We’ll see

January 31, 2023

The deep freeze hit us, but at least it was sunny yesterday. The cold snap isn’t going to last long either and that helps. We got a comment from a follower who stated they haven’t been getting updates for a while now so tomorrow we’ll look into that. The only thing we’ve changed on this end is a new computer, yet we know glitches happen.

Hope that doesn’t take long and we get a lot more done. I have been avoiding the housework and have found my idea that dust bunnies may be relatives who have past may not be true. Yes, I know the ashes to ashes part, but the dust bunnies here are organizing and may soon want union wages.

We’ve also noticed that too many younger people are dying from heart problems and nobody seems too worried about it. If this has happened before we sure don’t remember it. I still think it’s vaccine related and if so, everyone who was pushing it should be jailed. Enjoy our Tuesday at any rate.

Sunday snicker

January 30, 2023

Once there was a little boy in church.
He had to go to the bathroom so he told his mother, “Mommy, I have to piss.”

The mother said, “Son don’t say piss in church. Next time you have to piss, say, ‘whisper’ because it is more polite.”

The next Sunday, the litle boy was sitting by his father this time, and once again, he had to go to the bathroom.

He told his father, “Daddy I have to whisper.”

The father said, “OK. Here, whisper in my ear.”

Sunday snicker

January 29, 2023

In a small town, a doctor is about to retire and a young colleague comes to replace him.
They visit all the patients together, and the old doctor introduces the young one everywhere.

“Doctor, I’ve been having a constant stomach ache lately.” cries one of the patients.

The old doctor answers,

“Didn’t you eat too much fruit? I think you should eat less, that’ll make you okay.”

As the two doctors leave the house, the young man wonders,

“How could you make a diagnosis so quickly? You didn’t even examine the lady.”

“Simple. I dropped my stethoscope, and as picking it up, I saw that the trash can under the table was full of banana peels. I immediately realized what was wrong.”

They move on to the next house, where they are greeted by another lady.

It’s the young doctor’s turn.

“Doctor, I’ve been feeling exhausted and weak lately.” says the lady.

“Well, ma’am, maybe you should do less volunteering for the church and get more rest.”

As they leave, the surprised old doctor asks his colleague,

“How did you know that? After all, you didn’t even examine the lady, and you don’t even know her.”

“Simple. I dropped my stethoscope, and as picking it up, I saw the priest under the bed.”

Store visit

January 28, 2023

We didn’t get as much snow as forecasted, but we got some. First I noticed it was putting the groceries in the trunk after getting the supplies needed. While shopping I ran into the guy who delivers the potato chips and somehow the talk turned to time on the farm with the outhouse and no running water in the house, It was a lot of laughs but soon I had to head back to get the animals fed and he had to finish filling the chip aisle.

Getting back home, with the bags unloaded and put away, I went for a drive down memory lane. The younger version of Cruiser got in a lot of trouble down on the farm about a mile from the gas station. I remember because the station had coldest small bottles of Coke on a warm day. Of course, if you were at the gas station drinking a Coke you weren’t getting your chores done.

And I remembered the time My brother and myself were in the hay loft fooling around and he stuck a pitchfork through my foot. It wasn’t funny at the time, and I was on crutches for a while, but I laughed at the memory. We went to the old town Doc who said, ‘that doesn’t belong there’ and got down to business. He gave me an old belt and told me to bite down on it then pulled the pitchfork out.

When done he said my foot looked better, but it sure didn’t feel like it. After moving my foot around and making sure I had feeling in the foot he quickly dowsed the foot with alcohol and wrapped it. Don’t find too many doctors like that anymore. Enjoy our Saturday as every day we get closer to summer.

More snow?

January 27, 2023

We may get some more white fluffy love from today, we may get a lot, or it might rain and help the daffodils bloom. We all know how weather forecasts go. In a couple of hours, the Ford will be cruising to the store to pick up groceries. And once again, I’ll be grumbling at the cost of everything on the cruise home.

Read in a newsletter that big pharma may be using gain of function research to get ahead of the virus game. They seem to think if they mutate the virus, they can come up with a vaccine that will work, and they can make more money. Gives one a warm feeling to know they have our best interest at heart.

Not that long ago, reading something like that would get me laughing. Now that the world, and people, have gotten crazy, not so much. With the way things are going, one has to wonder what the 2024 ballot will look like. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrats back Hillary for president. But enough second guessing. Enjoy our Friday.


January 26, 2023

Winter weather may have been late in coming, but it’s making up for lost time. The snow looks great, and we never mind some white fluffy love from above coming down from the Heavens. The reason we say winter is here is because soon the nighttime lows are going to be in minus category.

We don’t mind that either, other than living in a 100+ year old house we do worry about frozen water pipes when the temperatures drop into the sub-basement. We don’t plan on letting that happen again so may see a few sleepless nights before things warm up a little. We still like winter and yesterday afternoon I had a chat with the neighbor in our driveway.

He was down sick but is feeling better now so we had our chat over a smoke while watching the snow fall. That might seem crazy to some, yet we actually enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy our Thursday.

Winter wonderland

January 25, 2023

The white fluffy love from above is still falling from the sky, and it’s so quiet out I overslept. Normally the traffic alone is enough to wake the dead, but not always. So, we’re late and we’ll get right to the point. Saw on a Racing News newsletter that NASCAR is going to start running mufflers soon. This debate has probably been going on since the first racetrack was built.

Since I only read the headline, I can’t pretend to know the reasoning behind it. But usually, the sanctioning body will claim mufflers are better than open headers for the environment, and the climate. Either that or the old noise complaint excuse. To us car enthusiasts it just tells us the organization has gone woke.

At the rate things are going it wouldn’t surprise us if we went to a dragstrip in the near future and saw top fuel cars running mufflers! Or McDonald’s only selling meatless Big Macs. At some point Americans have to get tired of our government micro-managing every segment of our lives. We need to stop worrying about being “green” enough and get real. We don’t like where things are headed. Enjoy our Wednesday.

Oh come on

January 24, 2023

The felines are all fed and watered, I’ve had a couple cups of coffee, and also did a little a little research this morning. The research was due to something heard on the local news that almost made me spit out my coffee. What could cause me to waste coffee you ask? Well, I heard that since the beginning of the year there have been 36 mass shootings in the U.S. of A.

I also noticed these shootings are all over the map, and incidents with 4 victims was considered a mass shooting. If that’s the case who knows how high the numbers would climb if they included Chicago. This has to be a ploy to help pass the gun legislation that Biden wants through Congress.

If those in Washington really want to help with the climate change, they should stop spreading so much BS and spend their time reading the Constitution instead of claiming moral outrage with their nonstop orations. Talk is cheap, we need some action to stop the nonsense. Enjoy our Tuesday

Just another day

January 23, 2023

The squirrels were busy over the weekend digging for their buried food stash before the white fluffy love from above covered it in white. We only got an inch of snow but that was enough to layer everything in white. Of course, the air felt cleaner and a bit cooler while calming to look at also.

We heard that over the weekend our vice president, during her speech, butchered the English language worse than we usually do, those who pull Bidens strings are setting him up for a fall, and we may have more snow on the way. Yet we noticed something else. With all the talk of egg prices being so high we feel one product has been ignored.

The price of this product has also skyrocketed and not returned to anywhere near normal. Yes, we’re talking about the price of toilet paper. A product that everybody uses but isn’t the topic of discussion. Three short years ago toilet paper was a cheap part of our shopping experience. We also noticed that either families have gotten bigger or the sellers make more money on “family size” packaging.

Growing up, in a family of six we had one choice called a 4 pack. Now an entire aisle in the store is set up for 12=36 roll packs or bigger. I’m 71 and live alone, one of these packages would still be half full when I’m dead! Guess what’s left could be put in the will. Enjoy our Monday.

Sunday snicker

January 22, 2023

In Ireland there is a tradition that holds that a dying man may ask one last question, and that it be answered truthfully.
Seamus had come to the end of his days; his time on this planet was short. Gathered around him was his wife and his four sons. Three of his sons were fine, tall men but the fourth…wasn’t. Aiden was a bit scrawny, and quite thin. Seamus says to his wife:

“Mary…I’ve not much time left. So I want to ask you something that’s bothered me for many a day. Please tell me the truth…is Aiden really my son?”

Mary says “Seamus, as God is my witness I swear on all that’s good and holy that Aiden is indeed your child.”

With that Seamus breathed a sigh of relief, his last breath in this world. Mary closed his eyes, pulled the blanket over his face and said:

“Whew…thank God he didn’t ask about the other three!”