Guardian Angels update

April 30, 2007

 Over the weekend some volunteers from our local chapter, and also from Chicago, went to Madison, Wisconsin. They left after training Saturday and after a 3 hour drive, patrolled until the early morning. Sunday everyone went to a graduation ceremony for the Madison Guardian Angels. Mr. Sliwa was there to hand out diplomas and give a speech. According to our son, it was great. He wants to go again.

 The local Guardian Angels will patrol tonight starting at 8 pm. Anyone planning on going on the patrols should be at headquarters no later than 7:45 pm. Iron Eagle from Chicago is going to lead the patrols. I don’t know how late the patrols will go, but sources tell me this will be considered patrol training. If I hear anything different, I’ll post it here.

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April 29, 2007

Some of this you may have heard, some will make the evening news, and some should be in the paper tomorrow. The one you heard about is the child beating at a local mall. Police response time was 36 minutes, which was confirmed by Chief Bladel. Yes the Police were busy. My personal thoughts, someone dropped the ball. And why would Chief Bladel want someone to intervene when he doesn’t believe in citizens arrest?

 Next are the wrecks. April 28, 2007 at 2:42 pm a 24 year-old motorcyclist hit a dog on Biederbeck Drive. The dog was killed, the motorcyclist severely injured. The rider was not wearing a helmet and his license wasn’t valid for motorcycles. Excessive speed was a factor in the crash. The rider went by ambulance to Genesis East.

 Today, Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 1:49 am; two Davenport residents were killed and four injured, two seriously, due to a high speed crash that involved alcohol. A vehilce driven by a 25 year-old Rock Island man was driving at a high rate of speed northbound (towards Davenport) when the vehicle went out of control, jumped the median, became airborne, and collided with a southbound car driven by a 20 year-old from Davenport. This vehicle rolled on its side and top and slid northbound into a southbound car driven by a 38 year-old Rock Island man. The two fatalities were from the first car struck. Two passengers in the struck vehilce were admitted to the hospital. The drunk driver, and his passenger were also transported to the hospital. The driver of the third vehicle wasn’t injured.

 The last thing involves sports, which I usually don’t do, but my parents like to watch, so I’ll add it. The game between the Cubs and the Cardinals has been cancelled. St. Louis Cardianl reliever Josh Hancock was killed in an auto accident Saturday night in Saint Louis. The game will be rescheduled at a later date. Hancock was alone when his Ford Explore when he struck the rear of a tow truck in the left lane assisting a vehicle involved in a prior accident.

 I like to thank the Chicago Tribune, Barb Ickes of the QC Times,  Alderman Meyer, and others for the nod. As always your comments are encouraged.

Miles per gallon

April 28, 2007

A 2006 study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found that Americans drink an average of 22 gallons of beer a year.

That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles per gallon.”

Not Bad


April 27, 2007

suspect The police are looking for this man for an impersonating an officer charge. Take a good look and don’t pull over for a dark blue Ford sedan. His name is Peter Chamberlain. This picture will open to a full size picture for clarity. As we learn more, we’ll post it. In the mean time, be careful.


Chamberlain, 19, of Davenport has been arrested and is being held under $26,000 bond. He pulled a woman over on West Kimberly, but fled when she asked for ID. Police don’t know where the old squad car came from, only that it isn’t one of theirs. Police also don’t know if he tried to pull anyone else over. They also don’t know how he got the flashing lights and spot light working as these are usually unhooked before sale.

 A search of his home turned up 26 grams of marijuana pakaged for sale, a digital scale, baggies, seeds and residue in a bedroom where his 2 year old daughter slept. Impersonating a public official is an aggravated misdemeanor and carries a possible 2 year prison sentence. Possession and delivery charges are Class D felonies and can carry a 5 year prison sentence. Child endangerment is also an aggravated misdemeanor. 

Angels and city open thread

April 27, 2007

 Since I seem to have so many crime posts lately, I figured this would be an open thread. Usually on the weekend we are busy with the safety patrols. It would seem there are not going to be any Guardian Angels patrols this Saturday. There will be training at the Marquette Accademy from 1 to 4. After training some of the local volunteers are leaving for Madison, Wisconsin. They are going to patrol up there during a street fest. Although I’m not going to be able to make it, our son is going. Good luck guys.

 Looks like the Cable franchise has been ruled illegal. I seem to remember people telling the powers that be to pull the plug, but of course no one did. Ambrose Fulton has more on this on his Solo blog.What’s the total for the bad decisions made up to now? Has it passed $5 million? First the camera mess, then the lawsuits, now this. Does anyone think that the council members having their little closed meetings in groups of three or four is getting anything done? Anyone going to re-elect the gang of four to another term? Getting closer to election time just makes me wonder if we’ll see a sunny day tax next. As always comments are welcome.

Chicago tragedy

April 26, 2007

 There’s some news from Chicago this morning that was shocking to me, to say the least. I will add the story after a brief comment. I think we, as adults, are just caretakers while we are on this earth. We are only taking care of things until our children, or someone else’s children, take over. We can lead by example, mentor them on what we’ve learned, and learn with them on subjects we’re not familiar with.  That being said, here’s a story from the Chicago Tribune-

2 boys found stabbed to death; suspect held

Tribune staff report
Published April 26, 2007, 6:56 AM CDT
Two boys, aged 14 and 12 and believed to be brothers, were found stabbed to death this morning at a South Side apartment building, and authorities said a suspect who “had a relationship with the family” was in custody.

In addition, a 13-year-old girl believed to be their sister was taken with stab wounds to Jackson Park Hospital. At a morning press conference at the scene, Deputy Chief of Detectives Michael Shields said the girl had managed to escape the residence. She was in stable condition, he added.

Officers found the two boys about 3:30 a.m. at a residence in the 7900 block of South Ellis Avenue, police Officer Hector Alfaro said earlier. Shields said police had been called by a relative, whom he declined to identify.

The boys were stabbed multiple times, according to other sources. The children’s mother apparently was not home at the time.

The identity of the victims was being withheld this morning.

Further details were not immediately available.

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Shooting justified

April 25, 2007



DATE: April 23, 2007

RELEASE: Immediate

CONTACT PERSON: Major Mike Brown (326-8214) or Sgt. Bryce Schmidt (326-8255)

SUBJECT: Davenport Police shots fired/Police pursuit.


This is a follow up to the Davenport Police incident that occurred on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at approximately 4:40 p.m.

The Davenport Officer that fired his weapon during the incident is Officer Robert Bytnar Jr, 35 years of age, who has been employed with the Davenport Police Department for 10 ½ years.

On this date, Scott County Sheriff’s Office investigators met with Scott County Attorney Bill Davis and provided Mr. Davis with the details of this incident.

Mr. Davis has determined that Officer Bytnar’s use of force was appropriate and justified.

Police chase

April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 4:42 pm West 17th & Division Streets

Davenport Police Officers assigned to the Tactical Operations Bureau and NETS were working with the Quad Cities

Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG) in a drug interdiction operation in the downtown area.

Officers observed a vehicle that was known to have eluded officers on at least one occasion. They began surveillance

on the vehicle and followed it to the area of 17th & Division Streets.

The suspect vehicle was stopped in traffic when officers, in an effort to minimize the suspect vehicle from fleeing,

blocked that vehicle with their police squad cars. Two officers, both in police uniforms, approached the vehicle at

which point the suspect rapidly backed up and rammed the police squad behind it. The suspect vehicle then drove

forward and rammed the rear end of the squad car in front of it forcing one of the officers to jump out of the way to

avoid being struck by the ramming vehicle. As this was happening the second officer fired his service weapon at the

ramming vehicle. The vehicle then fled the scene with other police units in pursuit. The suspect vehicle then rammed a

vehicle twice that was being driven by a 31 year old Davenport man as it was stopped for the traffic light at Five Points.

The driver of that car sustained minor injuries and transported to Genesis East for treatment.

The pursuit wound through the near northwest and west end and eventually onto Rockingham Road. At the intersection with

Chapel Hill Road, a Davenport Police squad initiated what is called a “Pit Maneuver” (Precision Immobilization Technique)

which forced the fleeing vehicle into the grassy median. The suspect vehicle ran over a road way sign and continued

westbound in the median and then attempted to enter the eastbound lanes while still westbound. The squad then struck the

vehicle again, causing it to spin around and stall.

Two subjects alighted from the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene on foot but were quickly apprehended by assisting

police units. They both are being held for questioning.

Following policy, the Scott County Sheriff’s Department has been called in as an independent agency to conduct the

investigation into the incident. The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation was also notified and will monitor the

investigation and be available if needed by the Sheriff’s Department.

The officer involved, again following established policy, has been placed on “administrative duty” status until the

completion of the investigation.

A Davenport Police Officer did receive a minor arm injury requiring medical treatment during the foot pursuit of the


Further inquiries should be directed to the Scott County Sheriff’s Department; all information releases will originate


Nothing further at this time.

Captain David Struckman

Commander, Criminal Investigation Division

Open thread

April 24, 2007

 I hear the Latin Kings are a little down in the dumps this morning. Late last night seven of their members were arrested on various charges. A big thank you to the Police Department and all involved. I don’t know if we’ll hear much about this, but I hope we do. It happened too late to make today’s newspaper so I hope they cover it tomorrow.  The Police seemed to be very busy last night with a bunch of fights. I don’t know if these were gang-related or not.

 On another note, with all this big noise about global warming, I decided to look into it. After days of research, and hundreds of web pages read, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s true. I’ve also unearthed the culprit.  bears

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Sweepers and a Car auction

April 22, 2007

Someone mentioned about not being able to find the webpage for the street sweeping schedule.
For a look at the City Street Sweeping schedule page go here.week1.jpg   week2 week3 week4

Earlier I mentioned an upcoming auction with over 100 cars and tons of parts. The Lloyd May collection is being auctioned off July 27, 28, and 29 in Neponset, Illinois. The parts auction and preview will be Friday July 27, 2007, at 10 am.

LLoyd is an old stockcar racer and quenched his need for speed by collecting cars and Hi-performance parts for over 30 years. Many rare and sought after Fords, including 5 R code Galaxies, Chevrolet, MoPar, Buick and an assortment of HiPo parts including multiple Ford 427’s, a RARE Ford 1966 SOHC Hemi “Cammer” motor, 427 2-4bbl set-ups, and much more. The cars range from a 1915 Ford Model T touring to a 1968 Chevy Nova SS, built strictly for racing that has nitrous.

If you go to website you can learn more at
Vanderbrink Auctions