Weekend wind up

January 31, 2022

You may have noticed we didn’t post on Saturday and that was entirely my fault. Woke up late with a brain fart that lasted all day and was too tired to think once it passed. We will keep such occurances to the absolute minimum. So we got some pictures over the rest the weekend and will share them now.

Saw this cardinal flying all over the brush like a hummingbird. Haven’t seen a cardinal that antsy in quite some time. With an overcast sky at times, the lighting wasn’t perfect, but we got a few decent pictures anyway. Good thing I’m lucky sometimes.

Also noticed that cats are a lot like people sometimes. Fluffy here looks like a member of human rat race determined to get to, or home from, work. Laser focused on whatever his goal is and it’s a good look on him. He was not to be distracted.

Then there’s the tough guy. Sitting where he can see all around him and ready for whatever life throws at him. No mistaking this guy, he’s on the job. Both of these first two kinds of critters aren’t skittish and one would have a hard time trying to intimidate them. Then there is our last example-

Yeah, we all know somebody like this guy. Either extremely shy or guilty as hell. This was look he gave me when he noticed me standing about 5 feet away. The thing I found funny is I could have got off about 20 more shots and he’d still be in the same spot looking the same way. Once he did get over the shock he took off like someone set his tail on fire and hasn’t been seen since.

There are more kinds of people, and critters, of course. It’s just that the weekend must have been a cat holiday or something as several didn’t come around all weekend. We’re sure they’ll be back in the morning when I put out fresh water and food.

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need some coffee.

Sunday snicker

January 30, 2022

A Catholic priest, a Methodist pastor, a Baptist minister, and an Episcopalian rector were attending an ecumenical conference. After the conferences were done and they had supper, they were relaxing in the hotel restaurant, talking.

The Catholic priest said, “You know, it’s great to get to know one another’s theology across sectarian boundaries like this. But I think it would be even better if we shared some of our human side. Don’t any of you have any bad habits? You know, confession is good for the soul, and we’d surely build mutual tolerance, knowing what faults we all share. How about it?”

The Baptist minister said, “I’d have to say that that’s a fine idea. I’ve been carrying a burden for a long time, and I’d be glad to finally get it off my heart. You see, friends, I’m a terrible, terrible drunkard. I’ve got a flask in every jacket and gown I have. Half the time when the secretary tells callers that I’m out tending to my congregation, I’m really face down on my desk in my office, out cold. I can’t tell you the number of baptisms, weddings, funerals, counseling sessions that I’ve skipped because I was absolutely plastered!”

The Episcopalian rector nodded gravely and said. “Well, that can’t be worse than me. I’m a terrible, terrible adulterer. I’m completely out of control! If a woman in my parish can fog a mirror, I’ll come on to her. I’ve got the back door keys to half the homes in my congregation, and my office couch folds out into a bed. I don’t even like to have my picture taken with the children’s Sunday school classes!”

The Methodist minister heaved a sigh, and said, “I’m afraid I’ve got that beat. I’m a terrible, terrible embezzler. I’m no good with money; and I’ve got a taste for high living that my salary can’t satisfy. Each church I’ve served at could have paid down their mortgage like you wouldn’t believe if not for me and my spendthrift ways. What a hypocrite I’ve been, brow-beating my hard-working parishioners to pledge more each year, while I spent their gifts hand over fist!”

The Catholic priest steepled his fingers and bowed his head. He said nothing. Presently one of the others said, “Well? Don’t you have any skeletons to share?”

The priest shrugged and looked up. “Well, I’m a terrible, terrible gossip.”

Don’t see much

January 28, 2022

While out yesterday I didn’t see much. A few cats, a few clouds, some snow, and a few leaves on said snow. That doesn’t help when you have camera in hand. However, we will share the pictures we did get. This young lady was all over the neighborhood and didn’t seem to find what she was looking for. She did manage to pose for a picture before roaming on.

There is just something about this cat that tells us he was made on a day during a parts shortage. He looks like an afterthought of colors that just seem to work. He is skittish, even around the other feral cats, but we do like watching him strut his stuff. And yes, he was leaning a bit and on a small hill.

Finally, not all the leaves get raked up at the end of the fall season. This year was not a great year for colorful fall leaves yet this one caught our attention. Looks like the critters walk around it or it blew in and landed like someone set it there.

Hopefully today won’t be an overcast, critter free day. Yesterday I even washed the car thinking it would temp the birds to come out for target practice. No such luck. When we get more pictures, you’ll be the second person to know.

Enjoy our Friday as we’ll be in the grocery in less than an hour. Now for some coffee.

Lord help us

January 27, 2022

Well, Pelosi has said she will run again because she has to save our democracy. The only problem with that thought is we don’t live in a democracy, we live in a constitutional republic. Perhaps Ms. Pelosi should brush up on our history.

When our founding fathers got together for the Constitutional Convention in 1787 the prevailing thought was that the trend toward democracy had to be stopped. Our first form of government had a weak federal branch and 13 separate state governments with the governors and legislators elected by the people.

Our independence fostered a time where ordinary men with less education had gotten elected as representatives along with special and local interest groups keeping the legislators busy with local, and not national, concerns.

The founding fathers thought this form of government made the process highly responsive to moods of the local people, and not the nation, which could lead to dangerous results. Things like printing too much money, pork barrel legislation, and corruption.

So the Constitution was framed to address the shortfalls of the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution gave Congress the power to raise revenue, pay off debt, regulate trade, and deal with international affairs. This created a powerful, yet limited, federal government.

So our Constitution was designed to solve the problems with the form of state government, fix the obstacles in the Articles of Confederation, restrain democracy, and protect minority rights from the state legislators. And that is why we need the Constitution and don’t need Pelosi.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee.


January 26, 2022

We know this post is late, the alley is still iced over, and I’ve calmed down a little from yesterday lesson in life. Yeah, I admit I don’t do well in some situations. But yesterday was crazy by any standards. The wife had an appointment with our family doctor and we knew going in for a wait to be seen.

Said appointment had been made in advance and, as usual, the nurse took us back after about a 15 minute wait. The nurse took vitals and said she’d tell the doctor we were waiting. After another hour wait the doctor finally came into the examination room.

If it had been my appointment I’d have walked out way before he made an appearance. I realize that doctors are important, but also feel a little common respect could be shown to the patient. Even if someone would poke their head in the door and say they were running late would be nice. Instead you are left guessing how long your wait will be.

This is why I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m damned near dead or having major problems. Smaller problems I just deal with unless they get worse. When I have an appointment the first thing the doc says is that my blood pressure is high which I tell him to take it again and it will be normal. I don’t like waiting, I detest masks so of course it’s high.

After the visit we decided to stop for lunch to unwind a little and enjoy what was left of the day. Don’t know when they started the calorie count on the menus yet find that distracting. I did not know the lunch I ordered had 1400 calories until yesterday and still don’t care. Here’s hoping for a better day today.

Enjoy our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee and a calorie free donut.

Good start

January 25, 2022

Before going out this morning the guy who talks weather instead of politics on the local news told me the wind chill was -19. So I bundled up, got the feral cats fed and watered, and as I was enjoying my smoke decided that it didn’t feel any cooler than -10. It was a good start to the day.

Yesterday was also a good day, even with the glitches that came with it. Went to the grocery store to get some Real Lemon, cat food, and litter. Figured I’d be in and out before anyone knew I was there. But I forgot about the supply chain problem which caused a few hitches in my giddy-up.

First off, I could not find the Real Lemon anywhere. You know, the lemon juice that comes in a container that looks like a plastic lemon. So I asked an employee who told me they did have the product and led me right to where I first looked which had only empty shelves. I did find a substitute that might work.

On to the pet aisle for another surprise. No cheap to medium priced cat food. Did end up snagging one bag of something and hope the cats will eat it. So now on to the cat litter. Again, no dice. It was starting to feel like a grocery store in a small town before a blizzard. And yes, I did check the bread and milk aisles and can only say I feel your pain if you needed such items.

So basically, I spent more money than usual to get products I didn’t really want. Be nice if things could get back to normal and we could get what we want. Ah, the good old days.

Enjoy our Tuesday since it’s here. Now I need coffee and a donut.

Fun Sunday

January 24, 2022

We could have spent yesterday watching TV to hear the latest garbage from the media about how well Biden is doing, or we could take some pictures. Since we find Bidens ideas are about as newsworthy as a streaker in a nudist colony, we decided to go with the later. So here are a few shots we got yesterday.

Noticed this critter running up and down some nearby trees as if his tail was on fire. We realize young critters play and didn’t think much of it. The sun was shining and it was a fine winter day.

Then we noticed he had a buddy and they were chasing each other up and down a row of volunteer trees in a nearby yard. As long as they kept it up made us miss our youth and the boundless energy that came with it. After about a half hour they scampered over a roof and disappeared from sight while leaving a smile on my face.

These critters we were not happy to see. This is a small part of a flock of European starlings who gather in wait until the feral cats finish eating and walk away. Then they swoop down, one by one, and eat whatever cat food is left in the bowls! We’ve seen dozens of these birds waiting their turn to get a kibble.

This cat happened along as the birds were cleaning the food bowls. He does not look happy, and yet, we couldn’t figure out why he just didn’t attack the birds and run them off. Must not have been too hungry or he knew I’d refill the bowls a little later.

Later in the day, the moon cleared the clouds and we were able to get his portrait. The man in the moon didn’t have any ideas on how to get rid of the starlings either. We may figure it out someday but we couldn’t let the birds ruin our Sunday either.

Enjoy our Monday as we will after we sweep some snow off the walk. Now for more coffee.

Sunday snicker

January 23, 2022

There is a new female organ player at a small church…

She is a beautiful woman, but there is a problem: her ample bosom is causing an issue with the men in the church. While playing the organ, her breasts bounce and sway. Men in the church are getting distracted and many get in trouble with their wives for gazing longingly at her.

An old woman comes up to the young lady and explains the situation. Heartbroken, the beautiful woman asks if anything can be done to remedy the situation. The old lady smiles and tells her to go to the store and buy some lemons. “Rub one lemon half on each breast every night before bed, your breasts will shrink but you’ll be able to keep playing.” The young woman, relieved, goes away and follows the old woman’s advice.

The next week, after worship, the pastor steps up to the pulpit. He says,

“Due to thircumstanthes beyond my control, we won’t be having a thermon thith week.”

Cold pictures

January 22, 2022

Didn’t see a lot of critters, but did see a few feral cats and a squirrel. This little lady was waiting for me to fill the food bowls. Not exactly sure what see was looking at as I was looking the other way.

Fluffy must have thought it was too cold to even open his eyes. Even with his eyes barely opened he managed to find a food bowl and had his fill. He must finally be getting used to me as he isn’t as skittish as he once was. Or it could have been because he had his eyes shut.

Little one was taking his time cleaning up for supper. Just thought a picture of a white cat with a background of snow would make a decent picture. We like it as we think it just looks cold. Don’t know if he had a hot date or was just trying to stay warm.

The squirrel that was out must have thought it was warmer on the roof tops. Figured he’d do more running around as a way to stay warm. Of course I’m not a squirrel expert so perhaps this one is normal. After all, he’s doing critter stuff and I’m out in below zero weather watching him.

Later, the squirrel was facing the other way for those who would rather look at the front of a squirrel instead of the back. And that is short re-cap of the critters out yesterday in the sub-zero temperatures to do their things that critters do when it’s cold.

Enjoy our Saturday as before we know it Monday will be here. Now I need coffee.

A lot happening

January 21, 2022

The singer known as Meat Loaf has died, we have another cold morning in the mid-west, the democrats didn’t get their voting bill passed, and shortly we’ll leaving to see if there are any groceries left at the grocery store. I have enough frozen pizza for 4 days and the batch of chili made last night should be good for another 3 or 4 meals.

The car needs gas, the tires need air, and soon I’ll get the wife up to start another day. Even had a few starter cups of coffee to get things rolling. Don’t believe anyone can say where things are going, yet we hope they’re heading for the better. If not we can roll with that also.

Due to the cold I don’t take my camera with me when going outside. Several times yesterday I ran back in for said camera and missed a shot. A squirrel perched on top of a telephone pole, a cardinal in the brush, and even some feral cats didn’t get their picture taken. We’ll work on that. Enjoy our Friday since it’s here anyway. Now for another cup of coffee.