ok to be white?

So call me redneck, cracker, or whatever because
I won’t mind. I am a redneck who likes crackers.
Common sense needs to enter our society again and
stick around this time.

Instead of using the race card try using a deck
that is based in reality. Just because we are
white does not mean we hate those different than
ourselves. Don’t let other people tell you how you

So I will repeat, I’m proud to be a white boy and
will not apologize for that fact, my religious
beliefs, or my God given rights. If that offends
you feel free to call me a racist.
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Five pounds of possum

August 27, 2014

If you’re a fan of Blue Grass music you may
recognize the phrase and if not some of us have
seen a time, at some point in our lives, when we
knew the feeling.

But this post isn’t about the song or its content.
This post concerns the ongoing saga of the Dock
development on the riverfront here in our river

We don’t believe the city is at the point it is
looking for ‘Five pounds of possum’ to make things
better, or that the developer is being unreasonable
with his plan.

This thing has been going on for around 2 years,
the developer has stuck tons of money into the
process, the city council has passed it unanimously
before the mayor vetoed it before the city council
passed it unanimously.

The mayor is now ranting that the council isn’t
doing their job because they want to pass it, the
developer is showing the patience of Job, and a
lot of city governments time has went into getting
the project this far.

This is not a five pounds of possum moment and we
think this has far more supporters than people who
are against it. We don’t need another city owned,
city run business on the riverfront. Let’s wrap
this up this afternoon and move on.
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