Better late than never updates

March 31, 2013


April is here and that can only mean one thing.
Hot days and warm nights are getting closer,
we’re that much closer to the cruise-ins, and
the days are getting longer.

Ok, that’s a couple of things. It also means
we haven’t done an update for a while so now
is the time.

We make no secret of liking anything to do
with the green flash at sunset. If you ever
saw one you would know why. We’ve never seen
one like the following though.

We also like to keep up on the latest
weaponry our armed forces are using. With
recent budget cuts this could become a

Lest you think it was just you, here is a
little something from “the People of Wal-Mart”

And now, a couple real updates. April 1-12
is the free yard waste pick up times for
spring. Just remember to put the leaves and
grass clippings in a city approved paper lawn

Yard waste in plastic bags will not be

Then on Tuesday, April 2nd, is the work shop
on the proposed ferris wheel at the ballpark.
The meeting will be held at Modern Woodman
Park on the 3rd floor level and starts at 9 am.

We thank Alderman Edmond for the information
and assume 3rd floor means use the entrance by
elevator and not the main entrance.

Enjoy April Fool’s Day. (the last two updates
are real).
Comments are always welcome.

Enjoy the day

March 31, 2013

Happy Easter to all!


If you don’t celebrate Easter, happy Sunday.
And if you don’t believe in Sundays, happy
second Saturday of the week.

And if none of that satisfies you, go back
to bed.

Have you ever?

March 30, 2013


We just heard that our local driver’s license
station was going to move soon. It will move
from its current location to the north end of
the Village Shopping Center.

This brought back memories of when I took my
driving test to get my very first license. I
took it in an old Chevy with a standard

The station was then located in the Armory
across the side street from the Brady Street
Stadium. Since I believe that statute of
limitations had run out I will admit to
driving myself to the test.

When I took my test it was raining and of
course I was directed up a short, but steep,
driveway where I had to stop on the hill to
await an opening in the traffic flow.

I was docked a couple of points for spinning
the tires when I took off into traffic, but
aced the rest the test.

I have noticed that kids today don’t seem as
anxious to get their driver’s license as we
were. Some even say they will be the first
generation to embrace public transit.

Green pundits proclaim this could cause the
end of electric vehicles while some of us
remember the feeling of absolute freedom
once we had our license in hand and a car to
use it with.

We were the top dogs, our horizons had been
expanded, and the smile couldn’t be slapped
from our face.

Of course the local police didn’t like our
loud pipes, tire smoking take offs, or our
feeling of invincibility. But tickets were
cheap, we were young, and somehow we

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Change of plans

March 29, 2013

We thought we knew where we were going to cruise
to in this post until we checked email. There are
times when our weird motor gene kicks in, and
this was the time.

A friend sent us an email about Burma-Shave
signs and we thought we had a destination. An
email from another friend changed that when we
opened an email with Vega in the subject line.


Since we had a Vega way back when, this post
will be about the Vert-A-Pac system that was
created just for the Vega.

The Vega, which began its run with the 1971
model year, was designed to be shipped
vertically. This was done because almost twice
as many cars would fit in one rail car on the
nose than lying flat.

Each rail car had nine doors per side which
opened from the top. When the doors were all
opened the Vegas were driven up nose first.


When all nine spots were filled, a huge fork
lift would raise the doors into place and
the cars were hanging like bats in a belfry.

This was possible because of the Vert-A-Pac
system and some basic precautions with the

The cars had to shipped ready to drive off
the doors when they got to their destination.
So GM installed a special baffle in the oil
pan to keep the oil from running out.

The batteries had their filler caps all
moved to rear edge of the case so they
wouldn’t leak, the carburetor float had a
tube that ran overflow to the vapor
canister, and the windshield washer bottle
was at a 45 degree angle.

Then plastic wedges were put in the powertrain
to prevent any damage or leakage. If this
seems like a lot of work to jam twice as
many cars into a railcar, it saved GM about
$150 per car to ship them to the west coast.

And at the time a new Vega sold for $2,000.
The Vega never really took off and by 1977
GM stopped making them and the neat Vert-A-Pac
systems were scrapped.

We’ll mention the Burma-Shave signs in another
Comments are always welcome.

We might get a Patron Saint

March 28, 2013


We noticed yet another news conference by our
Poser in Chief pushing gun control. Suddenly
Newtown is back in the news with added mention
of enough firepower to hijack a Brink’s truck.

Pundits on both sides of the issue are saying
why we should, or should not, punish the legal
gun owners for the deeds of a few criminals.

Obama’s mantra of a kinder, fairer approach to
the issue has been forgotten. We no longer hear
about helping those with mental issues and have
still heard nothing about the murder rate in

And it now appears Pope Francis may even get
involved with the issue. After 20 years of
urging by activists there could be a Patron
Saint of Handgunners.

The story of Saint Gabriel Possenti is an
interesting tale indeed.

The legend goes that in the 19th Century,
St. Gabriel Possenti saved an entire Italian
village with one shot.

Looters and rapist had taken over the town,
the villagers felt helpless, and there seemed
no end to their misery.

The bad guys had sticks, knives, and brute
strength. St. Gabriel Possenti had a loaded
gun. The legend gets fuzzy in places, but
many agree no human died during this shooting.

St. Gabriel aimed at a lizard in the dirt
road and killed it with one shot. This so
terrified the bad guys they left.

Proponents say this signifies the handgun is
a force for good. And just by coincidence, if
you believe in such, this legend was rarely
questioned until the U.S. anti-gun activists
got involved in the 1980s.

Is the story true? Will Gabriel Possenti
become a Patron Saint?

We don’t know. We will have to wait and see
if it comes to pass, and why Obama thinks it’s
wrong if it does.
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It’s official

March 27, 2013


We stopped our association with AARP when they
backed Obama care. We quit going to their website
to do crossword puzzles when they got an
exemption from the healthcare plan.

But because so many tell me I am the oldest kid
they know an idea was hatched to make me an
official old fart.

After much planning and careful execution of
said plan, it’s official.

We are now members of AMAC, Inc. (The Association
of Mature American Citizens)! That should be
proof that I am not the oldest kid.


Racing in another direction, we offer the
following for your perusal.

With the Supreme Court hearing the same-sex
marriage case we thought to go back to a time
when we could use the word “gay” without
offending anyone.



It was a time when our health was taken very




Computers were just getting popular.


Old people were treated with respect.


A time when television was black and white
and beneficial to kids.


And a time when ads portrayed married life as
a little different from some remember.




Those were the days. We’ve somehow lost our
innocence since, or we didn’t have any liberals
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Best laid plans

March 26, 2013


We fired up our little sports car to cruise
the information highway. We took the on-ramp,
got up to speed, and ran right into a traffic

So we decided instead to again mention the
East Side Neighborhood Community Meeting to
be held tomorrow at 6:30 pm at the Davenport
Police Station in the Community Room.

If you haven’t been there before, the doors
to the left inside the lobby will put you
in the room.

When we first heard about this meeting we
thought the timing seemed a little off.
Wouldn’t the NETS unit get better results
if they waited for better weather?

It would seem to us that most people forget
most hassles from last summer by now and
only remember their alley getting plowed in.

If you do have concerns, problems, our
a pet gripe, this would be the meeting to

This would also be a good meeting to
attend if you have any ideas on how to
improve your neighborhood.

But we don’t think they want names of
those you wish would move to another area.
An honest concern or improvement idea
would be welcomed.

If you have questions or concerns you can
contact Officer Quick at 563-529-5316.

And again, we’re pretty sure Officer Quick
does not want to hear about neighbors you
don’t get along with.
Comments are always welcome.