Davenport Election Update

August 27, 2015


Here on the east coast of Iowa things are heating
up. If you haven’t heard the latest on our city
election, you came to the right place.

Latest news says we’ll vote on 4 positions in the
upcoming October 6th Primary Election. We’ll list
them here.

For Mayor Bill Gluba, Dave Hereid, Frank Kilpsch,
and Dean Weber. We will vote for one. The top two
vote getters will go on to the general election.

For Alderman at Large we have Barney Barnhill,
Dale G. Gilmour, Jason Gordon, Kyle Gripp, and
Phil Yerington. We will vote for two. The top four
will be in the general election.

For 2nd Ward Maria Dickmann, Bill Edmond, and Jim
Kealoha. We will vote for one. The top two will be
in the general election.

For 4th Ward Ray Ambrose, Matt Caven, and David
Sodemann. We will vote for one and the top two will
go on to the general election in November.

The incumbents are: Mayor Bill Gluba, Alderman at
Large Jason Gordon, 2nd Ward Alderman Bill Edmond,
and 4th Ward Alderman Ray Ambrose.

Be sure to exercise your right to vote.
Comments are always welcome.

The 5th Ward is also going to be on the primary
ballot with Sheilia Burrage, Douglas Cunningham,
and Rita Rawson running.

Mr. Bill in the moon

August 26, 2015

After we spent 3 and a half hours at the cemetery
taking care of business we came home and things got
back to normal. It was an interesting experience
that I hope we don’t have to repeat.

Dwight was helping us with our planning and we got
him laughing so hard he had to redo some of the
forms. It all started when the wife caught me
putting the “wrong” wedding date on my form. I just
wish she’d remember the “right” date.

So later when I went out to start her car so she
could go to work she asked me what I was looking
at. And I said doesn’t the moon look like Mr.
Bill’s face when he gets hurt? I swear it looked
just like when Mr. Bill got his hand caught in the
car door.

It was so obvious a blind man could see it but I
live with a woman with no imagination. Earlier
today she even told me I was never 19. I remember
bits and pieces of that time and think, but can’t
swear, it was not part of a dream.

Locally in the news, it looks like we’re going to
have a few things to vote on in the primary. The
Mayor’s slot, the 2nd Ward Alderman, and Alderman
at Large since Barnhill and Yerington filed their
papers today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

If nothing else it does stay interesting in our
little spot on the east coast of Iowa. We’ll keep
you posted so remember to keep the shiny side up.
Comments are always welcome.

Planning the last ride

August 25, 2015


Tonight as I went out to start the car for the
wife I noticed the clouds were blocking the moon
from shining through. After she left I grabbed my
cheap camera and made it back out just in time to
witness the moon smiling through the clouds.

And that made me think of things not yet finished.
Tomorrow morning we go to the cemetery to make our
arrangements and get sticker shock. We’re not sick
but figure with all the family and friends we’ve
lost over the years we shouldn’t put it off.

We have pretty much decided on cremation and in my
case it was more a case of saving room. People have
been dying since there have been people and if we
all take a full plot I wonder when we’ll run out of
room for those who will need it in the future.

I would also like to write my own obituary because
almost all of them sound the same. He died at ____,
he was born in ______, he went to school at ______,
he married ______. he worked at _______, he liked
_______, he is survived by _____, he was preceded
in death by ______, and the time and place of the

Mine should start something like “Shortly after he
came into this life the doctor slapped him and he
was mad for years.” I would not include the fact
that I had talked to the mortician about getting
buried naked with my butt sticking out the casket.

I don’t know what got me on this kick because as
mentioned neither of us are sick but I also am not
afraid. After all this I’m hungry so it’s pizza
time. When we figure more out about our last ride
we may do another post on the subject.
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Help make her day

August 24, 2015

A little girl has a request. She just wants you to
say hi. Georgia is 5 years old and was born with
non-bullous congenital ichthysoiform erythorderma
which can be painful, will last her entire life,
and there is no cure.


This beautiful child can’t go outside in the
summer, is really sensitive to heat, and has other
problems associated with the disease.

You can read more about Georgia and her family

Or you can say hi to her here. About 30,000
people have already said hi but we think the number
should be much higher.

She wants to be doctor when she grows up and we
just wanted to share her story. Let’s put a
little sunshine in her day. Thank you for
considering this request.
Comments are always welcome.

A cruise and the candidates

August 23, 2015


Saturday the wife and I took a 50 mile cruise to
the hometown of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.
While a multi-lane interstate highway is the route
chosen by most, we went on two-lane blacktop past
miles of spikes of corn reaching for the sky.

We noticed that one side of the road had soybeans
waving in the wind with corn on the other dancing
in the breeze. The sun was shining, the flutter of
the winds refreshing, and the blacktop uncluttered
of other cars.

Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering who George
Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. was. He is best known
as the creator of the very first Ferris wheel ever
built. It was built for the 1893 Chicago World’s
Columbian Exposition. And he was born in Galesburg,
Illinois in 1859.

Now that we’re at the end of one week and the
beginning of another we got to wondering who had
filed papers for what position on our city council
as of close of business Friday. After checking we
discovered that some are playing the waiting game
as filing ends this Thursday.

Here is a list of names of those who have filed.

For Mayor of Davenport Dave Hereid, Frank Kilpsch,
and Dean Webber have filed.

For Alderman at Large Kyle Gripp has filed.

For 1st Ward Alderman Rick Dunn.

For 2nd Ward Alderman Maria Dickmann, incumbant
Bill Edmond, and Jim Kealoha have filed.

For 3rd Ward Carlton Wills has filed.

For 4th Ward David Sodermann has filed.

For 5th Ward Sheilia Burrage.

For 6th Ward Jeff Justin.

For 7th Ward Mike Matson.

And for 8th Ward Kerri Thompkins.

We’re sure by 5 pm Thursday the list will be
longer but for now those listed above are running.
A update will posted Wednesday or Thursday.
Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

August 22, 2015


Little Tommy’s parents had tried everything to help
his math grade: tutors, flash cards, “Hooked on Math,”
special learning centers, everything. Finally, they
enrolled him in the local Catholic school.

The very first day, he came home with a very serious
look on his face, went straight to his room, and
started studying. His mother was amazed. Books and
paper were spread out everywhere and Little Tommy was
hard at work. As soon as dinner was through, he
marched right back up to his room without a word
and studied some more. This went on for weeks until
Little Tommy proudly brought home his report card
and showed it to his parents:

An A in Math! “Tommy! This is great! I’m so proud of
you! Son, what was it? What helped motivate you? Was
it the nuns?” Little Tommy shook his head.

“Well, then, was it the books? The discipline? The
structure? The uniforms? What?” Little Tommy looked
at her and said, “Well, Mom, it’s like this.

When I saw that guy out in the lobby nailed to a plus
sign, I knew they weren’t screwing around!”
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August 21, 2015

The wife and I have been having discussions about
my enunciation. She tells me it’s terrible and I
tell her that rednecks talk that way. But I won!

We had been having a discourse lately about
Chocolate surp. She kept insisting it was syrup and
I kept telling her it wasn’t. She even went as far
as sounding it out for me, sir-up. Of course I
replied with surp.

She shrugged it off and went up to get some rest
before going to work while I devised a plan to
prove my point. And I did.

After she woke up and came downstairs I started
with “I have Chocolate Surp in the refrigerator”.
To which she said I didn’t. And I came back with
“So if I pull the bottle of surp out your claim is
it will say syrup?”

And she said it would. This went on until almost
time for her to leave for work until I sprang my
trap. I asked her once again if she was sure the
bottle would syrup on it and she replied I know it


Well it didn’t. She was still chuckling when she
got out to her car, but I won and it did say Surp.
I going to mark this date on my calendar.
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