Missouri and other things

June 30, 2007

 Yesterday we took a cruise to Missouri. Even though we took the newer car, we had a great time. We even went a little out of the way to go by the old family stomping grounds. It was a drive back in time. I drove no faster than my guardian angel can fly, and we had no problems.  We kept the shiny side up, rubber side down, and even though my son doesn’t believe it, under the speed limit. Once accross State lines we decided on Kahoka, Missouri as our destination. Turned out to be a good choice. It is a little farming community with a town square. We were as amazed at the price of cigarettes, as the clerk was that we went that far to get them. Generic light 100s’ were $18.21 a carton. They even had the cigars I can’t find locally. We know some people are against smoking. That’s cool. But we don’t smoke where it’s not wanted, we don’t throw our butts out the car window,  we don’t ask anyone for the money to do so, and we pay our own insurance.  So please don’t comment about how you wish all smokers would die.

 I also have to say, I seen more older cars for sale in a ten mile stretch of Rte 136 in Missouri, than I did in all of Iowa on the way down. Next time down I’m going to stop and look at a 1958 Ford station wagon if it’s still there.

 Jim Fisher goes on vacation Monday for a week. Although that would drive me crazy, I think he’s looking forward to it. I think he wants to run some rabbits in a circle again. Have a good time.

 Just a little bit about this Assistant City Administrator. Mr. Redmond Jones is Assistant to the City Administrator, and Mr. Dolan was named Assistant City Administrator by Mr. Malin. The City Council had no say in this. As usual they were told by Mr. Malin it was going to be. I always get a kick out of hearing about how it’s going to save money. I guess I’m not near as smart as Mr. Malin, but if you give one employee a raise, then hire another to take his place, both  with full benefits, I don’t see the savings.

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One of those days open thread

June 28, 2007

 It’s been one of those days. Instead of shooting my truck with my 12 gauge, I thought I’d do a post. This is just a mixture of news, worthless facts, nostalgia, and local government. For the most part it is my thoughts on these subjects. In no particular order, here they are-

 At 7 minutes and 7 seconds after 7am on July 7, 2007 will you have
07:07:07 on 07/07/07
Coker Tire has announced they are now selling a ‘new’ Firestone 820-18 grooved rear tire.

 If you’ve been curious as to what song was number one on the charts the day you were born just go to
If you were born before the 1890s’ it won’t help.

Sometimes I really get a kick out of government. It seems the Neighborhood Partnership Program wants to remove “Neighborhood” from their title if the program did not make adequate provision for grass roots, residential neighborhood participation.

 On that note it would seem someone wants Human Resources Director Dolan to be Assistant City Administrator/Human Resources Director. Of course because of added responsibilities he would get a pay raise of almost $9.000. That doesn’t include benefits which could add up to another $20,000.

 Alderman Van Fossen is acting up again. I cannot condone this continuing. Let’s shift this over so the City Council can take of it. Besides conflict of interest because of the lawsuits, it would seem Malin and Dolan can’t get a handle on it. Get it done, get it over with, and lets go on to something else.

 Also former Alderman Dan Vance died. I considered him among friends, I just wish we would have kept in touch. My heartfelt condolences to this family.

 Comments are always welcome on whatever’s on your mind.


 I’m going to be absent for most of the day today. We are going to cruise on down to Missouri to soak up the sights. If we inadvertantly purchase 20 or so cartons of cigarettes, I hope our Governor doesn’t hold it against me. We’ll se what the day brings.

DOJ e-mail scam

June 27, 2007

 I’ve seen enough about the Howard firing, I’ll wait till the appeal. I recieved notice of an e-mail scam going around. If you recieve an e-mail supposedly from the Department of Justice addressed to “Dear Citizen”, don’t open any attachments or answer the e-mail. Delete the e-mail and clear your deleted items folder. These e-mails look official and may even contain a case number, and state that a complaint was filed by someone. The message may even contain an attachment that supposedly has a copy of the complaint. The DOJ did not send this, and would not send such messages to the public via e-mail

 Computers may be put at risk by simply an attempt to examine them. If you open an attachment it can cause malicious software- e.g., viruses, keystroke loggers, or other Trojan horse programs to be launched. If you recieved this, or want to report a similar hoax, please file an on-line complaint at www.IC3.gov

 This takes you the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the Federal Government. Or you can learn about protecting yourself from malicious spyware and bogus e-mails at www.OnGuardOnline.gov . This site was created by the DOJ in partnership with other federal agencies to help consumers stay safe online. 

Your comments on this, or any subject are welcome. 

Davenport Public Safety Watch map

June 27, 2007

 A few posts ago I mentioned how I thought the map in the QC Times was more of a joke than anything else. I did so for a couple of reasons. The crimes represented aren’t the crimes that are the biggest problem, and there was no mention of total calls. So I contacted the paper on my thoughts.

 Thank you to Mr. Tim D’Avis, Online Director, Quad-City Times for his response to my questions. I asked Mr. D’Avis why the map hasn’t appeared on the website. He replied that they are doing a complementary piece online that should be ready in a couple weeks. I then explained that if this year is like the past years the dispatchers field around 20,000 calls a year. Which would average out to 384.6 calls per week, of which the QC Times only listed 60. While this number could be high, I doubt it dropped that much in one year. Mr. D’Avis said he would pass my suggestion on to the newsroom. While I’m not holding my breath, I believe if the QC Times and Chief Bladel truely want to inform the public on this matter, the total number of calls for the week should be included. We are subscibers to the paper, and have been for many years, and as such feel we have a right to be heard. That’s my take on it, your comments are welcome.

Beyond the streets

June 26, 2007

          The Guardian Angels

We Are:

Volunteers who provide public safety and education in our neighborhood streets, our schools, and cyberspace.

We Are:

Successful professionals, of all economic levels and young people, concerned about our communities.

We Are:

From the Inner-city, the Suburbs, and even the Countryside.

We Are:

Men and women from all backgrounds.

We All:

Work towards a universal goal that everyone has the right and deserves to be safe.

The Dream

That all children will enjoy a safe environment in which they can rise to their full potential, and can acquire indestructible self-esteem, confidence and pride of accomplishment achieved through their contribution and commitment to society.

The Goal

To motivate teachers, parents and children, as mentors and companions to create a safer, more powerful future through our programs and our dedication to personal safety, civic contribution, value develpment and cyber security. To have violence prevention programs in school systems across America for the benefit of students and teachers alike. To be utilized by colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning as the prime resource for training teachers in violence prevention inside and outside of the classroom.

The Plan

Through increased prtnership with the educational, business, cultural, and religious institutions of our communities, we will solidify and expand our pragmatic and positive role model programs. We will continue to focus and enhance our programs in personal safety, neighborhood safety, cyberspace safety and civility, with a special emphasis on  overcoming social and educational adverisity. In concert with our nation’s schools, we will continue our groundbreaking work in developing curricula illustrating and documenting the benefits of violence prevention.

A few things

June 25, 2007

 I promised my wife I’d play nice, and this is my attempt to do so. I have a few things sticking in my craw so I’ll cite them in no particular order.

 The Davenport Public Safety Watch map in the QC Times is a joke. Why didn’t our esteemed Police Chief list the crimes that top the list, not the ones that bring up the rear. For a true understanding of what’s going on in Davenport, aggravated assault should be number one. Vehicle thefts have proven to be below the national average for a few years, and residential burglary is not high on the list. Also, why doesn’t the QC Times post this map, with figures, in the internet edition?

 QCI on his blog has a post about the non-issue of Rock Island-Davenport being chosen the most liveable cities under 100,000 population. The way I read the article in the paper, this is in part for things that haven’t happened yet. I sure didn’t reconize the artists’ rendition of our riverfronts.  It would be interesting to find out 2 things. How many of these Mayors actually toured our area, or did any research on the area at all. The other thing would be how soon after this Winborn announces his run for re-election.

He also is again saying he’s for the VIPs, and against the Guardian Angels. I can see his point, but it makes no sense. If VIPs can’t intervene, how does anything get solved? Do they ask the criminals to stand still so they can take a picture to catch them? Guardian Angels do occasionally intervene. We also do first aid, public relations, and generally are a visible deterent. Saturday when the Guardian Angels patrolled the skybridge twice, I didn’t see any VIPs anywhere. We even went out on the observation end to no avail. If those VIPs were around they really under deep cover.

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 I was saddened to learn of the hospitalization of former Alderman Vance and the accident involving the city worker. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Events open thread

June 24, 2007

 Since it’s Sunday, almost the end of the month, and a dreary day, this will be an open thread. June’s almost gone so I thought I’d list a few car shows and cruise-ins that will be going on in July. This is just a list of some we attend. There are many more. A bigger list would be on the 3D sound website,  or other links listed below.  As always, comments are welcome on any subject. Here’s a list of some of the events-

 Friday, July 6
Dick-N-Sons Cruise Night
Hwy 61 exit #107, 235 N. Oak Lane
Blue Grass, Ia. 6-9 pm
Call 563-381-3220

July 6-8
Goodguys 16th Heartland Nationals
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Ia.

Saturday, July 7
Cruise in the Village of East Davenport
11 am-4 pm
Saturday, July 14
Low Moor Lions Club Car Show
Low Moor, Iowa. 9-4 pm.
Call Orren Thompson at 563-259-8166

Sunday, July 15
Riverfront Classics Car Show
Page Park, Dixon, Illinois. 9-4 pm.
Call Billy at 815-285-0310 or Gary at 815-652-3131

Saturday, July 21
River Valley Classics Cruise Night
Northpark Mall, Davenport, Iowa. 6-10 pm.
Call Don at 563-391-5213

Sunday, July 22
8th Annual Car Show
Blain’s Farm & Fleet
5900 John Deere Rd., Moline, Ill.

 If you’re having a problem commenting on this blog, or snarkys’, please send me an e-mail at cruisinblog@yahoo.com. Thanks.

My health and Heatherton

June 22, 2007

 Some people have been asking about my health lately. Since I went to the Doctor, I figured I’d give them an update. Yesterday I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, and I didn’t feel so hot.
My doctor said eating right doesn’t have to be complicated and it would solve my physical problems. He said just think in colors; Fill your plate with bright colors; greens, yellows, reds, etc.
I went right home and ate an entire bowl of M&M’s and sure enough, I felt better immediately. I never knew eating right could be so easy.

 Now you know. Also this recent Heatherton deal that snarky has on her blog. Why is it these obnoxious, racist, bums have more rights than the rest of us. Every other word is provanity, they’re not afraid to tell white people that it’s ‘their’ neighborhood not ours, they sleep until noon and keep everybody up all night. People who have lived in these neighborhoods for years get robbed, terrorized, and sometimes beaten. The good neighbors have seen their property values go from good to non-existant, except on property tax statements. And all we hear is ‘poor people have rights’. While I agree that every American has rights, how do this bunch get away with violating ours.

 While I know it won’t happen, they should be made responsible for their actions. Break into your neighbors garage, you go to jail. Throw your trash all over, you get a ticket. Assault someone, anyone, and you go to jail. But kick it up a notch. They get arrested, they move, and don’t come back to visit either. Something needs to be done, and while the Mobile Precinct trailer is a good start, it’s not a  solution. And while I’m on the subject of the trailer; how come it doesn’t have a bathroom? Shouldn’t that have been a no-brainer? That’s my opinion on it, comments are welcome.

3rd Street Mart license revoked

June 21, 2007

 After I read shelleys’ post on QCIs’ open thread we recieved a copy of the decision. This thing reads like the Godfather or something. I believe it creates more questions than it answers. You should read the proposed decision for yourself. I should warn you it’s rather lengthy. I’m going to hold my take on it for a little while and look it over better, but as you always know comments are welcome.


 Found out that if they appeal this decision liquor can be sold until the appeal process has ended. Not real good news, but still closer to the end of the line. 

What’s up?

June 21, 2007

 What’s up with all this senseless violence going on lately. Seven mindless morons have to beat up two guys and a girl, and need weapons to do it? Calling this road rage is a huge stretch. It’s a bunch of mutts in a putt bullying a much smaller group. I sure don’t know the answer, but maybe a little time sharing a prison cell with a real tough guy would be the attitude adjustment these jerks need. Does this go on because in our legal system they usually recieve little or no penalty, or is it just some punks whose parents never said no. These are the jerks that will slide through life, never get in a real fight, and brag about their exploits. Beating up on kids and women does not you a man, a fight with a real man would make you soil you pants. That’s my opinion, comments are welcome.

 I forgot, to me, the most important part. To the real man who stepped in so these kids didn’t get killed, a big thumbs up. I didn’t catch your name in the paper, only that you are a bouncer. To me sir you are more than that, you are a true hero.