Sunday snicker

December 16, 2018

A Christmas Story-

A little boy returned from Sunday school with a new perspective on the Christmas story. He had learned all about the Wise Men from the East who brought gifts to the Baby Jesus. He was so excited he could hardly wait to tell his parents.

As soon as he arrived home, he immediately began, “I learned all about the very first Christmas in Sunday school today! There wasn’t a Santa Claus way back then, so these three skinny guys on camels had to deliver all the toys!

“And Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with his nose so bright wasn’t there yet, so they had to have this big spotlight in the sky to find their way around!”


Some plans

December 15, 2018

Last night after venturing outside I came to the conclusion
some plans are better off not being made. The tail end of the
meteor showers was to occur and looked to see some but was met
with the fog. Needless to say, no meteors were spotted.

After seeing some lights to the east it was noticed the fog was
not so thick that one could not see at all. With the zoom lens
this shot came into view and reminded us once again of the
reason for the season.

The moon was flying high but visible through the fog so we
thought to give it a try. It’s not the clearest picture we’ve
taken yet couldn’t believe it wasn’t more blurry with the fog.
A little later it cleared up a little and a few stars could be
seen twinkling through.

Would have gotten more pictures if dressed for the weather but
expecting wall to wall fog I only grabbed a light jacket and
was getting cold. Just goes to show you can’t second guess
nature. It was still something to see.

When first outside with the fog I was worried that a crew of
mangy pirates would come out of this fog much like the movie.
That didn’t happen but one of the feral cats did rub against my
leg before I saw it.

Enjoy our Saturday as the weekend will be done before we know
it. Now for some coffee and a big stack of bacon.
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Almost here

December 14, 2018

Yesterday I mentioned a lot things that needed to be done and
I’m happy to announce that most of them are now checked off the
list. One of those items was to buy a gift for the lady who
follows me around for our anniversary next week. So yesterday I
took her along and we looked at jewelry.

That’s when the argument happened, again. This year will be
our 31st anniversary and the stubborn lady keeps insisting it
is on December 20th when I know it’s the 21st. She still claims
she has a marriage license to prove and I still have the car
club newsletter that says she’s wrong.

I even broke a record when I bought her gift as I usually
wait until the 18th or 19th. This year it was the 13th! I’m not
sure either of us will win the argument as I might be a little
stubborn myself, but it comes up every year about this time.

And the meteor shower was last night although we have no
pictures. Turns out that when I stepped outside late last night
the visibility was down to about three tenths of a mile. I
could have stayed out and watched yet figured if a meteor could
be seen streaking by within that distance we’d be goners

When I woke us this morning the visibility had gone up to about
a mile so I fed the feral cats and enjoyed the gray skies. You
could even see the church steeple three blocks away. It was

Finally, after doing the Sunday snicker on Saturday night we
have decided to put it out on Sunday morning and see how it
works. Enjoy our Friday and try to avoid the Christmas rush.
Now I need more coffee and some peanuts.
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Looking up

December 13, 2018

Went out last night to see if my buddy the moon was about but
think I caught him getting ready for bed. As the clouds went by
he looked to be dodging some and dancing with others. It was still
a sight to see.

So I went out again this morning and got the shot above
shortly after sunrise. The clouds were lemony in places mixed
with blue and gray. Don’t know what caused it but I liked the

In another direction a little later I noticed these clouds
that were floating by in formation. Reminded me of boot camp.
Not sure what’s going on with weather but know the clouds keep
things interesting.

We mentioned the meteor shower in an earlier post and tonight
would be a good time to see it. It will be too cloudy here as
it’s supposed to rain, but if you have a clear night where
you’re at it might be worth a look.

Since we’ve warmed up a little here on the east coast of Iowa
we haven’t seen many birds. Hope that changes in the near
future as I like to get pictures of them. If it cools down the
eagles will take to the skies and sightings will be more

Today I have too much to do and not enough time to get it done.
We’ll see how that works out as we stumble through our day. For
now the sun is out and I’m not so something has to change.

Enjoy our Thursday as the start of the weekend is only a dream
away. Now I need some coffee.
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A few thoughts

December 12, 2018

During lunch with the wife yesterday we caught part of the
meeting between our president and two Democrats that didn’t go
well. It’s always amusing to us when the media catches up to
these politicians after such an event.

Old phrases keep popping back up and this time was no
exception. The incoming speaker of the House stated that we
would have transparency once she was seated. Seems like the last
time we heard that phrase we also heard they had to pass the
bill so we could know what was in it.

There were more but us mere mortals can only take so much so
we watched Christmas carols on another TV set in the Bar and
Grille we were enjoying pizza and coffee at. As I looked around
the place it seemed everyone else was watching the Christmas
videos and not glued to the set carrying the politicians press

We think things will get interesting when the new/old bunch of
politicians take over. And since a lot of these politicians are
legends in their own minds are sure they’ll tell us about it
whether we want to hear it our not.

One thing that would be nice is if any statement that came out
their mouths were at least based on the truth. Can’t ask them
to follow the Constitution as that went out a long time ago.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday as we will as soon I get some
more coffee.
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Shower thoughts

December 11, 2018

I just remembered I forgot to post today and figured something
should be done about it. Can’t really blame it one distractions
or hard work, just had TB (tired butt) all day. If you’re older
I’m sure you understand.

And just in case you like such things, the Geminid meteor
showers will peak this week on the 14th. Best viewing hours
are after 2 a.m. and at its peak you may be able to see up to
120 meteors an hour.

The best way to see the meteor showers is to watch late night
to almost dawn. You should get away from any light sources and
find a spot that is as dark as possible. You will also want to
get the widest view of the sky you can. And don’t give up after
5 minutes, you should allow at least an hour as it can take 20
minutes for our eyes to fully adjust to the dark.

Something else to think about is the fact that meteors will
appear all the over the sky so you don’t have to get a stiff
neck looking in one direction. While you’re out looking for the
meteors you can spot Mars above the moon on the 14th.

If you think sitting outside this time of your will make you
look silly, take along one of your friends who don’t care how
they look. You may also want to take along your favorite hot, or
cold, beverage and something to sit on.

When all that is set up just kick back and enjoy. We’ll watch
the weather and hope for clear skies. Enjoy the rest of our
Tuesday as we will. Now I need more coffee to stay awake until
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Interesting times

December 10, 2018

Have you noticed people get upset about the darndest things
that someone else said, or wrote, years ago and demand an
apology? It makes one wonder if artificial intelligence has
surpassed the intelligence level of us mere mortals. Whatever
happened to freedom of speech?

I’m told most people have a means of filtering what comes out
of their mouths before they speak. If so mine was broken a long
time ago. My super power is that I can offend people without
even trying.

I once told someone I didn’t believe in same-sex marriages and
got the riot act. Thing is I’m not against it if others want to
marry a member of the same-sex, just that it wouldn’t happen to
me. I fail to see the attraction is all.

If you stop and think about it; riots have now become protests,
illegal aliens now have rights, and most of what our parents
taught my generation is considered wrong. I even read that the
Supreme Court said churches and other religious organizations
could display nativity scenes on their own property as long as
they included non-secular items in the display.

So what happened? When did the feelings of those who think
different from us trump our rights? Yet now we are told that we
have to tip toe around people we’ve never met, who don’t know us,
and change our ways because of what we think? Lord love a duck!

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need to calm down with more coffee.
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