Some pictures

November 30, 2022

The ‘celebration of life’ went well, we got to meet some members of the wife’s family we hadn’t seen in a while, and even a former neighbor of Dads who was also a friend of her family. I also got some pictures uploaded from earlier in the week, thought they turned out pretty good and will share them.

The morning I took these there were birds all over for some reason. It was almost like some didn’t make reservations for the bird feeder and started a line. In this tree alone there were three mourning doves and a cardinal.

One dove was all by himself and faced the sun, we’re guessing to get some warmth as it was a cool morning. I’ve counted as many as five of these birds hanging out together. It looks even better when actually see them instead of just a picture.

There were also cardinals that showed up later. This guy also seems to be keeping warm the way he’s fluffed up. See more cardinals in the smaller tree than the big ones. It was a good day to have the camera out though.

I really like this shot with the red of cardinal, the blue of the sky, and white batting that blew out of a squirrel’s nest not too far away. I felt like it was almost patriotic. At any rate, it’s colorful.

Finally, we got one of mama cardinal who studied the flock from her perch. I wish we could know what she was thinking as she stared at all the birds in the other trees. Or, it could have been she was hungry and didn’t like waiting. She made for an interesting study regardless. Enjoy our Wednesday.


November 29, 2022

Today is our youngest sons birthday, and the day of the funeral services for my mother-in-law. Happy Birthday Kenny! The picture above was taken from the wife’s hospital room in one of her many stays and has a church steeple in the background. In a few short hours we’ll cruise to the mortuary and after a short visitation, the services will begin.

I’m still getting over last night’s burrito dinner as I think I overdone it a bit. I keep forgetting I got older and my cast iron stomach has turned to tin. Too bad Vi, my mother-in-law, couldn’t be there to join in on the fun. I’m sure she would have smiled when I ordered the burritos as it amused her that I always ordered the same thing. Burritos in a Mexican restaurant, a cheeseburger everywhere else, and biscuits and gravy at breakfast.

According to the people who guess the weather on TV it’s supposed to be a fairly nice day, and one of the warmer ones for a while. We’ll see how things work out. Enjoy our Tuesday since we can’t return it for a refund anyway.

Getting there

November 28, 2022

Tomorrow is my mother-in-law’s funeral, the youngest and his family got into town, and the wife’s estate gets closer to being closed. I don’t care for funerals but did like my mother-in-law so will muddle through it. Usually during visitation, I’m the one standing outside smoking too much. Hopefully this will be the last funeral for a while.

A buddy from a car club we used to be members of also passed away, but we can’t make that service as it’s the same day as my mother-in-laws funeral. And I still haven’t figured out how to be two places at once. Oh well, we have choices to make. One thing I have noticed is that more and more people seem to choose cremation over a traditional coffin.

I even managed to get rid of some of the wife’s stuff. In one room at least. I didn’t notice until too late that she was a pack rat. I just can’t see the justification of having 8 pairs of running shoes when you don’t run. Don’t get me started on purses, a billfold will last me for 20+ years while a purse last until the next new outfit. I guess that’s part of the mystery of life.

Enjoy our Monday.

Sunday snicker

November 27, 2022

A priest is sitting inside the church, when a guy comes in and asks to be confessed.
“Very well, my child,” says the priest, as he leads the man into the confession booth, “Tell me about your sins.”

“Well, Father,” says the guy, “On Monday, I was at my girlfriend’s house, and, well… the two of us alone, the house empty… I sinned, Father.”

“Don’t worry, child,” says the priest, “It’s perfectly normal to have such desires and share them with your partner. Nothing serious, just say two prayers and you will be cleansed of your sins.”

“But Father,” continues the man, “It doesn’t end there. On Tuesday, I was at my girlfriend’s house again, but she had gone out with her mates, and the only one there was her sister, and, well… the two of us alone, the house empty… I sinned again, Father.”

“Oh, child,” says the Father, “You must be strong and fight those urges! Eight prayers shall cleanse you of your sins.”

“But Father,” says the bloke again, “On Wednesday, I was at my girlfriend’s house again, and she wasn’t there then either, and the only one at home was her mum, and, well… the two of us alone, the house empty… Again I sinned, Father.”

“Good Lord,” says the priest, “Child, you must think about what you do, so pray-”

“But Father,” says the bloke, “On Thursday, I was at my girlfriend’s house again, and the whole family had gone to the shop, and the only one there was her aunt, and, well… the two of us alone, the house empty… I sinned yet again, Father.”

The priest falls silent.

“And then,” continues the bloke, “On Friday, I was at her house again, and they had gone out for the weekend and the only one there was her granny, and , well… the two of us alone, the house empty…”

The priest still did not answer.

“And on Saturday,” said the bloke, “I went to her house again, and there was nobody there except for her father, and, well…”

The man awaits a reply, but upon hearing none, he exits the booth – only to find the priest up on the belfry.

“Father,” he calls, “What are you doing up there? I haven’t finished!”

“Back off, I’m not coming down,” says the priest, “The two of us alone, the Church’s empty… and I don’t want you to sin anymore.”

Busy morning

November 26, 2022

Got up a little late, took my medicine, and the morning got busy. There are times when it feels like we have 120 cats between the feral ones outside and the wife’s inside. Add in the other critters and it takes time to refill everything but it’s worth it as I enjoy watching them be critters. Last night I saw a big flock of geese fly over but didn’t have my camera.

Lately, I haven’t been taking the camera every time I go out. This has caused a shortage of pictures to share. When we get some more, we’ll share them. Otherwise, I’m just trying to get back to a more normal sleep schedule in hopes of enjoying more of the day. We’ll see how that works out. This is a short post as my brain is numb. Enjoy our Saturday.

Black Friday

November 25, 2022

I am told today is a day that some people get up early to stand in line in front of various stores to get a good deal. I was so excited I overslept. It’s Black Friday to me for another reason as my mother-in-law died earlier this week. It was unexpected even though she was 90. Those who know me well also know that at times I have a problem with my temper and little patience around what I consider to be stupidity.

I found her obituary and noticed something I considered odd. The obit stated visitation will be held at the ‘Celebration of Life Center’. The wording confused this oldfart as I hadn’t heard of the place and wasn’t sure I knew where it was. Since we don’t have a phone book, I looked it up online. Lord love a duck! Imagine my surprise when I found out the ‘Celebration of Life Center’ was the mortuary.

It was bound to happen in these times where people want things sugar coated and pleasing to the ear and eye. So, for anyone attending, you go the Celebration of Life Center and I’ll go to the mortuary. Enjoy our Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022

Enjoy our holiday as we give thanks for all we have.


November 23, 2022

Read an article yesterday that claimed 41% of climate scientists polled stated they didn’t believe in climate change emergency. The consensus was that the climate is always changing. Doesn’t do much for Biden and his record of avoiding the truth. As we now know, Biden is among the few who can make pardoning a turkey cringe worthy.

The problem with our votes seems to be ongoing also. Didn’t we used to get election results the same night we voted? Or at worst, early the next day? With the progress made in other fields one would think it should get faster, not slower. What is with this trend of allowing mail in ballots up to a week after the election?

With rights come responsibilities. If you exercise your right to vote, you should know when mail in ballots have to be received and your polling place. It would be a bonus if people actually researched which candidate would do a better job before going to polls and voting accordingly. Too many get pulled in by the bull being shipped. And remember, there is no we in chocolate. Enjoy our Wednesday.

Another dream

November 22, 2022

I had a dream last night and as happens, it got strange. I was working in an office one morning when a policeman entered. That’s when I knew it was a dream because I’ve never worked in an office. Anyway, when the policed asked I said my name, the policeman grabbed me, threw me against the wall, cuffed me, and emptied my pockets.

Then, when we reached the lobby, he began his questioning. After what seemed like hours, I was put in a squad car and taken to jail. Then it got a little weird. After being booked they proceeded to walk me to a cell. Only the cell was stuffed front to back, side to side, and top to bottom with marshmallows!

It took two jailers to force me into the marshmallow filled cell. When they let me out the next morning I was covered from head to toe with a fine white dust and told it was time to see the judge. Since I hadn’t done anything wrong, I was sure this was my ticket to freedom. Imagine my surprise when said judge banged his gavel and said “guilty”.

The judge went right to sentencing and it got strange again. He sentenced me to publicly humiliated by squirt gun on the public square! I didn’t know what that meant, but I soon found out. A platform had been erected in the center of the town square and I was marched up there, tied to a post, and was the aim of about 50 super soaker squirt guns until they were empty!

When all the squirt guns were empty, I was taken back to jail, given my belongings, and told to beat it! My shoes squeaked all the way back to work where I longer had a job because I had missed most of the day and now had a record. About that time, I woke up and swore I’d never drink mango juice again before lying down for the night.

Enjoy our Tuesday.

New day

November 21, 2022

Went out this morning to feed and water the feral cat herd then fill the bird feeder. I didn’t have my camera to capture the sunrise, so I borrowed a picture from a while back. Was surprised to find the temps in the 30s this morning but not going to complain about that. Even looked towards Heaven and thanked God for another day of breathing, then said good morning to all who have joined him.

With that done, it’s time to hurry up and wait for phone calls from various people to finalize the estate. They better call today as I’m going to visit with my mother-in-law tomorrow. I never could understand why assisted living places have doors that are always locked. To visit one gets buzzed in and when you leave, someone has to let you out. Either these old people are a lot faster than this oldfart, or perhaps the staff a little busy.

Yesterday I checked the tire pressure on the Ford as I don’t drive the car every day and it has been cold. Went out a while back when the tires were low and bought an air compressor. Used it once and the tires haven’t went down again. I’m not complaining, just wish the compressor got used more. Time will tell. Enjoy our Monday.