Brilliant idea or propaganda?

May 22, 2015


It should be no secret that I don’t like ethanol.
I get confused on why it is a good thing when it
harms cars and small engines, reduces our gas
mileage, and pollutes more than what it replaces.

Now comes talk of E15 and how is supposed to help
our environment even more because it harms cars
and small engines, lowers our gas mileage a little
more, and pollutes more than what it replaces.

Well if it so safe to use in our cars, why are the
automakers saying hold the phone? Why? You may
remember when the talk of E15 first started we were
told it could be used on models 2001 and up.

A few asking questions and few more spouting facts
didn’t do much to stop the mandate. But forgetting
what we’re told, and what is listed on the label on
the pumps, what do the automakers say?

Ford states it is acceptable for 2013 and newer
models, GM said it can be used on cars made since
2012 except the 2015 Chevy City Express, and
Chrysler says not to use it in any of its vehicles.

The backers of E15 usually pipe up about this time
and state that only one American manufacturer has
actually come out against it and they are uninformed. Ok.
Then how about Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, and Volvo all said
no to E15. For their cars built after 2012 they say to
check your owner’s manual and if E15 isn’t recommended,
keep using E10.

We are getting the bull shipped again. Who would
you rather believe, the talking government head
with an agenda, or the people who build the cars
we drive? Even AAA has an opinion.
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May 21, 2015

The three day weekend is about to start for many
and we’re sure some have fun activities planned, so
we ask that you please remember what the holiday is
really about.


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The second PC newsletter

May 20, 2015


If I understand things correctly, we have a puppet
president telling religions to change their beliefs,
congressmen who claim they need a raise, Islam
being taught in our schools, more blacks living in
poverty and unemployed, and a government that is
taxing corporations out of America.

And who gets the blame? Not the black president,
or the the legislators who caused the mess. We
privileged caucasians get the blame.

We’ve lost our status as a super power, our
military might has been drastically cut, many have
no respect for our flag, and veterans are being
vilified. Again, it’s said the president isn’t to
blame, or the DOD, or the House. We privileged
caucasians get the blame.

There is no debating these people because facts
don’t matter, being a patriot is almost a crime,
and we’re privileged caucasians.

It doesn’t matter laws have been broken and our
Constitution ignored, not does it matter that the
number of marriages is down and the number of
illegitimate births and abortions is up.

It makes no difference that our GNP and sales are
down and our debt is going through the roof. Nor
does it matter we have lost the respect of other
countries and made enemies of friends.

Our government no longer cares about what it can
do for us but instead toils to get reelected and
keep shipping the global warming bull.

The mainstream media doesn’t care and no long
report the truth but talking points provided by
the small men in Washington.

And our taxes keep going up while our wages have
remained stagnant. So who gets the dreaded finger
of blame pointed at them? The very people who are
keeping this sinking ship afloat.

Never in the history of this country have so many
people bought so much bull. So here’s the deal.
If your little feelings are hurt, deal with it.
If you don’t like our religion, leave it alone.
If you don’t believe in the traditional family,
stay out of mine.
If you don’t like our flag, instead of trying to
change it or stomp on it, move somewhere that has
a flag you admire.
If you don’t like guns don’t buy any and leave
mine alone.
The veterans you think you despise, not Obama, are
the reason you are free enough to pull this

Start obeying the law and stop ignoring it. And
although you can’t grasp the concept, freedom is
not free and with rights come responsibilities.
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May 20, 2015

If you have some money, are going to spend it, are
free tomorrow, and live in the QC or surrounding
areas, this may be the sale for you.

On May 21, 2015 at 10 am Backes Autcion & Realty
is having a sale at Hillebrand Construction.

The real estate goes first, then everything else.
Might just be the place to go if you’re needing
what they’re selling. Check the link for more
information and pictures.
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Some days

May 19, 2015

Sometimes when the fickle finger of fate pokes you
it’s a good thing. I was on the pity pot earlier
because my search for another project is going
nowhere fast. Then I cruised the information
highway and discovered it didn’t matter.

I was thinking of the days when cars didn’t have
power steering or power brakes and the dimmer
switch was on the floor. Thanks to some friends
sharing videos and the places they took me I’m a
much calmer person now and will share some of them
with you.

The first video is about the Model T and how it
looks 100 years later. If you watch it I’m sure
you’ll agree we’ve come a long way since then.

Another one, oddly enough, is about a bicycle. It
is well worth watching just to see people try to
figure out how to ride it. The bike was engineered
to steer in the opposite direction the handlebars
are turned! Doesn’t sound hard to figure out, but
the results are funny to watch.

And even a short video from Toyota about hydrogen
powered vehicles is interesting. It’s called
“Fueled by Bullsh*t”.

Then this short one shows a blown Mopar idling up
to a parking spot. It has an idle so mean it chirps
the tires.

We don’t speak Russian, but this is one of the
biggest ATVs we’ve ever seen.

And because I also like guns, here is a video of
a lady attempting a 200 yard shot with a handgun.
You’ll have to watch the video to see if she makes

We’ll end once again with a song. You may remember
“The More I Turn The Bottle Up” by Mickey Gilley.

Project? Too busy to look, I have a few more
videos to get through.
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An amazing life

May 18, 2015

Margaret Dunning died this past Sunday while
visiting in California. She was born on June 26,
1910 in Redford Township, Michigan. Had she lived
until July 26 she would have been 105 years old!

Her death doesn’t make her interesting, her life
does. She got her first driver’s license when was
12 years old, spent her first 13 years on the dairy
and potato farm owned by her father until her dad
died, and had Henry Ford for a neighbor.

She and her mother moved off the farm and later
ended up in Plymouth, Michigan where she attended
the same country school that had educated her father.
She went to a private school, came back to graduate
from Plymouth High School, attended the
University of Michigan and then the Hamilton
Business School in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

She liked tinkering with old cars and worked for
a short time at the Phoenix Mill Ford plant making
voltage regulators. She then worked several years
as a teller at the First National Bank of Plymouth.
In 1947 she bought Goldstein’s Apparel and renamed
the store Dunning’s. She sold the store in 1968.

But she also gave by volunteering and with her
philanthropic activities. From 1942-1945 she
worked with the Red Cross in their motor pool and as
a driver. In 1947 she and her mother purchased land
and a building to house the Plymouth branch of the
Wayne County Library System.

She served on the board of Community Federal
Credit Union in Plymouth from 1962-1984, 19 of
those years as president. In 1971 she donated over
$100,000 to the Plymouth Historical Society to help
build a new museum, and in 1998 she donated $1
million for an addition.

At 102 she went back to college on a scholarship
and drove the Packard to school. At 103 she still
owned, and drove her 1930 Packard although she
admitted her daily driver was a 2003 Cadillac.
Here’s an earlier video of her talking about
the Packard she bought in 1949.

A loss to many, but a life well led. She did lead
an amazing life. Our condolences.
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It’s funny…

May 17, 2015


Our government is a great source of amusement if
you think about it. First they came up with the
idea of a gas tax to pay for road repair. These
taxes remained level for many years until…

The same government ruled all automakers had to
start making cars that got better gas mileage. Of
course when you drive the same distance in a vehicle
that gets better gas mileage than the one you used
to drive, you use less gas.

You use less gas and the government gets less gas
tax monies to fix the roads. What to do. Well,
government’s answer was simple, raise the gas tax.

A little later on government started pushing the
car makers to produce electric cars again, as a
more kinder way to treat our environment. So a few
manufacturers got on board and produced electric
cars again. Then the government found out these
vehicles don’t use gas so owners paid no gas tax.

And as we know government’s solution is another
tax. Although called a per mile fee it is a tax.

During all this the government decided that the
gas we had been using for decades was no longer
safe for the environment. So the talking heads got
together and decided to make fuel out of moonshine.

They couldn’t call it moonshine so they named it
Ethanol. Touted as the cure for what ailed us.
Yes it lowered gas mileage but the environment
liked it so much the birds started singing again,
and the oceans quit rising. Or so we were told.

Now it turns out that the millions of acres
converted to farm corn for the ethanol is causing
environmental damage with runoff into our water
ways and pollution of our air.

But again we were assured there is no problem. Ok.
Scientist Joost de Gouw from CIRES and NOAA did a
study on a refinery in Illinois and discovered the
pollution is actually 30 times higher than the
government estimates, generates ozone forming
compounds, and is helping the buildup of smog.

One government entity did do something about it.
The Hawaii House of Representatives ended their
state ethanol mandate because using our corn for
fuel caused food prices to increase and the state
had recognized the unintended consequences.

And that is a small fraction of why we are amused by
our government.
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