We know…

August 31, 2022

We’re late again. Been out talking to the neighbor who said he’s taking the tree that was damaged by lightening down today. He seems to have it figured out and while I’ll miss the old tree it will be safer to have it cut down. Now, every time the wind blows I worry about the tree falling and taking out part of somebody else’s house, or ours.

We talked from around 06:30 on, I moved the car around front just in case, and the whole removal is supposed to start around 09:00. Things are going to get a little noisy around here shortly, and it’s going to be a busy day.

In other news, Sgt. Pepper’s Auto Repair is having a garage sale today through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm each day. If you need something this is the place to look. Signs, tools, manuals, automobilia, some furniture, and much more is on sale for your man cave or spacious garage. The address is 323 E. 3rd St., Davenport, Iowa.

We don’t know what all is included in the sale but what we’ve heard there is a lot to choose from. So, if you’re local, or don’t mind a little cruise to get there, go give it a looking over. Enjoy our Wednesday as we will.

Old photographs

August 30, 2022

Took some time away from getting the wifes affairs in order to look at old photographs and go back to the 50s for a while. The pictures were a mix of the hers and mine and at times I caught myself asking ‘was I ever that young?’. Some even had the scalloped edges and white trim around the outside with the date on the bottom.

Most of my pictures were taken with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash model camera which I still have today. When younger I was amazed that a little black box with a viewfinder on top and flash attachment could take such great pictures. And after the film roll was full, we only had to wait about a week for the pictures to get developed.

The wife was born in Florida so lot of her early pictures were taken there and mine, like the one above, were taken on the farm. At least we made it to Florida years ago so she say she’d been back. Once I get our printer fixed we may share some oldies. That reminds me, the Old Threshers Reunion is this week in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It always ends on Labor Day.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will.

Something different

August 29, 2022

There is an event coming up that we have to mention because if you’ve ever been there you remember the place. The event is the Mecum auction at Elmers Auto & Toy Museum which is located at W903 Elmers Rd., Fountain City, Wisconsin. There will be over 100 classic, muscle cars, 150 motorcycles, 700 pedal cars 1,000’s of toys and much more at this auction.

This is an onsite auction and will run from September 14th to September 17th.

I remember when Dale was gracious enough to invite me to ride along and visit this place and I can honestly say if it wasn’t in this collection you don’t need to see it. When we visited there were no cameras allowed but during the auction cameras are encouraged! Thanks again Dale.

If this is something that may interest you keep it in mind. It is an amazing collection and the view isn’t bad either. Enjoy our Monday as some of us go back to work.

Sunday snicker

August 28, 2022

Ernesto, the church gardener, would like to give his place to his friend Kamal, who is unemployed, but he knows that the priest is very strict on one point: All the staff must be Catholic. Unfortunately, Kamal is not Catholic. So Ernesto has an idea: Kamal, let’s say you converted several years ago to the Catholic religion.

That’s nice, but I don’t know anything about the Catholic religion.

Don’t worry, to verify that an employee is Catholic, the priest always asks the same questions. Since I’ve thought of everything, I’ll mark the answers on the lawnmower, so you can just read them!

Kamal is hired. On the first day, while he was mowing the lawn, the priest approached him:

Are you the new gardener? Are you Catholic?

Yes sir, I converted.

Do you know what the mother of Jesus was called?

Kamal leans over the mower and says: Mary.

And the father of Jesus?

Kamal looks back at the mower and says: Joseph.

Could you give me the names of the two thieves who were on either side of Jesus on the cross?

Kamal leans back on the lawnmower, raises his head with a big smile and says: Black and Decker!

A few pictures

August 27, 2022

This is just a test run to see how things work out. Here are a few pictures that I took and also like.

This praying mantis is over 3 inches long and still growing! Read that these critters eat the bad bugs and the good bugs and don’t discriminate. We still like to check them out when we see one.

I thought this was just a clump of leaves until it started moving around the bush. After taking the picture I realized it was some critters home and they were breaking out. Looks almost like a caterpillar coming out the bottom.

Something a little easier to figure out is this little flower. Found it growing by the neighbors fence and got a picture. I thought if the flower started moving away I was out of there.

And I caught sight of the guy sitting in the bush. Also noticed that his molting must be almost done as he had more red on this head than he did last week. Sometimes things do look better when left alone.

We’ll end this with a picture of the moon from a while back. The man in the moon was looking sharp that night but didn’t feel like talking. We did try talking to him but it was a one way trip. Enjoy our Saturday.

Running late

August 26, 2022

I’m running as fast as I can to catch up and am sorry this is late. Sometimes the brain is willing but the body just says ‘oh hell no’. Been running on fumes and every day we get closer to catching up on all the things left undone due to the wifes illness.

Usually, we don’t do two political posts in a row but with Biden in the Oval office it’s hard not to. Heard old brainless Joe called Trump supporters all sorts of things and none good. Correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t he run on being the great unifier who would reach across party lines and bring the parties together?

Since we watch a few short videos we are also wondering what a “vallot” is. This guy makes Mush Mouth from the old cartoons sound like a college professor. Never thought I’d live to see the day that we need an interpreter for our own president. Just goes to show you can learn something everyday. It was amusing to watch Joe try to blame Trump for the Corona virus debacle after taking credit for it.

Enjoy our Friday as we will.

Just another day

August 25, 2022

It’s been a month since we buried the wife, got some rain last night, and Biden is still trying to bankrupt the country. It’s been a learning curve since the wife died, but I’ve got a better handle on things now than I did then. And I’d still like to live in the country I grew up in.

Things were different in the country I grew up in and I still like the way things were then. We were told that if we wanted something we had to work for it, to show respect to our elders and others, to tell the truth always, and to wash our hands before meals. Things are different today.

I talked with the neighbor yesterday, who has a lawn care business, and he stated he can’t find help. He was trying to figure out why he couldn’t find people to work as he offered $25 an hour. If I was younger, I’d jump on that. Today it seems like people think some jobs are beneath them, regardless of pay and the fact that they aren’t working anyway.

Respect is going the way of common sense and I look for the obituary daily. Living here in Iowa we don’t notice it as much as other places, but there are always exceptions. Used to be you’d greet people you met on the street and knew all your neighbors. Now it appears people are looking at their cell phones and don’t even notice if you pass them.

I wouldn’t know where to begin with telling the truth. That’s another word politicians don’t know the meaning of. Everyone tells a little fib now and then so feelings aren’t hurt but I feel things have gotten out of control. There are no consequences for those who break the law for those who have deep pockets.

The hand washing has improved with the covid hoax we had a while back but as for me, I’d rather have one of the others on the list improving. And Biden has overstepped his authority with the student loan forgiveness. We taxpayers had better practice bending over because we’re going to get it.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away.


August 24, 2022

Yes, we know we’re late but I stretched myself too thin yesterday and overslept. That said, I did get more sleep than I had in a while so I’m not complaining. Much like the guy in the picture above the predators are coming out in force. We’re getting close to the election.

I watch local news until coverage of said election is covered when I find a different channel. We can’t be the only ones who are suspicious of gas prices dropping just before the election nor the name calling in the ads of those trying to get reelected. It’s actually amusing to watch, in small doses.

Besides getting things done around here, I’ve talked to different people and one subject that comes up is big pharma. Those I’ve talked to, almost to a person, have agreed that the drug companies don’t want a cure while treating illnesses is more profitable. Some who have diabetes are paying way too much for insulin, and some drugs are out of reach for their finances.

Then we have the talk of forgiving some portion of the student loan debt. Now if that goes through our taxes will be even higher. We have a novel idea, you signed for the loan, you pay it. That’s called being an adult. When election day rolls around, remember who did this to our country and vote them out.

Enjoy our Wednesday as fall is just around the corner.

Luck of the draw

August 23, 2022

I’ve been wondering what I’ve done that made God mad at me. Been trying to get the wifes affairs in order which is like one step forward and two steps back, rinse and repeat. Paid the bills that came in the mail and thought I’d look into what else is out there and not paid.

I found out when cable TV, the phone, and the internet all went out at once yesterday. We have everything bundled, including cell phone, with the same company. Went to make a call to my financial advisor and the phone informed me it was out of service and to call a three-digit number if I had any questions.

After spending too much time, and money, things were straightened out and I was told everything would be up and running again within minutes. And for the most part they were, except I had no internet. No problem I thought as I went about checking out the problem. The wifi was turned off so I thought it might be a good idea to turn it back on.

The program asked for a network ID and I didn’t know it, so I called the provider. The person on the phone claimed the network ID and password were the same so I could just enter the password. She seemed skeptical when I stated I didn’t know the password either. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we once again have internet access. Can hardly wait to see what will happen today.

Enjoy our Tuesday.

Why me?

August 22, 2022

Saturday, I had an oldfart moment that almost got the best of me. On the bright side, it only took me an hour and half to figure it out. My most used electronic device is my tablet. Used mostly for reading e-books and is in constant need of a charge.

Saturday I plugged the charging cord into the tablet, the other end into an outlet, and wait for the expected charging to take place. I admit to being confused when I checked an hour later and the tablet hadn’t charged any. There was not a 1% difference in battery power.

So I check the connection to the tablet, and it was good. Then I check to ensure that other end is connected which it was, yet the tablet wasn’t getting the charge. At this point I’ll point out I have 2 chargers by the same outlet, one for the tablet and one for the cell phone.

As you may have guessed, I had the cord for the cellphone plugged into the tablet and the cord for the tablet plugged into the outlet! Once I discovered what I had done it was an easy fix and the tablet started charging. Enjoy our Monday.