Snowfall and politicians

January 31, 2016

The weekend is winding down and the work week will
soon begin. In Iowa that can only mean one thing this
time of year, the weather is going to change.


After of few days with temperatures in the 40s to
lull us into a false sense that things were getting
better, a winter storm is supposed to hit most of our
state tomorrow. Up to eight inches on the west coast
of Iowa while here on the east coast we’re told a
dusting to an inch of white stuff. Bring it!

We have the caucus tomorrow night and we know
many Iowans can’t wait, us included. We have filled
our recycle bin with mailers from the seemingly endless
supply of Republican candidates and have received over
240 robo-calls in the last week alone.

Then we have the town halls, the meet and greets, and
have had 6 candidates in town at one time all needing
our police while closing our streets in the name of

It is to the point that once a politician starts
talking we know line and verse what they’re going to
say. We can’t turn on our TVs without being inundated
with political commercials that seem to run for ten
minutes at a time. And we’re still 10 months away from
the general election.

But at the end of the day tomorrow Iowa will no
longer be the focus and candidates are already packing
up and heading east for some camera time before the
next caucus. We have no car in the race and don’t care
who wins what as long as they stop the deluge of junk.

So if they’re heading your way get ready, if they’re
not celebrate. We’re not going to get snow if the
forecast is right but we have plenty of candidates if
somebody needs them. Enjoy your Monday as I know we
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Sunday snicker

January 30, 2016


A friend shared this joke with wife and even though
I’ll probably go to hell for showing it here, we’ll
share it with you anyway.

Three little boys were concerned because they couldn’t
get anyone to play with them. They decided it was
because they had not been baptized and didn’t go to
Sunday school.

So they went to the nearest church. But, only the
janitor was there.

One little boy said, “We need to be baptized because
no one will come out and play with us. Will you baptize us?”

“Sure,” said the janitor.

He took them into the bathroom and dunked their little
heads in the toilet bowl one at a time. Then he said,
“You are now baptized!”

When they got outside, one of them asked, “What
religion do you think we are?”

The oldest one said, “We’re not Kathlick, because they
pour the water on you.We’re not Babtis, because they
dunk all of you in the water. We’re not Methdiss,
because they just sprinkle water on you.”

The littlest one said, “Didn’t you smell that water?”

They all joined in asking, ‘Yeah! What do you think
that means?’

“I think it means we’re Pisskopailians.
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Busy day

January 29, 2016

1-29 013

The day started at the grocery store around 7 a.m.,
and I finally get to catch my breath. It has been
such a great day I had to enjoy the great outdoors
before the next cold snap.

And now it’s time for a pizza, my toothbrush, and
a nap. But before I start that process I wanted to
mention a lullaby that Frank Sinatra sang when
records spun at 78 rpm.

It’s called “Hush-A-Bye-Island” and the lyrics are
as follows:

Close your eyes, my little darling,
‘Cause it’s time to drift away
To Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay.

By a candy-coated mountain
You’ll have lots of time to play
On Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay.

You can take the Toytown trolley
And meet the Jolly Times express –
No one there is melancholy;
It’s an isle of happiness.

Don’t you keep your dreamboat waiting;
Hope you’ll have a pleasant stay
On Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay

So if you have a cranky little one, or just
like Sinatra, you can play this video and
lull the little one to sleep and get a big
smile doing it.

I listened to it twice and I’m going to put
my yawns to good use by filling them with
pizza. Have a good night.
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That feeling

January 28, 2016

The one you get when the errands are all ran and you
get back home only to discover you lost your house


A friend stopped over last night for a visit so I
thought it strange that he would call today. When
I picked up the phone he explained that when he got
back home his keys were missing and he wondered if
I had found them. I had not.

He knows I have only lost my keys once and thought
it was because I put mine on a carabiner and hang
them on a belt loop just like I did when the Navy
was my employer. He was of the belief that I began
putting my keys on my belt loop after I lost them.

So I explained that I had been using a carabiner
for decades and they have never failed me. That
being said, it didn’t fail me the only time I
lost my keys either. My belt loop did.

Of course it had to happen when we were working
out of town on a demolition job which made the
retrieval of said keys more interesting. But get
them back I did and I haven’t lost them since.

He still hasn’t found his keys and I’ve done
what I can from this end. The kitchen has been
checked and my new tactical flashlight worked
great while hunting outside. They aren’t here.

But as someone who has lost keys before I know
what it feels like and hope he finds them at
his place.
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What a day

January 27, 2016


It’s been one those days that you could feel
great waking up. The sun is shining and the
temperatures are in the mid 30s. A rare winter
day indeed.

After some coffee to get me started, I put on
a jacket and went out to face the day. The very
first thing I saw was a small rabbit scampering
across the lawn. And he even looked happy to
see such a beautiful day!

Then I looked up to see the sun sparkling off
the old pine tree, the jet taking people away
on some adventure, and the clouds letting me
know they’re around too.

There was no wind and the birds were trying
to soar to the heavens while other critters
could be heard scampering around the brush.
With a little imagination you could almost
hear the Mississippi river rolling toward
the Gulf.

I can’t say I’d like this weather all the
winter, but it seems to rejuvenate the
spirit when it does make an appearance. A
day like today makes it hard for me to
believe some can state there is no God.

Regardless of the weather where you are
we hope you enjoy today as much as we do.
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Peace with Hitler?

January 26, 2016

It is that time in the cycle when we are inundated
with politicians, their rhetoric, and those who
protest against candidates. As always, the candidates
orate on what is wrong with our country and how they’ll
fix the problem.

The issues are many, but we wish to concentrate on one.
That issue is the refusal of the current administration
to admit that there are those who wish to do us harm,
and militant Muslim organizations like ISIS.

We hear almost daily how we have to accept tens of
thousands of immigrants, mostly women and children,
and that they come in peace. Yet rapes and murders
are happening in countries that have embraced this

So what would say if we told you that in 1941, here
in the U.S.A., protesters were saying we should make
peace with Hitler because he hadn’t attacked us?

A friend sent us the video and it made us realize,
once again, that not much is new. Now we have those
who opine that all the terrorists need are jobs,
that those who come here and hate us and our flag
have rights, and want no war.

History tells us that spreading the love can’t
solve all problems. We in no way mean to imply
that ISIS is akin to Nazi Germany or that all of
the Muslim faith are terrorists.

One major difference is that around the time
said video was made immigrants came here willing
to work and make a better life for their kin.
Those who come today tell us what we’re doing
wrong, how our flag offends them, and what they
want. Seems ironic doesn’t it?
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Everybody’s buddy

January 25, 2016


We are at a time when those running for office want us to
believe we are their buddies. They feel our pain, they know
what ails us, and they spout the same rhetoric every other
politician in history has uttered.

Some forget our Constitution and Bill of Rights ensures
that said rights cannot be taken away. Those who don’t
like guns promise to confiscate them, those that don’t
like the truth wish to sanction our speech, while still
others feel we don’t have the right to offend anyone.

Rumors say the RINOs are after Trump and don’t want
him elected and thus disrupt the status quo. We’re sure
the Donald isn’t worried as the same group has been
after Obama for 7 years and haven’t stopped him.

And all have plans to tighten the budget, give away
even more free stuff, or change how the rest of the
world perceives us. Healthcare is a big issue also.
The answer to our healthcare problems is make it free,
enhance Obamacare to make it better, or put it back
the way it was.

Bad mouthing opponents seems to be in vogue again
while we’re told why the one putting down others is
a better fit for the job. If they are as bad as the
rest are calling them, why do we want any of them?

It is about 10 months until the dust settles and we
get to choose between the survivors, yet we’re more
than tired of the whole thing. If all this in fighting
is going on now, we wonder what things will be like
once somebody wins. We could use a grown up in the
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