Here we go

September 29, 2009

They are in session at the House on the Hill. It seems that since the Baucus bill is the only one without the public option some want to change it. The rumors are flowing fast so who knows what to believe but I find it humorous that those running the show have claimed they would look at all options. That is now out the window and its public option or nothing? It could get interesting.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am not an Obama fan. But so far I’ve seen nothing that would change my mind to believe he is a leader. His rants are either that it’s not about him or a claim of racism. He has an illusion of grandeur and he seems to think he can stop thousands of years of fighting by simply talking to the opposing sides. It is an interesting time to be alive.
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Weekend wrap up

September 27, 2009

What a weekend. It started out on a sad note when I was notified my uncle died. We didn’t see each other often as he lived in Seattle and I don’t, but we got along when we did get together. In his younger days he was a bit of local legend when the local newspaper would do a story on him. Of course the paper was printed in a little town up the road because the hometown was too small for a paper. Our little home town could hardly be called a town because the business district was two buildings, the gas station and a grain co-op.
Just lately there has been a population explosion and the population has swelled to over 100.

Saturday I went and met a friend I had known for sometime online but had never met. He gave me a car generator of unknown origin and we had a nice chat. We remembered when a barn was right accross the street from his house. A lot of us older folks can remember corn fields north of Kimberly Road also. Thank you for the generator, I’ll put it to good use.

He also mentioned plans to put a roundabout at the intersection of 46th street and Jersey Ridge Road. I don’t see anything wrong with just making it a four way stop. It would have to be cheaper to add two stop signs that to engineer and erect a roundabout.

There’s also been talk of turning some one way streets downtown to two way. I’d like to see how that works out when beer deliveries are made on both sides of 3rd street. Everything seems to be aimed at slowing down traffic and helping pedestrians get around. I don’t care for the idea but it will most likely happen anyway.

Then we went and repaired a storm door that someone had kicked, broke, and distorted beyond recognition. It doesn’t look like a new one now but it is a whole lot better than we first laid eyes on it.

The Polar Bear Regatta is going on if you like to watch sailboats on the river. That could be a relaxing way to spend part of the day.
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A simple mini-rant

September 24, 2009

Below are a few mini-rants that I found interesting. Since
money is no object for this administration we’ll start with
a couple of rants about where our money is going.

As part of the stimulus package green energy projects have been
given billions of dollars in federal grants. Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it? It puts our citizens to work and allows American Companies to make money also.

Pyron Wind Farm recieved a grant of $121.9 million this month.
How much will that help the economy? Hard to tell since the
registered owner of said windfarm is a German ulility company.
Barton Wind Farm, Farmers City Wind Farm, Barton Chapel Wind
Farm, and Bull Creek Wind recieved a combined total of $332.32
million in federal grants. They are owned by a Portuguese cleantech
spin off called Iberdrola Renovables.

Congressman John Boozeman of Arkansas provided proof that ACORN
has recieved over $53 million in funding since 1994. His proof
comes from the
Office of the Minority Leader
and analysis done there. The Wall
Street Journal claimed that one third of the 1.3 million voter
regirstration cards turned in by ACORN in the 2008 election
were invalid.

What is going on with TV news lately? Besides falling all over
themselves to get their daily dose of Obamaisms the Today Show got
really weird today. I honestly don’t care if Mackenzie Phillips
had sex with her father or not but the Today show spent way too
much time on the subject for my liking. If this is news then
I don’t think I’ll be watching much.
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Just two things

September 23, 2009

The 50th Annual Polar Bear Regatta Sailboat Races on the Mississippi River at Lake Davenport Sailing Club, located on the river at the bottom of Bridge Ave and Oneida Street; look for signs at Oneida St. and River Dr.

This weekend, Sept. 26th and 27th, Skippers of the Class MC Scow 16 footers and Skippers of the Class C-Scow 20 footers will be vying for trophies during the 5 races taking place Saturday and Sunday. Trophies will be presented after the last race on Sunday.
Welcoming committee Friday: 5:30pm thru midnight and onward.
Race Times are: Saturday 10 am and 1 & 3 pm; Sunday: 9:30 & 10:45 am.

For more info on sailing, visit our website; phone Doc at 563-650-5645.

If you have something on your mind let us know. There are a lot
of things going on with health care, the flu shots, parking, crime,
and a bunch more.
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Flu or hype?

September 22, 2009

Doc sent me a Natural Health newsletter so I took a look. I’m
not sure what to think but if some of things in this newsletter are
true something is wrong. The edition he sent was titled “What to
so If You Are Forced To Take Swine Flu Shot”. It was written by a
Dr. Mercola and he makes some pretty amazing claimes.

One such claim is what is actually in the shot. According to Dr.
Mercola a flu shot contains egg proteins, geletin, Polysorbate 80,
formaldehyde, Triton X100, sucrose, resin gentamycin, and Thimerosal.
If this is true it sounds pretty scary to me.

The newsletter also says that the H1N1 outbreak is a non-issue and
won’t be nearly as bad as some are saying. Some observations include
that doctor visits for the flu are down, hospitalization for the flu
are average or below, death rate is unchanged, 2 states have wide-
spread infections; Georgia and Alaska, there is no evidence that
the virus has mutated, the virus can be treated with Tamiflu, there
have only been 43,771 cases reported in the United States, many who
got infected didn’t feel sick enough to see a doctor, and of all
cases 5,011 were hospitalized and 302 died.

The percentage of hospitalized patients who died of H1N1 is 6 percent, but in the general population the death rate is 0.03 percent. There are also figures on death rates by age, hospitalization rates, and others.

Here is a link to the newsletter. I don’t know this doctor but his newsletter is impressive looking. So is the pandemic a reality or hype? Since I’ve never gotten a flu shot before this isn’t enough to get me in line now.
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A thought

September 21, 2009

I have managed to miss the Obamathon over the weekend. It just
seems to me that when the going gets tough, this guy starts talking.
Is he trying to bore his opponents into submission? Here is somethng
I’ve noticed.

The health care debate is still being waged and one of the tactics
is the claim that socialized medicine wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
President Obama himself cited the Post Office as a form of socialism
that works. Others have mentioned Medicare, schools, social security,
and our police and fire departments.

I’d like to give my opinion on this arguement. The post office is
a bad choice to prove competency. An agency that has been around
for over 200 years, constantly raises prices faster and higher than
the public sector, loses money, and can’t compete with UPS or FedEx.

Social Security has been around for almost 75 years and the government keeps raising the retirement age because it’s going bankrupt.

Medicare and Medicade have been around since the mid ’60s. Both are in peril of going broke and according to our President, Medicare has hundreds of billions of dollars of waste per year that can be cut to
fund his new plan. And the President says doing this won’t affect

I put schools, the police departments and fire departments in a
separate category. My main reason for this is because the local
government usually governs them. Police and Fire departments are
necessities to any safe community just as the military is needed
to keep the country safe. I have no problem there.

Schools are also needed but our current system bleeds money and is
inefficient. We have the highest schooling costs in the world and
we have kids graduating high school who can’t read well, need prep
classes to attend college, drop out, or otherwise fall through the
cracks. Granted there are a lot of graduates who don’t have these
problems, but too many do.

If our government wants to push tort reform, make prescriptions more
affordable, and tweak the system I’m all for it. But with all the
pandering to special interest I don’t believe this bill will help
with health care costs and may actually raise them.
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A little update

September 19, 2009

I failed to mention a few things that were mentioned at the Ward meeting so here goes. It seems that the sprayground may not become a reality now after all. Some at City Hall are having second thoughts about a project that costs $2.6 million dollars and could only be used about four months out of the year. Concern was also raised about a free admission water attraction competing with the swimming pools.

Alderman Lynn also mentioned that if anybody sees a pair of tennis shoes hanging from power lines, phone lines, or cable lines to call him.
This is supposed to be a signal that a drug dealer is in the area.

This weekend is going to be a first in my memory. President Obama
is going to be on TV more than Regis Philbin. If you are a fan I’m
sure you’ll pop popcorn, as for myself I’m going to get busy being
busy. There is not much anyone could say to convince me that
healthcare reform will be nothing more than a bandaid on a broken

Being politically correct now appears more important than just
being correct. If you catch someone in a lie it is now not
popular to call them on it. Liar does seem like a harsh word
though so perhaps it should be changed. If anyone is taking a
poll on what to replace “liar” with, I nominate reality challenged.

And lastly we, the American citizens, are responsible for our
problems just because we’ve put up with the nonsense. We listen
to all the lies the government throws at us, put up with their
endless spending on frivilous pet projects, and keep silent
while we re-elect them to pick our pockets for another four
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