Aprils end

April 30, 2018

With one more day the month of April will be no more and we will
see the beginning of May. For some reason this made me think of
our pine tree with two tops. About 40 feet above the ground the
split begins and the tree top is as shown.

When the tree split 20+ years ago we thought the end was near
after a lightening strike, but it still survives. And when the
wind picks up it almost look like the two sides are dancing. Yet
the tree stays green and the cones keep dropping.

Some volunteer trees sprouted up in an adjoining lot and the
loss of some afternoon sun hasn’t stopped the tree either. It
has stood through droughts and downpours, cold winters and hot
summers, and yet it stands. The tree sways a lot more than it
used to and needs a trim but then so do I.

I watch this tree a lot because through all that it’s still
around to provide shade in the afternoon. If trees could talk
I’d gladly listen to the tale. Somehow I have a feeling a smile
would grace my face after said tale was told.

Oh yeah, the full moon last night. The squirrel of silliness
put a hex on my camera but I’ll share a couple pictures that
aren’t half bad. Near moon rise the trees and houses were in the
way and later a hazy sky made an perfect shot hard to get. We’ll
try again tonight.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the last one we get this month. Now I
need more coffee and hear some leftover pizza calling my name.
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Sunday moon

April 29, 2018

Last nights moon looked close to full but tonight at 8:58 pm
the Full Pink Moon arrives. The moon will not be pink, the name
denotes the the appearance of the “moss pink” or wild ground
phlox which is an early bloomer.

This moon is also known as the Spouting Grass Moon, the Egg
Moon, and the Fish Moon. As you may have guessed these names
were used by early Colonial Americans and they learned the
names from Native Americans.

To the Native Americans the Full Moon names helped the tribes
track the seasons thus the ‘named’ full moons. These Native
Americans didn’t have calendars sitting around so they kept an
eye on the time by watching the seasons change and lunar months.

Not all tribes marked time in the same however. To some tribes a
year consisted of 4 seasons while others used 5 seasons to mark
the year. Other tribes said the year contained 12 moons while
different tribes defined the year as 13 moons.

And according to folklore, the period from the full moon to
the last quarter of the moon is the best time for weed killing,
thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-
ground crops.

Now the we know a little more about tonight’s full moon we hope
you get a chance to get a look at it. If the night isn’t cloudy
we might get a picture. Enjoy our Sunday as the race is at
Talledaga and the weather is great.

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Sunday snicker

April 28, 2018

Humpty Dumpty
The King James Version

1. And lo, There was in the same country a wall both great and strong. 2. And the Egg sitteth on this wall, yea verily, as at other times, [even] upon a seat on the wall, (he is exceeding proud) his loftiness, and his arrogancy, and his pride, and the haughtiness of his heart: and the man arose, and didst say: 3. Behold, I will send a blast upon him, and he shall hear a rumour, and I will cause him to fall from his place. For if any fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him [that is] alone when he falleth; for [he hath] not another to help him up.

4. And he did send a blast upon him and he did fall from his place. How are the mighty fallen. And God saw the Egg fall. 5. And the Egg was burst asunder, was shattered into pieces as numerous as the stars, yea all the stars, that men seeth when they glance unto the heavens. The did the Egg speak, and he did say: 6. I wot not whist I am nor whence I came. I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder: he hath also taken [me] by my neck, and shaken me to pieces. Behold, who shall surely gather me together for my sake?

7. When the news of the great fall was brought unto the king he was sore troubled. By the river of Babylon he sat down and wept. Then the king ariseth, and thus did say: 8. I will surely assemble thee, O Egg, all of thee; I will gather thy remnants; I will put them together as the sheep of the field, as the flock in the midst of their fold: we shall make great noise by reason of [the multitude of] my men. 9. And he called forth to his men saying: Arise, men of valour and strength and gird your loins. Mount ye your horses and riden outen at my command, that ye travel to the great wall. And there ye shall find, lying at the base, an egg, in pieces several and ye shall grieve. 10. But I say unto you, gird your loins and seeketh every piece, yea even unto the smallest thereof, and then remaketh whole the egg again. And whence thou hast finished, and the egg is as it was whence it were on topoth the wall, bring ye it to me that I may marvel at it. 11. And they came with haste, and their number was seven times seventy, to where the Egg didst lie broken. And when they saw it they were sore afraid, for they knew not whether `twas in their power to assemble yon Egg ast it had been in the beginning.

12. And though they girdeth their loins, and toileth as the lily in the fields toileth not, verily the pieces wouldst not and couldst not be brought together again. 13. When the news was brought even unto the king, the king was filled with great wrath. And all gates trembled, and the voice of the turtle was stilled.

14. Then out went the king, and he pondered these words in his heart: What man has rent asunder, let no god join together. 15. For, it is written: Pride [goeth] before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

[An excerpt from “Mother Goose:The King James Version”, a work in progress by Meryl Arbing & Lorne Brown (marbing@ican.net) sponsored by The Storytellers School of Toronto. Feel free to distribute it as long as you let people know where it came from.]

Getting older

April 27, 2018

I managed a shot around sunset last night while the sky was lit
up like a Christmas tree. There would have been more but I went
inside for a drink and my internal alarm clock didn’t go off in
time. By the time I ventured back out it was dark.

This little rabbit got my attention and I thought it was cute
so thought to share the picture. The few taken through the fence
didn’t turn out and the day didn’t end well for the rabbit.

One of the feral cats decided the rabbit would make a fun toy
or a nice dinner. I knew this was all part of nature but wanted
to give the little critter a chance. I moved in a slow motion
chase but the critters were in high-speed pursuit. The rabbit
shot off followed by the cat and all I did was put more
distance between us. It’s hell to get older.

On a happier note, this robin was eating the cat food when I
yelled at him to get out of the food bowl. He glared at me as if
saying ‘I am a cat’. If I knew the cats would eat bird feed I’d
just change feeding spots. Who knows, it might even work.

Enjoy our Friday. Now for some hot coffee and leftover pizza.
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The party’s over

April 26, 2018

The automotive rumor mill has been working overtime and until
recently I ignored the gossip. Now it looks like the rumors are
true and Ford will stop selling all but two cars here in the USA;
the Mustang and the Focus Active that thinks it’s a crossover.
Ford won’t end Mustang production because people would throw a
fit and probably boycott their business.

According to Ford, Taurus production will end in March 2019 and
Fiesta in May 2019. No timeline has been set for the demise of
the Fusion. If we understand correctly, Ford has decided to
focus on trucks and plan to make said truck will be 90% of its

These trucks will fall into three categories; trucks, utilities
and commercial vehicles. The timing coincides with the debut of
the Ranger pickup and Bronco. Ford also announced it will
explore potential new models that combine the best attributes of
cars and utilities, such as ride height, space and versatility.
Think crossover SUVs.

If you’re not a certified car geek all that basically means is
that Ford doesn’t make enough on the cars sales so if they stop
selling them people will buy a truck and make Ford more money.

I guess Ford wants everybody in an overpriced, oversized money
making machine. When the time comes for the wife to buy another
vehicle and Ford only has two car models we’ll look elsewhere.

Enjoy our Thursday as the working folks just have to get
through 1 more day before they get a couple days off. Now I
need more coffee and that bag of donettes I found.
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The moon and some critters

April 25, 2018

It was almost like the moon was trying to hide behind the
clouds last night but it was pretty to see. Won’t be long and
we’ll be looking for the full moon.

Critters usually don’t scare me, but this squirrel looking over
a knee-wall bothered me with that twinkle in his eye. Not sure
what he was after but he was gone when I went back out.

And this guy echoed like he had a stereo system hidden
somewhere as he sounded closer than he was. He also didn’t fly
away when I got closer, but he could sure sing.

The mechanical critters were out also. The helicopter kept
buzzing the church steeple and I wondered what could be so
interesting. Then the crawler was smoothing the gravel behind a
towing company a couple of blocks away. Didn’t see where it made
much of a difference but then again I was two blocks away.

And this house finch just sat up on our new metal roof trying
to stare me down. It didn’t work but I did get a picture. He
seems to like our little bit of Heaven on the east coast of
Iowa, but it he leaves any presents on the wife’s’ car we’ll
get rid of him.

So enjoy the pictures and the rest of our Wednesday. The
working folk are halfway to the weekend and we’ve got more than
enough coffee should disaster hit. Now I need some coffee, a few
pieces of leftover pizza, and a Snicker’s.
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Lucky days

April 24, 2018

Since I’m outside a lot and I usually have a camera around
somewhere, I get some pictures. My usual response when a friend
comments on a picture is that I got lucky and they reply that I
must get lucky a lot.

Case in point happened at sundown yesterday when I went back
out with the camera and witnessed the sunset. Earlier it had
clouded up and you could barely make out the sun in the sky but
there are times when clouds make a sunset interesting.

And the clouds did add something to the sunset. If you looked
to the west you were not disappointed. The sunset lasted long
enough that I could move around just enough to get some shots
I was happy with and not leave the neighborhood.

Since I was happy with the sunset pics a trip out later got
us a nice shot of the moon. When you see sights like these it
makes the midnight pizza taste even better. And after a visit
with Dad I’ve been out again but haven’t uploaded the pictures
taken yet but I should luck out on a couple of them

Enjoy our Tuesday as the local doughnut shop was open this
morning and a few doughnuts put a smile on my face that hasn’t
faded yet. Now I need more coffee to wash down the Snicker’s I
just had.
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More distractions

April 23, 2018

Yesterday I did more yard work than I have since October and
when I put the tools away the sun was going down. Then I went
into the kitchen to eat and attend Cowboy Church on RFD-TV
while scarfing down supper.

Since I managed to sneak a few pictures yesterday and shoot a
few today it’s time to share. The bird above has a disappointing
name, at least to me. It is a house finch. When I looked it up
I expected something like crimson crested variegated tolanger or
some such regal sounding name.

The cardinals were out and some were brightly colored instead
of drab winter coloration.

A brown thrasher was in the thick bushes again and we managed
a shot of that elusive critter. And I thought blue jays were

Today some white American pelicans did a flyover and it was
something to see. Hard to believe these birds have a 9 feet

When I looked in on this tulip last night it was all closed
up and my thought was the party is over. Imagine my surprise
went I went out this morning and discovered it was only taking
a break.

Enjoy or Monday as it’s looking to be a great day here on the
east coast of Iowa. Now for some more coffee and a bag of
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Sunday snicker

April 21, 2018

After a wedding rehearsal, the groom approached the priest with his offering for the wedding.

“Look, Father, I will give you $100 if you change the wedding vows for me. When you get to the part where I’m suppose to promise to ‘love, honor and obey and forsake all others and be faithful to her forever’, I would really appreciate it if you would just skip that part.

He gave the priest his $100 offering and left.

When the wedding day arrived, it came time for the groom to say his vows. The priest looked the young man in the eyes and said, “Will you promise to prostrate yourself before her, obey her every command, serve her breakfast in bed every morning for the rest of your life, and swear before God and your lovely wife that you will never, ever, even look at another woman so long as you both shall live?

The groom froze for a moment, looked around and then said in a tiny whisper, “I do.”

After the Mass, the groom pulled the priest aside and hissed at him, “I thought we had a deal.”

The priest slipped the $100 bill back into the groom’s hand and whispered, “The bride’s father made me a much better offer.”

Picture perfect day

April 20, 2018

Been hearing bird calls like we were invaded by several new
species of birds and today I found the culprit. It is the bird
pictured above, the brown thrasher. They deliberately sing
phrases and repeat them twice.

But what I found interesting is that this bird has the largest
documented song repertoire of all North American birds with
over 1,100 song types. No wonder I couldn’t find all those birds
I was hearing.

And I caught the moon out last night and thought the picture
turned out pretty good so we’ll share it too. If it had been a
full moon we’d need a bigger camera.

This morning a healthy looking squirrel was out digging for
goodies in the neighbors yard while the day was warming up. Not
sure if he found anything but it kept him busy most of the day.

Days like this put a smile on my face and I even learned a
little about the brown thrush. Yeah it’s great when there’s a
blue sky, critters are running around, and we have a freezer
full of pizza. Enjoy your Friday as we have, tomorrow is
Saturday so I’ll mow the lawn. Now I need to check my coffee mug
for a small hole as it keeps coming up empty.
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