A day of wonders

September 30, 2015

Most days we wake up and if our name isn’t in the
obituaries we go about our business. Then when work
is done, dinner is done, and we sit on the back
porch with our favorite beverage pondering the day.
Other days while in the process of getting through
the daily grind we come across something that we
find amazing.

Today was a rare day on the east coast of Iowa as
we came across two amazing things, the first man
made and the other through Mother Nature from God.
We’ll share them with you so that you might be
amazed also.

We saw short video about concrete. We know, grey,
boring, and pot holes come to mind, but this is
different. This concrete can absorb 800 gallons of
water a minute! No more overflowing gutters or
flooded low spots. Why isn’t this in the news?

No more flash flooding or flooded intersections
would be an improvement in our city by the river.
The second amazing thing a friend shared with us
about a fly geyser in Nevada.

To see that much water in the middle of a desert
and the colorful formations caused by geyser we
will no longer think only of ‘Old Faithful’ when
we hear the term geyser.

A solution to city flooding during heavy rains and
something that soothes the work weary soul. We’ve
had a great day and hope yours was as well.
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Dad, our talk, and hedge balls

September 30, 2015

I stopped by to talk with Dad yesterday and we
talked of many things. The recent drop in the
temperature and the leafs starting to litter his
back yard, family, the gas prices, how big Pharma
is too greedy, and hedge balls.



It is the time of year that signals snow will be
here before we know it and it’s time to get the
chili fixings together to warm the body and soothe
the soul. And the time approaches when we go to the
polls to vote against the status quo but watch them
get re-elected anyway.

Then I mentioned that I remembered in the fall
we’d go out along the back roads looking for hedge
balls to put in the basement. You may know them
as hedge apples, horse apples, monkey balls, badock,
or osage oranges.


The picture above by Bruce Martin shows that of
which we speak. They grow on trees or large shrubs,
are sort of round, have bumps all over, are filled
with sticky goo, and are not oranges.

The reason we used to gather them in the fall is
because Dad swore they repelled spiders and said
spiders liked to find ways into basements during
the winter to stay warm.

So I told him that scientists now say they don’t
repel spiders but won’t hurt anything if you put
them around your basement. To which the Antique
Farmer replied “Bullshit!”. I had to laugh but
couldn’t argue his statement that we never had a
spider in the basement. I know when I’m licked.
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The law of the hammer

September 28, 2015


This law was popular in the 1960s and if you are
of that era you may remember it. It goes like this-
If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like
a nail.

Some say this addressed the tendency of the time
to adapt the job to the tools instead of adapting
tools to the job. Others said it related to
politics; if there is a government agency, this
proves something needs regulating.

Another group thinks it is a test. A narrow
minded person will look for nails to pound while
the open minded soul sees a screwdriver, a mallet,
a pry bar, a lever, and perhaps a golf club for a
very short person.

Why are we thinking of this now? Politics. Every
time an election draws close we get mailers, phone
calls, and see candidates daily on our TVs. Streets
get fixed, grand new plans are announced, and we
get reminded of all the great things the incumbents
did during their terms and what the new faces will
do differently if elected..

And yet the system is broken. Most times we can’t
tell a Democrat from a Republican unless we glance
at the screen to see who’s lying. The blue and the
red have become so intertwined that both parties
have a purple tinge.

The donkey and the pachyderm has become a hybrid
donkyderm! Stubborn as hell and too big to move.
And some of us haven’t noticed. The approval rating
of our Congress is in the sub-basement yet the same
people keep getting re-elected even though we don’t
like what they’re doing.

We have to inform them that their only job isn’t
to keep their seat. It is to uphold and defend the
Constitution of the United States.
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Normal or not?

September 27, 2015


People often ask why I dislike certain things like
green cars and the moniker “normal”. The first one
I couldn’t explain with a flow chart and sock
puppets so I’ll adress the later.

The Free Dictionary defines normal as: Conforming
with, adhering to, or constituting a norm,
standard, pattern, level, or type. Typical.

That may be your cup of tea, but I perfer the
Urban Dictionary’s definition:

A word made up by this corrupt society so they
could single out and attack those who are

Normal is nothing but a word made up by society.

Why would anyone want to exactly like everybody
else? Or think alike? And what panel decides the
norm, standard, pattern, level, or type of actions
and beliefs we are to subscribe to?

No, I like the second option. It sounds more
believable to me. Heaven forbid one of the citizens
has new thought, asks why, or does something just
a little different than others.

If normal is such a great concept than why, when
people need something done do they ask around to
find the best? I don’t remember anyone saying
they wanted a normal mechanic or a typical surgeon.

Granted, if you do differ from the “norm” there
are ramifications. Certain groups won’t allow you
to join, rumors will abound, and sometimes those
who are different are shunned.

One can go to art museum and look at paintings
they don’t understand yet we get banned for
sliding down the bannister. It happens.

I am proud to different and feel sorry for those
who embrace the whole normal fantasy. Anyone who
writes, creates art, or does things that other
people won’t, is different. Without different
people, who don’t consider themselves normal, we
would live in a dismal place.
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Sunday snicker

September 26, 2015


A Bible group study leader says to his group,
“What would you do if you knew you only had
four weeks left before the great Judgment Day?”

A gentleman says, ”I would go out into my
community and minister the Gospel to those
that have not yet accepted the Lord into their

“Very good!” says the group leader.

One lady speaks up and says enthusiastically,
“I would dedicate all of my remaining time to
serving God, my family, my church, and my
fellow man with a greater conviction.”

“That’s wonderful!” the group leader comments.

One gentleman in the back finally speaks up
loudly and says, “I would go to my mother-in-
laws house for the four weeks.”

The group leader asks, “Why your mother-in-
law’s home?”

“Because that will make it the longest four
weeks of my life.
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Of spiders, strollers, and carburetors

September 26, 2015

Watched a video yesterday on the effect drugs had
on the common wood spider. We have to admit it was
informative, educational, and different. We’ll
share it with you.

Our youngest called and mentioned a contraption
that was a stroller, bassinet, and car seat. It
brought to mind sweeping chrome fenders, more
levers than a drag car transmission, and weight.
But after he explained it made sense.

It’s his fault I got the look from the wife as I
got things turned around in the translation when
I mentioned it to her later. I told her that they
got a stroller that was a car seat and played
music. I got bassinet confused with castanets.

In for a penny I acted out a castanet player and
said it would soothe the baby and lull her to
sleep. After getting the look again she explained
that if I acted like that around the child it would
scare the hell out of her and she’d start

I know when I’m licked, even though I thought it
was great idea, and moved on. Later, when I went to
start her car so she could go to work, I noticed the
man in moon looked like someone put his head in a
vise. Just as the wife came out of the house I
looked up and said “Oooooh noooo!” in my best Mr.
Bill voice. It couldn’t be helped.

While all this was going on I got a carburetor
question from 2,000 miles away about how to I.D.
a Holley 4-barrel. Since I have rebuilt a few in
my time I gave the two most likely locations of the
numbers to do said I.D.

When I asked what the carb was on a feeling hit me
that we weren’t talking about a Holley but a Ford.
They look similar but there are differences. If it
is a Ford carburetor I have a data sheet that will
tell you everything about it except the name of the
person who assembled it.

That should prove I’m not crazy. I just don’t like
being labeled normal. Keep the shiny side up and
enjoy the weekend.
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Weekend events and distractions

September 25, 2015


Once again the weekend is almost here and the
weather is looking like it will be great for any
outside events. So here is the short list of said
car events, a neat body tool, some old videos, and
a song.

Friday, September 25th is the Classy Chassy Cruisers
Cruise at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.

This Friday through Sunday is the 38th Annual Fall
Jefferson Car Show & Swap Meet held at the
Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson,

Friday through Sunday is also the 9th Annual
Hemmings Motor News Concours D’ Elegance held in
Saratoga Springs, New York.

Saturday, September 26 is the Cruizin’ For Christ
Classic Car Cruise-In at the Edgewood Baptist Church,
2704 38th Street, Rock Island, Illinois. Music,
food, bounce house for the kids, and more.

Sunday, September 27 is the Quad City Vintage Rods
Car Show held on the grounds of Black Hawk College
in Moline, Illinois.

Sunday is also Gold Star Mother’s Day and the
Benefit for Sonya Car Show mentioned yesterday.

We heard of new dent removal system by Power TEC
called the Miracle System. It works so neat it has
to be expensive. See below for a video.

If you’ve never driven a 1924 Ford Model TT truck
this video from Motor Texas will give you a sense
of what it’s like.

An even earlier video shows a 1911 Model T taking
on Ben Vevis, Britain’s highest peak.

For our song we’ll go back to 70s and a smoke
filled bar room where the jukebox rang out with the
hits of the day. One of which was this one by Bonnie

And there you have some events, a neat gadget, cool
old rides, and a song that goes good with sipping
whiskey. Who could ask for more?
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