Clear weekend event update

May 31, 2013


Yesterday we could have gone windsurfing
in the back yard. Our area got hit with
sustained winds of around 60 mph with
more heavy rain.

The forecast is for rain today but clear
for the rest of the weekend. Since our
basement is almost dry that makes us
think of upcoming car events.

Saturday, June 1 is the Mississippi
Valley Mustang Roundup Cruise In at
the HyVee, 201 West 10th Avenue in
Milan, Illinois.

Saturday, June 1 is the Back to the
50’s & 60’s Car Show & Cruise In at
the Crawfordsville Ball Park in
Crawfordsville, Iowa.

Show runs from 10 am to 2:15 pm.
You can call 319-863-3268 for more

Sounds like things have changed since
we sat at the gas station drinking
nickel Cokes while watching the Feed
Store across the road.

Sunday, June 1 is also the start of
Hot Rod Power Tour in Arlington, Texas.

Sunday, June 2 is the Rail Town Rumble
Lakestorey Cruise-In held at pavilion
4, 1572 Machen Drive, Galesburg,
Illinois. Runs from 9 am to 4 pm.

Sunday, June 2 is the Quad Cities
Gearhead’ Sunday Cruise In at Hero’s
Pub & Grill, 3811 Harrison, Davenport,

Sunday, June 2 is also the 3rd Annual
Cruisin’ For A Cure Car Show in Dubuque,
Iowa. Call 563-542-2977 for information.

Friday, June 7 is the Dick-N-Sons
Car Display at 235 Oak Lane in Blue
Grass, Iowa. Just off Highway 61 at
exit 107. Starts around 6 pm.

Drive between the raindrops, keep the
shiny side up, and enjoy the photo of
a 1937 Sharknose Graham.
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Cyber crime update

May 30, 2013

The Internet Crime Complaint Center
(iC3) and FBI have issued another update
about cyber crimes.

It now seems the crooks are using a photo
sharing program to deliver a virus to our

If you are considering buying something
online you may want to use the link above
to learn more.

Suspicious activity could include a
seller who claims a buyer backed out
or a seller offering to send pictures
that weren’t on the site.

The site tells you what to look for in
the latest scams as well as older ones.
Like the Citadel Malware, Smartphone
malware with safety tips, how lawyers’
identities are used for fake website,
and malware on laptops when you use a
hotel internet connection to name some.

Sometimes good people get taken in by
these scams so it pays to be aware of
some of the things being done by those who
want to separate us from our money.

If you have had a problem and wish to
file a complaint, go here
to do so.

There are times when we wish these people
would just get a job and leave the rest
of us alone.
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The battle

May 29, 2013


The bush stood facing the morning sun with
the sunlight highlighting the dew covered

Big as a buffalo and twice as wide this
malignancy of nature had to be cut down
to size.

I stood facing this evil plant with a
pair of pruning shears in each hand,
much like a gunslinger, contemplating
a fight to the death.

One of us was going to get cut down to
size and I had hopes it would be this
green monster and not yours truly.

With the sun sparkling of the dew and
a slight wind the bush appeared to
flexing its muscles in anticipation of
the upcoming fight.

I was ready. After ninety minutes the
bush had taken on the appearance of
normalcy. Branches lay all around us
as testament to the battle that had
cut it down to half the original size.

Putting iodine on my wounds and then
gathering up the branches I returned
to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Feeling very much the victor I told
the wife about my exploits. And that’s
when I got the ‘look’.

She explained you cannot do battle
with a plant and there was no arguing
the point.

The heavy artillery came out with her
outburst of ‘don’t you have hedge

I tried to explain that it was personal
but I saw the ‘no sale’ sign in her eyes.
Plan B didn’t work either because she
stated that just because our ancestors
didn’t have hedge trimmers did not mean
I could call it a battle.

So once again the wife thinks I’m crazy
even after my explanation. It must be
guy thing.
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Foul weather diversions

May 28, 2013

We made it through most of the day without
rain today and while the sky was cloudy, it
was bright outside.

Then in the afternoon, the sky took on a
leaden look that cast a silver sheen over
everything. The grass looked bright enough
to be a neon light and the trees became a
much darker green.

Shortly after sundown the thunder roared,
the lightning lit up the sky like a
searchlight, and the rain began. We don’t
believe we’ll get much rain, but things
like this always make us think about
watching neat rides.

So if you’re having some rough weather,
here are some video diversions.

This one is about some guys in Idaho who
put together some neat rides.

Here are show vehicles leaving an indoor

Some footage from an Ocean City,
Maryland show complete with burnouts.

How they do pinstriping, sliverleaf,
and more from Germany.

A diversion post wouldn’t be complete
with a little music, so here is “Little
Duece Coupe”.

If you’re having bad weather, and if I
were a doctor, I’d say watch these
videos until you forget about it.

You can comment in the morning if you
don’t feel better.
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An old man and his sea

May 28, 2013

Since Saturday we’ve had 6+ inches of
rain and more on the way. We’ve lost
power and have been pumping water out
of the basement almost hourly.

We did have a problem when I fell
asleep for a few hours early this
morning and ended with 6 inches of
water in the basement.

Got it pumped out, finally got the
water heater going again around
midnight, and had lunch shortly after.

Might even get supper before the sun
comes up if nothing else goes wrong.

Typical Midwest weather. Drought one
year and a monsoon the next. When we
get a dry day later in the week I may
even find time to sleep.

I figure we can either build an Ark
if it keeps raining or fix the problem
if it quits. Talk about needing a sign.

As soon as we know which choice to
make we’ll give you an update.
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Please remember

May 26, 2013


Monday is my brother’s birthday. Happy
Birthday John! This year it also happens
to be on Memorial Day. The day was once
known as Decoration Day and is the last
Monday in May.

Memorial Day is to honor all those who
gave the ultimate sacrifice defending
our country.

It should not be confused with Veteran’s
Day which honors all veterans living or

It is a day when flags are raised at
sunrise then solemnly lowered to half
staff to remember those who gave their
lives defending our freedoms.

At noon, the flag is raised to signify
they didn’t die in vain and that we will
continue the fight for liberty.

It is a day many place flowers on the
graves and volunteers place flags on
all the graves in our National Cemeteries.

A day of parades, speeches, concerts, and
barbecues which begins our summer season.
The Indianapolis 500 runs the Sunday prior
as does the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race.

And it is a weekend of Rolling Thunder.
An event started in 1988 that has grown
to include 900,000 participants.

Please take a moment during this day and
remember those who gave all to keep us

“Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect,
no ravages of time testify to the present
or to the coming generations that we have
forgotten as a people the cost of a free
and undivided republic.”
~General Logan- May 5, 1868

We must never forget.
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We got it made

May 25, 2013


I sure do like technology. It never
ceases to amaze me the how fast things
seem to be moving.

Things we take for granted today were
either not available or much cruder
a short while ago.

1903, our starting point, might seem
like ancient history to some, but in
the grand scheme of things, it is not.

110 years ago the Wright brothers had
the first successful manned airplane
flight. It didn’t last long or go very
far, but it did fly.

Since then man has only gone faster,
higher, and farther than ever before.

Around the same time Henry Ford came
out with his Model T, the first car
built on a moving assembly line. And
you could get it in any color as long
as it was black.

The first handheld mobile phone was
developed by Motorola in 1973. It was
9 inches long, 5 inches deep, 1.75
inches wide, and weighed 2.5 pounds.

This gave you 30 minutes of talk time
on a full battery with a 10 hour recharge
time. We’re glad they’re a little
smaller today.

And what about solar cells? The first
solid state photovoltaic cell was built
in 1883. The first practical solar cell
took until 1954 and was developed by
Bell Laboratories.

Solar cells were on board the Vanguard
satellite when it launched in 1958, but
the cells were used mostly in toys as
they couldn’t produce enough electricity.

Today these cells can be linked to
produce enough electricity to run a small

There isn’t one aspect of our lives that
hasn’t benefited from the advances made
in technology during our lifetimes.

We do live in interesting times.
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