local car club problems

January 31, 2006

Two local clubs who sponser a variety of events have had a shake-up as of late. Seems these two clubs are losing members at an alarming rate. One club I have experience with claims to want new blood in certain areas. Why is it when someone invests their time and money into a club for years they are rewarded by being phased out? Yes new blood would bring new ideas, but if something is working why try to fix it? Could it be an ego problem with newly elected club officers? Time will tell. I think it’s a sad commentary on where local car clubs are headed.

city fees

January 30, 2006

Just a little rant about certain fees in this fine city we call home. I’m glad accidents are down at Brady and Kimberly because of all the cameras on the intersection. I went to pick my son up in the west end and coming home I noticed at the five points intersection that more people were turning right on red with clearly marked no turn signs in all directions. East Locust is a joke, they ought to take down the speed limit signs as they aren’t working. When we go to a Maid-Rite cruise I do 40 in a 35 and everybody blows by me like I’m parked. The parking meter debate downtown is another joke. You can’t go the length of 3rd or 4th street without some sort of construction barricade. How does this help the flow of traffic? While they have the barricades up at Brady and 3rd. they should save us some money and just tear down the old Hotel, the Adler and the Blackhawk, then they would have room for off street parking and not upset the traffic flow downtown.

Cruiser and Wife

January 29, 2006

Just figured I’d put up a picture of myself the mrs. in case anyone wondered what we looked like.

Off subject

January 27, 2006

I was at the local jobber today and all the talk seemed to center around our illustrious Skybridge.
With all the denials around the local politicals could it be a flaw in design or glass manufacture instead of vandals? Of the six or seven people waiting for parts it seemed about an even split. Is it just me or does it seems like the old council just pushed things through without any thought to upkeep and security? There’s enough political blogs around town without adding this one to the roster but it sure seems to be on a lot of peoples minds.

Cure for cabin fever

January 26, 2006

Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26 , the 37th. Annual Rod & Custom Car Show is going to be held at the Monticello Berndes Center, 766 Maple St., Monticello, Iowa. The hours will be- Saturday, 9 a.m. to midnight; Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The website for more information is
We’ve attended this show off and on for years and usually stop by to say hello to Dave Palmer from 3-D Sound.

Starting Line

January 26, 2006

Yesterday Dyno Don Nicholson died and I noticed that no where in the mainstream press was it even mentioned. Seems like if you’re a car guy everything you hear about is word of mouth. Over the weekend was the indoor car show at the expo center in Rock Island, and again hardly a word.
So this blog was started to hopefully have a place for car guys and gals to air their gripes and praises to whatever automotive. This blog will not discriminate against any form of automotive endeavor be it rodders , classics, antiques, tuners , lead sleads, drifters or whatever. As expensive as our hobby is becoming we need to stick together.
Remember kids, this is a work in progress so be patient, at least I’m trying. Feel free to comment and lets see if we can’t make our hobby more enjoyable for all.