Of amazing days

August 31, 2019

Friday after I woke up and went outside with the camera, this was the
view. It was still dark out but the sun was waking up to the east and
would soon get up to light the day.

The sky and clouds kept changing all day, and it was fun to watch, but I even managed to get some lawn mowed. That’s the problem with older, battery powered, lawn equipment. The run time keeps getting shorter and shorter. I actually didn’t do a bad job on the lawn considering I was cloud watching.

While my eyes were to the sky this critter caught my attention on a
phone wire that I’ve photographed a dragonfly now and then. At first
I thought he was resting but later saw a spider web below this guy so
perhaps not.

I rediscovered this picture which I like as every time I look
something new pops out at me. It’s just a picture of the chrome strip
running between the tail light and back-up light on the wifes car,
but it’s what is reflected in the chrome that gives me pause. It’s a
mystery as I don’t remember taking it yet looks to me like a hillside
down to a distant river on a cloudy day.

While watching Darth, one of the feral kittens, I was laughing and
taking pictures at the same time. She was attacking some old carpet
on cement and really got into the spirit. She played for quite a

Days like this are hard to beat but we’ll keep trying. Enjoy our
Saturday as some have a three day weekend. Now for coffee so I can
finish the yard later.
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The stand off

August 30, 2019

Had a chat with our neighbor during which I mentioned Mama cat was
raising hell the night before. He said he heard something but figured
I’d handle it. It was not what I expected.

As I glanced out the storm door things appeared normal with one
kitten eating and another getting a drink of water. Not wanting to
disturb them I looked as far to one corner as I could and saw Mama
cat standing on hind legs hissing and yowling like a banshee.

These three were forming a circle and eyeing the food bowl the one kitten was munching at while moving closer. Mama cat has proven she isn’t afraid of much but I feared she may have bitten off more than she could chew this time.

So I went out, the kittens scattered, Mama cat held her ground, and the pesky raccoons were still intent on eating the cat food. With the kittens gone I figured Mama cat would back down, let the raccoons have the food, and the battle would be over before it began.

Mama cat suddenly jumped on the back of the closest masked marauder and rode it like a rodeo star. So much for a peaceful conclusion. I blocked the other two from getting involved just as Mama cat jumped off the one she was riding. She backed up a few feet and the stand off continued.

Two of the raccoons decided I was bigger than them and dinner could wait, but the third stood his ground hissing like a tire going flat. He finally decided perhaps it wasn’t the time to go it alone and waddled off to join the others.

I got Mama cat settled down enough that she soon joined her kittens who were waiting behind some nearby bushes. Later when I looked out the raccoons had taken over the food dish, Mama cat and the kittens were nowhere to be seen, and the rest of the evening went great.

I would have gotten more pictures, but they’re had to take when you are wrestling raccoons. Enjoy our Friday as summer winds down. Now I need more coffee to get ready for whatever today will bring.
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Amazing lady

August 29, 2019

The car enthusiast world lost another legend too young. Jessi Combs
was only 36 years old when she died Tuesday trying to break her own land speed record on a dry lake bed in Oregon. The fastest woman alive left us still owning that title.

The meme above was a post on her facebook page that many felt said a lot about her attitude. She was a graduate of Wyotec, racer, gearhead, and media personality that fellow gearheads liked to follow. She was also an off-road racer with wins to her credit and a fabricator and car builder.

She became the fastest woman alive in 2013 with a world land speed record of 398 mph in a four wheeled vehicle. Last year she made a one way pass of 483 mph but didn’t set a record due to
mechanical issues. A few days before her death she said she wanted to hit 619 mph in the car.

Calling the vehicle she drove a car is a bit of a stretch for some who don’t follow the land speed attempts. Basically it is a wingless jet with 4 wheels attached and a jet engine that produces the equivalent of 52,000 horsepower. Not your average grocery getter.

She was one of those people who crammed 100 years of living into her 36 years on earth. Our condolences to family, crew, co-workers, and friends.

Enjoy our Thursday as even with the sad news the sun is shining here. Now I need more coffee and some non-healthy food.
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Good times

August 28, 2019

Had a great visit with Dad yesterday and at one point his caregiver asked what my favorite part of the trip was. She looked perplexed when I answered “seeing our driveway again”. I looked over at Dad and he was grinning ear to ear and said ‘coming home’.

Bingo! We enjoyed every minute of the trip, seeing our youngest and family, and everything about the journey. But being back home was the best part. My answer must have brought back memories for Dad as he still grinning when I left.

We talked about how many pictures I took on the trip, sights we saw, places we stopped, and everything in general about the trip. We talked of family, truck stops, old Route 66, the farm, and even the Navy. It was one of our longest visits and I loved every minute of it.

We got Dad a couple wooden farm signs and he really seemed drawn to the one with a barn scene painted on it. You could almost hear his brain switching gears to an earlier time as he peered at the painting. We picked that sign as it most closely resembled the barn on the old farm.

He was looking healthy yet was complaining about his weight. His last doctor visit he found he gained weight and weighs 220 pounds again. He joked he should go on a diet, but I think we both know how that would turn out. At 94 he enjoys his life and has few complaints so why change things up?

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means some of us have made it halfway through the work week. Us retirees just consider it another day. Now I need more coffee and some red meat.
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A candidate

August 27, 2019

One candidate for Mayor of our city is Elizabeth Van Camp and she was
mentioned not long ago in a comment here. I’ve been saying for a
while now that we need new faces on our city government so here

She has a platform that includes crime, juvenile justice reform and
community relation with our police department, climate change,
riverfront and flooding plans, poverty and jobs, infrastructure, and
supporting public schools.

If you scroll down the page of the link provided she expands on her
platform and explains how she believes her goals can be attained. I
have a problem with a few of them, mainly climate change. But she
does have a plan and the City Council to work with if elected.

She mentions infrastructure and that a poll shows we citizens are
willing to pay a little more in taxes for new sidewalks, roads, and
bridges. Some of us have been before the council mentioning the aging
infrastructure only to be told it’s too expensive to replace.

So, look at her website, read her platform, and make an informed
decision on election day.

Now we have a busy day ahead of us which we hope all the chores
get finished. If not, there’s always tomorrow. Enjoy our Tuesday.
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Sky watching

August 26, 2019

I drive the wife nuts as I’m always looking at the sky but sometimes it pays off. We’ll share a few examples here. The first one, above, is looking south in Muskogee at close to sunset as a storm is trying to rain on the parade. It didn’t rain yet made for a good shot.

This shot was taken in Missouri somewhere along a two lane blacktop. It was an interesting blend of colors and contrasts and we’re glad we took it. Almost like the workings of a confused mind.

A little further along the same two lane black top we ran into this. It looked like the sun was trying to break through while the dark clouds were on duty. I liked it.

Later as we turned north on highway 61 the sky really put on a show and pulled out all the stops. It was almost dusk and the white clouds looked as they would at noon. The dark clouds snaking through looked like prehistoric animals looking for a lunch they couldn’t find.

The next morning just before we left Missouri and entered Iowa the sky decided it wasn’t finished yet. Not sure what kind of clouds these are but it was amazing to witness. And that’s why I look to the sky and find it hard to believe more people don’t.

Sure some days are just blue skies as far as the eye can see, but there are also days that make a look worthwhile. Finally, whoever decided a roundabout was needed on Mo 19 surrounded by cornfields it was not appreciated. We won’t return by this route now that said roundabout is in place.

Enjoy our Monday as tomorrow we may talk about a candidate for
Mayor in our city and give some opinions.
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Sunday snicker

August 25, 2019

Jesus was walking around Jerusalem one day and decided that he really needed a new robe. After looking around he saw a sign for “Finklestein, the tailor.” He went in and Finklestein made him a robe that fit perfectly.

“For the Son of God there is no charge! However, may I ask you for a small favor? Maybe whenever you give a sermon you could mention how your nice robe was made by Finklestein the tailor.”

Jesus readily agreed and, as promised, he plugs Finklestein’s whenever he preaches.

Some months later, he is back in Jerusalem and happens by Finklestein’s shop. There’s a huge line of people waiting for Finklestein’s robes. He pushes through the crowd to talk with Finklestein.

“Jesus, Jesus, look what a marvel you’ve been for business,” gushed Finklestein. “Would you consider a partnership?”

“Sure,” replies Jesus. “Jesus and Finklestein it is!”

“Uh, no, no.” says Finklestein. “Finklestein & Jesus. After all I am the craftsman.”

The two of them debated this for some time. The discussion was long and spirited, but ultimately fruitful. Finally they came up with a mutual compromise. A few days later the new sign went up over Finklestein’s shop. It read Lord & Taylor.

Did you ever?

August 24, 2019

This is the first truck stop you see entering Missouri from Oklahoma on I-44. The picture was taken heading east and we parked on the east bound side of the “Arch”. The second floor of the place spans I-44 and you can stand up there and watch traffic zoom by beneath you.

So we pull in and decide to go to the upper level and went up 30 stairs to see what was there. Well, there’s a McDonalds, a Subway, more restrooms, and a souvenir shop near the west bound side. The wife decided we needed to look in the souvenir shop as we were planning a late lunch in Lebanon, Missouri and had enough time to do so.

She bought a few things and we unknowingly went down the 30 steps on the west bound side. We walked into the parking lot, went to where we thought we parked our car, and discovered it wasn’t there! I hate that feeling you get when you believe your car has been stolen.

Then it hit me, we went down the wrong stairs. So back inside we go up another 30 stairs, across the second floor, and down 30 more stairs to get to the side we started on in the first place. The wife was confused until we walked out into the parking lot and there sat her car. Right where we left it.

When it was all over we laughed so hard I’m sure other patrons of the truck stop thought we’d gone insane. After drying our tears we wondered how many times this has happened to others. And if it happens to us again, I’m using the elevator.

Enjoy our Saturday as we will. Now for more coffee.
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A couple things I noticed

August 23, 2019

Dorothy was right, “there’s no place like home!” We had a great trip
and loved being with the kids and our granddaughter but it does feel
good to be home. We noticed a couple of things, one made us laugh
and the other made me mad. We’ll mention both.

First is the fact that I’m a country boy and can’t change that. The
wife laughed when I told her that when we went to Texas de Brazil to
eat I knew I was in trouble when I saw three forks and two goblets at
each place setting. I’m a much more simple man.

I mean no disrespect to the place or its employees, but I don’t need
servers to bring the meat to the table and cut it in front of me. Rich
folk love me at these places when I ask ‘what the hell is that?’
Hey, I’m laughing right with them, but don’t put anything in mouth
unless I know what it is and the only way to find out is ask.

This picture is the reason I was mad and sad at the same time. We’re
at a city park with nice pond filled with wildlife and some Bozo has
to throw their burger wrapper into the water. After seeing this we
noticed beer and pop cans, plastic bags, and other trash in the pond.
I was half tempted to wade out and get the trash off the turtle.

We noticed trash bins about 25 feet away and people are so lazy they
can’t do the right thing. It’s a sad part of our civilization that some
ruin things for others. Didn’t ruin our vacation yet that doesn’t make
it right.

Enjoy our Friday as we need to stock on groceries and fix my low pizza

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Day ten

August 22, 2019

We left Muskogee, Oklahoma around 10 am after doing some cruising
around town and ended up in Hannibal, Missouri at 10 pm after a
few distractions. Things like the Elm Street Cafe and the Smoke
Shop in Lebonon, Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks, the Worlds Largest
Gift Shop, the Candy Factory, several coffee breaks, and trying
to rescue a feral kitten at a Love’s truck stop.

We were afraid the little black kitten would get run over but
could get no closer than 3 feet away before the kitten ran off.
It was hot when we left and stayed that way until we hit rain in
eastern Missouri north of 19.

Needless to say by the time we got to the motel room, we were
beat. We did get to say goodbye to the kids and granddaughter
before we left so the wife could cry the first hour on the road.
We picked up some neat gifts, got some great candy, saw some neat
sights, and probably drank a gallon of coffee.

Later today will park the Fusion in our own driveway and we
hope the cats remember us. Or at least the wife does. I do have
a lot more pictures but have yet to get them uploaded and resized
and wifi and a small laptop is not the way to do it.

Once home at the desk top computer the picture will get ready and
we’ll share more here. Until then, enjoy our Thursday as I’ll be
kicking my boots off at home and grinning.
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