What’s normal?

April 12, 2019

Going through the old pictures I came across those above of the river at regular levels instead of the flood level we currently have. It will be awhile before things get back to normal. These are from early 2017. The top one was taken near Pleasant Valley and the other in the west end of Davenport.

It seems like I’ve been looking at old pictures for months yet know only days have went by since I began. It would make more sense to only put one year on a flash drive instead of several. We do learn from our mistakes.

And something strange happened the other day while it was raining here on the east coast of Iowa. The car looked like we’d driven down a red dirt road before the rain. Since we hadn’t been down said dirt road we wondered where the gritty red mix came from.

The local news informed us that the red dust was actually dirt blown up from Texas by the strong winds. Thank God I’m not going crazy. I just knew it wasn’t the fine white dust of a gravel road, or the gray dust of some dirt roads. Just dust imported from Texas.

Before long we’ll be heading out to get the errands ran before we get hit with something else. Oh yeah, we’ve got snow forecast for Sunday. Enough to measure but the ground’s too warm now for it to stick. We hope so.

Enjoy our Friday as we will and remember, summer isn’t that far away. Now for more coffee.
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Looking back

April 5, 2019

Last night I was up until the wee hours looking at pictures stored on a flash drive while taking a stroll down memory lane. Until three years ago I rarely took pictures of anything then I bought my first digital camera. So here are a few pictures that helped make the walk enjoyable.

This picture was taken on the night of April 22nd, 2016. It has been one my personal favorites ever since. It has won a few awards but I like it because it reminds me of the spirit of Halloween.

This picture, from June of 2016, I call ‘humidity’ as I thought this female cardinal was having her version of a bad hair day. That being said, it was hot and humid when the picture was taken.

This one from mid-May 2016 reminded me that life changes as we waltz through the decades and new beginnings are always popping up.

Another one from May of 2016 shows me the more colorful part of nature and how even a rose is not what if first appears to be. The thorns keep those away who would do it harm, bees live off the pollen, and when one flower fades a bloom opens up to replace it.

Finally, this one also from May of 2016, was taken as a storm front was moving in and just before the rain. Even though it almost looks to be a black and white photo, the clouds drained the color from the world.

I’ll share some more at some point but for now these will have to do. Enjoy our Friday and the pictures. Now I need a gallon of coffee and some breakfast.
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Interesting times

April 3, 2019

One wonders what the history books will have to say about our current decade. Gm bought out Tesla for billions, celebrities were caught buying their kids an entry to colleges, our Constitutional rights have been extended to things never mentioned or intended to be guaranteed, and some politicians have been outed as being a bit strange.

There are many more things that have happened to cause the average person to ponder where all this going. Companies have taken over other companies since there have been businesses, yet with many saying GM still owes our government over $11 billion buying Tesla for billions does raise some eyebrows.

And the uber rich celebrities trying to buy their kids entrance to exclusive schools shouldn’t shock anyone. But these people were onetime role models prove that the ability to make money doesn’t put one on higher moral ground. Instead of teaching their children to buckle down and get a solid education these people teach them anything can be bought.

We do have rights as Americans and until lately those have been etched in stone. Now one needs to check daily to see what the latest imagined rights are. If our legislators did their jobs, and upheld the Constitution as they swore under oath to do, we wouldn’t need updates.

Today if you get on one of the social sites there are memes that proclaim you were ‘Marked safe from Joe Biden’s sexual advances today’. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but it makes one consider what future generations will think when historians come across such things.

It now appears if politicians aren’t deviants, haven’t risen to a level above their competence, or corrupt, they’re not trying. Some even admit to wanting more government instead of less. No wonder I like to take the camera and watch wildlife.

Enjoy our Wednesday and stay calm. Now for more coffee and some breakfast.
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Needing a nap

March 15, 2019

I made the mistake of going to bed early last night and am now paying the price. For some odd reason by 10 o’clock my body was horizontal and nodding off fast. Usually I don’t even lay down until around midnight.

So thinking of a good nights rest with possible 4 or 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, Imagine my surprise when I woke every hour once I put my body to bed. After 4 hours and 3 wake ups I decided that was all the sleep to be had.

Every time sleep overtook me I had the same dream. I was on the table in a hospital operating room and a doctor with a huge metal mirror over his head was working on the back of my neck while telling me to just relax. That was a bit strange to this redneck as I don’t like hospitals or operations.

When I mention this fact to others most act surprised and state that hospitals and operations keep us alive. But when I’m at home strange infections are never mentioned and medical mistakes are far from my mind. Actually, I don’t like the rehab after the operation either. But I digress.

So in the dream this surgeon keeps digging for what ever he believes is in my neck that doesn’t belong and telling me to relax. In the last dream I tell him that if I could get up I’d slap him silly. He chuckles at that but since I can’t move I can’t slap him silly.

Never did learn why he was operating on my neck or how it turned out but cannot afford to lose any sleep over it. Lost enough sleep last night. It wouldn’t have bothered except for the sitting up, wide awake, once an hour trying to figure out why I woke up.

Enjoy our Friday as it means we’re that much closer to St. Patrick’s Day. Now for some coffee, I really need it today.
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Wasted days

March 8, 2019

I got up early, the wife got home early, we went grocery shopping early, yet I haven’t even had time for a post or coffee. I’m only on my second cup! And that’s after getting up at 5 am.

After we got back from our running and got things put away the wife informed she’s tired of the lack of light in the kitchen. So back out we went to get an led ceiling light instead of fluorescent. Swapping the new for the old would be no problem.

Or so I thought. I got up on the kitchen table alright only to discover it wobbles with weight on it. But I got sea legs and removed the ceiling panel to get to the light fixture. That came off with no problems but when I unhooked the electrical to it I noticed cracks in the insulation of the wires going to the junction box.

So I now had a little rewiring to do before hooking up the new fixture. All while balancing on a wobbly table. Once everything was up and checked the only things left were to flip the switch to ensure it worked and put the diffuser back in. Well, there was the clean-up. How is it that one light fixture with one cord coming out being matched to another cord can make such a mess?

I know some of it was various tools and other things needed to make it work but it seemed like someone threw stuff on the pile when I wasn’t looking. The new light is putting out 3,200 lumins, the area has been policed, I’ve had another cup of coffee, and after I finish this I’m changing the furnace filter.

No pictures were taken, no animals were harmed while performing the task, and no carbon was released into our air supply. At least the snow we were supposed to get last night was a no-show. Enjoy our Friday as we will now. I’m going to get another cup of coffee and fry up some bacon.
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Gone crazy?

February 23, 2019

I woke the wife up again while making too much noise and thrashing around in my sleep. I knew it was a good one from the look the wife was giving me. But being prepared for such instances as explanation was due. Surely once she heard what the dream was about her mind would change. No sale!

Starting with a question I asked her ‘why don’t mortuaries have half-buckets?’ She asked ‘half-buckets of what?’ and I admitted to knowing what they were used for, only that I sold them. So she asked why I was fighting in my sleep and I explained an idea that didn’t go over so well with the Mortician. It made perfect sense at the time yet looking back perhaps not. I really thought putting a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise near the entrance would be a no brainer.

First off it would give the mortuary a whole new welcoming smell and one could grab a bite before going to visitation for weird Uncle Phil without drving all over town. Yeah, the mortician didn’t get it either. The wife still thinks I’m crazy and I didn’t help her assessment this morning when I saw a grocery store ad on the kitchen table.

I slapped the table and said ‘that’s it!’, if we sold Snicker’s in the KFC grumpy people could come in and get one then go to visitation with a better attitude. It works on TV. The dream didn’t seem weird to me but the wife has other ideas.

Enjoy the rest of our Saturday because in what will feel like a few hours Monday will be back. Now I need some coffee and a Snicker’s.
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It’s time

February 2, 2019

Our snow shovel bit the dust yesterday and went to snow shovel
Heaven. When we moved here in 1994 the shovel moved with us and
it has been a reliable tool ever since. I have riveted bar stock
onto the edge of it, replaced the handle, and even had to do
some emergency welding on it, but think it time to let it rest.
Services are pending.

I was going to replace the shovel before until I looked at
what was available. I don’t want plastic, some of the metal ones
seen were too heavy, and the ergonomic handled ones looked like
they wouldn’t work for me either.

Since it’s warmer today I’ll go out to the garage in a bit and
see what’s out there. Pretty sure something will work out until
I get one better. There is a similar shovel in the garage that isn’t
broken and I figure if the width is cut about in half it could

When the wife came home from work she informed me it was 34
degrees outside and mama cat was waiting to be fed. Problem is,
if I go out in weather like this I’ll be a while. Yeah it’s
another beautiful day on the east coast of Iowa and I’m going to
be out there enjoying it.

Speaking of that, enjoy our Saturday and we hope it’s a little
warmer where you’re at too. Now I’m going for more coffee to go
along with the pancakes we’ll be making.
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