Shows and things

May 31, 2012

The show and cruise scene is heating
up so we will list some of the events
going on.

Friday, June 1, is the Dick-N-Sons
Car Show, held at the Dick-N-Sons
complex in Blue Grass, Iowa from
6-9 pm. For more info call 563-381-3220
or email

Friday, June 1, is the Cruise on down
to Advance at the store, 902 West
Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa. Runs
from 6-9 pm.

Friday, June 1, is Show Off Friday in
Riverview Park, Independence, Iowa from
6-9 pm. For more info call 319-961-6686
or email

Saturday, June 2, is Saturday in the
River Walk Cruise in Riverwalk Park,
Independence, Iowa from 9 am to 6 pm.
For more info, see above.

Saturday, June 2, Cordova Dragway
is having the Hot Summer Nights with
live music and bracket racing. Gates
open at 10 am.

Saturday, June 2, is the Mississippi
Valley Mustang Roundup at the Milan
HyVee, Milan, Illinois 4-9 pm.

Sunday, June 3, is the Rail Town Rumble
in Lincoln Park, Galesburg, Illinois,
from 9 am to 4 pm. This is a free show
and goes on rain or shine. For more info
call 309-337-1967 o email

There is a lot more going on, but if you’re
looking for something to do this weekend
these will give you some options.
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How bad is it?

May 30, 2012

It still amazes us how apathetic our
fellow citizens have become. And that
worries us.

People watch food prices skyrocket,
home values plummet, car prices
spike up, and don’t see where it is

People listen to the speeches but
don’t hear the content. Remember “if
you make under $250,000 you will not
see a tax increase”? Wait until next

People are getting a higher education
without learning anything beyond their
projected career needs, while truth
has become an inconvenience.

People say they are patriotic Americans
and won’t stop talking during the
National Anthem, or sit down in the
middle of a flag ceremony.

People claim to be religious only
to keep silent when their right to
worship is under attack. Separation
of Church and State is only mentioned
when it is helpful to the politician.

And people keep electing the same
politicians into office who spend
our money faster than we can make it,
on things we don’t need, to benefit
people who won’t use them.

Yet we often hear ‘it doesn’t affect
me so why should I care?’ from most,
while others shout ‘the government
should give me more’ and those who
pay no taxes proclaim ‘tax the rich’.

Rather we like it or not we are all
in this together. When reality finally
sets in someone is going to have to
pay, we just hope we can afford it.
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Glitch alert

May 30, 2012

If you sent us an email, and are awaiting a reply, we have been
temporarily barred from sending any emails. Yahoo claims our account
has been seeing suspicious activity; must be conservative based emails,
and won’t allow us to send any emails. We will start answering emails
as soon as we get the problem fixed.

The non-sense

May 29, 2012

Sometimes we wonder when the citizens of
America got so complacent. We will list
some things that should have got people
worked up, and didn’t.

Democrat, Republican, Progressive,
Conservative, or Independent these facts
and figure should get your dander up.

One word, Solyndra. With a $733 billion
factory complete with spa-like showers,
robots that whistled Disney tunes, and
fancy glass-walled conference rooms.

One facilities manager at Solyndra
compared the plant to the Taj Mahal. And
the company still owes the taxpayers

The GSA conference in Las Vegas
that cost taxpayers over $800,000. And
only 300 people attended!

Then the GSA spent $330,000 to relocate
one employee from Denver to Hawaii.

The perks of Obamacare:

Like the city of Nashville getting $7.5
million to provide free pet spaying and

The New York Department of Health getting
$3 million to lobby for a soda tax initiative.

Boston got $1 million for urban gardening.
And the list goes on.

Congress hasn’t had a budget in 3 years, next
year will bring a huge tax increase if nothing
is done, yet we keep electing the same people
back in to do it to us again.

And the president believes he ‘deserves’
another term? Our children can’t afford it.
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Dollar sense

May 28, 2012

A friend passed along an email about the
dollar bill. We were amazed at how little
we knew about it. So if you’re like us and
thought you knew about the dollar, keep

The current design on the dollar bill goes
back to 1957. Although it had been used on
our coins, 1957 saw the first bills printed
with “In God We Trust”.

On the front of a dollar bill there is a
United States Treasury Seal with a set of
scales in it. Some believe the scales
represent a balanced budget. The Treasury
Department, which has nothing to do with
the budget, claims the balancing scales
represent justice.

In the center of the Treasury Seal some
say is a carpenter’s T-square denoting a
tool used for a straight cut. It is really
a chevron with 13 stars to represent the
original 13 colonies.

Below that in the seal is a key. Some say
it is to the United States Treasury, others
that it is a symbol of authority.

On the back of the bill are two circles
which represent both sides of the Great Seal
of the United States.

The left hand circle contains an uncapped
pyramid which represents ‘Strength and Duration’.
Above the pyramid is ANNUIT COEPTIS which is
Latin for “God has favored our undertaking.”

Inside the capstone you have the all-seeing
eye, an ancient symbol for divinity.

Below the pyramid, in Latin, is NOVUS ORDO
SECLORUM which means “A new order has begun.”
At the base of the pyramid is the Roman
numerals for 1776. Others say it stands for
May 1, 1776, the date of the founding of the

The circle on the right is the other side of
the seal with the eagle facing right towards the
talon with an olive branch with 13 leaves and
13 olives. The talon on the eagle’s left contains
13 arrows. It represents a country at peace but
ready to defend itself if necessary.

In the eagle’s beak is a banner that reads
EPLURIBUS UNUM meaning ‘from many (people) one

The shield in front of the eagle is unsupported,
denoting that the country could now stand
on its own. The shield represents red and white
stripes with a blue bar on top. The red denotes
hardiness and valor, the white purity and
innocence, and the blue, vigilance, perseverance,
and justice.

Above the eagle is an arrangement of 13 stars
forming a Star of David. It was a reward to
honor Hayyim Solomon, a wealthy Philadelphia
Jew who financed the Continental Army during
the revolutionary war and later died a pauper.

Now we know.
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Lest we forget….

May 28, 2012

Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is nigh.
Fading light dims the sight
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright
From afar, drawing near
Falls the night.
Thanks and praise for our days
Neath the sun, neath the stars, neath the sky
As we go, this we know
God is nigh.

Sailboat races & Goober Gardens

May 27, 2012

Doc sent word that Memorial Day there will
be races at the Lake Davenport Sailing Club at 10 am, 1 pm
and 2 pm. If you have the day off, watching
sailboat races might have a calming effect.

We weren’t going to do any political posts
until after the holiday, but can’t help it.
In the QC Times is an article by Alma Gaul.

The article concerns the new half-million
dollar garden going in at Vander Veer park.
Once again it is a ‘first’ in the QC area
and will be used by thousands.

Mayor Goober is quoted with “You have to
drive clear to Chicago to see anything like
what we soon will have here in Davenport.”

How many times do we have to hear that before
it gets old. The River Music Experience was
going stimulate downtown; the skybridge was
going to bring several thousand visitors a

We also wonder about upkeep and maintainance
of the new garden. We didn’t see a yearly
cost estimate anywhere, in anything, we have

At least Aldermen Nathan Brown, Bill Edmond,
and Mike Matson voted against it. We want to
thank you for doing so.

With talk of overflowing trash barrels, high
grass, and other problems with our parks, we
believe the money would have been better spent
maintaining what we already have in our parks.

We know, it’s a different part of the budget.
Here’s a suggestion, put less in capital
improvement and add to the park money so they
be kept in clean, safe, order.
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The real meaning of Memorial Day

May 27, 2012

Holiday thoughts

May 26, 2012

Sometimes we dance with the devil, sometimes
we sing with the choir, and other times we
just bang on the pots and pans to make noise.

This weekend we are all Americans hopefully
celebrating Memorial day. We can still dance,
sing, or pound out a beat, but we need to take
a few minutes to learn about the holiday that
gives most a long weekend.

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration
Day, began after the Civil War to honor the
fallen soldiers of that war. Later it extended
to all the fallen from all the wars, and loved

Memorial Day was first observed on May 30,
1868 and flowers were placed on all the
graves at Arlington National Cemetary. It is
not about division, it is a day of

It is a day to remember. Regardless of our
political differences, our religious beliefs,
or our feelings toward war, we should take
a moment during the weekend to remember
those who gave all.

We should take a moment to remember loved
ones and friends who are no longer with us
also. The fallen have kept us free and our
loved ones and friends helped us to be the
people we are today.

If you have a flag, it would be a good time
to display it. You should take it down
before sunset if you don’t have a light to
shine on it, but it only takes a minute to put
back up the next day.

So by all means have the hot dogs, potato
salad, and beer, we just ask you take a
moment to remember. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t
take long, and doesn’t cost anything.
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Some weekend ideas

May 24, 2012

The weekend is here again, the weather is
warming up, and the rides should be out.
We’ll list a few things going on, and a
few you don’t even have to leave your
house to see.

Weather permitting, there will be races
at the Fairgrounds here and at Hawkeye
Downs. If racing isn’t your thing, here
are some events you can show your ride

The racing at Hawkeye Downs for Friday,
May 25, has been cancelled.

Friday, May 25th is Poopy’s Car Night, held
at 1030 Viaduct Road, Savanna, Illinois,
from 5-8:30 pm. If you need more information
call Dale Brown at 815-275-2294.

Saturday, May 26 is the Quad City Camaro
Club Car Show, held at Frank’s Pizza, 711
1st Avenue, Silvis, Illinois, from 10 am
to 3 pm. Call Dave Hedberg at 563-260-1746
for more information.

Also Saturday, May 26 is the St. Jude
Runners’ Charity Car Show, at Uftring
Chevrolet, 1860 Washington Road, Washington,
Illinois from 8 am to 2 pm. For more
details cal Elaine Kasky at 309-698-0022.

Sunday, May 27, is the Mt. Carroll Mayfest
Car Show in Mt. Carroll, Illinois from 9 am
to 4 pm. Call Pat Bausman at 815-244-9788 if
you want to know more.

Monday, May 28, is the Memorial Monday
Rod Run Reunion at the Carroll County
Fairgrounds in Milledgeville, Illinois.
You can call 815-973-1672 to get the facts.

Friday, June 1, is the Dick-N-Sons Car
Show at the Dick-N-Sons Lumber Complex in
Blue Grass, Iowa. Just call 563-380-3220
for the information you need.

If you can’t get out, but still want
to look at some nice cars, Ed Brown’s Shop
is a good place to go.

And, if you can’t get out, but want to
get a little farther out try Stratocam.
It is a whole different look at our planet.
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