A little W-block history

April 30, 2013

One would think that in 1955 Chevy engineers
would have been on top of the world. They had
just released the new 265 cubic inch V-8 and
the buying public loved it.

But even then they knew a bigger, more powerful
engine would be needed to power future trucks
and cars. So when company heads gave them the go
ahead, the engineers developed another famous
motor. The “W” block.

The 348 cubic inch “Turbo-Thrust” motor debuted
in 1958 and things were never the same. Where the
283 block decks were 90 degrees to the crankshaft,
the 348 was 74 degrees. This in effect made it a
wedge motor.

The 348 was originally designed as a truck
motor and was 1.7 inches longer than the 265,
3 inches wider, and 1 inch shorter due to a
flat intake manifold.

The new motor had bigger valves, a bigger
bore, a longer stroke, and the potential to
be bored a lot larger with higher compression

Two versions were available in 1958. One had
a single four-barrel carburetor and the other
had tri-power.

Chevy came out with the posi-traction rear
end in 1958 also, being the only one on the
market at the time. The combination gave the
bowtie guys the edge at the track.

These torque monsters did have a weak spot,
the piston and wrist pin assembly weighed in
at 1.5 pounds. That is a lot of weight to
move around at high RPM.

In late 1958 the police-package 348s went
on sale with 315 hp and the tripower version
got kicked up to 300 hp.

In 1961 the horsepower went to 350 before
the release of the 409 with 360 horsepower.

1962 saw the horsepower jump again to 409
horsepower while a few racers were using
Z-11 equipped Chevys.

In 1963 the 425 horsepower versions hit the
streets and 409 sales hit 21,267.

In 1964 racers bored and stroked the Z-11
to 427 cubic inches until in mid 1965 the
409 was discontinued in favor of the 396.

If you owned, or raced, one of these cars
you know the potential they had.
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April 29, 2013


Someone once told me I cannot accept being told
that something can’t be done. They thought it
terrible that I had the audacity to ask why, and
I couldn’t imagine doing otherwise.

It appears I have a problem with “facts” also.
We’ll try to explain.

Propaganda tells us that 2,000,000 smokers either
quit smoking or die every year. These snippets don’t
separate the quitters from the corpses. I ask what
percentage of deaths come from smoking?

Here are some real facts. Worldwide there are 1.78
deaths per second, 107 deaths a minute, 6,390 deaths
per hour, and 56 million deaths a year.

A 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) study stated
3.5 million people die prematurely from indoor air
pollution and 3.3 million from outdoor pollution in
America each year.

Going to blame those on us smokers too? You probably
inhale 100 times more carcinogens from exhaust smoke
in a day than from second-hand cigarette smoke.

Another supposed fact is that gold is the only metal
that doesn’t rust, even if it is left underground for
thousands of years.

Heard of aluminum? The third most abundant
element, and most abundant metal in our
earth found in 270 different minerals.

It may corrode, but it doesn’t rust.

Silver also comes to mind.

And finally, one I learned by the true
scientific means of testing. If you cross
your eyes to look goofy they won’t stick
that way forever. Nice try mom.
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News you’ll only see here

April 28, 2013

In our never ending quest to bring to bring you
all the news you’ve never heard, can’t use, and
can do without, we present the following for
your edification.

There are times when the headline says it all.


Unfortunate accident, or act of God?


No news would be complete without a circus


And of course we have to include a police call.


In case you wondered about proper dress for
your shopping errands.


And the dangers of not dressing for the


If you want proof your kids drove you to drink.


And finally, one that defies explanation.


We hope you didn’t spurt coffee out your nose
with the latest news, but we sure had fun.
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Cook my what?

April 27, 2013


Now that we have your attention, what
do you think of the misunderstandings
in our country?

Like how come ‘experts’ call us the
most informed people ever while we act
so stupid.

If we’re so smart why haven’t we cured
cancer, brought world peace, or even
gotten rich?

We can’t even stop the violence around
us. Opinions are everywhere, but the
solutions can’t be found.

The current progressive ruling class
have forgotten the words of John F.
Conformity is the jailer of freedom and
the enemy of growth.

Political correctness was invented to
ensure everyone conforms. After all,
nobody wants to be called a racist, sexist,

When children get shot at school it is
a catastrophe, yet when a baby survives
an abortion and is killed, it is a choice.

Dozen of dead babies stacked like cord
wood in an abortion clinic, the doctor
on trial for murder, and no public outcry.

To the progressives it isn’t about the
children, nor does it take a village. It
is about their agenda.

So we say, go ahead and mock us because
you think we’re different. We pity you for
being so phony.

We hear the same buzz words, from the
same people, regardless of the question.
Please stop insulting our intelligence.
Try thinking for yourself for a change.
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All fired up

April 26, 2013


The first cruise-in of the season is
tomorrow, Torque Fest is a week away,
and one of these days it might stay

That can only mean we’re getting
fired up for the cruisin’ season.
Here are a few upcoming events.

Saturday, April 27 is the First Cruise
In at SouthPark Mall, 4600 27th St.,
Moline, Illinois from 6-9 pm. Hosted by
the Quad Cities Cruisers.

If you want to enter a car it will run
you $2 and it is free to spectators. For
the latest call the Club Event Hotline at

The weekend of May 3-5 is the Vintage
Torquefest 2013. Friday will be the
pre-party and open header cruise
downtown, show on Saturday at the
Dubuque County Fairgrounds in Dubuque,

Sunday the event will move to the
Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, Iowa
for some ‘run what you brung’ drag
racing. For more info call 563-322-1947

Sunday, May 5 is the Quad Cities
Gearheads’ Sunday Cruise In at Hero’s
Pub & Grill, 3811 Harrison St.,
Davenport, Iowa from 3-6 pm.

Sunday, May 5 is also the Mississippi
Valley Mustang Roundup Cruise In at the
HyVee, 201 West 10th Avenue, Silvis,
Illinois from noon to 4 pm.

And Sunday, May 5 is the Auto Parts
Swap Meet and the Fairgrounds in
Monticello, Iowa from 7:30 am to 1 pm.
High performance, custom, stock, antique
vehicle and motorcycle parts.

There will also be a car corral in
case you want a ride.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day
will be July 12, 2013. A great way to
promote our hobby and have fun at the
same time.

There are things going on elsewhere too.
The Davenport Speedway has races Friday,
Cordova Dragway has races Saturday, and
a lot more.
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Motorized diversions

April 25, 2013

We saw one these miniature critters
on the way to lunch today. Don’t know
if it’s a fad or a movement or what
to think.

These things would have to be good on
gas, but don’t know if I’d like to sit
that low in traffic.

Don’t forget Torque Fest next weekend.

In this video Joy Rainer is driving in
the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
in a 1902 Clement Voiturette.

She is currently driving a 110 year old
Oldsmobile from Oceanside, California to
Dayton Beach, Florida.

She started in California on April 13,
and is expected to finish the 2,826 mile
trip on May 15.

She is doing it for cancer research.

Finally, what happens when you combine
a ’52 Dodge rat pickup with dual rear
wheels and a dirt field.

Enjoy the ride.
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The solution

April 25, 2013


People have been bemoaning the ‘fact’ that
there is nothing to be done against the
current political agenda in our country.

They aren’t doing what we want done, and
we’re not buying the bull their shipping.
Some believe we are at a standstill.

Not so say we. Once again we formulated
a plan that fights fire with fire. The
Ultimate Plan B.

All we need to do is organize a Christian
redneck extremist organization!

Please hear us out before you declare us

Since this administration doesn’t
acknowledge terrorist groups there are
only up sides to the plan.

For terrorist acts we could TP some
foreign embassies, and put up pulled
pork restaurants next to others.

We wouldn’t have to worry about gun laws
because terrorists don’t have gun permits

We could even declare our homes foreign
countries and get big bucks from the
government. They don’t like us anyway,
we might as well get paid to be insulted.

We could use the money to buy more
toilet paper, outhouses, and moonpies.

Oh yeah, the outhouses. Figured when
the Senate passed bills we didn’t like
we could set up outhouses all around
the Capital to show our displeasure.

Then they would know where they could
put the bills we don’t agree with.

They couldn’t ignore us, after all we
have toilet paper AND outhouses.

We may even find new uses for old
manure spreaders.

When they get mad we could just say
‘bless your pea picking heart’! Hard
to call us terrorists when we’re being
so polite.

Saving the best for last, even if they
deported us we wouldn’t have far to go
to get back home.

So we could protest anything that went
counter to our beliefs, not even have to
use violence, and keep our guns, while
getting paid to do it. Sweet.
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The problem

April 24, 2013


We often hear ‘how come the politicians
in Washington don’t listen to us?’ This
should explain why.

The problem we have is that we are a
country full of rednecks being run by
a small group of bluenecks.

What is a blueneck you ask?

A blueneck is the opposite of redneck.
If you’re not sure which you are, here
is a list. You may be a blueneck if…

You think Heinz ketchup is really spicy.

You think having 911 on speed dial is
a good home defence plan.

You can pronounce “Worcestershire
sauce’ correctly.

You don’t see anything wrong with
putting a sweater on your dog.

You have no idea what a polecat is.

You call binoculars opera glasses.

You don’t own a can of WD-40.

You think a double-barreled shotgun
is the best home defense weapon.

You don’t own a ball cap advertising
any agriculture product or truck.

You don’t know anyone with two first

You can’t spit out the car window
without pulling over and stopping

You’ve never had an RC Cola or eaten

And finally, you may be a blueneck if
you eat fried chicken with a knife and

No wonder they’re so grouchy.

Those are a few tools to help you
figure out who is on our side and why
we can’t explain anything to those on
the opposing side.

Tomorrow we will try to explain how we
came up with what we feel is the perfect
solution to our problem.

It may seem controversial, or even
crazy, but it might just work.
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April 23, 2013


Some nights while we watch the sunset
we reminisce about how things used to
be and wonder how so much has changed.

We look back on the lazy, hazy, crazy
days of summer when we got baked brown
working in the fields.

And we remember the days when going
to school meant getting an education
and not just getting schooled.

The first thing the home room teacher
did was lead us in saying the pledge
of allegiance.

Fond memories of attending ball games
and everyone stood, faced the flag, and
sang along.

Prayer in public was not frowned upon,
and people respected the religion of

Families would sit at the table and,
after saying grace, would enjoy the
meal and the conversation.

The wealthy and marriage weren’t seen
as bad things, but something to strive
to achieve.

We went to church on Sunday, got our
groceries on Friday, and took a long
drive on Saturdays.

There were less taxes, a lot less
government spending, and we had more

Admitting gun ownership was not a
mark of the devil and nobody cared
how many you had.

And what has happened since?

God and the pledge of allegiance have
been removed from our schools.

The playing of our national anthem at
events is now seen as chat time.

Only certain religions are considered
politically correct.

Marriage has been demonized.

Gun owners are made to feel like

Our freedom of speech only applies
when we agree with the ruling class.

And our morals have been compromised.

We should remember we are Americans,
and if we don’t start taking back our
country soon, it may be too late.
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It’s a what?

April 22, 2013


I recently saw this picture while cruising
the information highway and like some I
I had to wonder if the subject in the
photo was the product of Photoshop or an
overactive imagination.

Turns out the Colim (Colors of Life in
Motion) camper is indeed a concept
mobile home.

The front end separates and can take
two people away from the back living
area. I gues if you ran out of toilet
paper you could zip to town in the
funny looking front half.

German designer Christian Susana saw
the need for a more fuel efficient
motor home that could morph into two
seperate pieces.

Claim is the combined vehicle has a
top speed of 90 mph, and the designer
is looking for someone to manufacture

To see more pictures of this strange
looking critter, go here.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit
it shows someone is thinking outside the
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