Almost gone

February 28, 2023

It’s the last day of February so when we wake up tomorrow, we’ll be in a new month. This year has been flying by and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. So, we’ll be looking for somebody new to be doing our taxes this year soon. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to taxes as I don’t like paying them.

I firmly believe that income tax should be a flat rate for all, inheritance tax should be non-existent, and money made on investments should not be taxed unless spent. There are more things I don’t like, but we’ll leave it there lest I get accused of ranting.

There are things I like too you know. A nice sunny day, the smell of a fresh mown lawn, a good long walk on a pleasant day, friendly people, fast cars, and tacos. There are a lot more things I like but I’m not writing a book. I’ll end this here and say please enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the only one we get this week.

Another great day?

February 27, 2023

Saturday was a great day with plenty of things to aim the camera at. This cardinal is one of the shots we got on a day that was about as perfect as it gets. Today, it’s already raining, supposed to rain all morning, and who knows what might hit us. We’re told to expect at least an inch of rain and that, of course, raised the chance of a flood coming our way.

But nothing we haven’t seen before, or will likely see again. If one listens to the TV weather forecast, one can get confused. Our area could get 1 to 2 inches of rain, high winds, sustained high winds, and a possible tornado. Or just the rain, maybe. We like how the weather people add that it all depends on if the front shifts one way or the other.

So we always figure the weather isn’t as bad here as other places nor as good as other spots. Since we can’t change what we get, we’ll take it and keep cruising. Enjoy our Monday as we’ll soon be into another month.

Sunday snicker

February 26, 2023

A Catholic priest, a Protestant pastor and a Jewish rabbi are playing poker

Now, this was back during the times of the German Empire when poker was highly illegal and the police was quite antisemitic. And as bad luck would have it, a raid happens. They can get rid of the cards, but it’s still kind of obvious what’s going on.

“Confess! You have been playing poker!”

“Me?”, said the priest, “No, I swear, by the Virgin Mary!”

Hmm. Ok, a priest swearing on the virgin, he can’t arrest him.

“But you!”

“Me?”, the pastor said, “No, I swear by our saviour Jesus Christ!”

Hmm. Can’t arrest a pastor swearing on the Christ, but no matter what the Jew would swear on, he’s due!

“So, Jew, what do you want to swear on?”

“Swear?”, the Rabbi asks, “Why should I need to swear, do you think I played poker against myself?”

Great days

February 25, 2023

The snowfall was calming and today it’s warming up again. We even got a little snow last night and that will probably be gone by tonight with the warmer temperatures. The feral cats are fed and while outside I thanked the Lord for another day above ground and said good morning to the wife and everybody in Heaven. It’s going to be a great day.

Not sure what is going to get done or left for another day, and I don’t care. At some point the paperwork for taxes will have to be rounded up to be taken to someone who can figure them out. I can remember a time when we’d do our own taxes and while those days are long gone, we wish they would return.

So today we’ll just eat tacos and be thankful. Thankful for everything to make the tacos, having a kitchen to eat them in, and car to go get more fixings if we run out. Yeah, it’s going to be a great day. Enjoy our Saturday.

Another day

February 24, 2023

What a difference a day makes. The day before yesterday I couldn’t remember much and forgot to eat a few meals, and today I woke up remembering I’d have to cruise over to get groceries and smokes. Hopefully I’ll remember bacon this time. Yesterday the tires on the car got checked and all had enough air.

At this rate I’ll be able to do about anything, just in time for the weekend. When I leave for the store, the temperature is supposed to be in the mid-teens with no snow or freezing rain so that’s another good sign. The weather this year has been up and down like a yo-yo, with one bad day followed by some warmer days, then repeat.

We just have to remember that every day we wake up is another day closer to summer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We aren’t even going to mention politics in this post, yet we don’t see that as a trend. Enjoy our Friday.

Back again

February 23, 2023

We didn’t post yesterday, and I’m sorry about that. The rain had nothing to do with the lapse as time just got away from me. I do ask that if you have had numerous concussions that you get a check up every so often, or when you lose an entire day in a fog.

What little news that comes our way has been crazy lately, but that’s nothing new. Biden trips on the stairs to his plane, a Clinton advisor committed suicide tied to tree and shot in the chest, Mayor Pete only took 20 days to get to East Palestine, Ohio, and the government wants to go digital money and snoop more into our bank accounts.

Yeah, the circus is back and it looks as if tickets are selling like hot cakes. It has all been interesting to watch, including the fact that citizens aren’t up in arms about any of it. Once the election cycle starts again it will get crazier. Although, a debate between Trump and Biden would be entertaining. Enjoy our Thursday as we can see the weekend from our porch.


February 21, 2023

It’s going to be a great day. Not a fantastic day, but a great one. When I woke up breathing was a luxury I didn’t have. As happens, that has been cleared up and I’m now ready to face the day. Earlier, the feral cats got their food and water. Shortly I’ll go back out to feed the birds and get a few other things done before coming back inside to carry on with the day.

We are now close to leaving the month of February in the rear-view mirror and the stores have the Easter candy on the shelves. My how time flies. Seems like only yesterday those same shelves were filled with Valentine’s Day candy. That reminds me I have to get busy and get our taxes done so we know how much to pay Uncle Sam before a penalty gets added.

When Biden gets back from his trip collecting his share of the money, we’re sure he’ll give another ‘speech’ that only he understands. It would be a lot better if his fumbles would at least resemble words in the English language. He does make things interesting, if not dangerous, though. Enjoy our Tuesday.

The dud

February 20, 2023

Sunday was a beautiful day weather wise, and I got a lot done. The feral cats were acting like it actually was a spring day and with no arguments or loud music assaulting the ears it was a rare warm day. So, when chores were done outside, it was time to go back inside and I decided to try and watch the Daytona 500 when it aired.

Changes have been made in NASCAR almost to the point it seemed like a broadcast from a woke group. The muffler rule must have went into effect because when the race started it sounded like a couple of stock 1959 Ford sedans racing on Main street. Gone was the roar of a racing engine, running open headers, and trying to shred the rear tires.

I’m sad to say that watching paint dry would have been as exciting Even the wrecks were quieter. Not that long ago one could hear tearing metal, screaming tires, and even the engines slowing down. I thought the sound was muted during one wreck involving several cars, but it was up at the normal level. It may be that NASCAR heard that such noises offend some people and decided to edit them out. At any rate, I won’t be watching again. Enjoy our Monday.

Sunday snicker

February 19, 2023

A little Catholic boy and a little Protestant girl, both about four years old, were growing up in Northern Ireland…
Even though Catholics and Protestants didn’t generally get along with one another, the two played together often, not understanding why their families said they shouldn’t be friends.

On one particularly hot day, the two were playing when the little girl said, “‘Tis terribly hot today. We should go take a dip in the swimmin’ hole.”

The little boy replied, “We canna do that! We do na have our swimmin’ clothes.”

But the little girl said, “That’s a’right. We can go swimmin’ in our all togethers!”

So, the two went off to the swimmin’ hole, where they each got undressed… At which point the little girl starts to look at the little boy, head to toe, eyes wide and confused. And the little boy was looking at the little girl. Head to toe. Jaw wide open with a puzzled look on his face.

He then managed to say, “Ma Da told me that Catholics and Protestants were different. But I did na think we were THAT different!

Forgot again

February 18, 2023

I made it to the grocery store, filled the cart and paid my tab, yet when I got home there was no bacon. The bacon is one of the reasons I went in the first place. It’s the stores’ fault. With a plan of eating heathier the produce department was my first stop. That was a mistake as once I looked at the prices, I went to the donut aisle.

Since there is enough meat in the freezer, I thought this would be a cheap stop. Yeah, you can quit laughing now. It did make me glad I recently invested in consumables. That said, I cannot justify paying $4 for 5 pounds of potatoes. Even instant mashed potatoes are pricey. The world’s gone crazy and is run by people who couldn’t qualify to be spell checkers at an M & M plant!

All that just made me wonder how long Americans are going to put up with nonsense before we vote the losers out. Enjoy our Saturday.