Like putting a cat in a bag

October 31, 2014


All of us know it’s easier to let the cat out of the
bag than to put the cat back in. We got to thinking
about this because of all the recent political
robo-calls and mass mailings we receive here.

Candidates must believe we are stupid enough to
believe their campaign promises while trying to
make us feel they care about us. At least every
election they do.

That was going to be reasoning behind this post
until we realized two things. The first is that
everybody who voted in the last election is going
through the same robo-calls and mailings and some
of the things we get we actually like.

We really like the ones that don’t have any
propaganda for or against a candidate. The ones we
don’t mind getting. Instead of being the size of a
small newspaper with glossy printing, these are
usually a lot smaller and plainer.

Case in point: we got one about the size of two
postcards pasted together with a matte picture of
the fall foliage over a National Cemetary with
these words on it “Many have paid the price. Don’t
forget: Vote Nov. 4th.

Sensing a trick I turned the card over. The other
side had a smaller picture of a soldier hugging a
child and these words-

Vote November 4th!
Honor those who came before you and
defended your right to vote.

Take advantage of this great opportunity as an

Serve those who have served you.
Protect those who love you.

In Iowa, polls are open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
To find out where you vote, visit

The site has a good reputation.

That seems a much better way to get people to the
polls that alleging that your opponent wants to
throw grandma off the train.
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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2014

In honor of the day we present a video from the
Ford Motor Company for your enjoyment.

Sometimes you just have to cut loose or go crazy.
Enjoy the day.
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Who will kill the children?

October 29, 2014

A friend passed along a blog post and we felt
compelled to reply to the subject of said post. The
blog is The College Fix, and the headline
is “Trending: More College Students Support Post-
Birth Abortion”.

We have a problem with that. Before birth it is
abortion, after birth it is murder. Some quoted in
the article even state they think it is OK to kill
a child if said child is under 5 years old as
respondents don’t consider them persons until then.

Abortion activists on our college campuses have a
notion that it is alright to kill babies because
somehow we don’t become human until we are self
aware. Most agree that happens at 4 years of age.

Peter Singer said of babies “they are not persons.
.. therefore the life of a newborn is of less value
than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee.”

What! Are you crazy! Call it infanticide or by
any other name you wish but this is murder. Here
is a video of woman defending it.

She states she isn’t against killing the child
after birth under certain conditions claiming it
falls under ‘women’s rights’. After birth wouldn’t
the baby have any rights?

Is this what is being taught to our children and
grandchildren in colleges today? Is there that big
a gap in the generational divide? We throw a fit if
somebody kills a kitten and there are young people
out there who believe women should be allowed to
kill their babies.

Well, babies grow up to be adults. And we sincerely
hope the adults who grew up to be anti-abortion
keep up the pressure to inform the unknowing.
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Couldn’t help ourselves

October 28, 2014

We felt it time to share a gaggle of facts. Some
are useful, others might get you thinking, while
the rest are totally useless unless you are a
trivia nut.

When most people think of racing they see gas
guzzling, tire shredding machines that shake the
earth and deafen the ears. But did you know the
first car to hold the land speed record was also
environmentally friendly?


Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat raced his electric
car to the breakneck speed of 39.24 mph in 1898.
That was faster than the gas powered vehicles of
the time and his record stood until 1902!

Thinking of buying a new car and don’t like
surprises. Go here.


Some odd and completely worthless facts.

A teaspoon of honey is the lifework of 12 bees.

The Nintendo corporation was created before the
fall of the Ottoman Empire.

If you are a car nut of a certain age you will
remember Zingers.


You have never seen your own face, only pictures
and reflections.

When politicians say “it’s only a billion dollars”
use this for comparison. A million seconds is 11
days, a billion seconds is over 31 years.

25,000,000 of your cells died while you were
reading this sentence.

We built an atomic bomb 25 years before we had
color TV.
Finally, here is a little song to atone for this

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The question

October 27, 2014


A week from tomorrow we go to the polls to vote
for the candidates of our choosing and let our
voice be heard. Regardless of political party your
only question should be ‘are we better off now?’

Our country seems more divided now than in any
time in our memory and in more ways. We are divided
by religion, race, political party, sexual
orientation, and stand on gun control. Political
correctness has made a mockery of our freedom of
speech and the truth is a stranger.

Cost of living is up while wages have stagnated
and we have more people below the poverty level.
Our schools are teaching our children what some of
us feel is unacceptable subjects.

The incumbents don’t speak of their accomplishments
but tell us what their opponents would do to make
us miserable. The opponents do say what they would
do if elected, yet they also bad mouth the

In 2013, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)
told us Obama’s budget added $1 trillion in new

Some candidates are citing income equality and the
need to make the wealthy pay when the wealthiest
10% of Americans was the only segment that saw a
rise in income. Of course income for everyone else

If you’re happy with where our country is at vote
in the incumbents, if you don’t like either party
vote independent, and if you think Republicans are
the answer vote for them. Just vote.
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Potty-mouthed princesses? II

October 26, 2014

We thought when we posted the video with the
Potty-Mouthed Princesses Dropping F-Bombs for
Feminism we would never revisit the subject. But
now comes a rebuttal video, from a Libertarian
Lady who addresses the lies with facts.

Yes, on top of the offensive language spewing
from the little girls mouths it turns out the
video is also full of lies.

This version uses “frigging” to replace the
f-bombs. We don’t know about you, but we’re
getting tired of groups using flat out lies to
work on our emotions. So here’s the new parody

If you don’t like the idea that the word “pretty”
is a compliment, or think women shouldn’t carry
weapons, you will find this video offensive.

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Sunday snickers

October 25, 2014

This installment of snickers is a repost of a
popular post from November 14, 2009.


Cars in the bible

Sometimes having an imagination can be a curse.
A friend sent me the following bit of wisdom
that got me going-

Cars existed way back in the time of the bible.
It is written in scripture.The bible clearly
states, that Moses had a ROD, and his brother
Aaron had a ROD too. God must have had one also
because David in the 23rd Psalm says “Thy ROD
comforts me”.

People assume that WWJD stands for “What would
Jesus do?”. I think they stand for What would
Jesus drive? One theory is that Jesus would tool
around in an old Plymouth, because the bible
says his father drove Adam and Eve out of the
garden in a Fury. Later in Psalm 83:15 David
tells us that the almighty clearly owns a Pontiac
and a Geo. The passage urges the Lord to “pursue
your enemies with a Tempest, and terrify them
with your Storm. Perhaps God favors Dodge pick-up
trucks, because Moses followers are warned “not
to go up a mountain until the Ram’s horn sounds
a long blast”. Some scholars believe that Jesus
drove a Honda, but didn’t like to talk about it.
In the gospel of John, Christ tells the people
“For I did not speak of my own Accord.”

I wonder if they had cruises back then?
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Heard the latest?

October 25, 2014

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Strange days

October 24, 2014


Ever have one of those days? Woke up to heavy fog
and was acting goofy and making scary sounds all
the way to the grocery store. On the way home I
put my forearm across my face and did a decent
Boris Karloff impression but the wife was not

So in the belief that a cruise down the digital
highway would return the sanity I fired up the old
computer and got busy.

Opening a friends email, and a link that was
included in said email, I learned that Homeland
Security raided a panty shop in Kansas City.
And all because the confiscated panties had KC on
the butt?

Well that got me going again as I thought that
terrorists who are waltzing across our unmanned
borders would have nothing to worry about unless
they were wearing KC panties over their pants.
I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.

There had to be something serious going on some
where. Nope. Next page I went to boldly proclaimed
“Big Tobacco Company Bans Smoking”. Yup. Reynolds
American, Inc., the people who bring us Camel
cigarettes, are going to ban smoking in its offices
and buildings beginning next year!

Because of my goofy mood, here’s a song you may
not have heard, or listened to in while, but it
is memorable.

To make up for that one, here’s a video of a blind
kid who knows how to sing the blues.

Now it’s time to go out and howl at the fog.
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Sad anniversary

October 23, 2014


On October 23, 1983 a truck bomb ran into the
Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon. 241 were
killed including 220 Marines and 21 from other
branches of the service. 58 French soldiers were
also killed in the attack.

It was the deadliest attack against the U.S.
Marines since the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. We
are still battling these terrorists but cannot
forget the Fallen, their families, or the fact
that others want to kill us.

God bless America.
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