Bit late

July 31, 2020

After the errands were ran and the groceries put away I grabbed the
camera to see what was outside. Looked up on a power line and saw a cardinal sitting there. Usually they fly away before the camera can focus, but this one sat there.

Made me believe that someone in Heaven was thinking about me and
was giving me a sign. Not sure of what, yet it put a smile on me. Got back inside, the camera put away, and the phone rang. Caller ID told me it was our youngest calling from Tulsa.

And after a nice chat we said our goodbyes two hours later when it
hit me that a post wasn’t up yet. Funny how time seems to go so much
quicker as we get older. What I used to do all day long now takes me
all day to do.

We did notice that while grocery prices haven’t gone up, they also
haven’t come down either. Even the sale items don’t seem as good a
deal as we got when this year started. Sure wish things would get
back to normal.

Makes one think there’s a bad moon rising. And the moon with all
the dark clouds around it last night gave one an eerie feeling. At
least it was cooler. Been going outside more and that made me see
that the lawn needs mowing tomorrow. Nothing like job security.

Today looks to be a good one also with the TV off. No media keeps
me in a good mood. So Enjoy our Friday even if you have no plans.
Now for more coffee and a cheeseburger.
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What a visit!

July 30, 2020


Went over to visit Dad yesterday a little apprehensive about how
he was doing. He was feeling a lot better and we were both smiling
when I left. While his short term memory is almost gone, he does
remember things that happened years ago.

He asked if a friend was still living who used to take a roll of
nickels to the Casino. When his roll of nickels was in the slot
machine he’d leave. The Casino wasn’t going to get all his money! And
he has passed away.

He asked about my old drinking buddy who would walk into a bar and shout “anybody in here Wanna fight?” If anyone said yes they’d step outside and get it on. Far as I know he moved out of state. We still remain friends even though I quit drinking in 1987.

Then he told the story of a neighbor in the old neighborhood. Lived
across the street from the folks and raised chickens for eggs. The
guy thought he’d pull a prank and put a live chicken on the enclosed
porch. When the neighbor came around later he was surprised the
chicken was gone.

When said neighbor asked what happened to the chicken, Dad said ‘we ate it’. Dad couldn’t believe the guy didn’t think he knew what to do with a chicken. Dad said, just wrung its neck, plucked it, and ate it. The Antique Farmer wasn’t an antique then, but it was known he did farm.

Then it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes as he sank back
in his recliner with a big smile on his face. Times like these will
be remembered until I’m gone.

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now I
need more coffee.
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July 28, 2020

Having common sense is a curse. It didn’t use to be as most folks
had it. Yet somehow common sense has left the building for far too
many people. They’ve been buying the bull being shipped.

Case in point- this whole Coronavirus nonsense our politicians are
caught up in. We’ll give you a few examples. Doctors at ground zero
treating the patients are saying things are not bad as they seem and
cures scoffed at, and banned by others, Work.

Dr. Dan Erickson spoke at the ‘White Coat Summit’ in our capital
and said 99.8% of people get past the virus with little or no
progressive or significant disease. He also stated that the focus
shouldn’t be on the number of positive cases, but on hospitalizations
and deaths.

He also said the lockdowns were successful, but for all the wrong
reasons. Calls to the anxiety hotline up 1,000%, Child abuse,
emotional distress, suicide, alcohol abuse, people not getting cancer
screenings, and it also hurt people financially.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet said 20,000 Americans have died while the
FDA delays, since July 1, the approval of outpatient use of
hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

Henry Ford Hospital physicians filed a request for the same thing
on July 1. Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Institute in
Dallas issued and urgent appeal in support of the Henry Ford request.

In a clinical trial, Henry Ford Hospital found a 51% reduction in
deaths if HCQ was started with 24 hours of admission. Another study
by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko using HCQ, azithromycin and zinc and given
within seven days of showing symptoms showed an 80% decrease in
deaths! And with no complications.

Having common sense then leads me to believe that the FDA is the
cause of these deaths and not our president. Why do they want a
vaccine so bad if HCQ is a cure?

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Now for more
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Looking back

July 27, 2020

This wasn’t meant to be an afternoon post but I kept changing between two different ideas and lost my train of thought. As my body gets older it seems if I don’t act on something while it’s fresh in my mind the thought vanishes.

Decided to go with a story on when I first started my contracting
business instead of the other, more serious, thought. 45 years ago I
ran an ad to drum up business and the first person who answered
said ad was a lady 30 years my senior. This lady was also the last
person I worked for before retirement.

Over the years we became friends and would often take her along to
Cruise-Ins and other such events. We’d all have supper then walk
around and look at the cars. I remember the first time she went
along when I asked her what she thought of the cruise.

‘Lordy, I sure don’t remember the cars being that colorful when
they were new’ was her response. Over the decades it got to the
point she didn’t want to go along anymore and although it saddened
us, we respected her decision.

Things almost ended with a fight between her son and myself when he
called and told me to make her go. I got a little irate over that and
told him I would not kidnap his mother to go out with us. Not long
after that conversation he put her in a nursing home. We would visit
her even though she didn’t remember us.

She died not long after being put in the home yet working with this
lady was by far the highlight of my time in business. All we have now
are memories and I’m glad to at least have that.

Enjoy our Monday as another week of 2020 begins. Now I need more
coffee and some tacos.
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Sunday snicker

July 26, 2020

Cowboy Joe was telling his fellow cowboys back on the ranch about his first visit to a big-city church.

“When I got there, they had me park my old truck in the corral,” Joe began.

“You mean the parking lot,” interrupted Charlie, a more worldly fellow.

“I walked up the trail to the door,” Joe continued.

“The sidewalk to the door,” Charlie corrected him.

“Inside the door, I was met by this dude,” Joe went on.

“That would be the usher,” Charlie explained.

“Well, the usher led me down the chute,” Joe said.

“You mean the aisle,” Charlie said.

“Then, he led me to a stall and told me to sit there,” Joe continued.

“Pew,” Charlie retorted.

“Yeah,” recalled Joe. “That’s what that pretty lady said when I sat down beside her.”

Figured it out

July 25, 2020

Another problem solved. You’ve probably heard about the great debate concerning the opening of our schools. Some want online learning and others believe school should be taught in school. Last week I sat down and came up with an answer.

Even ran it by a left-leaning liberal just to be safe. Said liberal
thought it was a great idea. It’s said the school and a general
sense of normalcy is good for children and closing schools for
extended periods could cause problems down the road.

My solution is simple. Just teach them outside. The only problem
my sample liberal had with the idea is what happens when it snows.
Simple. Do a science and math project and let them make igloos. The
plan isn’t perfect, but hey do I have to do everything?

Now I’m working on New Year’s Eve. Everybody with a shotgun should
be locked, loaded, and outside their back door before midnight on
December 31st. And no, it isn’t to have a celebratory blast at midnight. It is to ensure 2020 leaves. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m past being ready for a new year.

Finally, I heard an idea on how to stop all the protests that I
believe has merit. Someone mentioned filling a tanker truck with
liquid manure, putting a hose and nozzle on it, and spraying said
protesters. End of protest. Of course the clean up would not be pleasant , but still better the damage caused by the protesters.

I’m out of ideas now so enjoy our Saturday. Now I need more coffee
and a short break.
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Odds and ends

July 24, 2020

The errands are done, the cats are fed, I’ve had a few cups of
coffee, and it’s time to do a post. I still find it hard to believe
that two people and some cats can’t go a week with spending $100 on

With four cats inside and at least seven feral cats we can’t go a
week without a big bag of cat food and big bag of litter. My pizza
and hamburger were on sale and I have cheese leftover from last week yet things add up.

And I did find out that my sister was trying to scare Dad with the
threat of assisted living. She seems to forget he’s 95 and not all
things work like they used to. Hell, I’m only 69 and don’t have all
my original parts!

Wildlife in our neighborhood must have an air-conditioned bar they
hang out at because they’re scarce as hens teeth lately. We hope once the heat breaks the critters come back around. We’ll wait and see.

This little one was on top of the old pine tree shortly after the
sun peaked over the horizon and hung around a while. Must have liked
the view. Haven’t seen any pelicans, hawks, or eagles yet this year
so may have to take a short cruise upriver to do so.

Finally, our country seems split in half. Some believe the nonsense
going on in a few of our cities are protests while others call them
riots. Regardless of what the media says, when entire neighborhoods are in flames, it’s due to riots not protests.

Enjoy our Friday before the weekend slips away. Now I need more
coffee and something sweet.
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When it rains…

July 23, 2020

Went over to visit Dad yesterday and that started what turned out
to be a bad day. When Dad answered the door he said he didn’t feel so hot. Nothing new there, he says that every time I go over. So I made coffee while he had a donut and we sat down to chat.

Then he said ‘your sister wants to put me in assisted living’. I
asked him why, and like a small child, he hung his head and said
that he missed the toilet when he went in to pee. So I told him
that happens to best of us.

When I left he still said he didn’t feel so hot and I got a little
worried, He added that he didn’t want to go to a nursing home and I
assured him that wasn’t going to happen. So I called my brother to
get the facts.

Then when I got home my desktop decided to go FUBAR on me and
Windows 7 crashed again. After being up most the night the computer
is back up and when I can think straighter I may look into an
upgrade of the operating system.

So yesterday was not my favorite day this week. After the talk with
my brother, today is looking a lot better. Hopefully the computer
will work for a while again and Dads problems will get better. Of
course at 95 years old a lot can go wrong.

Sorry for delay in posting, but yesterday whooped my ass. Glad that
doesn’t happen very often.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday. Now I need more coffee to get
me through today.
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Crying shame

July 21, 2020

Yeah, I’m late again. But I got to thinking and lost track of
time. Got up and grabbed a glass of water from under the tap and
some more for coffee and didn’t realize how blessed we are. With all
these ‘protesters’ shouting how some of us are so downtrodden and
oppressed sometimes one needs a wake up call.

First, a little background. The Navajo Nation is a territory that
covers about 17,544,500 acres in northwestern Arizona, southeastern
Utah, and northwestern New Mexico with a population of 173,667 as
of the last census. The land size is bigger than 10 of our states.

As many as 40% of the Navajo Nation don’t have running water, paved
roads, or access to amenities like grocery stores or health care. In
the entire area there are only 12 healthcare centers and 13 grocery
stores while many have no access to transportation. And they’ve had
8,593 cases of Covid 19 with 422 deaths as of July 19th.

The man who runs the only funeral home in the western part of said
the Navajo Nation is overwhelmed to the point that he hired more staff, got a freezer trailer to store bodies, and has been running out of caskets every week.

If you have a half hour, and don’t mind sitting through a short
commercial at the beginning, this video is eye opening. If anyone
is oppressed in our country, it is Native Americans, and that’s
a crying shame.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now I need more coffee.
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Another look

July 20, 2020

Yesterday I saw what looked to be a shape in the clouds. Looked
like a girl walking on clouds, and that got me thinking. With
everything going on in our world I should be inside watching the TV
news to hear the latest. Then I laughed, the little girl in the sky
laughed, and the feral kittens smiled.

Speaking of kittens, this older one from Mamacats litter was out
the heat and made frequent trips to the water bowl. She seemed
surprised when I snapped her picture before she vanished inside
the bushes.

Patches posed for a portrait and it seemed like she was thinking
of the things I should have been thinking of. Don’t think she’s
worried about gas prices so it must have been something else.

I saw some large birds in the oak tree out in the sun and thought
they might be crows. Not the best picture due to the lighting, but
it gives you an idea. It surprised me to see them out in the heat
of the day.

Saw this critter out on a knee wall and while I didn’t know what it
was thought it looked neat. The metallic colors on the wings threw
me a curve. Whatever it was it wasn’t aggressive. This concludes yet
another pictorial nickel tour of the neighborhood.

Enjoy our Monday as we have the rest of the week to look forward
to. Now I need coffee.
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