Of cars, movies, pumkins, and cheese

October 31, 2013

It’s still raining, it’s Halloween, and we
have candy left over. That can mean only one
thing. Party!

No, it means we’re thinking about cars again.
Since Halloween and cars go together we’ll
add a few pictures.




And one picture of a scary movie coming out


It wouldn’t be Halloween with out jack-o-



As I am still recuperating from our mini-
vacation, regular posting will resume

I’ve been told that when we go out to eat
I eat like a child. Everyone else seems to
know I’m going to order the cheeseburger
and fries before I do.

So when we stopped at Perkins yesterday and
scanned the menu I ordered, you guessed it,
a Grown-up grilled cheese!

Big change huh? When I read swiss and colby
cheese and six slices of bacon on parmesan
bread grilled to perfection I was sold.

And the plus for me was I saw no green on the
plate. With a cheeseburger there is usually
lettuce and pickles on the plate and I never
know what to do with them.

Kind of like a nudist who gives up smoking,
I don’t know what to do with hands.
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Happy Halloween

October 30, 2013

This mini-movie is called Cadaver, and it has
some parts that may be offensive to a very
small portion of our fellow Americans.

If said parts are offensive to you, you’re
looking at the wrong blog.

So, if you enjoy the trick-or-treaters and
all that come with the holiday enjoy it. Or if
you hate the whole idea, turn off all your
lights, and hide in the dark, enjoy that.

At any rate, the video is less than 8
minutes long and we hope you watch it.
We watched because Christopher Lloyd
voiced the cadaver.

Enjoy Halloween and remember, because of
the Obamacare law, if you get a lot of
candy you have to share it with us or
pay a fine.
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We’re back

October 30, 2013


We made it back from our mini-vacation to the
House on the Rock and our stay at the House
on the Rock Inn.

Everything went well and we saw a lot more than
we thought we would. Everything from really
neat furniture with mother of pearl inlays,


to some really wild guns,


to a humongous steam tractor,


to fancy skrimshaw,


on a walkway about 30 foot up we ran into


Burma Shave signs,


airplanes overhead,


and a lot more. After we left the House on the
Rock we came to a scenic overlook.


A little over a hundred pictures are uploaded
on Photobucket. Feel free to take
a look.

We woke this morning and after our Continental
breakfast we hit the road at 7 am in less that
perfect conditions. It was so foggy out it looked
like how imagined a Steven King would look.

We couldn’t see our car from the main entrance!
But we made it back with no major glitches and
know I need a day to rest up from the vacation.
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It’s time

October 29, 2013

Reservations have been made, the oil’s been
changed, the weather looks to be good for our
little mini-vacation, and I ran out of reasons
not to go.

So in a few hours I’ll fire up the 500,
point the hood north, and head to Wisconsin.
Since the wife quit poking me every few
minutes to tell me she’s on vacation, my arm
shouldn’t be too sore to drive.

A few things are certain every time we hit
the road to relax and escape the rat race. It
never fails that someone will call with an
emergency, and detours unknown to us will be

We also realize that when we haven’t visited
a place in a decade some things change.

I hear they have added on to the Infinity
Room since our last visit. We heard it is a
lot longer now.


We also heard they have improved the bridge
over the Mississippi since then.


We reserved a room in a real nice place,
and the help are around 24/7.


We are also taking a religious medal to hang
on the mirror so we don’t end up like this.


And we won’t have any nightmares that start
like this…


Finally, as we walk through miles of
attractions we will remember one our
favorite Mantra’s…


Enjoy yourselves and we should be back with
some pictures before you realize we’ve gone.
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Campaign events

October 28, 2013


You are probably getting tired of hearing
us say this, but the upcoming election is
an important one.

If you won’t be in town November 5th but
want to vote, the absentee ballots are in

If you are going to be in town on November
5th and plan on voting then we have a few
event updates.

This afternoon at 5:30 pm there will be a
candidate forum for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and
8th ward candidates at the Village Theater,
2113 East 11th Street.


Then Tuesday October 29th, Dale Gilmour is
is hosting a meet the candidate/ fundraiser
at the Davenport Moose Lodge on the lower
level (rear entrance).

It is located at 2333 Rockingham Road and
will be held from 5-8 pm. Appetizers and
beverages will be served. Dale makes a lot
of sense on a lot of issues and if you
haven’t met him yet you should go down and
hear what he has to say.

Campaign donations would be appreciated,
but not required. If you need more information
on this event call 563-355-6764.

And Dale will be on the Jim Fisher Show
this Thursday, October 31st, from 5-5:30 pm.
If you can’t make the planned event you can
see him on the radio at 1420 AM.

We will try to do another post on Tuesday
morning and then we will be AWOL from this
blog for a day or two.

The wife has decided we need a short vacation
because it’s been 5 years. Enjoy the week,
get informed before you vote, and keep the
shiny side up.
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An observation

October 27, 2013


At the recent forum for the candidates
running to get city council seats we
noticed a few things we’ll mention here.

Lest you think we took this lightly, we
applied Occam’s razor to come to
these conclusions.

Mayoral contender Phil Yerington stated the
police and fire departments needed more staff
and he felt the police department lobby should
be open 24/7.

Incumbent Mayor Bill Gluba responded that our
police department is accredited both by state and
federally, and no other city in the area keeps
police department lobbies open all night.


To which Yerington suggested, let’s be the
first. There were no further comments from
the Mayor.


Mayoral contender Keith Meyer opined that
some local police were crooked and that he
had gotten 3 parking tickets for parking
in his own lot.

Mayor Gluba replied that if you didn’t break
the law you didn’t have to worry about the

It later came out that the $225 tickets were
dismissed because Keith was parked on his own


We also heard how much our crime rate has
dropped, but on the way downtown recently
we passed a military green armored vehicle.
At first we thought it was National Guard
but it had our police department markings.

If crime is down over 50% why does the police
department need an armored vehicle?

Contender for Alderman-at-Large Dale Gilmour
mentioned the citizens were paying for a
Ferris wheel at the ball park because rent
paid by the team owner for use of the ball
park is given back to said owner.

The rent is supposedly $385,000 a year. But
the city gives $300,000 back for maintenance
and pays $60,000 for a private trash removal
service. We noticed none of the incumbents
denied this.

The Mayor did loudly declare that the ball
park was voted best minor league park in the
nation, but not that Dale was wrong.


Keith banging the piano keys while Barney
was yakking on and on… priceless.
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Senior moments

October 26, 2013

We will forewarn you that although this
is about a very serious subject to some us
that we are not vetted professional journalists
and we used an unscientific manner to reach
our conclusions.

As far as we know there is no handbook on
aging. You know what we mean.

Something that informs us while we’re young,
strong, and reasonably good looking that at
some point things are going to start creaking,
squeaking, and leaking.


Seniors also have a sense of humor.

Our memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be.
And our memory isn’t as sharp as it used to

We only have to deal with 2 days a week.
Yup, 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday.

If we don’t like our wrinkles we can eat
until they all fill in.

We can do absolutely nothing all week and
rest on Sunday.

Growing old isn’t for sissies. We don’t get
scared when our bodies start making the same
noises as our coffee makers.

We enjoy being called ‘Seniors’ because it
comes with a 10% discount.

Some of us have had bypass surgery, joints
replaced, fought cancer, gone half blind and
almost deaf, but we do have our religion. We
thank God we still have our driver’s license.

We can count all the pennies we saved over
the years because we have the time now.

If we’re blessed enough to live to be over
100 we don’t have peer pressure to deal with.

After being called crazy all our lives, we
can now demand to be called eccentric.

Sometimes senility sets in, but we see it as
a plus. We can hide the Easter eggs AND have
fun finding them.

Speaking of senility, we’ll end with the
Senility Prayer:

God grant me the senility to forget the people
I never liked anyway,
the good fortune to run into the ones I do,
and the eyesight to tell the difference.
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It makes sense to somebody

October 26, 2013

As I was reading an article about the raid
on Audrey Hudson’s home I was so confused I
read it again. I think I’ve got it now.

The Maryland State Police along with the
Homeland Security Department’s Federal Air
Marshal Service and the Coast Guard
Investigative Service woke this woman up
at 4:30 am, in full body armor, to execute
a search warrant for a potato gun.

The warrant was signed by a judge in another
county, and during the search all firearms
and some files were taken from the home.

Then when authorities found out the files
were authorized under the freedom of information
act, they were returned.

But the guns are not going to be returned
because of something her husband did in 1986.

And the supposed reason for the interest in
the potato gun in the first place is her
husband bought it off a supposed arms dealer
5 years ago on the internet.

Yeah, I can see how a judge could put all
that together to issue a search warrant.

This story makes if official. Our government
has lost its mind. But don’t take our word
for it, read it in the Washington Times.

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How I do it

October 25, 2013


After being asked by different people how I
manage to stay so skinny at 62 I decided it
would be a public service to reveal my secret
workout instead of to continue fibbing about

I have a strict unconventional workout that
I follow almost religiously upon awakening
just about every morning and will almost
guarantee similar results if it is followed
by others.

It involves sit ups, push ups, something I
call ‘snap, crackle and pop’, potato sacks,
and tai chi. Let me explain.

The first thing I do after waking up is to sit
up. Then I proceed to push myself up to stand
and meet the day.

This is when my eyes snap open, my neck
crackles like someone mashing wrapping paper
in my ear, and my knees pop. Groaning and
passing gas is allowed while doing this part.

Then I grab two potato sacks. For beginners
I recommend the five-pound size, but I’m up to
the 50-pound sacks.

Just grab a sack in each hand, hold them at
your sides, then raise your arms and hold for
1 minute. Arms back to your sides and repeat
10 times.

Once the 5-pound sacks are easy switch to
10-pound sacks and so on until you master the
technique with 50-pound sacks.

Since I’ve done this for a years now, I’m
ready to put some potatoes in the sacks and
really get a workout!

Finally, the tai chi. Once I finish the other
exercises I walk to kitchen, make coffee, and
assume the grounding stance while facing the

Stand with feet slightly apart, arms at side,
and breath deeply through your nose. Never
hold this pose for longer than 5 minutes.

The reason is twofold; first is if you aren’t
an experienced armchair athlete like myself
that you may strain a leg muscle.

The second is that if you hold it longer your
significant other is going to ask you what you
what the hell you’re doing.

Guys, just follow these simple steps and I’ll
guarantee that if the ladies don’t find you
handsome, they’ll think you’re crazy. You
can thank me later.
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Let’s stop the non-sense

October 25, 2013


As Scott Westerfield once said, ‘sometimes
the thoughts in my head get so bored they go
out for a stroll through my mouth. This is
rarely a good thing.’

But a recent article in Clash Daily got
me thinking.

It was about how University students across
our country were being told not to wear
“offensive” Halloween costumes.

Said “offensive” costumes included cowboys,
Indians, and anything involving a sombrero.
Along with “white trash” costumes, “hillbilly”
costumes, ghetto themes, or anything that
portrays a particular culture as “over-

Is this really a problem? I mean the zombies
must feel slighted.

No mention of responsible alcohol consumption,
safe sex, or drug use just please don’t offend
anyone from anywhere for any real or imagined

Our question would be; why are people so
offended one day a year when in the
entertainment industry we see this every
day and it doesn’t seem to bother anybody?

In our Cinemas it is hard to find a movie
that doesn’t include nudity, profanity,
violence, and/or sex. We don’t hear an

On our TVs we see and hear much the same
and we haven’t heard of a boycott.

Yet once a year, for a few hours people
dressing up as something they are not is

Something is wrong with that picture.

Here’s a novel idea for something the
colleges could get behind. Why not demand
a cease-fire in Chicago on Halloween to
save some lives?

Or, why not volunteer to help clean up the
ghetto before the party starts?

At some point we have to stop the non-sense.
If we can’t, I give anybody who wants to the
permission to dress up as a tall, skinny old
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