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On this, the day before the eve of a new year, we’d like
to thank all those who have stopped by and those who have
commented. Not all post have been good, but we’d like to
think not all have been bad either.

The picture above was taken with the same camera standing
in the same location as the first picture but using a
telephoto lens. We have to admit we are liking this camera,
even if it is a bit bulky.

When the new year arrives we expect a deluge of junk mail,
robo-calls, and more promises from the politicians who want
our vote. Election day can’t come soon enough for us.

And since we returned to our portion of the east coast of
Iowa, we have had two shots fired calls and 3 arrests over
said shots fired. Of course on New Year’s Eve there will
be tons of shots fired in celebration of the new year.

We don’t make New Year’s resolutions, we just want everyone
to have a safe and happy year. And unless you want to feel
like a dog in pajamas, if you can’t be happy start looking
for something, or someone, to blame it on.

Not sure what the new year will bring to this humble blog
but can promise that as soon as we figure it out, you’ll
be the second to know. Have a Happy New Year.
Comments are always welcome.

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