Just thinking

April 29, 2021

Woke up with a premonition that much like the bird in the above picture, this was going to be a bad hair day. First clue was the fact that my back felt like like someone parked a semi on it during my slumber. If we are as old as we feel I was 97 years old at that point. After hobbling around, having a few cups of coffee, and getting the morning chores out of the way it’s better.

Although we didn’t watch the speech last night we have heard a little about it during the local news. Not sorry we missed it but we did learn a few things. For instance, I never knew that if you have lung issues you should stay away from caffeine. Who knew? Seems like everything I enjoy could make my lung issues worse.

That got me thinking of a visit to see the doctor some time ago when the doctor handed me a list of things to avoid and promised if I quit eating and drinking those items I could live to be 100. Supposed so but it would feel much longer. Said doctor has since quit bringing up such nonsense as he figured out I’m not changing.

About the time the speech to Congress was going on I was out in the rain checking on the feral cats. One of the mama cats we call Tippy was being needy and a scratch behind her ear just wasn’t enough. Lil Bit and Lil One were also hanging out and just figured if they could handle a little rain so could I. Would have gotten some pictures but I don’t like to take the camera out much when it’s raining.

Too many ideas scrambling around my brain this morning so am letting them run wild in the hope that perhaps one might actually be a good one. So far no luck, but it is early. Have something planned and will be in the garage sorting out the cement mixer to hopefully getting it off life support. Time will tell.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend will be here before we know it. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Late pictures

April 28, 2021

Yes we’re late again but had to upload pictures to share them and thought you might enjoy looking at them. So without further ado, here are the pictures o’ the day….

Since it is spring the pollinators are out making their rounds. This one was just starting his rounds when we shot this one yesterday. Seems healthy to us as long as this is as close as we get.

Spied this guy in the tree behind the pine and he also looked to be a fine specimen. He stuck around long enough to get some pics and we have more pictures to finish yet. We may share a few if they come out as nice as this one.

This male tom cat wasn’t feeling so hot this morning. Sat by the water bowl and when I looked him over noticed his right eye looked like he lost the fight. Being such a big cat one has to wonder what the other cat in the fight looks like. This one sure got an attitude adjustment.

This is one of the younger feral cats that’s been coming around. Not sure what litter this one if from, but what a tail! He was one of seven who were waiting for me when I brought water and food out this morning. If things keep going like they are we may have to start charging them for their lunch.

Another from a newer litter coming down the path. Seems almost a twin to the one pictured above it. The two have a lot in common with subtle differences in coloring and markings. But they are healthy so we’ll keep looking for them when they come by.

Finally, we had a dramatic sky so we got a shot of it and were surprised when we uploaded the picture and thought it looked 3-D. I know, my overactive imagination at work again. But we like it and hope you do too. Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s already here anyway. Now for some coffee and burrito. Comments are always welcome.

Saw the moon

April 27, 2021

We also saw clouds, critters, birds and much more. This cardinal was sitting in the shadows of the old pine tree singing off and on. He was so loud we wondered how such a small creature could be that loud but enjoyed the song of his people.

Clouds meandered by in an almost perfect sky as they waltzed their way across the horizon. On the ground it was windy yet the clouds were in no hurry to go elsewhere. At least most of them cleared the trees so we could watch their progress. And no, I didn’t spend the entire day taking pictures. Got some much needed yard work done between shots.

This one makes us smile. This little lady was just sitting behind the hostas and appeared to be grinning ear to ear. It looked like she was enjoying the day as much as we were, or more.

Poor Lil Bit looks like a demon cat from the depths of hell with those bright eyes. She was walking into the sun and we must have gotten lucky with the light. You may also notice he one ear is clipped. It doesn’t bother her but we thought it took away from natural good looks.

We also have been getting some new cats who stop by have some water from the bowl and try of buffet style dining on our palatial veranda. Naw, it’s just a couple of food bowls on the back steps but that doesn’t sound as fancy.

Since we mentioned the full super moon we decided to get a shot of it to share. It did seem brighter than usual and just a tad bigger. We still have more to upload and we’ll see how that works out. May get some more pictures today if things work out. Have to do some trimming with the weed whacker first though.

Enjoy our Tuesday as time seems to be flying. Don’t know if that means we’re having fun or getting older. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

A few more pictures

April 26, 2021

Before we show the pictures we’d like to remind everyone that tonight the pink full moon will be out. It will also be the first super moon of the year, which will only have two super moons. The second full moon of the year will be in exactly one month on May 26. We’re told this one should be brighter that your average moon.

The robins are out and the cats don’t seem to bother them. In these pictures the bird is only about five feet away from the water bowl we put out for said cats. Could have been timing but this guy strutted around for about ten minutes before flying off to do his bird things.

This cat has been showing up for a while now and we’ve gotten other pictures of her. But we think she’s an interesting cat. Still skittish but does sit still long enough to get a shot, just at a distance. She is part of a litter whose mama has now disappeared. As a matter of fact, two cats who have had litters haven’t been seen for a while and both were friendly.

We said a few and we’ve saved what we think is the best for last. Not sure of what kind of cat this is but we decided he’s a good looking specimen. Looks almost as if a higher power took a little bit of several cats and tacked the fur onto one cat. The only thing we can think of to add would be blue eyes. But we still believe this will be one to watch as it grows into adulthood.

There’s the pictures, we hope you like them. And don’t forget, if you like to look at, or talk to, the moon tonight would be a good night to do so if it’s not storming where you’re at. Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week and any new plans we’ve made yesterday. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

April 25, 2021

A man dies and goes to Heaven
As Jesus is giving him the tour, he notices something: “Why so many clocks?”

“Those are sin clocks.” Jesus explains, “Their movement represents every sin ever committed by everyone, every lie, fraud, and other untoward act, and each stops once they die. Fortunately, you’re a good man of faith, so yours hasn’t moved too terribly much.”

“Those ones over there haven’t moved at all!”

“Those represent people such as Gandhi and MLK; righteous and pure as they were, that’s to be expected.”

“And those ones over there? They’ve moved a lot.”

“Criminals; Bundy, Dahmer, those types…”

“Some are missing from over there.”

“Those clocks represent Congress; Father’s using those as air conditioning.”


April 23, 2021

Much like the shadow on the garage some media are all about illusions. Heard that a network edited not only a video clip, but also an audio clip about the girl who brought a knife to a fist fight who was threatening to stab people. They even said it was a normal part of life. Why would said media news edit the knife out of the video clip and the mention of the girl being armed with knife out of the audio clip of the 911 call?

Thing is, there are still people out there who claim that it must be true because they heard it on the TV news. As someone who tries to authenticate information this shouldn’t be. People like these are probably the ones who believe gossip when they hear it also. It does explain how politicians keep getting elected even when they’re not doing their jobs.

Quit watching the political speeches long ago when I found out some politicians have no clear cut beliefs. They vote for something when it’s popular and against it when it isn’t. It has gotten absurd. Want another example? Got a newsletter in my email that had the headline “UCLA students ask if automatic hand soap dispensers are racist?” So it seems the removal of the racist dispensers is more important than the children who get shot in Chicago.

It must be because we’ve seen not groups rioting in Chicago or signs reading ‘Not one more dead child in Chicago’. There are many more examples out there but to list them all we’d need to write a book. Hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope it isn’t and oncoming train. We shouldn’t have to put up with the nonsense.

That said, enjoy our Friday and let the weekend begin. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Something going on…

April 22, 2021

The cat above has a look we know all too well. We see it every morning when looking in the mirror. A look that says ‘what planet do you come from?’ Riots are now protests and it’s alright to burn down entire city blocks with immunity. Where protests block streets and roads while destroying other peoples property. Don’t these mental midgets realize they won?

The policeman was tried and convicted, you got what you said you wanted, and yet you continue to destroy the city around you. And there are calls for more violence, more criminals let out of prison, and less police. Never once wondering why the powers that be want to divide our country. Could it be they want to keep the people arguing to hide what they’re doing in plain sight?

If these rioters are being paid to riot someone should follow the money trail. Bet some of us could figure it out for ourselves but that would only be speculation. Doesn’t anyone consider that with the great unifier in office we have more mass shootings, more protests, more illegal aliens, a lot more national debt, and more crime than before he took office? Just asking for a friend.

Don’t know the answers just know it’s getting old and doesn’t pass the smell test. That’s my opinion, you’re welcome to yours. Enjoy our Thursday and it means the weekend is but a dream away. Now for some coffee and breakfast. Comments are always welcome.

Cold pictures

April 21, 2021

It was about 28 degrees outside when I got a few shots of feral cats and other things. This one is Lil Bits doppelganger and even has the same ear clipped. The only way to tell them apart is this one has a full tail. She showed up a little after six a.m. and waited for the food bowls to get filled.

This one is a new one and has some different coloring than what we’re used to seeing. If this were a dog we’d say a Heinz 57, but not sure what one calls a cat. Found it worthy of a portrait and the cat obliged by staying in one place long enough to take one.

This is the tom cat that has been around for a while now and probably responsible for the last two litters. While he is a decent looking cat he has also been busy. Again we’re not sure what type of cat he is, but he is confident. This time he sat back and let the youngsters eat first so at least he has some manners.

You may have already guessed, but this is not a cat. This female cardinal did not like all the cats sitting in the yard and waiting to eat. She just perched in the tree and watched the madness. Thought it a good thing she wasn’t bigger or the cats may have had a fight on their hands. We’ll end the pictorial here as it was chilly this morning and the battery on the camera was a little low. We’ll share more as we get them.

Enjoy our Wednesday as that means the weekend is a day closer. Now I need some coffee and a charged camera battery. Comments are always welcome.

No snow

April 20, 2021

The guy who guesses the weather on TV said we would get snow today. Would have been nice to see some white fluffy love from above this morning then watch it melt this afternoon. But it is not to be this time around. Been out hoping to see some flakes and turns out like this. Once the temperature hits 40 I don’t think we’ll have to worry about snow.

This could be selective memory, but I remember weather people on TV doing a lot better job of telling us what was going to happen and when. Now, these people are still changing the forecast the day of the snow or rain. Of course the TV news used to be closer to the truth also.

While I was out did see Lil Bit and Lil One. These two feral cats have been buddies since day one. Lil Bit is all black and Lil One is almost all white with a small amount of orange. If both were the same color it would easier for them to go unseen. The contrast really makes them stand out in the wild. And we will work on getting more pictures to share here at some point.

Since I didn’t have breakfast, lunch is sounding pretty good about now. All that has to be done now is to figure out what sounds good. Leaning towards some burritos but boneless pork chops with a baked potato sounds good also. I could make a salad as long it involved meat and didn’t include vegetables. We’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll end it there by saying; enjoy our Tuesday. Now to figure out what’s for lunch with my coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Cats and the attack

April 19, 2021

Before we get to the pictures we sadly must include the following-

On this date in 1995 the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City was bombed.
This event triggered the largest fatality count of any terrorist act in the
country at the time. Please take a moment to remember.

The weekend brought some new critters to the neighborhood. Saw this little one first and while we knew the cat isn’t one of the new litters, we thought her a fine specimen. Just strutted up and sat on a knee wall to pose for a picture. We hope to see more of this one.

This is one of the new litter discovered near the building behind our place. The building is actually and old barn that burnt down over a hundred years ago and had a roof put on the foundation. We call it ‘the warehouse’ and sometimes the feral cat birthing center.

This kitten is on another side of the warehouse and the natives were restless. These kittens don’t stay around long once they notice you getting closer. It was a cuteness overload until we remembered these kittens grow up to be wild adult cats and can be ornery.

Felt like we had kittens coming out of the walls. Not much cans stop these critters as even the chain link fence wasn’t tight enough against the building to keep them in. Amazing to me how small a space they can squeeze through. With the kittens showing up we realized two of the older cats hadn’t been seen in a while.

Both cats are female, have had litters, and are usually seen daily. Not sure what happened and neighbor claims he hasn’t seen them either. We’ll be looking into what happened.

Finally, after losing all track of time, the moon was spotted. The man in moon must have gone on a diet as he was looking thinner than remembered. We’ll keep an eye to see if he stays on a diet. And that concludes our pictorial. If you wish to see the full size picture just click on the one you want bigger.

Enjoy our Monday as it looks like we may get some snow tomorrow here in Iowa. Now for some coffee and whatever. Comments are always welcome.