Sunday snicker

March 31, 2019

This week we’ll share some short letters written by children to their Pastors. We hope you like them.

Dear Pastor, I know God loves everybody but He never met my sister. Yours sincerely, Arnold. Age 8, Nashville.

Dear Pastor, I’m sorry I can’t leave more money in the plate, but my father didn’t give me a raise in my allowance. Could you have a sermon about a raise in my allowance? Love, Patty. Age 10, New Haven

Dear Pastor, I think a lot more people would come to your church if you moved it to Disneyland. Loreen. Age 9. Tacoma

Dear Pastor, I liked your sermon where you said that good health is more important than money but I still want a raise in my allowance. Sincerely, Eleanor. Age 12, Sarasota

Dear Pastor, Please pray for all the airline pilots. I am flying to California tomorrow. Laurie. Age 10, New York City

Dear Pastor, Please say a prayer for our Little League team. We need God’s help or a new pitcher. Thank you. Alexander. Age 10, Raleigh

Dear Pastor, Who does God pray to? Is there a God for God? Sincerely, Christopher. Age 9, Titusville

Dear Pastor, Are there any devils on earth? I think there may be one in my class. Carla. Age 10, Salina

Dear Pastor, How does God know the good people from the bad people? Do you tell Him or does He read about it in the newspapers? Sincerely, Marie. Age 9, Lewiston

Brain fogs

March 30, 2019

I woke up late this morning, grabbed the camera, and got a shot of this robin in a neighbors yard. The bird looked to be checking me out as much as I focusing on him. A fine looking specimen I thought. No idea what he thought of me.

It’s been one of those days when the brain feels foggy and the body like it’s made of silly putty. This will pass but while it’s going on makes things harder than they actually are and turns a simple task into a major chore.

At the rate things are going I get up to speed about the time I go to bed. Makes one glad this doesn’t happen very often. My brain fog doesn’t seem to affect the wild critters as they went about their daily rituals. Mama cat wanted fed while the birds and squirrels moved about waiting for their feed to be put out.

Soon I will be outside again seeing what’s to be seen and bundling up some hedge clippings and brush. I may even put the camera on the porch in case something interesting flies or scampers by. If nothing does the camera will sit on the porch until I’m headed back inside.

Enjoy our Saturday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some more coffee to jump start the rest of the cay.
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Living large

March 29, 2019

The sunrise yesterday was an amazing sight to behold. It put an instant smile on my face that lasted all day. I know the lines are just contrails from various jets passing over and yet it made the sunrise what it was.

This female cardinal was perched on the phone lines while listening to her mate serenade her from a nearby tree. She must have been impressed as before long they flew off side by side. I couldn’t get a picture of them flying off as too many trees were in the way.

And a robin was in the tree to remind us that spring is here. At least in spirit. He was singing also but it didn’t sound as sweet as the cardinal. At some point more will join him and we’ll get a better picture.

A pale moon came out in the afternoon and you couldn’t see a lot of detail with the sun out, but it was there. Today is cloudy and will remain so until we get some liquid love from above later. It won’t be enough rain to make the flood worse and the weeds need the moisture.

Finally this blue jay entered the singing competition with a call that could be considered slightly aggravating to some. But there’s no denying he’s a colorful critter.

Enjoy our Friday even if you have clouds like us. Sometimes the clouds are enjoyable to watch too. Now for some more coffee and breakfast. I have been told burritos and pizza are not considered breakfast food.
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It’s official

March 28, 2019

Spring must have sprung and this picture of one that stood still long enough to take it is the proof. I’ve seen some earlier this month but they either flew off before I could focus or my camera was in the office. It isn’t a close up but it is a robin.

Speaking of not having the camera, I went outside yesterday to have a smoke while enjoying the day and noticed a group of around ten turkey buzzards circling to the south. So I ran back into the house to grab the camera.

Yeah, when I got back outside the buzzards were gone. I guess, like my cell phone, I’ll just have to get in the habit of taking the camera with me when going outside. Of course neither the phone or the camera was along on my cruise to get more bird feed.

I remembered that I had forgotten it around the time I passed my favorite part of my favorite creek on the return trip. It still looked like a creek. Next time I’ll have a camera and post a picture so you can see I described it accurately.

Soon the month of April will be here and I’ll pay more attention than I did to March. This month has seemed like it was only 3 days between the first and today.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now for more coffee and breakfast while waiting for sunrise.
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Along for the ride

March 27, 2019

After a busy morning yesterday I kept going outside looking for that ‘Kodak moment’ which seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen. Then this cardinal flew into view and landed on a nearby branch. I was sure the bird would fly away before I could focus the camera.

But he hung around long enough to get a couple of pictures before flying away in a blur of red. Since it was getting close to sunset when he flew away I had my doubts any shots would turn into usable pictures. I guess my luck held out.

So when the sun set behind the trees I snapped a memory of that also. It was not the best sun set shot I ever took but served as a reminder of another great spring day. Makes one look forward to today in hopes it will be better than yesterday.

At least we’ll be a little warmer today and tomorrow before the lows get cool enough that a sprinkling of snow is in the forecast for the weekend. Nothing that will stick yet a reminder not to put the jackets until fall. After all, we can’t change the weather, we’re just along for the ride.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we will after more coffee and breakfast. I’m thinking about something different today like bacon and eggs. We’ll see what happens as the day goes on.
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What a day

March 26, 2019

This has been a trying day. Got up, had some coffee then decided to shave. And that’s when the trouble started. Turned on my cordless shaver only discover it needed a charge. No problem, use the back-up safety razor.

Problem, the blade in the razor was dull and I had no more blades. So it was time for a shower. That went well but as I came back downstairs I tripped over a cat. No damage done so I headed to the kitchen where a full water bowl for the cats was now all over the floor.

A mop fixed that so I headed over to visit Dad. Although he said he wasn’t feeling too hot we did have a good talk. We talked of rough seas and sailors who got sea sick. We talked of the cruise ship that went DIW (dead in the water) during a storm.

So leaving Dads, and thinking I was done for the day, headed home to find the wife wanted to go Verizon to see if they could fix her tablet. She mentioned getting a phone for me while there but after looking around and listening to the salesman preach on the features of every phone in the place I decided to wait.

Since we were out and it wasn’t too late we stopped for lunch. My cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese was done to perfection and the wife said her soup was good so we headed home. I thought it a perfect time take the camera and get some critter shots. No feral cats, no song birds, no pelicans, eagles, hawks, or buzzards appeared while I was out the camera.

It was then I remembered a post had not been done today. I think it’s time to go back to bed and start the day fresh when wake up. Enjoy our Wednesday as I will in dreamland. But first I need another cup of coffee.
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Here we go again

March 25, 2019

Well we know Trump didn’t rig the election now. Some of us knew it all along while others still cling to hopes of impeachment. Demands are being made by some members of Congress to see the entire report which they claim is their right.

If these same people spent as much time upholding the Constitution as they do trying to get rid of Trump our country could be a better place. We need not worry though as the talking heads some call reporters are all over it and are not shy when giving their opinions.

It does make one wonder what they are up to while displaying such public outrage. Trying to pass more gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens perhaps? This is getting old.

And how many Democrats are in the running to be the candidate to run against Trump in 2020? It should make for interesting times if one is interested in such things. It’s already funny. I find it amusing that a few I heard are running to better the economy.

What’s wrong with it now? And even I can see the problems with Medicare for all. And the automated calls are already starting asking who we’ll vote for. It would help if we knew who was running before we state we wouldn’t vote for them.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of rest of our lives. Now for some coffee.
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Sunday snicker

March 24, 2019

A Catholic Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist walk into a bar.

The bartender says, “Oh Goddammit, no! We don’t like jokes in here and if you guys are a part of one, you’re gonna have to leave right now!”
So the catholic priest, rabbi, and atheist leave the bar and a chicken walks in.

The bartender says, “OH COME ON! We don’t serve CHICKENS in here!”

The chicken says, “Do you know somewhere that does?”

The bartender says, “Yeah..”

The chicken asks, “Well, where is it?”

The bartender says, “It’s across the road.”

Of great mornings

March 23, 2019

While outside earlier I noticed this turkey buzzard circling down by the river and watched as the predator got closer. Little did I know that would change shortly.

The bird was soon joined by a group of similar minded buzzards who looped across the sky in their search for prey. Usually when a group circles like that it means road kill or something dead has brought them to the neighborhood.

They kept looking long enough to get these shots but never dived for the prey. Made for an interesting morning to watch the first one glide in from over a mile away and the others come from different directions.
Not sure if they ever found their meal or not.

I glanced around for a moment and saw this small feral cat hiding in the brush across the alley and peeking around the branches. Wasn’t sure if it was a survival tactic or the cat was watching me. Either way made the brush easier to look at. I even saw a small squirrel sitting on a retaining wall enjoy the day.

And last night I didn’t get to see the moon but did witness and amazing sunset. The view was partially blocked by trees and phone and power lines but the sight calmed my restless spirit.

Enjoy our Saturday as I go see what else is going on outside. Who knows? I may even get a work done between the picture-taking.
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March 22, 2019

After two evenings of hiding in the thick clouds the moon graced the sky with its glow last night. Monte said he felt a diet was in order and asked what I thought. I told him he looked great and I wouldn’t change a thing. You can almost see him smiling in the picture above.

This post would have gotten out earlier but it was one of those days that I got up early yet didn’t get much done. Our phone, internet, and TV have been switching off and on like a string of Christmas lights all morning. But critters got fed, I had my coffee, and the wife worked late which meant the cruise to the grocery store was pushed back.

We didn’t get there until after 8:30 am and watched other shoppers to see what they bought during banking hours. We did notice that those who shop later were prone to wearing shorts and athletic attire. I’ll keep my jeans and work clothes thank you.

Getting older means we look at things we’d normally walk by. We got in the aisle that had fruit juices and such and had to stop at a display of energy drinks. Made by the company that brinds us V-8 juice I felt perhaps the name justified the price. Once home I tried one but was not impressed.

I was not energized, the different fruits in the blend were alright, and said drinks didn’t have the caffeine of a cup of coffee. We’re not going to fall for that one again. We did splurge for some Pepperidge Farm cookies and are quite happy with those. I’ll end this here as the energy drink may be time delayed and I’ll have to get busy.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend is here.
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