October 15, 2018

We ran across a riddle that didn’t take long to solve but
decided to share it anyway. And here it is…

A man lives on the 14th floor of a building. Everyday he walks
down to the elevator, hits the ‘lobby’ button, and rides it to
the bottom and then goes to work. When he comes back from work
he takes the elevator to the 7th floor and walks the rest of the
way on the stairs unless it’s raining or someone else is in the
elevator. Why? If you’re not groaning already with this oldie
we’ll have the answer at the end of this post.

We had a little snow here on the east coast of Iowa last night
but things will warm up a little later in the week. And it seems
like our weird luck is going to stretch on for a while. You may
remember our water in the basement from recent rain.

Now it seems we’ve had no phone all weekend and our internet
access has been hit or miss. We’re going to run this post while
we have access and figure out the phone later. When it’s working
the silly thing rings all the time anyway and I’m enjoying the

As for the snow, it won’t be long and we’ll have some serious
white fluffy love from above anyway and we find it calming to
watch it fall from the sky. Oh yeah, the riddle. Well, if you
haven’t figured it out the answer is the man is too short to
reach the button for the 18th floor and can only reach the
button for the seventh.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now I need more coffee and a bite
to eat.
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Happy National Farmer’s Day

October 12, 2018

The basement is now dry and I just got the pilot light lit on
the water heater so I came upstairs to get this post out only to
find our computer crashed! Gotta laugh with those odds. Then I
remembered today is National Farmer’s Day.

National Farmer’s Day is in honor of hardworking farmers all
across our great land. We still find it amazing that only 2% of
of our population feeds all of us. So give them a thought on
their day and support local farmers year round.

Supporting local farmers is easy. Some have roadside stands so
we can buy their goods, farmers markets are getting popular, and
some grocery stores are selling produce, meat, eggs, and milk
from local farms.

With that in mind, this is going to be a short post as now we
have to get our running done before breakfast then some chores.
Enjoy our Friday, and National Farmer’s Day. Now I need more
coffee to make it through the morning.
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Here we go, again

October 9, 2018

Another afternoon posting that should have been done this
morning. Got up early enough, had good intentions, but didn’t
get it done. The chores did get done and I paid Dad a visit so
it was trade-off.

It could have been later if I’d taken a detour to see if the
grocery store has my bacon cheeseburger pizzas back in stock.
This week I’m working with a lone pizza in the freezer and no
back up. It’s going to be a long week.

Here on the east coast of Iowa it has been a strange day. The
sun has been out, the wind has died down, it’s in the 80s and
no rain. By the time we get to end of our extended weather
forecast the highs are supposed to be in the 40s. Ah, fall in

And I thought with the warmer temperatures the critters would
be out and about in abundance. Not so. We’ve only seen a couple
of birds and a squirrel aside from the feral cats. Just waiting
for things to get back to normal so I can use the camera again.

The upside to all the rain we’ve been getting is everything is
so wet it won’t burn. Have to get to bundling up some brush as
it probably won’t be dry enough to burn until around Christmas.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s a beautiful day here and we plan on
enjoying it. Now I need more coffee so I can figure out how to
make that pizza last.
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Rambling again

October 5, 2018

Yesterday turned out to be a chilly, yet sunny day, for a while
and even the birds came out to enjoy it. Today we’re supposed to
get hit later with thunder and lightening. Bring it on.

After my usual 5 hours of sleep with little interruption I am
ready to face the day. Not sure what the day will bring but do
know the strange dreams have returned and that reminded me of
the old adage ‘if you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re
in someones dream’.

That begs the question- what the hell is someone doing dreaming
about this old redneck who isn’t getting any younger or
prettier? I mean having the grumpy old man thing down is a plus
as is the sounds effects when I stand up but if nobody will pull
my finger there can’t be much to dream about.

Of course there are nightmares but the saying doesn’t mention
them unless they are included in the dream category. We may
have to look into that. Having a kitten doesn’t help as the wife
picked one that has to be the spawn of Satan.

I still can’t figure out how such a small critter can make so
much noise at night. My plan of letting the kitten get used to
being here and settle down have failed. She has found the
weaknesses in our floor plan and used the time to plan how to
make the most the noise when the lights go out.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now I
need some more coffee before we leave to get groceries.
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While some were sleeping

September 28, 2018

We’re not going to comment on the current workings of our
lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Instead we wish to focus on an
event that took place during another administration. So let’s
see if we can make sense of something that makes no sense to us.

In September of 2013 the worlds largest hog farm and pork
processor in the world, Virginia based Smithfield Foods was
bought by Shuanghui International Holdings. Shuanghui is the
biggest meat processor in China. And the Obama administration
condoned the sale.

At the time concern about a Chinese company controlling a major
U.S. meat supplier was voiced and the administration downplayed
said concerns. If you haven’t heard of Smithfield perhaps you’ve
heard of Farmland, Armour, John Morrell, Kretschmar, Curly’s,
Carando, Cook’s, Margherita, Gwaltney or Healthy Ones.

The above mentioned firms are the brands Smithfield products
are sold as. The meat stays here and is processed here yet the
profits go to the Chinese company. Said foreign company now
controls nearly all the bacon, sausage, and ham sold in our
country and owns 25% of all pigs in America.

So here’s what bothers us. In 2005 the United States Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) was $13 trillion and was six times bigger
than China’s GDP that year. If we fast forward to 2017 our GDP is
only 1.6 times larger than China. At this rate China is expected
to beat our numbers by 2029.

And if we look at purchasing Power Parity (PPP), China is
already ahead of us as of 2015. For the last 140 years America
has had the biggest economy but that may not last much longer.
There is more to the story and we’ll finish it next week. This
is one segment of a growing problem for us and the future of our

We’ll leave it at that and you can draw your own conclusions.
For now, enjoy our Friday as here on the east coast of Iowa it’s
going to get chilly tonight.
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Living large

September 21, 2018

Just got back from the grocery store to find the house next to
us is getting a new roof. Nobody was around when we left to find
our weekly food supply yet when we returned the roofing on our
side was almost completely torn off.

We got a late start this morning as after I fell asleep on the
couch a four legged banshee attacked my belly and legs several
times while I was trying to enjoy some pleasant dreams. I don’t
believe the kitten knows her claws are sharp but we have made
sure we have plenty of iodine on hand.

We have also had a dramatic temperature change here on the east
coast of Iowa. Yesterday the high was 94 and was still 85 at 10
pm. When I woke up it was 70 and when we got back from the store
it was 66 degrees. I’m not complaining but the lady who follows
me around claims she’s cold.

If we remember correctly tomorrow is the first day of fall.
That means Halloween, the elections, and Thanksgiving will be
here soon before we see any white fluffy love from above. And
depending on which long range forecast we look at we’ll either
have a lot of precipitation and be cool or have little to no
snow and be warmer.

From what I’ve seen with the critters when we’re out and about
it looks to be a cold one. We’ll have to wait and see. For those
who have always wondered, a small kitten can push a mans house
slipper with rubber soles all the way across the floor of a kitchen
faster then you think.

Enjoy our Friday as it marks the beginning of the weekend. Now
I need some more coffee and a box of Cracker Jack’s.
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Just another day in paradise

July 31, 2018

The little beauty above flew by low enough and was nice enough
to pose for a picture. Not sure where it was going but it seemed
in a hurry to get there. I often wonder why people fly with all
the restrictions put on them and the chance of having to get
searched to even get on the plane.

While pondering that I noticed the magnificent specimen above
and began to wonder if I didn’t mow it over next time I mow what
it would become. Probably a weed, but interesting on no
doubt. We’ll know tomorrow if it survives mowing.

Not to be outdone, the sky caught my eye and I noticed a
pattern of etch-a-sketch and finger painting. Whatever it was
I kept watching until my eyes crossed then moved on.

And the Mississippi Valley Fair starts today with Kids Day. I
was going back and forth as to attending until the morning news
stated that fair-goers should allow extra time as everyone
entering the gate would be searched.

Some think it’s a great idea while I believe it to be as dumb
as a glass outhouse. Another subject we’ll have to wait for the
outcome to see how we feel about it. I just know when we heard
about the search at the gate my response was Oh hell no!

It would take the security people doing the searches about 20
minutes for me to empty my pockets and even longer to explain
why I carry so many things on my person.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the first one this week. As for
myself, nothing wrong with me that a gallon of coffee and some
leftover pizza won’t fix.
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