July 31, 2013


Obama had two sons, would he stop his
bull shipping? Just asking.

Since Obama was elected self-defense
has been all but eliminated while
abortion has become acceptable for
cosmetic purposes.


On a local note, we had to add another
tent added to our little local circus
since a proposed site for the Casino has
been chosen.


The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) group
has thrown their hat into the ring with
the usual objections.

Too much noise, too much traffic, too
many people in the area. Same stuff,
different day.

We lost a NASCAR track over much the
same things. We only hope we don’t lose
a $100 million Casino now.

It’s enough to drive me to drink.


To keep sane with all the nonsense going
on around us we look to those among us
who speak common sense.


We have to stop now, or find more pics
of cute baby animals to lower our blood
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Ever used…

July 31, 2013


WD-40 is a lubricant that was invented
in 1953 by technicians at the San Diego
Rocket Chemical Company.

The claim is that there is nothing in
the WD-40 that could harm you and the
main ingredient is fish oil.

But as we know, it can do so much more
than just lubricate. Here are few of
the many uses for this modern marvel.

It removes tomato stains from clothing.

Restores and cleans chalkboards.

Keeps flies off horses, cows and other
farm animals.

It will shine your kitchen floor without
making it slippery.

Speaking of floors, it also removes tar
and scuff marks from floors.

Restores and cleans padded dashboards
and vinyl bumpers on cars.

It removes tar and stubborn dirt from

It removes grease splatter from stove

Keeps pigeons off your balcony, they
hate the smell.

Removes stains from stainless steel

Removes duct tape residue.

Keeps your bathroom mirror from fogging.

Old farts spray it on their arms, knees,
and hands to relieve arthritis pain.

It takes the sting out of fire ant bites.

If you have a wasp nest in an unwanted
area, wait until dark then saturate it
with WD-40 to kill the varmints.

Oh yeah, you can also use it on squeaky
hinges too. And protect silver from
tarnishing, remove lipstick stains,
clean barbecue grills, untangle jewelry
chains, and lubricate prosthetic limbs.

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The answer

July 30, 2013

A friend sent the following video and
after watching it I decided to share it.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did
and wish to thank the friend for sending
it our way.

And now that I’ve watched it again, I
need to refill my coffee cup.
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The mayor and the angels

July 29, 2013

After a few days of having fun we thought
it time to get serious. And for that we
have to cruise about 250 miles northeast.


With everything else on his plate Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel found the time to tell
the Guardian Angels they weren’t wanted
patrolling the ‘Miracle Mile’.

Instead he suggested the Guardian Angels
focus on Safe Passage routes to ensure
the kiddies get to and from school safely
in other parts of the city.

The Mayor also mentioned the police work
daily to make Michigan Avenue safe. We
believe Emanuel got mad because the
Guardian Angels were passing out flyers
with safety tips to avoid pick pockets
and purse snatchers.

If you know Miguel Fuentes, the Chicago
chapter leader, you’re probably laughing
now. Fuentes politely told the Mayor that
said Mayor didn’t know what the group did
and invited Emanuel to go on patrol with
the group.

We find it humorous that Chicago has more
homicides than just about any other city
with drive-by shootings nightly, and the
Mayor would take offense to a volunteer
group trying to keep people safe in his

Either that or change the name from
Michigan Avenue to Muggers’ Mile and
make it official.

We hope the Guardian Angels are around
for another 34 years. Keep up the good
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Baby instructions

July 28, 2013

We just did a post on how it was when we
were growing up and all the things we did

In this new information age we feel it
is only fair if we get some information
that isn’t well known yet, we should
share it.

We hope this helps answer the questions
that all the new fathers out there have.


You can thank us later.
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Wasted youth?

July 27, 2013


It was one of those cool summer days that gets
me reminiscing about the good old days. It
would have been a perfect day to get the
guys together for a football game in the
vacant lot near our house.

Then I received an email from a friend
that mentioned the days before ‘fast food’
which opened the floodgates and washed
me down memory lane.

Remember supper with the family? Saying
grace before the meal and asking to be
excused after.

It was a time before we had a ZIP code
and phone numbers started with letters.
A time when TV was black and white and
radio was AM.

A time of Five and Dime stores and soda
fountains. And the closest thing to fast
food was a drive-in restaurant.

And we wore hand-me-downs, rode bicycles
as big as Buicks, and drank from the
garden hose.

But we also remember what we used to
watch on TV and in the Theaters. Kisses
were short with mouths closed and if a
bedroom scene was shown the married
retired in twin beds.

There was smoking and drinking in the
visual offerings, but sex and violence
were almost unheard of. Movies didn’t
need a rating because there was nothing
offensive in them.

Today violence, sex, and profanity have
invaded the offerings from the studios
and it makes us wonder.

Was it really that boring not having
all that violence, sex, and profanity
in our daily lives?

We still say please and thank you to
the waitress who refills our coffee cup
and are not embarrassed to do so.

Sometimes we think it could be selective
memory, but we believe that growing up
before our country went morally bankrupt
was the best thing that could happen to

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The nickel tour

July 26, 2013

Here are a few things about cars you may
not have seen before. And even if you
have seen them, they are fun to watch again.

Tim Allen is known for his ‘Home
Improvement’ show, but here is a look at
his car collection.

Since we never get tired of looking at
rat rods we present Satan’s Rat-Rod as
told by the folks at Big Muscle.

Here is video of the 401k Charity Show

For our automotive educational video of
the week we present “How not to run a

This one isn’t about cars, driving,
racing, or burning rubber. It is just a
short clip of Larry the Cable Guy
speaking his mind about gays and freedom.

And for music we have Billy Joel and
one of our favorites.

That concludes the nickel tour of our
coverage of things automotive and more.
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One wonders…

July 26, 2013


The circus atmosphere just doesn’t seen
to go away here in our little river city
and now the Calliope music can be heard
all over town.

One recent event in our three-ring
circus occurred when a member of the RDA
(Riverboat Development Authority) stated
that the members of the RDA were all

This would appear to be a misleading
statement at best. According to the
RDA website:

RDA has 12 volunteers from all parts of
Scott County and a full time Executive
Officer, the President, Mary Ellen

That statement from their own website
would imply that said President does
indeed draw a salary.

And the City Council has now voted twice
to raise our sewer rates (taxes).
One more vote and it will pass.

If someone could explain how this tax
increase will do anything to stop the problem
of raw sewage in basements, and the owners
of said basements suing the City, we are
all ears.

Currently we believe there are at least
12 lawsuits against the City. We have
heard damage estimates as high as $20,000
from a problem the City admits it will
not fix.

But how will raising our sewer rates by
15% in the next two years, plus adding
another $2 per quarter, stop the backup.

Does the city actually believe that the
best solution is to offer those affected
by these backups around $6,500 when
damages are 3 times that amount?

Good thing we stocked up on peanuts.
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Take a deep breath…

July 24, 2013


We feel the saying could also go
“If Trayvon Martin had been killed in
an abortion clinic Barack Obama wouldn’t
even know his name”.

Or it could be “If Trayvon Martin had
been shot in Chicago Barack Obama wouldn’t
even know his name”.

What we cannot understand is how people
can get so worked up over one and not the

If one is really a caring person how
can he knowingly incite a segment of
our population?

And who brought the race issue into it?
People forget Zimmerman was first called
a ‘White Hispanic’.

Why aren’t the gay people up in arms
if, in fact, Mr. Martin thought Mr.
Zimmerman was gay?

There are still too many unanswered
questions for anyone to know what really
happened. And with the drive-by media
repeating the same rhetoric as the
politicos, we probably never will know.

But something doesn’t sit right.

The media never showed a recent picture
of Martin, didn’t report that his cargo
of juice and skittles could be used with
cough syrup to make an intoxicant, and
all but called Zimmerman guilty from day

Local law enforcement investigated the
incident and didn’t find probable cause
to file charges. That didn’t happen until
the protests began.

Even after being charged Zimmerman was
acquitted by a jury of his peers, and it
still wasn’t enough.

We might believe what these protesters
are saying if they show up in Chicago
or the Gosnell trial. Until then we will
continue to believe this was an incident
that could have been avoided.

We know it is never easy to lose a child
but we also know nothing can bring them
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Age old questions

July 24, 2013

All our recent talk of politics and
phony preachers got me wondering. One
of mans age-old questions that go back
decades kept running through what’s
left of my brain.

Can a garbage truck crush a car? We
now have an answer.

Finding the answer to that question
emboldened us to seek further knowledge
from the sages along the information

We decided to go in search of the Holy
Grail of gearhead lore and find the
best answer available to another question.
Is hot rodding dead?

We feel we have succeeded and will
share what we have found with you. Yes,
we now have proof, thanks to following
video, that hot rodding is not dead!

With the discussion of politics and the
information shared in this post we
declare this cruise finished and our
questions answered.

We will hose off the road grime, throw
on a coat of wax, and prepare for our
next blast down the road we know as the

Please feel free to share this worthless
information. And you never know, you
could end up on a game show where the
final question could be “Can you crush
a car with garbage truck”!
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