Growing while Shrinking

February 27, 2006

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying we need all this frivolous spending downtown to help the city grow. It hasn’t worked in decades, what makes you people think it will work now? We are laying off policemen at a time when they are really stretched thin as it is. We have a crime rate higher than the national average now; is the new police station going to solve that? Will sticking money into the Freight House get all the potholes fixed? How about subsidizing the River Center, the Adler, the Figge Museum, and the parking ramps? If only one of these endeavors would net a profit without hand-outs it would be different.
Every census we lose population. Every year, we lose business. Every election voter apathy leads to lousy turn-outs by people who vote their party regardless of who the better person running is. Very few of us actually study the candidates, the issues and promises, then make a concious effect to elect the best candidate.
I’m self-employed, and do not consider Davenport a business freindly city. I would much rather work in Bettendorf, Eldridge, Chicago, or any number of other towns around us. The city has created this feeling due to extra fees, taxes, inspections, costs and restrictions that aren’t there in other places.
Implementing the storm water fee, and raising the tax base by almost doubling it, and the automated trash fiasco will all add to everyone’s expenses. All this while having to make cuts to police and fire to assure basic services is a joke. We need someone down there who knows how to balance a budget.

Last ride

February 26, 2006

Chuck Clemitus passed away Friday and the hobby will be short one heck of a nice guy. If you’re into antique Fords, bowling, golf or cards you may have known him. I only hope they have Model A’s in heaven.

Holden Efijy Concept car

February 25, 2006

I don’t know if many know of the Holden automobile, it’s the Austrailian branch of GM and the GTO is based on one of their models. They have a new cocept car that is both beautiful and functional, but will not be produced. If you would like to know more go here-

  • Holden
  • If I can find more pictures I will put them up as this is a really sharp car.

    GTO gone

    February 24, 2006

    Pontiac announced that after September the GTO would no longer be available. Well, at least the Camaro is coming back in 2009.

    Math and the City

    February 24, 2006

    Evidently our Mayor didn’t have math in school. I listened to him on Fisher and he said the 78 cents per thousand would only cost the owner of a $100,000 property $4 per year because the city only taxes 48% of assessed value. Even if that were true, how can you raise a tax over 75% and only have a difference of four bucks?
    I like QCI’s thought on taxing cell phones to save public safety jobs. If citizens can come up with these ideas, why can’t the city council. I noticed the Queen of Denial with her face in a camera saying “I told you so”. Well, if even a smidgen of that money were to ever go toward any stormwater problems, you would have a point. Since it went for street sweepers and the general fund, you do not.
    And as far as charging certain trouble spots for emergency services, Hean tried that when he was Alderman and it didn’t go anywhere. I doubt it would now because if you look, more calls go to the low-income complexes than anywhere else.
    And finally, I wish Sarah Kolb would have gotten her haircut before the trial started instead of showing her true self now.

    Sounds fishy

    February 23, 2006

    This deal over the Freight House has me a little confused. Why should we rent it from the people who want to develop it to study the development? These guys are going to get all kinds of tax breaks and incentives so why not rent it to the city for a buck or two? It kinda sounds like conflict of interest or at least an ethical glitch.
    Another thing, if the city is going to keep the stormwater fee; why not remove the fee from city owned property? Since we, the taxpayers, pay the city, won’t we in fact be paying this fee twice?

    Isabel Bloom stays

    February 22, 2006

    Isabel Bloom is staying! The three stooges seen the light. They even appologized to employees. Smart move guys.


    February 21, 2006

    When the stormwater fee was first talked about the EPA stated that compliance would cost cities around $9 per year per resident. Nothing was said about businesses or non-profits.
    Large low-income developments are prone to be high crime areas. Look at Castlewood, Goose Creek, the Linden or Lido or whatever they call it now.
    Everyone should have to be self-emplyed for 1 year. This would change a lot of perspectives on how rich we self-employed people really are, and how easy it is.
    Government employees should have to pay more for their health insurance. Also Iowa should enforce the vehicle insurance issue.
    Lawsuits against McDonald’s and other such businesses should stop. If people use the drive-up to order fatty foods, it’s not the restaurant ‘s fault you’re fat and out of shape. If you sue and lose, you should have to pay all fees.
    And bloggers and commenters should be annymous just for the fact that some people take things way too seriously.


    February 21, 2006

    It sure is fun to live in Davenport. Somebody elected these idiots and it wasn’t me. Most people know that politicians lie at election time, but some of this crew took it to new heights. Howard wants someone to come up with budget cuts when the city just started collecting money. Lady, if you don’t spend it till you got it, this wouldn’t happen. It’s not their fault; you, the Tuna, and the last council made sure of that. I have nothing against momentum downtown, let’s just slow the pace a bit and get other things in order. If we have to cut police and fire service for the repeal of the fee, how can we spend a like amount on your Market folley? I have stayed in many cities in this great country, and they don’t have the same problems everywhere. In Nevada, for instance, a carpenter can afford a brand new house on straight time. With overtime he could even put in a pool. I think the last dude out of town should shut off the lights. Don’t blame me, I voted for Nicki.

    I think

    February 20, 2006

    I don’t believe that if you are a minority you should get preferential treatment.
    I don’t think that you being an athiest is any of my business, but I do think “under God” belongs in our Pledge of Allegience.
    I don’t think sexual orientation is a subject that should be publicized.
    I don’t care if someone is for or against abortion.
    I think everyone can agree to disagree without resorting to petty name calling.
    I believe you don’t go to a meeting of the minds unarmed.
    I believe that in a time of war we do not disrespect our troops.
    I also think that if you are an immigrant, you should learn our language.
    And I know you don’t punch a drunk in the stomach because it’s hard to fight with puke in your eyes.