A couple of things

September 29, 2022

Before we begin we’d like to send our prayers to those affected by the hurricane. That said we have a couple of things that have stuck in our craw lately and we feel the need to address them here. The first being the city council vote last night to turn the one-ways downtown into two-ways. Many of us who now have gray hair have fond memories of the one-way streets downtown.

Most of the reasons for the change just don’t make a whole lot of sense to some of us. Perhaps our local politicians forget what traffic is like down there during rush hour or when there is construction. If one sits through a stop light now, we wonder what it will be like after the change with fewer lanes in each direction.

And saying businesses down there are all for it doesn’t ring true. If a business is on the left side of the street, keep in the left lane. We’re guessing it will go from 4 lanes in one direction to one lane in each direction plus turning lanes and a bicycle lane. Time will tell.

The other thing, also local, is the railroad wanting to more than double the traffic in our downtown. We’re sure that won’t have a positive impact on events held in park on the river. Besides blocking access to the park, the noise drowns out any attempt at entertaining the people. Why go to a concert if you can’t hear the band? And how will train traffic affect our minor league ballpark down there? It’s going to get interesting.

Enjoy our Thursday.

Late thinking

September 28, 2022

We know we’re late again but when I’m thinking I lose track of time. Lately I’ve been thinking about my love/hate relationship with the city in which I live. On the one hand I like the fact that one can find wildlife inside the city limits and the quick access to the Mississippi River. One the other hand the crime and congestion of said city can drive one to drink.

Manys the time I’ve said I’ll move out of state and just get away from the things that bug me. But is that even possible? Looking back, it seems like that would be trading a known negative for and unknown negative. In this day and age, it appears crime is everywhere and so is other detriments to society.

The problem isn’t just local however as politicians claim to have solutions to these problems that in reality only make them worse. One of the latest claims is the climate is out of whack. All this, and more, has led me to believe there is no perfect place to reside because thoughtless, clueless people are everywhere.

So until such time I can afford to purchase an uninhabited island I’ll stay where I’m at. Enjoy our Wednesday and the middle of the week.

The auction

September 27, 2022

We have not forgotten that we promised an update on the Auction at Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum a while back and we’ll do that today. The auction was held earlier this month, brought in $8.5 million, and some results even stunned the experts.

A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird pedal car that the owner had custom built sold for $59,000 to take the top spot for pedal cars. Other pedal cars built by sheet metal fabricator Jerry Anderson included a 1970 Richard Petty Plymouth Superbird which sold for $47,200; a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona for $37,760; and another Dodge Charger Daytona for $29, 500.

Not all were newer models and some of the other high-end pedal cars were: a 1927 American National Lincoln sold for $25,960; a 1920s Steelcraft Spirit of St. Louis (Charles Lindbergh) airplane went for $22,420, and a 1930s Gendron Fire Tower Truck hammered at $21,240.

Pedal cars weren’t the only things sold and the classic cars brought top dollar with a 1970 big block Chevy Chevelle SS going for 5 times the estimated sales number at $242,000. A black 1958 Chevy Delray with a newer big block brought $99,000, and a 1979 VW bus in #3 condition brought in $46,200.

Motorcycles sold well also with a 1940 Indian Four selling for $99,000 and a 1947 Harley Davidson FL knucklehead going for $55,000. To end with something different, a 1929 Ford Snap-On wooden toolbox sold for $35,400.

There are the totals, and a few examples of how the auction went. Enjoy our Tuesday.

Thinking again

September 26, 2022

Well, everything came together to get the new camera out and see what would happen. I’m still getting used to all the settings and buttons, but for the most part I’m impressed. Above is the very first shot taken with the camera and when we get it dialed in we’ll share more.

I was thinking again as I was out having a smoke and looking to the Heavens. Always go out thank God for giving me another day then say hello to the wife and others. Which got me wondering; do loved ones who have died know when we’re going to die? Just a thought.

There are a couple schools of thought on this; some believe in life after death, and others don’t. Obviously, those who don’t would find the question silly. We were raised with a religion that told us there was a life after death. So, if there is life after death one has to wonder if everyone, on both sides of Heaven, are surprised when we die.

Or is everyone who have gone before us getting ready to see us again when our time comes? Think I’ll go back to playing with the camera as I’m getting a headache thinking about this. Enjoy our Monday and our brand new week.

Sunday snicker

September 25, 2022

A man and an alien are talking
At some point the conversation turns to religion.

The man asks: “have you heard of Jesus?”

The alien responds: “oh yeah, he comes by twice a year.”

The man, shocked says
“twice a year? We have been waiting over 2,000 years for him to return!”

“Well maybe he didn’t like your gifts,” the alien says.

“Gifts,” the man asks perplexed?

“Yeah, every time he comes we give him plenty of gifts and food,” the alien says.

“What did you do for him the last time he visited you guys?”

Cool down

September 24, 2022

We’re in a cool down here and it gets close to being cold at night. I ventured out late last night and had to put on a sweatshirt to keep warm while on smoke break. A person could get used to this but also know that we’ll have an Indian summer or two before the cold comes to stay.

After cruising to take care of some business I stopped and got an order of Rudy’s shredded beef burritos with extra cheese and hot sauce. They were as good as I remember and filling to boot. I did forget that when I eat these close to bedtime I’m in for a restless night.

Since I managed to wake up this morning it was all worth it. When I finish uploading some pictures we’ll share the ones we like here, and we’ll have a joke for tomorrow also. Hopefully, we can get that one out earlier than this one. Not sure what’s going on but am trying to get up earlier and get more done when I am up.

When the bird feeder went up we were worried about squirrels climbing the pole and eating all the seed. It now seems like we worried for nothing as I read squirrels don’t like safflower seeds and leave them alone most of the time. So far that has been true as the squirrels will run around the stump and not even look up.

And there are plenty of squirrels around. They look busy storing food for winter and we think that could mean a bad one. Time will tell. Enjoy our Saturday.

Moving slow

September 23, 2022

It’s late, I’m not moving too good yet, and it hurts to breathe. But the new faucet is in and the drip from hell is now gone from the house. When the whole process started, I figured it would take a half hour to get the new faucet in. When all was said and done it was just over 3 hours and my back felt like it had been worked over with a lead pipe.

To other oldfarts out there I’d say don’t try this at home. It’s cheaper to pay a plumber to do than need a doctor after doing it yourself. It wouldn’t have gotten finished at all if the neighbor hadn’t come home just when I was outside taking a break and cussing. There were two lines that still had to come off at that point and he volunteered to finish the job.

After taking me so long I figured he’d be under there another hour, yet he surprised me by doing it in about 15 minutes. We turned the water back on, there were no leaks, and we called it a success. I told him that if I had stayed under the sink much longer I would need the wifes wheelchair to get around tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is today and while I don’t need the wheelchair, it does hurt.

Looking back, the old faucet was here when we moved here in 1994 so I have no complaints about how long it lasted. I think I can move my arm now, so things are looking up. Enjoy our Friday, or at least what’s left of it.


September 22, 2022

It’s the first day of fall and I am not a happy camper. Early this morning I woke up and in the bathroom, I heard a strange sound. The faucet had been leaking for a while, but it was such a slow leak I let things go thinking I’d get around to it later. It is now later.

The faucet started leaking so bad it has to be replaced. So, after this post and a shower I’ll be cruising to the hardware store to get a new one. Not sure what happened and yet the tiny drip turned into deluge from hell. It’s like the faucet is halfway open and none of the old tricks can slow the flow. Of course, this faucet doesn’t have any shut off valves on the supply lines.

Once the leak was noticed, and fixes failed I did what a lot of people do in such instances, went out to have a smoke and think. Once outside I realized it was about 30 degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning and it didn’t take me long to have my smoke and get back inside. Then I put on a sweatshirt and went back outside to think some more.

The big leak isn’t a surprise as we live in a house built in 1910. Things do wear out even if the timing sucks. When the new faucet is in later I’ll go around and check all faucets to see if any need updating. I know that list won’t be too long yet might keep me busy on cooler mornings. We’ll see how that goes.

Enjoy our Thursday and the first day of fall.

Almost there

September 21, 2022

I’m feeling better today after self-medicating yesterday and even made some money doing it. I got to thinking that since I fixed my health issue that I should send myself a bill, much like a doctor. It felt good after I paid said bill, and my one account had more money in it to boot.

We got a lot more done on the wifes estate, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know it isn’t an oncoming train. We’re down to just a couple of things on the to do list and then we can close the book on that chapter of our lives. Even went out and said good morning to the wife.

Got the cat herds fed and will fill the bird feeder after a shower, then have some time to hook up the new printer and start figuring out the new camera. The last part I needed came in the mail yesterday, so I have no excuses not to get it done.

Tomorrow will be the official first day of fall and we look forward to the cooler days and crisp feeling when one walks outside. We broke a record here for highest temperature yesterday and yet the today and the next few days we’ll be much cooler. Let the fun begin. Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re now in the middle of the work week for most.

Rough morning

September 20, 2022

Having a rough morning so far and we thought we’d get this post out before looking for relief. About every 4 years or so I end up going to the E.R. with breathing problems. Modern science has allowed medication to help my day to day breathing, but at a cost. That cost is a severe asthma attack and has been occurring regularly since I started the medication.

Usually, after a few hours and treatment, I’m back on the road to recovery by the time I leave the hospital. The first few times this happened it was suggested I stay in the hospital for a few days and that was shot down by me. I do not like hospitals and make a terrible patient. But, if I miss a post it may be because I had to stay to fix the problem.

If that occurs be prepared for a grumpy old man post concerning the time in the hospital. I’m hoping a holistic approach will help and get me feeling better. As time allows we’ll also look into the results of the Mecum auction at Elmer’s Toy Museum and share it. Now it’s time to greet the day and get things done. Enjoy our Tuesday.