Sunday snicker

February 28, 2021

A jewish grandmother is at the beach with her 10 years old jewish
grandson. She’s chilling while he’s playing in the water.

Suddenly, a huge wave comes and takes the kid away with it. The
grandmother is obviously in tears and starts speaking to God.

“It’s been more than 70 years since I started worshipping you God.
I’ve raised 3 generations, my siblings, children and grandchildren
according to jewish religion and traditions. I prayed daily, only
ate kosher food, did the sabbath and everything else required by
You for my whole life. How can you let this happen? How can you
let my grandson die at such a yound age?”

Few seconds later, a huge godly wave with the kid on top comes in
and the grandson lands safely on the sand…

The grandmother can’t believe her eyes: “Thank you Lord, thank you,
thank you, thank you…”

As she looks towards the sky: “I, I don’t want to push my luck, but
he had a brand new baseball cap.”

A few more thoughts

February 27, 2021

The sun is staying out longer, the days are getting warmer, and before long summer will be here. We hope the lawnmower still works. If it doesn’t we hope a simple battery swap will fix the problem. And the critters like the warm up also. The feral cats are outside playing more and saw our first cardinal yesterday. We may even have a picture to share later.

More news concerning the nearby shooting incident from the other day now says 3 stolen cars were involved, a body was found, one person was arrested, and it was gang related. Neighbors have been on the local news voicing their concerns for safety and wondering what happened to their nice quiet neighborhood. Although we don’t believe it’s that bad, some have compared us to Chicago with all the shots fired calls.

Due to the young age of those involved solutions are hard to come by for several reasons. Our juvenile justice system leaves a lot to be desired as it prefers probation over punishment. Know of some kids who have a list of probations as long as your arm at only 16 years old. They are so close to the magic age of 18 when they can be charged as adults and very unprepared for the consequences.

And if it gets as warm as it’s supposed to today I’ll be washing the car in our driveway. Don’t like to wash it when it’s too cold as the doors freeze shut when things refreeze. Might be selective memory, but it seems like when cars had drip rails over the doors things didn’t freeze up as bad. Braking in winter weather was fun, but the doors didn’t freeze shut after every winter storm.

So enjoy our Saturday. Now for some more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Just some thoughts

February 26, 2021

There is now a victim in the nearby shooting but facts are hard to come by. News this morning mentioned the body of 14 year old boy was found in a yard near the shooting site. This is getting old quick. We used to pull some crazy stunts when we were younger but shooting at each other wasn’t one of them.

Yesterday I had a few errands to run and not expecting anything out of the ordinary didn’t bring my camera. Heading back home decided I was hungry for tacos and made a detour. Stopped by lookout park in the east end and ran across 10 swans waddling along the street. Reached for a camera I didn’t bring along.

Last night when I took the above picture of the moon didn’t even put my coat on. This morning running more errands, I had on a coat, a watch cap, and gloves while scrapping the frost off of the car windows. Think I do warmer better now that I’m an oldfart. Luckily, we’re not supposed to have any below freezing lows for a week.

I made a grocery list and put things we really needed on it only to forget said list on the kitchen table. The wife laughs, but my razor sharp memory saved the day as I remember everything on the list. Even added frozen waffles and corn curls just in case we get another cold night. It pays to be prepared.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some coffee and waffles. Comments are always welcome.

Interesting times

February 25, 2021

Yesterday afternoon we had a lot of police in the neighborhood in response to a shots fired call a block and a half away. Been told people in two cars were shooting at people in another car. Strange story that had someone get out of one car and take off running. Updates are expected and residents are getting getting tired of all the shots being fired in their neck of the woods.

Something else happened this morning, though not as serious, when I went out to feed and water the feral cats. The warmer weather has brought out more critters than usual around feeding time, some not seen before. So I took care of the water bowl first than headed to the porch for the food to fill the food bowls.

As I opened the storm door a cat not seen before jumped through the opening and had a look around. Surprised me but thought once I got on the porch the cat would run back out. Didn’t happen. So I got closer thinking the cat would run towards the door, I could open it, and the cat would be outside again. Didn’t happen.

So thought I’d try to pet the cat and it let me. Opened the food bag and scooped out a container full of food thinking when put under the cats nose it would follow the follow the food. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. So I went out and emptied the scoop into one of the food bowls and returned to the porch to get food for the other bowl. And the cat on the porch just looked at me.

After filling both bowls I held the door open and the squatter cat finally waltzed out the door and found a place at the bigger food bowl. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that cat was somebodies pet. Sure was calm compared to most the feral cats. So enjoy our Thursday and that means the start of the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza. Comments are always welcome.

A couple more

February 24, 2021

Went out yesterday just before sunup and caught this view of the steeple. It’s south of our place but when the clouds are just right it gets as colorful as looking east. I like it when things work out like that. Thought this a calming picture and hope you do also.

The cat sunning herself in the middle of this picture has been driving our neighbor to distraction. He’s been trying to catch her in a live trap to get her fixed so we’re not overrun with feral kittens and so far she hasn’t been caught. Could be she blends in with the snow and he doesn’t spot her. We’ll keep our eyes open to see if she comes up missing.

As it warms up the snow melts off the roof and it’s fun to watch the drips as they fall. I know, need to get a life. But much like snowflakes, the drops all seem different and while the eye sees a steady stream the camera has a different look. Things are getting sloppy with the snow melt and we still have around 13 inches on the ground with more in the piles from shoveling.

We started around sunrise so let’s end with the moon. Had the settings all wrong and took the picture anyway then did some minimal editing to come up with the above. Looks almost alien, or like abstract art to me. Of course I know just enough about photography and art to be considered dangerous.

That said, enjoy our Wednesday as we’re halfway to another weekend. Now for coffee. Comments are always welcome.

A few pics

February 23, 2021

Got some pictures the other day and thought we’d share. This one was taken early morning, just not at the perfect time. Didn’t get the brighter colors right at sunrise but still like this one. Before long the leaves will be back on the trees and the view won’t have as much sky. We’ll be getting more pics now that the temperatures are above zero.

This one was taken a little later the same day as the one above. Another view that will change once the leaves are on the trees. The bare trees in front of the steeple have a reddish hue in the mid-morning light while other trees are dark. Am always drawn to the steeple of the church I grew up attending. My stubbornness and running a few priests off our property put an end to that.

Patches is smart enough to walk around the snow drifts at the end of our driveway. Other feral cats are not. She is one who got trapped, fixed, released, and chooses to visit us. This was taken a day after the others on a warmer day. Wish she would come around more as birds are dive bombing the cat food bowls again and taking off with most of what we put out during the day.

Finally we had some clear days and nights so we could see the moon. This shot reminds me that new glasses are in order. With all the technology out there you’d think they could make a pair of glasses with lenses that would change when your eyes do. But I digress. The moon looked happy, and night was above freezing, and the winds were calm. Perfect ending to a great day.

Enjoy our Tuesday if you woke up breathing. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza to get ready for the day and what it brings. Comments are always welcome.

TV hunting

February 22, 2021

Saturday we went to find a new TV to replace the one that quit working. The wife wanted to try a place near where she gets her hair done that hailed itself as an Appliance and TV store. It was in a newer mini-mall that seem to be popping up all over and right off the bat I knew we’d be walking back out without a new TV. Signs posted on the front doors proclaimed that masks were required inside the building.

So we put on masks, walked in, and noticed wall to wall refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, and no TVs. About that time a salesman walks up and we explain our dilemma. He then stated that they only had 2 TVs in stock, a 55 inch and and a bigger one. When told we were looking for a 32 inch he proudly stated we could have one within 4 days. No sale.

So we cruised over to Wally World and looked at what they had. And on display we noticed no less than eight 32 inch televisions, all in stock. So we went in search of a clerk in hopes he would know a little about said TVs. Turned out he did, answered all our questions, and got us a good price to boot. We could have gone with the brand we had but since it had lasted just beyond the warranty we decided not to.

The guy we talked to told us we would be very happen with a Samsung model and that it had a much better picture than our old set. Turns out he was right again. The TV experience has sure changed. Used to be you got a friend to help unload the heavy set, plug it in, and put on a set of rabbit ears. When you turned it on you just had to wait for it warm up and you were in business. But we now have a working TV in the kitchen and mama’s happy.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

February 21, 2021

This one truck driver would often amuse himself by running over lawyers.
Whenever he saw a lawyer walking down the side of the road he would
swerve to hit him, enjoy the load, satisfying “THUMP” as he did so, and
then swerve back onto the road.

One day, as the truck driver was driving along he saw a priest hitch-
hiking. He thought he’d do a good turn so he pulled the truck over and
said to the priest, “Where’re you going, Father?”

The priest answered, “I’m going to the church 3 miles down the road.”

“No problem, Father!” said the trucker, “I’ll give you a lift. Climb in.”

So the priest climbed into the passenger seat and the truck driver
continued down the road. Suddenly the truck driver saw a lawyer walking
down the road and instinctively he swerved to hit him. But as he did so
he suddenly remembered there was a priest in the truck with him, so at
the last minute he swerved away, just missing the lawyer.

Even though he was sure he’d missed the lawyer, he still heard a loud
“THUD”. Not knowing where the noise had come from, he looked in his
mirrors but when he didn’t see anything, he turned to the priest and
said, “I’m sorry Father. I almost hit that lawyer.”

“I know”, said the priest. “Lucky I got him with the door!”

Something different

February 20, 2021

Yesterday life was giving us an attitude. One of the inside cats is in heat and noisy, the feral cats are getting needy, and the TV in our kitchen gave up the ghost. This morning, the inside cat is still making a racket, the feral cats wanted more attention, and said TV is still not working.

Checked the other TV and it worked fine, rebooted the sick one several times, made sure all outside connections were tight, and still getting nothing out of the set. So later this morning we’ll go out and drag home a new one. The wife wants to try an appliance store as opposed to WalMart. I don’t have a good track record with appliance stores and haven’t been in one in years so we’ll see how that goes.

The last time I graced an appliance store with my presence, I got kicked out and asked never to return over my attitude. We went in looking for, of all things, a TV. Went in knowing what I wanted with money in hand only to be told by the sales person that I didn’t want what I wanted and he tried to push a different TV. His big sales point was that the screen went black, not grey, when you turned it off.

Lost my cool and told him I didn’t care if the screen turned pink after I turned it off as I was not in the habit of watching a blank screen. And things escalated from there. I didn’t get the TV I wanted, they didn’t get my money for said TV, and not long after that happened they went out of business. So I went to a different store and got the TV I wanted, the store was happy to take my money, and there was no hassle.

This time we don’t know what we want, except for size, so it should be smooth sailing. If not, we’ll mention the experience Monday. Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a good one. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza before we leave for the store. Comments are always welcome.

Good intentions

February 19, 2021

Woke up early and raring to go until life slapped me and changed the plans. First the wife called and said she’d be late but we’d still run to get groceries today. Then going out to feed and water the feral cats, little bit turned into a loveable pest that needed a lot of attention. When I got back in the house I spilled most of a cup of fresh coffee, and things didn’t get better.

Glancing online came across a joke that involved a trucker and religion that would make a good snicker and the wife walked in so I closed my tablet before saving the web page. When we got to the store we couldn’t find any dry beans except pinto beans. Mentioned it to the cashier and she said they can’t get a lot of things since the virus changed things. .Appears some items are still hard to get in.

So after we got home, got the groceries put away, had a few cups of coffee and some donut holes, I got back on the tablet to find the joke. Two hours later my eyes are blurry and still couldn’t find the joke. Remembered the website just can’t find the joke on said page. Not giving up though as we’ll look again after a few more chores are done. Hopefully there will time left over to go out and get a few pictures as it’s been a while.

But we’re not extremely cold, we have groceries now, and haven’t seen a mosquito in months. Just another day in paradise. Enjoy our Friday before the weekend slips away. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.