It seemed so real

July 23, 2016

c 010

There are times when dreams carry over to our waking hours
and confuse us until the facts smack us in the face. At
least there is with me. Today was one of those times.

The waking up part is easy, it gets harder as I attempt
to rise and shine amid the cacophony of popping joints,
verbal protests, and sore muscles. I sound like the
breakfast cereal I ate as a child.

The wife was not prepared for me as I walked into the
kitchen and asked her if she picked up our robes at the
cleaners. She asked why we needed robes so I explained
that tomorrow we were going among the masses to preach
and sing in the choir.

That statement got her rolling her eyes before she stated
that I can’t preach and neither of us could sing. I just
couldn’t see the problem because once I get something in
my head I don’t give up. I admitted the plan needed work
as I would first have to learn not to cuss when I tripped
over one of her cats.

After a few cups of coffee things began to look a little
different so I decided to hold off a week to learn how to
preach and sing. No problem. And I know the problem has
nothing to do with my daily consumption of pizza shortly
before I go to bed.

I think I may start practicing on the cats because they
might need some help to rid of the devil inside them. I
can look in all directions, not see a cat, then take one
step and trip over one of the devious creatures. And in
hindsight, it may be easier to learn how to play a musical
instrument than learn to sing.

Enjoy the weekend. If it’s hot where you’re at, stay
hydrated. If it’s cool where you’re at, keep warm. And if
it’s really nice where you live, send us a location.
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Side tracked

July 22, 2016


I took this picture yesterday and it got me thinking. I
didn’t realize the bird got in the shot until the photo
was on the computer and I thought I had to be first to
have a picture of an airplane and a bird.

But recent talk of plagiarism got my head out of the
clouds and sanity returned. I had forgotten that I honestly
believe there are no new ideas, just a way to state things

I cannot believe the audacity of some people who believe
they have actually had an original thought. With the
exception of phrases like “politically correct” this just
isn’t so. When governments make up new words it isn’t a
good thing.

Why do we have to be so nice to everyone? Who says we
can’t say whats on our minds anymore? When did our country
turn into a pity pot? And many more questions come to mind
yet the answer is simple.

Big government, backed by big pharma and other like minded
mega corporations want us to be silent. If we are afraid of
being labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, or whatever the
current accusations are we are not a problem.

Our debt is up, gun control has been an utter failure, our
schools have turned into indoctrination centers, and the
talking heads have convinced the weak minded that have the
right to anything they want.

And even these ideas aren’t original. It isn’t even novel
that most of us sit back while all this is going on and say
nothing. It is exactly what said talking heads predicted
would happen. The thought isn’t depressing, or even
original, but it is the idea the picture gave me.

I go now in search of some supplies, but remember to enjoy
your Friday. It’s the only one we get this week.
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I wonder

July 21, 2016

c 002

I have been trying to photograph the moon with varying
success which causes me to wonder. Are there creatures on
the moon attempting to get that one great shot of Earth?
If you have ever taken photos of the moon you soon realize
there are more variables at play than you first thought.

d 008

d 014

The two pictures above were taken about five minutes apart
yet look nothing alike. Same settings on the camera, same
night and clouds, yet a different look. The moon is a
moving object, the clouds are moving, and we are moving.

This all makes me ponder the thought that if there is life
on the moon, they must be sitting around at night wondering
if it’s the night they’re going to get a good shot of the
blue round thing we call earth. I say this because if life
exists there if must be intelligent life, and with the
intelligence comes the need to document.

My zoom lens is only 300 mm so I cannot state for sure
that there is life on the moon, but I can’t rule it out
either. Yet I also wonder if there is someone out there,
and they do snap photographs, holographs, or whatever,
what they think of us.

Well, the heat index is going to get up to 108, I have
some chores to do outside, and we have leftover pizza from
last night when we got carry-out from a genuine Italian
pizza place called Uncle Bill’s. Enjoy the day, its’ the
only Thursday we get this week.
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Almost had trouble in paradise

July 20, 2016

b 036

The weather here in our little corner of God’s rock
located on the east coast of Iowa, was chaotic. The rain
held off until later, but the sky was awash in color all
day. And while I was taking in the beauty above there was
mischief about.

Birds started making more noise than the little critters
should be able to and at first I thought a strange bird
got too close to a nest with babies in it. Turned out the
culprit can’t fly, doesn’t have feathers, and was a
handsome critter himself.

a 004

Mama bird kept a watch on the cat while making the most
aggravating noise. Yet the cat held his ground and was not
be intimidated. It turned into quite the stand off until
mama bird, with the help of others, had the cat running for
the nearest exit.
a 030

a 018

a 098

I didn’t see the cat the rest of the day, the birds
quieted down, and we got to take a few pictures,
Later I even managed to get a shot of the moon as it was
playing hide and seek in the thick clouds.

d 023

Woke up to thunderstorms this morning, but that is going
to go away to leave us another muggy summer day. It has
been such a great summer I wish I wasn’t retired so I
could take a vacation to enjoy it. Have a great day.
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July 19, 2016


We are seeing some things change here in our river city on
the east coast of Iowa and it has been interesting to
watch. You know, those things that happen when politicians
don’t like things running smoothly and have to add some
differences to keep us confused.

One of said changes was to the city bus routes. Depending
on who you talk to the buses were either breaking even with
government subsidies or a money pit. All we know is every-
body we talked to that rode the buses liked the old routes
and hate the new.

A friend who lived nearby said he used to have to walk
three blocks to catch a bus, but since the changes has to
walk close to a mile to find a bus stop. City leaders call
it progress. We just wonder why they had to fix something
that wasn’t broke.

Another change is to the way we recycle. Today, for the
last time, I put the two recycle bins out to be dumped by
city. On our next recycle day, in two weeks, we will wheel
out a 95 gallon recycle cart instead. This change has Dad
wondering how a 91 year old man, who lives alone, can fill
a 95 gallon cart every two weeks.

Hell I’m 65, live with my wife, and we couldn’t fill a 95
gallon cart in a month let alone every two weeks. Of course
our city leaders saw fit to charge us whether we use it or
not. And the whole recycle program was pushed on us as an
affordable way to go green.

As someone born and raised here I have watched things go
from property taxes paying for garbage pick-up to the more
greener approach that we have to pay extra for even if we
don’t use it.

We’ll end there and go in search of the elusive deluxe
3 meat pizza that has printed directions in two languages.
It will be eaten in one language only. Enjoy your Tuesday.
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The 2nd Amendment

July 18, 2016


Progressives, those who believe in political correctness,
and anti-gun people should stop reading here. We forewarn
you that this post contains facts concerning the 2nd
Amendment and the weapon technology of the day. Continue
reading at your own risk.

Those who say the second amendment was meant only for
muskets and not “assault” weapons know nothing about
Joseph Belton. Who is he you ask?

Mr. Belton was an inventor and gunsmith who lived in
Philadelphia and informed the Continental Congress in 1777
that he had invented a musket that could fire 16
Consecutive shots in 20 seconds. He claimed he could prove
said guns were accurate at 200 yards.

Congress then ordered 100 of his new guns but things got
hung up on “reasonable compensation” for his time. Mr.
Belton thought his time was worth a lot more than Congress
as his weapon would give an advantage to all who used it.

In 1777 Congress dropped the idea of buying these guns
because they thought the project too expensive. Congress
didn’t buy the gun, it was invented later in 1777, and the
Bill of Rights wasn’t ratified until 1791.

So the semi-automatic “assault” musket was invented a full
14 years before the 2nd amendment was ratified, and our
government pursued further development of Beltons’
technology. Can you imagine what it would have been like
if political correctness was alive and well in 1777?

Facts won’t change the rhetoric nor end the lies, but we’re
getting tired of the nonsense.
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Amazing people

July 17, 2016

We recently heard of a former Marine who is beyond amazing
to us. With her helicopter shot down In Afghanistan in 2012
and enduring 38 surgeries since, including two amputations
on the same leg, Kirstie Ennis is now 25 years old! Shortly
before her first amputation she went on a 1,000 mile
charity walk in the Untied Kingdom with Prince Harry.

It was June 23,2012 when the crash occurred. She was
tethered by her gunner’s belt on the left side of the
chopper, which was hardest hit in this instance. She has
since suffered through facial reconstructions and surgeries
to her arm and leg.

Here is a video featuring this amazing young woman.

We wish her all the best.
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