Fractured fairy tales

February 29, 2016


We believe in fairy tales here at Casa Cruiser and are
happy to tell you why. Every morning I go to our very
secret hiding spot and remove a sealed airtight
container that holds our magic beans.

We then put some of the magic beans into a machine and
add water to end up with a potion which calms our soul
and keeps up from strangling the logic challenged
people we have to deal with. And we live happily ever

With that out of the way we’d like to mention the
state of politics here in the U.S. of A. The campaigns
are getting so rediculous we liken it to watching the
Oscars. If said politicians aren’t reminding us how
great they are, they tell us how bad their opponents

This has been turned into almost an art form and goes
back to old adage “If you can’t dazzle them with
brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. Some candidates
even seem to take pleasure in making outrageous claims
that have no bearing on their opponents ability to do
the job nor a basis in reality.

I’m going to say I hope Trump wins so all these phony
preachers and has been celebrities will either have to
put up or shut up. They claim they’ll leave the country
if Trumps wins and we say good ridence. We think they’ll
still be here for the 2020 election, but time will tell
and we do believe in fairy tales.
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Sunday snicker

February 27, 2016


God is tired, worn out. So he speaks to St. Peter,
“You know, I need a vacation. Got any suggestions
where I should go?”

St. Peter, thinking, nods his head, then says, “How
about Jupiter? It’s nice and warm there this time
of the year.”

God shakes His head before saying, “No. Too much
gravity. You know how that hurts my back.”

“Hmmm,” St. Peter reflects. “Well, how about

“No way!” God mutters, “It’s way too hot for me

“I’ve got it,” St. Peter says, his face lighting
up. “How about going Down to Earth for your

Chuckling, God remarks, “Are you kidding? Two thousand
years ago I went there, had an affair with some nice
Jewish girl, and they’re STILL talking about it!”
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Silly Saturday

February 27, 2016

Cartoons have been around longer than some think.
Some are stranger than others and the older ones now
seem primitive by today’s standards while others still
bring out the child in us.

The following 1930 short is called “It’s a Bird” and
tells the tale of one mans search for an elusive
metal eating bird. In the video said bird eats a
trombone and a Model A.

The cartoon came from the mind of Charley Bowers; a
famous cartoonist, comedian, movie maker and actor who
is all but forgotten today.

Some even believe the stop-action unknown classic
was based on the folklore of the time and could
have come from workers in our early machine shops.
The misplaced metal parts had go somewhere.

It is a strange little cartoon and might even make
you laugh.
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Looking back

February 26, 2016


A friend stopped by and was complaining about how he
hated getting old and since my standard comeback
didn’t work I tried a different one. Usually at times
like that I just say “beats the alternative” and
everyone agrees.

He was on the pity pot, shook his head, and said he
just thought his life was over. So I brought out the
big guns. I told him that were probably the last
generation to know how to drive cars with a manual
transmission, drive endless miles of gravel roads, use
an outhouse, or hear all the legendary bands.

When we were younger everybody we knew had a 4-speed
in their car, worked hard so they could play hard, and
knew how to have fun without the aid of electronic
gizmos. We played baseball in vacant lots, had some
means of getting around, respected our elders, and had
an unbreakable sense of patriotism.

We lived large, raced hard, chased the girls, and had
no complaints. Time seemed to run slower back then. If
we had to wait a few days on parts it felt like a
week and when our elders told us time would fly by
when we got older we didn’t believe.

Although we can’t do now what we did then we do have
the memories. If digital cameras would have been
around then we’d even have the pictures to prove it.
And after almost 50 years we’re still friends.
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The cat in the grass

February 25, 2016


Some days life just springs a little surprise on you
that worries you at first but turns out for the best.
After finishing my daily piddling it was time to see
if we got any mail. Stepping on the porch to retrieve
our daily dose of junk mail I looked out the window
and noticed a black cat lying in the grass.

I knew it was another feral cat so I took a better
look to make sure it wasn’t hurt or dead. The cat was
breathing but I still wondered why it chose a spot
right outside our front door. On sunny days cats would
lie there, but this was a cloudy day.

Knowing it wasn’t dead while thinking it may be hurt
I opened the storm door and took a closer peek. The
cat didn’t run off, just glanced my way and held eye
contact. In the past I have gotten to within 4 feet of
this very same animal and that was about the distance
between us then.

Thinking I’d talk quietly in case the cat was injured
then get closer, we spent about 5 minutes staring each
other down. He seemed so calm I made a move and stuck
my foot outside of the door and that’s when I saw a
very healthy cat run off like his tail was on fire.

I was happy the cat wasn’t sick or injured and even
the clouds covering the moon last night didn’t dampen
my spirits. In fact, I’m smiling as I type this. We’ll
end with a thought for the day:

I didn’t want to grow up, I just wanted to be tall
enough to reach the cookie jar.
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Moon chat

February 24, 2016

Today is supposed to be colder than yesterday, but at
least the sky should be clear.


Last night I attempted to get a good picture of the
moon despite the evening being cloudy. It was an
exercise in futility and as I looked over the pics
later one caught my eye. In the black of night the
moon decided to peek back at me through the branches
of one of our trees.

So we had a little chat. He asked how we got so crazy
down here and I had no answer. I did take the time to
explain that my generation had a dress code at school
and could be kicked out of school for cussing. How we
used to play Cowboys and Indians with cap guns and bows
and arrows, that we drank out the garden hose instead
of wasting time going inside the house, nor did we
have any way of knowing if somebody was home unless
we walked over and knocked on the door.

Add the fact that if we tripped on the neighbor’s
sidewalk our mothers would call us clumsy instead of
calling an attorney. Yet as a member of a generation
now old enough for social security, I have noticed a

Things that used to be considered akin to leprosy are
now considered the norm, things we used to learn and
do are now passe, and the beliefs we hold dear no
longer matter to many of members of the generations
which came after us.

Our flag is used as a doormat, the police are under
attack, and racism is running rampant. Some of us are
so offended by so many things we no longer know what
to say or how to act at times.

We were brought up to believe we didn’t own our
world, we were caretakers who hoped we made it a
nicer place to be until our children would take the
helm. We wanted to leave things improved over when
we got here.

And we all want a better life for children. But for
some reason the idea failed. Perhaps too many equated
money with happiness, material goods with satisfaction.
Or we could blame it on the government, after all it
is corrupt.

Good reason all to be upset. Yet we still smile while
those trying to stir the pot are puzzled. How can we
be happy when they try so hard to make us miserable?
A question which if we have to explain it, they
wouldn’t understand.
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Going to plan B

February 23, 2016

We’re ending another great day here on the east coast
of Iowa and while we tried to get some pictures of the
full moon last night, it didn’t work out. So we think
we came up with a solution.

Not too far from our place is a little park that
seems a haven during stressful times.


Trees stand vigil around pond and if you listen carefully
you can hear a gurgling brook that meanders through
another part of the park. And when the treetops gently
sway in the breeze as the clouds race across the sky
we find it somehow calming.


When I was just a lad we used to ice skate on the
creek and lose all track of time skating for miles. We
always thought this area was a little bit of country in
the middle of the city.

As we grew older we gave away our skates and our
visits slowed, but the feeling all these later remains
the same. We believe there is no healthier way to
unwind. But we’re no experts, we’re just the calm
people in the rat race.

If clouds allow, I’ll try to get a picture of the
moon tonight. Even if I don’t I’ll be outside just
enjoying the day.
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