Sunday sermon

January 31, 2021

God is going to get me for this one, but I can’t help it. I like little Johnny jokes.

Little Johnny was at school in religion class when the teacher asked
the question “When you die, what part of your body do you think goes to
Heaven first?”

Young Jason raised his hand and said “the heart, because God is in our

Young Charlie said “the brain, because God is in our minds.”

Finally little Johnny raised his hands and said “the legs!”

The teacher confused and interested in why little Johnny mentioned the
legs and asked why.

“Well,” little Johnny replied, “Last night when I saw my father hugging
my mother and her legs were in the air and she was scraming Oh God I’m

Weekend thoughts

January 30, 2021

Most of the chores are done and those that aren’t done will keep. Even got some snow shoveled in preparation of the white fluffy love from above that is supposed to fall today. We might get rain first, followed by snow, or we may see snow followed by snow, or the front could miss us altogether. And we’ll probably hear of more executive orders being signed unless Biden is tired out from signing all the others.

Noticed the feral cats seem thirstier this winter than we’ve ever seen them. The minute I get the ice out of the bowl and the water in things look like a National Geographic special of big game at a riverside. It’s almost like these critters can smell the water and crowd around the source to get their fill. You’d think they’d rush the food bowls.

Didn’t make the indoor car show last weekend but have seen a few pictures. Looks like the powers that be were even social distancing the cars! Figures, the year we don’t go and pictures would be easier to take with less people. We’ll wait.

The lady who follows me around and myself are wondering what’s going to happen next. Her cats, out of the blue, have turned into little fur covered bundles of need. They’ve been jumping on laps, pawing legs to get attention, and gotten noisy. Not sure what that means, but they can’t all be sick. At times like this I’m glad I’m a dog person.

Enjoy our Saturday as before we know it, it will be gone. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.


January 29, 2021

The errands are run, groceries put away, and I once again have coffee. Can’t believe we actually ran out yesterday and blame it on getting older. Meant to get said coffee the last time we went out but came home with donuts instead.

Things are so crazy the squirrels are running back up the trees and staying there! Even putting some peanuts out did not coax them back down. I think they got close to a neighbors window, saw some of the news, and got so scared they just started running. They might come down tomorrow if we get the snow that is predicted.

Even the feral cats didn’t seem impressed. Asked this one what he thought of AOC accusing Ted Cruz of trying to have her killed, and this was his response. This cat is usually awful smart too. Oh well, the sun was out and the temperatures came out of the basement and that was good.

And we had a full moon last night. Full Wolf Moon is I remember correctly. It lit up the night like a nightlight in a nursery. For once there weren’t any clouds blocking out said moon. Was going to have a chat with the man in the moon until I realized I was standing in a snow drift and still had my house slippers on. Wanted to chat but didn’t want to bring the snow drift back into the kitchen with me.

Enjoy our Friday as for some it’s the end of the work week. Now I’m having some coffee, again. Comments are always welcome.

Clearing the air

January 28, 2021

Was reading a newsletter in my email and was doing fine until getting to the comments section. Someone had commented that we should all respect Biden because he is our president. I have always, and still do, believe respect is earned not given. Yes, he is the president and no, he has done nothing so far to earn any respect from this veteran.

Biden seems to fighting his battles by executive order and the only ones hurt in process is we the people. His rejection of ‘fossil fuels’ will come back to bite us big time. Nobody remembers what all is made with petroleum products, but the list is endless and the cost increase to us will not help anyone.

Climate change is hoax. Even John Kerry admitted that even if we got down to zero emissions it would not change the climate as other countries are far worse polluters than us and there would be no net gain. So why are they doing it?

The $15 an hour minimum wage would be a disaster and cost us more money. First gas prices will start going up, then businesses will have to increase the price of their products, which we the consumers buy. I don’t really want to see the price of my small pizza go from $16 to $20 because the business has to pay so much for help.

And I sure as hell don’t my taxes paying for abortions on demand. And these things mentioned are the tip of the iceberg of the reason I do not respect Biden, or very many politicians of either party.

On another note, I received 2 facemasks from my health insurance company in yesterdays mail. I don’t wear masks, said masks are green, and even though the company logo was printing proudly on the front, I still won’t wear one. When I looked at the packaging it had ‘made in Viet Nam’ stamped on it. Either make it in America or leave it on shelf.

That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to yours. Enjoy our Thursday as Friday is just around the corner. Comments are always welcome.

Strange day

January 27, 2021

Got up early this morning ready to do a post only to find out our phone, cable TV, and internet were not among the working. The wife got home fairly early and after calling our cable company was told it was an area wide outage. The services have been working for a while now but some other issues came up and needed to be looked at. Looks like now is the time for a post before the roof falls off the house or something.

Noticed some things going on and in no particular order, here they are. People still stop their cars to ask you if you’re shoveling snow when you’re shoveling snow. If they do this to make me mad, it doesn’t work. People do dumb things all the time and if we got mad every time they did, we’d always be mad.

Robo-calls haven’t stopped and it’s getting to the point if I don’t recognize the number, I’m not answering. Just yesterday my cellphone rang and when I picked it up I heard “we just wanted to notify you that your cars extended warranty is about to expire.”

The temperature around here has been in the single digits a lot lately and that’s alright. No reason to get mad when just around the corner is summer when people complain it’s too hot out. The cold doesn’t bother me much as I’ve never seen a tornado over an icefield.

Finally, I was going to start eating healthy today and had to change my mind. I thought a salad would taste good but we have none of the fixings. So I compromised. I baked a potato, stuck a hamburger patty with cheese on top of it, and covered that with hot chili and more cheese. Best salad I’ve ever had.

Enjoy what’s left of our Wednesday as we get closer to spring every day. Now I need more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Got snowed

January 26, 2021

Well, we got some snow. Not as much a predicted by those who wave their magic wands to forecast the weather on our local TV news. Actually, this storm was a dud. We got 6 inches of white fluffy love from above at the airport and here in town we saw around 3 inches. There was blowing and drifting yet it was manageable.

Read somewhere yesterday that Fauci makes more than the president. If so, I don’t think we’re getting our monies worth. Also heard he said one could wear 2 masks. I can’t breathe with one on and will continue to wear none. Since Biden doesn’t even follow his mask on federal property mandate that shouldn’t be a problem.

Speaking of which, why is that when Trump didn’t wear a mask people were up in arms and saying he only cared about himself yet Biden gets a free pass for doing the same thing? Biden probably can’t remember to put the mask on, but that is no excuse.

Looks like Nancy is going to get her impeachment trial. Which begs the question, if Trump was such a terrible president why do they care if he can run for the office again? According to Nancy and her cohorts he was a sexist, a racist, all for himself, and inciting people. Surely citizens wouldn’t vote for someone like that.

We do live in interesting times. Don’t know where all this is headed but have an idea we aren’t going to like it. Time will tell us when the drama ends. Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee time. Comments are always welcome.

Just looking

January 25, 2021

You ever look at drips coming off the edge of the roof and wonder what they really look like? To the naked eye it appears they either drip occasionally, or come down like a waterfall. After playing with the camera it seems neither is right. The picture above is of a slow drip with a shutter speed of 1/1,200th of a second. The drop is round but when looking with my eyes, I only saw the drip.

So I waited until there was what looked like a steady stream of coming off the roof. And again, it was not what I expected. This one was also taken with a shutter speed of 1/1,200th of a second. What I thought was just a steady stream of water was turned into something completely different with the camera. I looked before and after the shot and only saw a steady stream of water. The picture made me wonder.

Then I got cocky. Thought if the camera could do that with water, how about the sky? Looking around I noticed this striped sky staring back at me. Turns out the faster shutter speed didn’t make a difference with the clouds. Still like the picture so it was a trade off. We might experiment with some snow pictures later.

We say that because we’re supposed to get between 5 to 10 inches snow starting later today and ending tomorrow. Not sure where we’re going to shovel it all yet. Oh yeah, the guy who guesses the weather on the local TV also said we may see some ice. It could get interesting.

So enjoy our Monday as it looks like it’s going to start our week with some snow. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

January 24, 2021

Three nurses went to Heaven, and were awaiting their turn with St.
Peter to plead their case to enter the pearly gates.

The first nurse said, “I worked in an emergency room. We tried our best
to help patients, even though occassionally we did lose one. I think I
deserve to go to Heaven.” St. Peter looks at her and amits her to

The second nurse says, “I worked in an operating room. It’s a very high
stress environment and we do our best. Sometimes the patients are too
sick and we lose them but overall we try very hard.” St. Peter looks at
her file and admits her to Heaven.

The third nurse says, “T was a case manager for an HMO.”

St. Peter looks at her file. He pulls out a calculator and starts
punching away furiously, constantly going back to the nurses file.
After a few minutes St. Peter looks up, smiles, and says
“Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to Heaven… for five days!”

Thinking again

January 23, 2021

Thought this cat must be one mean cat to bust through a wood gate and leave an outline in the wood. Others didn’t see that so guess I think different. Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re supposed to get some snow overnight and snow for 3 of the 5 days coming up. We’re ready, we lived through 2020.

Haven’t mentioned Biden yet or what has happened on this watch. Some antics made me laugh while others made me mad. Just guessing I’m not alone with those thoughts. Since Biden took office he’s pissed off Canada, made pipeline workers unemployed, and got union bosses wondering why they backed him. Also noticed the lack of accountability that was a daily event for Trump.

Since Biden has been in office Washington, D.C. has become an armed military base and the National Guard were booted out of the Capital building and told to live in a parking garage. It was short term, granted, but that has nothing to do with legislators getting a conscious, and everything to do with the public uproar concerning the event.

How about the virus? Well, according to CDC figures for 1-21-21 there were 4,383 Covid-19 deaths on Biden’s first day. And a new game plan emerged concerning testing. Now it is admitted that tests being used give false positives and should not automatically mean the person tested has the virus. So that equates to the numbers magically dropping.

To those who thought we’d be mad when Biden was ‘elected’ we say, we can wait. Biden himself will prove that Trump was a much better president and don’t look to us for help they start coming after you. Now that I’ve got this out, going to get ready to go out for lunch.

Enjoy our Saturday, after all we woke up breathing this morning. Now for some coffee, and pants. Comments are always welcome.

My luck

January 22, 2021

I have been sleep deprived lately and the reason is pictured above. She’s the youngest of the wifes cats, hasn’t been fixed, and has been in heat for the last seven days. I don’t know how long the process is supposed to take but that seems like forever.

And she’s still going strong! What bugs me the most is the fact that she is quiet during the day and starts howling at the moon around midnight. It’s almost like she knows when I lay down and saves her voice all day so she can keep me up at night.

I wear lightweight slippers around the house and have gotten pretty good at hitting what I throw them at. Problem is after getting up to retrieve said slippers so I have more ammo every 2 shots. And she knows when I’m out of things to throw. She isn’t hurt by the flying slippers, does usually quiet down after the fact, but eventually returns to serenade me.

Just when I hitting my stride getting 6 hours sleep a night instead of two to four, she decides I need more music in my life. Then, when the lights are on, she looks at you with that innocent face and you can’t stay mad. Grumpy, groggy, and caffeine deprived, but not mad. Certainly hope this isn’t a permanent fixture around here.

Enjoy our Friday as before we know it, it will be Monday. Now for more coffee.