World Alzheimer’s Month

August 31, 2012

September is World Alzheimer’s Month.
As we boomers are aging, more of us are
being diagnosed with this terrible
disease every day.

Even if you don’t personally know
someone with Alzheimer’s you should show
you care. There are many ways one can
do that this month, and we’ll touch on
few here.

Wear purple if you have any purple
clothes and especially on September 21,
which is Alzheimer’s Action Day.

Know the facts, Alzheimer’s is not
normal aging or memory loss, it is a
progressive disease that is fatal.

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of
death in America. After being diagnosed
with Alzheimer’s, patients live an
average of 8 years.

There is no cure for the disease at
the present time. Research is ongoing,
and treatment of symptoms are available.

Alzheimer’s affects 35 million people
and their families. To learn more about
helping with World Alzheimer’s month, go

To learn more about the disease, its
symptoms, and research, please go here.
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Holiday places to go and people to see

August 31, 2012

Labor Day weekend is here. That means there
will be things to do for just about anyone
looking for things to do.

Ongoing through Saturday is the 41st Annual
Chief Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet
at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815
W. Locust St., Davenport, Ia. For more info
call 563-326-5338

Friday & Saturday, August 31- September 1 is
the Dog Days at Bucktown. Held at the Bucktown
Center for the Arts, 225 E. 2nd St., Davenport,
Iowa. This event is free and if want more info
call 309-737-2066

Saturday, August 31, is the Vintage Antique
Motorcycle Races at the Davenport Speedway
inside the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.
Event cost is $15 for adults and things get
going at 6:30 pm. For more information call

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 30-
September 1 the Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
Bailey Circus will be at the i wireless
Center, 1201 River Dr., Moline, Illinois.
Tickets run $13 to $65 and for more info
call 1-800-745-3000

Saturday, September 1, is the Rock Island
Grand Prix held in the District, 18th St.
and 4th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois. Runs
8am to 5 pm and is a free event for spectators.

Sunday & Monday, September 2-3 is McCausland
Days in McCausland, Iowa. Events include
games, a car show, a street dance, and a
run/walk. For more info call 563-320-5952

Saturday & Sunday, September 1-2, is the
Quad-City Air Show at the Davenport Municipal
Airport, 9242 Harrison St. For more info call

There are more events, but these should
give you an idea.
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The lazy bums who don’t deserve it

August 30, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered how government
programs work, or why our government is
a money pit, take a couple minutes to
watch this video.
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Campaign/reader rant

August 29, 2012

This will be another reader rant after
a short rant of our own.

In this election the Democrats seemed
to have gone off message, and it is
getting old fast.

Instead of hurling baseless allegations
at your opponent, tell us why you should
get our vote.

Instead of accusations, give us your
plan to get our country out of the hole
you put it in.

We’d like to say that as Conservatives we
do not want dirty air, water, or to kill

We also do not condone cutting off
help to those who need it, but would
favor cutting aid to the lazy who do not
deserve it.

As registered Republicans we do not
hate African-Americans, gays, Muslims,
or anyone else. We do hate being told
we have to change the things we believe
in to pacify the few.

Stop the lies, research the history,
and then vote responsibly.

Now we turn the page over to our readers.
If you have something bothering you, now
is a good time to let it out.

As always, there are rules. We just can’t
remember them at the moment. Some research
of our own is needed so we can post the
rules for the next rant.
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Memory lane hotel

August 29, 2012

There is a story in today’s QC Times
today about the old Clayton House

The hotel opened in 1964 and we thought
of it as a destination because you
could swim in the pool even if weren’t
renting a room. There was a charge
involved and we admit to not remembering
how much it was.

I even worked there for a while in the
mid to late 60s.

We remember it had both an indoor and an
outdoor swimming pool, and a decent
restaurant way back when. It was a really
neat place that has since fallen on hard

It is sounding like the property will be
sold, and the hotel razed. We realized
the building layout doesn’t fit into the
new hotel floor plan, but will still hate
to see the building go.

If our memory hasn’t failed us completely,
we believe that when the hotel opened
there was a factory across 3rd street
from it. At that time it might have been
French & Hecht.

So it looks like we’ll have to wait and
see what sort of development will go up
on the property now.
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Did you ever…

August 28, 2012

If you have ever paid attention during
an election year, you have experienced
Deja Moo.

We hear the same old promises and the
same old warnings if the orating candidate
isn’t elected.

They promise us the moon and we end up
with moldy cheese, if we’re lucky.

You know the deal. One candidate will
promise to give grandma a group hug, a
private room in a nursing home, and a
new pair of Reeboks while claiming their
opponent wants her dirty, beaten, or

Up is down, down is up, what works
doesn’t work , facts don’t matter, and
please buy a t-shirt.

Trickle up, trickle down, tingle up
your leg. The best thing since sliced
bread, or the son of satan.

It’s an upcoming ice age, man-made
global warming, a “cleaner” world, but
they won’t mention the ongoing violence.

Free rent, free food, instant
citizenship, healthcare for all,
everything but the facts.

One party is politically correct and
the other party hates everything. And all
the while, neither party comes up with
anything resembling a plan to really get
our country back on her feet.

Believe who you will, vote how you
wish, just don’t tell us you haven’t
heard it all before.
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Mrs. Cruiser’s helpful hints

August 27, 2012

The wife keeps telling me I’m stuck in
the 60s because I think just about
everything is too expensive.

She also keeps an eye out while cruising
the web for homemade potions, cleaners,
and other money-saving ideas.

Thought we’d share some with you today.
Most know baking soda works to get rid of
unwanted odors and that you can make a
paste with baking soda and peroxide to
use as tooth paste.

Here are few uses you may not have heard

You can wipe your car’s windshield with
it to repel rain.

If you scatter baking soda around your
flowerbeds, the rabbits will leave it

If you sprinkle it under the sink and
around basement windowsills, it will keep
out ants and cockroaches.

Sometimes you can save a stiff paint
brush by boiling it in a solution of 1/2
gallon of water, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and
a cup of baking soda.

If you have a slow drain, pour 4 table-
spoons of baking soda in the drain then
add about a cup of vinegar. Let it foam
for about an hour and pour in some hot

Vinegar has some different uses also.
A mixture of 1 gallon of vinegar, 1/2 cup
of regular table salt, and a healthy squirt
of lemon dish detergent is all that’s
needed to get rid of weeds for up to 5

Just put the mixture in a watering can
or spray bottle to use. Claim is this
process works overnight.

The lowly cucumber has some tricks
too. If you’re out of WD-40, you can rub
a cucumber slice on a squeaky hinge. Or
rub a slice on a bathroom mirror to keep
it from fogging up.

If you put some cucumber slices in an
aluminum pie tin and set it in your garden
it will get rid of pests.

A chemical reaction between the aluminum and
the cucumber gives off a scent that we can’t
smell but drives the pests away.

Don’t want a hangover in the morning? Eat
a couple of cucumber slices before going to
bed to wake up headache free.

Have cellulite or wrinkles and want to
tighten things up a bit? Rub a cucumber
slice on the affected area for a few
minutes and the phytochemicals in the
cuke cause the skin to tighten

And of course if you slice them, bread
them, and deep-fry them, cucumbers are
pretty good with dipping sauce too.
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They’re saying what?

August 27, 2012

We have been following the debate over
the future of Social Security, and we
admit to being amused at the direction
it has taken.

Numerous polls, graphs, pie charts,
and videos have been on display to try
to explain what happened. Some have
even taken to calling it an “entitlement”.

Too many people using it, too much fraud
by some medical entities, and not enough
money in the pot. But we feel it is a
simple case of the pot calling the kettle

We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
where the problem lies. It is based in
Washington, D.C. The politicians have
created a mountain out of a molehill by
the simple act of robbing Peter to pay

We, the people, aren’t much better for
buying the bull they’re shipping. In a
recent AP poll, 53% of respondents said
it was ok to raise taxes to save the

Every paycheck our employers, and
ourselves, send money to the government
to pay for Social Security. Every time
it comes into the government coffers,
they spend it somewhere else.

The problem lies not with the program,
or the people who use it, the problem
lies with the government in charge of
running it.

In this election year we will hear from
two opposing sides how they will “fix”
Social Security. We will hear nothing of
how they broke it.

We feel we have paid enough for government
ineptitude. If they feel the only way to
keep it going is to charge us more for
something we have already paid for, we
need to vote them out.

It’s the same old song and dance with
a different band.
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An interesting story

August 26, 2012

We received an email that told of a
little old lady who lived in South
Dakota. Since we had never heard of
said little old lady, we assumed it
would be a story about her and her

Turns out that is not the case at all.
This woman’s claim to fame is that she
was in Austria in 1938 when Hitler took
over, and she talks of it openly.

People either don’t remember, or never
knew, that in 1938 Hitler was a popular
person. Also Austria voted to let Hitler
assume control of their country because
of the economics of the day.

In 1938, Austria had 25% inflation, and
bank loans had 25% interest rates. People
were declaring bankruptcy daily, and most
were begging for food.

Hitler had been in power in Germany since
1933, and the Austrians were promised a
vote for Hitler would end unemployment,
businesses would be helped, and farmers
would get their farms back.

98% voted to annex Austria to Germany.
The same day Hitler was elected, March, 13,
1938, the Catholic schools had a picture of
Hitler hanging where the crucifix had been.

Sunday was named “National Youth Day” and
attendance was mandatory. It started with
political indoctrination, then sports for
the remainder of the day, instead of going
to church.

Disabled people started disappearing soon
after to be rehabilitated, and never seen
again. All this without a shot being fired
or a weapon even being displayed.

In 2010, the Daily Kos had a story about her that
claimed she has a distorted memory.

Also in 2010, truthorfiction claims she is
telling it like it is.

Whichever side you take, Kitty Werthmann
does have an interesting story to tell. She
also claims there are 11 points of comparision
between life in the U.S. now and life under
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Tying up loose ends update

August 24, 2012

This post has a little bit of everything.
We’ll touch on global warming, a neat
little video, a record-breaking collector
car auction, a full-length movie, and
perhaps a little more. Here we go-

Lately it feels like the government wants
to tell us what to do, eat, drive, and
believe. Man-made global warming is one
of our pet peeves, along with the green
house gases BS.

Now it turns out carbon dioxide levels
are at a twenty year low!

And, once again leaked emails are in the news.
This time it involves James Hansen, the
“Godfather of global warming”. It seems he
got a little worried when we had record
lows in 2009.

Of course somehow,the supporters of the
theory will claim that is proof global
warming exists.

We got a neat video by email that
we thought was one of the best we’ve
seen in a while. It’s called “Flying
Over America”.

The 2012 Pebble Beach auction sold
$260 million worth of cars, which set
a record. The link has a slide show if
you want to see how much the big dogs
pay for their toys.

Might as well throw in a movie while we’re
at it. Here is the full length version of
the 1965 hit, Help! If you are
too young to remember, it starred a band
called the Beatles.

Here at Casa Cruiser we are hoping the
week will end soon. It has been a week
filled with losses, and when it rains it
pours. We’ve lost the wife’s Uncle,
Cousin, and today the oldest cat. We are
hoping death does take a holiday.

Enjoy the provided distractions, or at
least check them out.
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