The Parkers

March 31, 2012

Some might feel we have been playing
cards with a Tarot deck and using
only the evil cards lately. We assure
you this isn’t our intention.

So on a more uplifting note, we’ll tell
the story of a family whom few will know,
but most see a dedication to every day.

Oswald and Deborah Parker worked all
their lives in the automotive industry.
During this time they raised five children;
Margaret (Peg), Veronica (Roni), Edward
(Ned), Robert (Dob), and Leroy.

Both worked in the Drivetrain Development
Division of a major auto manufacturer. She
designed drivetrains to provide smooth and
powerful performance for all vehicles,
while he built and tested prototypes to
ensure they would perform flawlessly.

After 20 years of dedicated service to
the company the couple was a bit perplexed
when the owner called them to his office.
On the way to his office they worried
over what they may have done wrong.

The owner, seeing the grief on their
faces, assured them this would be a
pleasant meeting. He then stated that
because of their dedication his
company was a huge success, and he
would like to see a homage to them in
most vehicles when they left the plant.

The humble couple responded that they were
very happy with their salaries and
positions in the company and that was
enough for them, and politely refused
the offer.

But the owner wanted to show his
appreciation and set about doing so
without their knowledge. He gave them a
project to build the world’s best
clutchless transmission.

After much trial and error the couple
unveiled the finished project much to
the joy of the owner. And to this day
we still see his appreciation in most
cars on the road.

The owner had a plaque designed to
honor the couple that did not mention
them directly, but honored them none
the less.

The plaque we see is indeed a homage
to the humble couple and once you see
what’s on it you will understand. It
says simply: P-R-N-D-L.
The owner later added OD.
Happy April’s Fools Day.
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No hope?

March 30, 2012

What is the mindset of the person
when the future holds no hope?
Historically, every generation has
had the promise and hope of a
future out there. These kids don’t
have that. It leads to this horrible
fatalism, where life ain’t worth
living anymore.
Wiley Rogers

Chicago has the highest youth
homicide rate in the country.

Youth is considered under 21
in this study.

Chicago’s youth homicide rate
is double that of New York City
and Los Angeles.

Since 2008, more than 530 youth
have been killed in Chicago.

286 youth under the age 18 have
been killed since 2008 in Chicago.

247 youth between the ages of
18 and 20 have been murdered in
Chicago since 2008.

80% of the homicides occur in
22 African-American or Latino
community areas.

These 22 areas represent one
third of the population of

In the West Englewood area on
the South Side, the homicide rate
is nearly five times higher than
than the citywide rate.

22 other Chicago areas had no more
than 1 youth homicide, and at least 3
reported no homicides.

After a high school student was
beaten to death in September 2009,
Attorney General Eric Holder and
the U.S. Education Secretary visited
Chicago and gave a $500,000 grant
to restore a peaceful environment.

The next school year 218 students
were shot and 27 student deaths
were reported.

Local groups have worked to stem
the violence; but where is the

Everything here was taken from an
article in the Chicago
Reporter from January 25th of this
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March 30, 2012

We have long said that common sense
is dead. Now it seems truth is on life
support and will not make it either. Let
us explain.

Readily admitting we don’t watch much
TV, we heard of a new show called ‘Dance Moms’.
If those involved with this show were
honest, they would call it ‘Eye Candy
for Pedophiles’.

If the media were honest, everyone
would know that last year Obama made
65 domestic flights over 104 days,
six trips to eight countries over 22
days, and six vacation trips over 32

This does not include the 196 helicopter
trips he took last year! And for every
hour Air Force 1 is in the air it costs
us $181,757. That doesn’t include travel
costs of Marine 1, the Secret Service,
logistics or local police overtime.

This begs the question: how big is his
carbon footprint? Add his 491 speeches
last year and we’d bet his carbon footprint
is bigger than some cities.

How come we don’t hear more about the
Freedom Group? Sounds like a nice
American entity. Heard of Cerberus
Capital Management? Okay, both are
controlled by George Soros.

We asked because the Freedom Group has
bought up gun and ammunition makers with
names like Bushmaster, Marliln, Remington,
DPMS, Dakota Arms, and H & R. Mr. Soros
believes private citizens should not be
allowed to own or purchase arms.

He also gave millions of dollars to the
2008 campaign of Obama. And lastly…

Why hasn’t Justice Elena Kagan recuse
herself from the Supreme Court case on
Obamacare? She not only supported it,
she worked on the legal defense for it.
We’re just saying.
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Thoughts on junk

March 29, 2012

We’d like to thank Jim Fisher for
the mention of our blog on his talk
radio show yesterday. We listen to
his show on WOC Talk Radio as often
as we can. He does seem to enjoy
his job.

Then there is the meeting tonight
about city government calling some
businesses ‘junk yards’ and enacting
new statutes to enforce the new

Some of the businesses affected
include: Bobe’s, Cedilco, B & C
Auto Wreckers, Ricker Hill LLC,
Goacher Towing, Worton’s Pine Street
Body Shop, Bob’s Body Shop, John’s
Towing Inc, and the Antique Auto Parts

There are more, but on the form
they are listed by their names and
not business and we won’t list them

At present we know of 34 different
properties, listed under 16 different
names, that are to be considered as
‘junk yards’.

We cannot speak for the businesses
themselves, only from our observations
when we visited some of them.

Most of these we have dealt with have
had the ‘junk’ in an enclosed area, in
fairly neat rows, with buildings kept
in good repair.

We have never had to step over pools
of dirty motor oil, or been assaulted
by vermin while looking for parts.

We have been stopped by prostitutes
asking us if we wanted a ‘date’
while getting out of our car.

How can a city consider it itself
business friendly when it wants to
penalize a junk yard for being a
‘junk yard’?
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Odds and ends

March 29, 2012

Thought we’d mention a few things that
might be important. After we mention
these, we’ll have a little fun.

Later today is the Zoning Board meeting
about the ‘junk yards’, which will be held
at the Police Station at 5 pm.

Free yard waste pick-up will begin on
Monday and run for two weeks. We still
have to put the leaves and clippings in
paper lawn waste bags but don’t need a

If you’re still wrenching on your ride
in preparation for the cruisin’ season,
the first cruise-in is less than a
month away.

We’re told Karl Marx once said, “the
difference between Capitalism and
Communism is that in Capitalism man
exploits man and in Communism it’s
the other way round”.

A complex system that doesn’t work is
invariably found to have evolved from
a simpler system that worked just fine.

Every solution breeds new problems and
every problem costs money.

We are still wondering how to tell
when one is out of invisible ink.

If you never do anything stupid when
you’re young, you won’t have any funny
stories to tell your grandkids when you
get older.

The reason you won’t find any leprechauns
in America is because they’re afraid
Obama would redistribute their pot of
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Talking heads II

March 28, 2012

We feel Americans have been duped. Much
like an Obamarita, which is a margarita
that we order and pay for while someone
else gets to drink it.

We say this because after the young man
in Florida was shot, Obama is now selling
hoodies to finance his campaign. We say
this because of the nonsense over the
idea of that if it had been a black
man that shot a white kid the outrage
from the white community would be
instantaneous and loud.

We submit the following as proof of
what we say.

We will forewarn you the following link
is to a video of a real tragedy. It may
be offensive to some because it is about
a very gruesome crime.

Although it happened in 2007 this is a tragedy.
Do any of you remember Hugh Christopher Newsom,
24, or Channon Gail Christian, 21?

If you’d rather read about it, here is
the wikipedia page on the crime.

We do not mean to belittle what happened
to the young man in Florida but wish to
point out we believe the racism charge
being tossed around is mute.

After they were murdered, their families did a
press release to thank the community for
their prayers, held a candlelight vigil,
held a golf tournament, and established a
memorial foundation so that a senior from
the girls’ high school could attend the
University of Tennessee.

Where was the media? Why don’t we remember
their names, or the many protests and
marches? Stop the nonsense and let the
authorities do their jobs.
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Circus junk

March 27, 2012

There was another story on ‘junk’ properties
in the QC Times Monday that we had a few problems

The picture would lead one to believe that
a lot of things are visible if one would
just walk down the alley involved. We believe
the picture was taken either from a set of
steps or some other form of elevation to
make it appear worse than it really is.

As to Alderman Boom’s comments about when
you see a fences like that and peek in, you
see junk. It is a privacy fence, and it isn’t
junk. We have personally bought a car and
other parts that were in that lot.

We are not in the habit of buying worthless
junk. We also find it odd that the city has
taken commercial property taxes and all the
associated license fees from those mentioned
for years and now want them to jump through
hoops to stay in business.

And aren’t the prostitutes who congregate
at the other end of said alley more of a
‘quality-of-life’ issue than your imagined

We would also guess you won’t be too popular
at the meeting Thursday, at 5 pm, in the
Davenport Police Department. Just another
example of how our city isn’t very business
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