Sunday snicker

March 7, 2021

Over the years, a friendly rivalry had grown between the two
congregations. One weekend, the members of the synagogue gave their
long-time rabbi a brand new Cadillac. By sheer coincidence, the
parishioners gave their pastor a new Cadillac on the same day.

Everyone laughed at the coincidence, and the two clerics agreed to have
a race. A course was planned out, and the next day the two men took off.

The Catholic priest had a slight edge through the town, but when the
course led out into more rural areas, the rabbi took the lead.
Eventually the course took them to a narrow dirt road, wide enough for
only one car, and the rabbi was ahead while the priest was right on his
tail. They passed a sign that said, “Danger! Bridge Out Ahead!”, and
they came to a cliff where a bridge had recently been washed out.

The rabbi slammed on his brakes, his car’s wheels locked up, and
screeched to a stop just two feet in front of the cliff. The priest has
just a tick slower to react, and his car rammed the rabbi’s car, pushing
its front wheels over the embankment.

With the rabbi’s Cadillac balanced precariously on the cliff, the priest
scrambled to help the rabbi to safety. Once both men were safe, they
called the police and waited for their arrival.

A Boston cop came to the scene first. He looked at the two cars in the
road. He looked at the damage to the front end of the priest’s car.
Then he looked at the rabbi’s car, hanging on the cliff, with damage to
its back end.

The cop took off his hat and scratched his head, wondering what to make
of the situation. Finally, in a thick Irish brogue, he asked, “So,
father, at what speed was the rabbi going when he backed into you?”

Just waiting

March 6, 2021

Our days are getting longer and it’s warming up so we have more time to be outside. And today is an important day in history also for those who may have forgot. On this date in 1945 George Nissen from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, received a patent for the very first modern trampoline. You’re welcome.

Going to wait a few more days, but the first day with a high of 60 degrees we’re opening every window we can to air out the house. Yeah, we’re going to exchange the inside winter air with spring fresh air. Probably won’t help my cooking but may get the burnt smell out of the kitchen. We’ll see. Perhaps turning the burners below the melting metal point may also help.

This is the time of year we see more motorcycles out on the roads and we ask you keep an eye out. Look twice before you pull out into traffic. Too many mishaps occur and it seems those involved claim they didn’t see the bike. Don’t ride anymore but remember some close calls from the days I did.

With the warmer weather there are more kids out and about too. See so many people in a school zone ignore the speed limit signs. Hey, if school is in session slow down. Doing that my even save some gas and we know how the price of that is rising. Let’s make this a summer we all survive.

So, enjoy our Saturday and stay safe. Now for some coffee and caramel donut holes. Comments are always welcome.


March 5, 2021

Watched the 4:30 am local news while having a few cups of coffee, ran some errands, had more coffee, and decided it was time to get a post out. No more had the thought crossed my mind when the cable TV, internet, and home phone all decided they weren’t going to work anymore.

The wife got on her cellphone and found out we had an outage in our area and as usually happens was told someone had been notified of the problem and the cable company couldn’t say how long we’d be without the services. Well, our TV, internet, and phone are working again so thought to get this post out before anything else happens.

If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Now that everything is working again we’ll run with it. Before the glitch l had a great post lined up that I can’t remember now so will run with this one.

Today WordPress sent me a note that this is my 14th year with them. Time flies when you’re having fun. All that said, enjoy our Friday as we will. Now for more coffee and leftover pizza. Comments are always welcome.

Confusing day

March 4, 2021

Yesterday was a great day as far as the weather with a high of 58 degrees and plenty of sun. Not all were impressed. Note the feral cat and her Clint Eastwood impression. Not sure what the problem was but later she was acting like a kitten and looked to be in a much better mood.

We admit to be a little confused when we heard Biden was not doing any press conferences as we know he press secretary doesn’t know the answer to many questions lobbed her way. Since we don’t have the secret decoder ring, nor are politically correct, we don’t know what this means. Could it be that Biden has already signed executive orders on all he wanted to get done while in office, or is it that he just can’t stay awake and lucid long enough to be useful.

And we saw Pelosi explaining the big threat in Washington, D.C., and how all hell is going to break out to get Trump back in office. Don’t know what she’s smoking but we’ll pass. Will say again that if politicians worked on bills that would actually help Americans rather than punish those who disagree with them our Country would be a better place. And who came up with the idea to ban Dr. Seuss?

Kids have been enjoying his books for decades and the right to free speech don’t end where your feelings start. If you don’t like the books, don’t read them. Don’t like where that reasoning is headed or know why it’s happening and if saying that makes me racist, so be it. I say the people calling everything racist are the true racists in this debacle.

Enjoy our Thursday as the start of the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and toast. Comments are always welcome.

Thinking like summer

March 3, 2021

Saw a male cardinal the other day who was camera shy like myself. No more that got him in focus and he took off like Mama was calling him for lunch. Not the best picture but it seemed to capture the take off. Click on the picture to enlarge it see the whole picture. Might even put up another feeder if we can find a good place to hang one.

Getting closer to outdoor car show season and one wonders what the weather will be like as many shows are not rain or shine. Been out of the hobby for a while now but have been casually looking for a project with a cavalier attitude. Last time was in such a mood it only took 5 years to find what I wanted. And was asked then if I wasn’t a little ‘long in the tooth’ to start such a project.

Now that we’re into March things seem to have settled down. No big destructive riots, not much in the news, and we’re getting closer to warmer days and things summer related. Yes we can almost see summer from here and before long smell it also. With that comes the summer chores and bugs. And we’ll be grilling out again as it wasn’t worth shoveling out a path through the snow drifts to the shop to get to the old grille during the winter.

Have rebuilt the gas grille 3 or 4 times and it should be rebuilt again. But once you get used to something, and it still works, why replace it? Figure it’s not that old in dog years anyway. This morning we’re going to watch a little early morning local news while sipping coffee before we feed and water the herd of feral cats. Then we have some running to do.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re going to try. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Just a few

March 2, 2021

Went out last night to look at the moon and have a chat, only to find him stuck in a tree again. Not falling for that prank. The last time it happened the moon got loose on his own and kept rising in the sky like usual. It was a bit nippy last night so I didn’t hang around to see him get loose. But, this morning when I went out to feed the feral cats he was gone.

Earlier yesterday saw a female cardinal trying to blend in with the brush. She was skittish and kept hopping around, but looked healthy. Having the feral cats outside is a trade off as they make the wild birds nervous and we just don’t see them as often. But if the old tale is right, seeing a cardinal is supposed to mean someone in Heaven is looking down on us. At any rate, did get a picture of this one.

Finally, the fearless feral kitten without a name was sunning herself in the driveway and having a great time doing it. She isn’t actually a kitten anymore but she was the in the last litter seen around here before the trapping and fixing started. She is also one of only two female feral cats who haven’t been fixed yet. Her and Little Bit have avoided all traps set, so far.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now for some more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Changing times

March 1, 2021

It looks like the new one shot vaccine is going to be a reality which makes one wonder how long people are going to put up with the bull being shipped. Most recent news we’ve heard from the talking heads who get paid way too much money is that this new vaccine is 85% effective. Heard Fauci say that if one gets this wonder drug they will have an 85% chance of not dying or getting seriously ill if they get the virus.

Excuse me, but doesn’t the CDC claim that those under 50 have a 99.1% chance of surviving an infection? And at what cost. We have seen rising prices and limited availability in our grocery stores and gas prices going up while businesses close because of rules the government imposes on them. Alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicides are up, and tempers flare. Still say that if want to wear mask, do so. If you don’t want to, or can’t, wear a mask don’t. And if you’re at a high risk of getting the virus stay away from other people.

If we still have history books in the future, and if they’re an honest representation of what happened, this will be a sad chapter in our nations history. On top of all the above we have politicians who seem so intent on keeping us isolated, trying to take away our gun rights, and getting back at Trump they don’t concentrate on what our country really needs. It’s a crying shame.

Then we saw a short clip of Biden in Texas trying to name some fellow Democrats only to stop talking, then ask, “what am I doing here?”. Yeah, nothing to see here. It will be interesting to watch how long he lasts before he has a huge temper tantrum.

Enjoy our Monday as only we can. Now for some coffee and some M&Ms. Comments are always welcome.

Sunday snicker

February 28, 2021

A jewish grandmother is at the beach with her 10 years old jewish
grandson. She’s chilling while he’s playing in the water.

Suddenly, a huge wave comes and takes the kid away with it. The
grandmother is obviously in tears and starts speaking to God.

“It’s been more than 70 years since I started worshipping you God.
I’ve raised 3 generations, my siblings, children and grandchildren
according to jewish religion and traditions. I prayed daily, only
ate kosher food, did the sabbath and everything else required by
You for my whole life. How can you let this happen? How can you
let my grandson die at such a yound age?”

Few seconds later, a huge godly wave with the kid on top comes in
and the grandson lands safely on the sand…

The grandmother can’t believe her eyes: “Thank you Lord, thank you,
thank you, thank you…”

As she looks towards the sky: “I, I don’t want to push my luck, but
he had a brand new baseball cap.”

A few more thoughts

February 27, 2021

The sun is staying out longer, the days are getting warmer, and before long summer will be here. We hope the lawnmower still works. If it doesn’t we hope a simple battery swap will fix the problem. And the critters like the warm up also. The feral cats are outside playing more and saw our first cardinal yesterday. We may even have a picture to share later.

More news concerning the nearby shooting incident from the other day now says 3 stolen cars were involved, a body was found, one person was arrested, and it was gang related. Neighbors have been on the local news voicing their concerns for safety and wondering what happened to their nice quiet neighborhood. Although we don’t believe it’s that bad, some have compared us to Chicago with all the shots fired calls.

Due to the young age of those involved solutions are hard to come by for several reasons. Our juvenile justice system leaves a lot to be desired as it prefers probation over punishment. Know of some kids who have a list of probations as long as your arm at only 16 years old. They are so close to the magic age of 18 when they can be charged as adults and very unprepared for the consequences.

And if it gets as warm as it’s supposed to today I’ll be washing the car in our driveway. Don’t like to wash it when it’s too cold as the doors freeze shut when things refreeze. Might be selective memory, but it seems like when cars had drip rails over the doors things didn’t freeze up as bad. Braking in winter weather was fun, but the doors didn’t freeze shut after every winter storm.

So enjoy our Saturday. Now for some more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Just some thoughts

February 26, 2021

There is now a victim in the nearby shooting but facts are hard to come by. News this morning mentioned the body of 14 year old boy was found in a yard near the shooting site. This is getting old quick. We used to pull some crazy stunts when we were younger but shooting at each other wasn’t one of them.

Yesterday I had a few errands to run and not expecting anything out of the ordinary didn’t bring my camera. Heading back home decided I was hungry for tacos and made a detour. Stopped by lookout park in the east end and ran across 10 swans waddling along the street. Reached for a camera I didn’t bring along.

Last night when I took the above picture of the moon didn’t even put my coat on. This morning running more errands, I had on a coat, a watch cap, and gloves while scrapping the frost off of the car windows. Think I do warmer better now that I’m an oldfart. Luckily, we’re not supposed to have any below freezing lows for a week.

I made a grocery list and put things we really needed on it only to forget said list on the kitchen table. The wife laughs, but my razor sharp memory saved the day as I remember everything on the list. Even added frozen waffles and corn curls just in case we get another cold night. It pays to be prepared.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some coffee and waffles. Comments are always welcome.