Taylor school argument

October 31, 2007

 A while back (2006) the City Council passed a zoning change for the Taylor school property. It was based on 5 conditions. Here are the five conditions that were part of the Council’s approval for the rezoning to R-5M for Taylor School:

1. that the use be limited to elderly housing;
2. that paving for parking be kept to the minimum needed;
3. that any building mounted or free standing signage be approved by the City of Davenport’s Historic Preservation Commission;
4. that any additional exterior lighting (if any) be limited to downcast luminaries and be directed away from residential properties with the exception that lighting to spotlight architectural and/or landscape features may be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission;
5. that a site plan (including a landscape plan) complying with Chapter 17.56 of the Davenport Municipal Code be submitted to city staff for review and approval.

 Now that a new entity has stepped up to develop this property, that zoning no longer applies. Just a number of around 4 people per acre in residence, but a difference. It is zoned for 35.9 per acre as opposed to the proposed 40. While Mr. Malin is the City Administrator, we can’t understand his refusal to include these in the negotiations with the new owner. He seems to feel he knows what’s better for this SoLo area than the Alderman and the Taylor Heights Neighborhood Assn. We beg to differ Mr. Malin.

 You have once again put the cart before the horse, kept Council members in the dark, disregarded the wishes of some members of said Council, and ignored the citizens of our city. We neither work for you, are here to tolerate your whims, nor care for your management style. This is far from a done deal, but we hope cool heads prevail.

 We have heard, and don’t doubt, the Mr. Malin is an intelligent person. But we also know there is more than one kind of intelligence. While Mr. Malin is book smart, we feel he is very lacking in street smarts. Those of us who choose to live SoLo know volumns more about our area than even Mr. Malin claims to know. Somethings you can’t research online. Please don’t have the audacity to come to our area and tell us what we need.

 With the dawn of the election on us we can only hope more people who think like Alderman Meyer get elected. We believe he’s the one who got the wheels in motion on this oversite. We tire of giving developers everything but the kitchen sink to build, with no consequences for bad behavior. If Alderman Meyer hadn’t raised some eyebrows this would have sailed through the Council. We have to ask; is he really an againster for wanting to protect the city? The negative press is out there for a reason, Malin and company don’t want him to get back in. Follow the facts, get informed, then vote. If you think these 5 conditions are out of line, we’d like to hear how.

Local things and the FBI

October 30, 2007

The elections are a week away. We’re still undecided on a few. Times getting short, so we’re going to look into the candidates, where they stand, what they’re saying, and what we think they’ll do if elected. We still feel betrayed after the last election and are adapting a ‘show me’ attitude. Time will tell.

 We’re also wondering about the city’s new fueling station. While fill dirt is being brought into the levee to raise it above the 100 year flood plain, we wonder. When it does flood, and this berm with gas pumps is above water, how do city vehicles get to it to gas up? We just think there are better places for this set-up than the one chosen.

 Speaking of the riverfront, we have a group of volunteers who go down there to clean up everyone else’s mess. These people don’t get paid, don’t get mentioned in the media, and rarely get a thank you. We say thanks to all of you.

  If you have a scanner, then it appears like crime is on the rise again. Maybe if they push ex-Chief Bladels’ creative accounting of crime, this will go down. To us it seems like things are on the move and SoLo is getting to be a hotspot again. Instead of just pushing the criminals from one area to another I wish someone would listen to Jenn Olsen and just get them out. Speaking of the crime, the following is from the FBI website.

 The FBI is getting tough on gangs. They are going global in their fight against the MS-13. Called the Transnational Anti-Gang, or TAG initiative. Since this gang is in 40 of our States, 10 Countries, and two continents, all we can say is way to go. To read more about this undertaking go to their website-

Chili lunch tomorrow

October 29, 2007

Chili Lunch – Tomorrow

Just a reminder, enjoy a delicious bowl of chili and a cookie for only $3!

Tuesday, October 30th

11:00 am—1:00 pm

City Hall Lunch Room

 To go orders available.

 All proceeds go to support the United Way of the Quad Cities.

What candidates mean

October 27, 2007

 With the upcoming elections we’ve compiled a primer so everyone could figure out what the candidates are really saying. We’ll call it ‘What they say/What they mean’, so in no particular order, here they are-

When they say-We need to help the children.
They mean-Smokers get ready to pay more.

When they say-I’m against raising taxes.
They mean-Bend over and grab your ankles.

When they say-I’m not running for re-election.
They mean-I’ve been caught in so many lies I can’t get
re-elected anyway.

When they say-We need more development.
They mean-Get ready for new taxes to handle the subsidies for the new under-used buildings.

When they say-I’ll listen to the voters.
They don’t add-until I’m elected.

When they say-I’m for a more open government.
They mean-We’re going to double personnel.

When the say-There’s a management problem, and We’ll fix it.
They mean-Some low-level employees are toast.

When they say-I’m going to raise our quality of life.
They mean-Bend over and grab your ankles.

When they say-I’ll bring new jobs.
They mean-Unemplyment won’t go up.

When they say-I want to fix the infrastructure.
They mean-Someday.

When they say-Our kids need free college.
They mean-Smokers are going to pay more.

When they say-We’ve looked at all the options, and this is best of them all.
They mean-We thought about and this is the one we drew from the hat.

When they say-I live here too, and I’ll have to pay the same tax.
They mean-This is really going to hurt.

When they say-I’ll stand behind this project.
They mean-Way, way behind.

When they say-I’m committed to making this a better place.
They mean-I was committed, but checked myself out after 72 hours.

When they say-We’re going to have to create/raise this tax, but we’ll keep it to a minimum.
They mean-We’ll raise it as high as we can, less than we wanted, but not enough to get people screaming.

Comments are always welcome.

Bring back the flag recital

October 26, 2007

 I was going to take a couple days off from posting, until I ran into the story outined below. As a veteran, and someone who has heard this ceremony performed, this news upset me to the point I had to say something.

 From Riverside, California comes news today that the National Cemetary Administration has banned the recital of the signifcance of the 13 folds of the flag at a Military funeral. All this because of one complaint that the 11th fold celebrates Jewish war veterans. The QC Times take is here.

 While it’s sad that many people haven’t heard this ceremony, it is a beautiful part of a Military funeral. If you have ever heard the recital at such an event, We’ll guarantee you wouldn’t soon forget it. The recital itself is here.

 Red Skelton was well known for this comedy, but he was also very patriotic. When we hear about decisions such as this we always re-read his recollection of what he heard as a schoolboy.
Though dated by today’s standards, it is worth reading. For his remembrance of what the Pledge of Alliegence means go here.

 As an American this decision is just wrong. As a veteran, this decision is wrong. As someone who loves their country, and their flag, this is wrong. We can only hope this group sees the error of their ways and returns this ceremony to it’s proper place in the honoring of our war dead.

 I failed to mention the website I got some of this information on. If you want to more about our flag, the POW/MIA flag, the colors of the flag, or links to contact government officials to lodge a complaint about the National Cemetary Administration in Washington, D.C., here is a link to the website- http://www.usflag.org/index.html

Campaign, and another loss open thread

October 25, 2007

 The election is sneaking up on us and we felt it was time for a reminder. It appears that the candidates are running clean campaigns; but having been on the recieving end of an auto-dialer call someone isn’t. While someone feels these calls are important enough to interupt our dinners, they are not proud enough of them to say their group is behind them. Please don’t bother us with your drivel, we do have brains and we know how to use them.

 We feel this is what cost Jamie Howard a shot at the Mayor’s seat. We don’t care what the other candidates did years ago. She just couldn’t hide from the smear campaign and her record as an elected official. We hope the others learned from her mistake.

 Another sore spot is Malin’s treatment of Alderman Meyer. Nice to find out you can’t bar elected officials from others,  weeks after you do. We have to ask; what does this council want to do that they feel Alderman Meyer will protest against? More taxes? We’re not big on the conspiracy theory, but something smells fishy. Regardless of which ward you live in, if we all just look at the incumbant’s voting record, the problems we may have encountered, and the promises of those sharing the ballot before we vote, and forget rumors and innuendos we’ll be a better city for it.

 On a sad note, we lost another friend died Monday. Al Siefers passed away. Over the years he was active in the car hobby, raised a family, and made a lot of friends along the way. He was a member of the Quad Cities Antique Ford Car Club, the Antique Snowmobile Club of America, and the Midwest Crosley Club. He also enjoyed attending events involving steam power and thrashing. He was a veteran, husband, father, brother, grandfather and friend. Our condolences to the family.

 This is going to be an open thread as we’ll be busy for while. Feel free to comment on any subject as long as it’s not illegal or fattening.

Mistake, funeral, and a couple houses

October 23, 2007

 A nod to Jim Fisher for help clearing up the fact that we are not one and the same. It’s pretty easy to tell us apart really. He has a pot to pee in, and a window to throw it out of, We have the window. Someday we’ll put a downpayment on a pot.

 That being said, the email accused me(Jim Fisher) of calling his relatives idiots for living in southern California. He also took offense to Mr. Fisher’s comments and assured me that he since he couldn’t push my button in person, he’d do it by email. I forwarded your email to Mr. Fisher and I’m sure he’ll comment on it.  To see the email go here.

 Vivian Robinsons’ visitation is going to be tomorrow from noon to 1 pm at Runge Mortuary. Services will follow in their chapel. She is missed by many, loved by all who met her, and a genuine nice lady. We’re going to show our respect, and I’ll even be in a suit.

 Regardless of who did what concerning the house in the 300 block of Myrtle, it is a nuisence. I’m sure many agencies, groups, and concerned citizens have had a hand in getting it boarded up. There are more houses like this in our city, and something should be done to clean up all of them.

 Yesterday we got a chance to listen to our police scanner a bit. Seems some young members of the Howard family were playing with a firearm in an alley by 14th. and Gaines. Then came the call, shots fired at 327 E. 14th. That one’s a little too close to home. We’re  glad the Police caught the kid, and the gun, but again, the rental property involved is no stranger to police calls. So at least to us, candidates platforms on crime are going to weigh heavily on how we vote. We don’t expect the candidates to have all the answers, but at least to be  informed and willing to try to manage the problem.

2 losses

October 22, 2007

 By now everyone knows Charlie Brooke died. Since I didn’t know him, I’ll leave it at that. I just found out we did lose a good friend in Vivian Robinson. Years ago when I first got my contractors license, she was the first person to answer my newspaper ad. After that first job we did various jobs on her houses for 20 years. She was a special lady, a good friend, and a cruise companion for our family. Although she will be missed, she can at last reunite with her husband and son. To Jackie and the rest the family, our heartfelt condolences. You have our number if you need anything.

Alderman Meyers’ blog

October 20, 2007

 Alderman Meyer has started his campaign, sending D1 the information to get on their website. He also has a blog that is going to officially open on Monday. There are some
interesting posts already there, but some of the links don’t work yet. I found the Adler post interesting. If  this remodel really did cost us $1.3 million a running  foot; did we get our moneys worth? You can look over his
blog at- http://keithmeyer3rdward.typepad.com/my_weblog/

 We have the information from one of the links that don’t work and find it telling in many ways. It points to the  real reason Mary Thee was treated the way she was. It also
did nothing to change my mind on the then Mayor, Charlie Brooke. After being advised by Thee not to put the contract renewal up for vote without changes that could save us taxpayers many thousands of dollars, he and others ignored her. Even though we couldn’t find minutes of the meeting from December of 2,002, we all know it did pass.

 Thee found at least 17 problems with the paper. Some of  which were termination severance language, voluntary resignation language, the fact that with the original paper the City Administrator could only be terminated by a felony conviction, no set amount  on severance pay, no cap on salary, money for a car, sick days, and reimbursable cost 3 times the first agreement. But it passed, and Alderman Meyer was ‘an againster’ for asking questions that could have saved us thousands of dollars.

 So it would appear the reason Malin hasn’t been fired is because they can’t. So Alderman Meyer is challenged at every turn, Thee now works for the County, lawsuits against the City and its personnel abound, and Malin knows he can’t be fired. To our knowledge he hasn’t been convicted of a felony.

A band, some cars, and rumors

October 20, 2007

  Word is there is a cruise-in tonight from 5pm to 8pm at the Culver’s on West Kimberly. This is a free event so if you’re wondering how to kill a couple hours later, it might be what you’re looking for.

GTO band will play at the Col tonight. The event runs from 7pm to 11pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, or Auto Ron’s and other places have discount tickets for $12.50. It’s a good band and they’ll be a lot of car people there, so it should be a good time.

 As matt promised he has the pictures from the Blackhawk College car show up on his blog, to check it out go- http://bluegoldandgreen.blogspot.com/  Thanks matt for taking the time to do this, if we remember the camera at the next show, we might get some pictures also.

 Rumors have been floating about that the Library is being inundated with homeless people. While the Library is a public place, should these people be able to homestead the place, sleep, and distract the true patrons of the place?  We haven’t heard from anyone who thinks the Library is better off after the remodel.

 The Vineyard is in the rumor mill with it’s free meal program and some of the problems it is raising. It’s sure bringing more traffic onto that block of 3rd Street. Could this just be a moot point with Cafe John Lewis set to reopen in a few short weeks? There’s not much going on later, we checked, but we don’t know earlier in the day.

 And lastly, for all the Alderman Meyer againsters, something else I think he did right. Alderman Meyer offered beautification money to Chief Bladel for a stone sign for the front of the new Police Department. The Chief refused the offer leaving some of us to wonder why.

 Comments are welcome.