Sunday snicker

July 4, 2015


Years ago, when our daughters were very young, we’d
drop them off at our church’s children’s chapel on
Sundays before the eleven o’clock service.

One Sunday, just as I was about to open the door to
the small chapel, the minister came rushing up in
full vestments. He said he had an emergency and
asked if I’d speak to the children at their story
time. He said the subject was the Twenty-third Psalm.

But just as I was about to get up from the back row
and talk about the good shepherd, the minister burst
into the room and signaled to me that he would be able
to do the story time after all.

He told the children about sheep, that they weren’t
smart and needed lots of guidance, and that a shepherd’s
job was to stay close to the sheep, protect them from
wild animals and keep them from wandering off and
doing dumb things that would get them hurt or killed.

He pointed to the little children in the room and said
that they were the sheep and needed lots of guidance.

Then the minister put his hands out to the side, palms
up in a dramatic gesture, and with raised eyebrows said
to the children, “If you are the sheep then who is the
shepherd?” He was pretty obviously indicating himself.

A silence of a few seconds followed. Then a young
visitor said, ” Jesus, Jesus is the shepherd.”
The young minister, obviously caught by surprise,
said to the boy, “Well, then, who am I?”

The little boy frowned thoughtfully and then said with
a shrug, “I guess you must be a sheep dog.”
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A short reminder

July 4, 2015


Today is America’s birthday and most of us
celebrate in one form or another. If you shoot off
fireworks we ask that you please remember a few

Loud fireworks terrify pets as well as those with
PTSD. We ask that you remember both before setting
off a 2-hour exploding salute to freedom.

The other is be aware of the potential fire hazard
in your area. If your area has been unusually dry,
try to control where your fireworks end up. Roman
candles can get snagged up in a neighbor’s gutter
or land in a pile of dry leaves while still hot.

Other than that enjoy the freedoms this day is
meant to represent.
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The weekend odds and ends

July 3, 2015


I lost a wrench about 3 years ago and have been
looking for it ever since. It was only an open end,
but it was a Snap-On. Once again it has been
scientifically proven that you will find what you
have lost in the last place you look.

Please enjoy Independence Day. We hope everyone
remembers it commemorates our adoption of the
Declaration of Independence to achieve freedom from
British rule.

Ongoing through Sunday is the Goodguys 24th Annual
Heartland Nationals held at the Iowa State
Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa.

Tomorrow, July 4th is the Buffalo Days Car Show
held at City Park in Buffalo, Iowa. Show runs from
8 am to 3 pm.

Saturday, July 4th is the Chad Sarver Memorial Car
Show held on Jackson Street in Walnut, Illinois
from 7 am to 1 pm.

Sunday, July 5 is the Jonas Levi Fultz Memorial
Cruise in the Kable News parking lot in Mount
Morris, Illinois. Hours are 3-7 pm with a cruise
through the town at 6 pm.

For those who wonder what the future of our TV
network shows will look like, we present the
following video. The Politically Correct Dukes of

For those of us who enjoy anything that makes
noise and moves this video show an art deco
streamlined steam locomotive in motion.

For music we again turn to Jerry Jeff Walker and
a ditty to get your toes tapping.

The movie at this weeks drive-in theater of the
information highway is “The Blue Yonder”. A Disney
film from the vintage year of 1985.

And that concludes our weekend update, mention of
the miscellaneous, and a few diversions. Enjoy the
weekend and the 4th.
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Oh really?

July 2, 2015


While cruising the information highway we ran
across the meme above and laughed then got angry at
what it implies. It seems to be aimed at those of
us who disagree with Obama’s policies. So I took
a minute to really look at the words.

And I came up with this. Patriotism is love of
country, not government. To those of us who took
an oath to defend the Constitution, Obama is not
someone we can stand with.

As to the claim that not obeying Obama is treason,
that is so ridiculous we don’t know what to say.
Does the designer of this meme have any idea what
treason means? We’ll help you out.

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary the
definition of treason is:
betrayal of one’s country to an enemy.

This begs the question; to which enemy are we
betraying our country to by not liking our current
president? We await your reply.

Since our flag will soon be under attack by these
same people because it offends them we feel it time
to say that we are offended by some flags also. We
really are offended by the rainbow flag, the flag
of Mexico, and the ISIS flag, And we strongly feel
that English should be official language of our country.

We’ll close with a quote from Abraham Lincoln:
“I believe that every individual is naturally
entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the
fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way
interferes with any other men’s rights.”
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A thank you and the bag

July 1, 2015

We’d like to thank all those who stop by this blog
and the 1,000 followers. Sometimes we look at the
stat page and are humbled. Not in our wildest
dreams did we think this day would come.
Thank you.

And now, the bag.



When the wife and others look at the bag I put my
laptop in they see a canvas bag with a snazzy logo.
I see something completely different.

I see a beautiful summer day and a gold roadster
with still tacky paint the owner asks us to leave
our hand prints on. I see the same roadster with a
W-block in it with a chain running from the engine
to the frame rail in an old-school attempt to tame
the torque.

I see a roadster pickup with a quick change read-
end that the owner proudly tells us is actually
wood he machined and painted to look like aluminum.
I see bed pans used as air cleaners, pin stripers,
old friends and good music.

When the Flying Eyeball car show first came to
town these bags were the goody bags and we have two
from two different shows. And when I look at the
bags I see all that plus more. It is indeed a show
where the kustom kulture meets the old school.

Some of the cars are gone, some of the friends
have passed away, but the memories will be there as
long as I’m here. Yes, it’s only a bag, but it’s
my bag. We wish you fond memories.
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If this country still had balls

June 30, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, our country is going
to hell in a hand-basket. This has been going of for
some time now but seems to have escalated under
this administration.

People have been dreaming up rights that are not
rights and sissifying our country. Yet we, the
majority sit around texting friends and watching
videos of cats while the foundation of our country
is being destroyed.

We should never be afraid of our government or
throw up our hands in surrender when things look
bleak. Christians are still a majority and if we
stood up and just said NO our message would be

Happiness is not a right, the pursuit of happiness
is. Our faith is a right given us in the first
amendment, if that offends you don’t come to our

In the 1964 Memorial Edition of Profiles in
Courage, page 264, is the following:

“For in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his
interest in politics, ‘hold office'; everyone of us
is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final
analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon
how we fulfill those responsibilities. We, the people,
are the boss, and we will get the kind of political
leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and

The time has passed to accept the leadership. We
now need to demand the government we deserve.
“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”
JFK December 5, 1961
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The saddest race

June 29, 2015

Picture this, two funny cars inch to the line at
the Auto Club Famoso Raceway. The vibration from
the combined 16,000+ horsepower of the engines at
idle can be felt in the seat of the pants of those
sitting in the bleachers. Drivers Roger Garten and
Matt Bynum prepare to launch.


The Christmas tree changes from red to yellow to
green and the cars shoot off the line like jet
fighters with enough noise to deafen the best of
ears. Then, 330 feet into the 1320 foot track the
cars collide and careen, tumble, and dance in an
explosion of parts, body panels, and smoke.

The safety crews arrive in mere seconds, both
cars lost their fiberglass bodies, and crews had to
cut the roll cage to get Garten out while Bynum
appeared uninjured. Both drivers were rushed to the
nearest hospital while loved ones and fans expect
the worse but hope for the best.

All this happened last Saturday and early news
reported both Roger Garten and Matt Bynum were in
stable condition. But as later news would confirm,
Roger Garten died as a result of his injuries.
The man who had been behind the wheel of the
War Horse funny car Mustang since 1973 is now
racing in heaven.


Garten’s death is the first at the track since
March 8th, 2008. Our condolences to the family and
our fellow fans. Legends don’t die but live on in
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