This and that

July 12, 2019

Here are a few pictures from yesterday in case you’re wondering how the kittens are doing. They run all over the yard and the lot behind our place yet never seem to get tired. Wish I had their energy.

These flowers in the neighbors yard never cease to amaze me. On a small incline and surrounded by weeds they flourish. One would think the weeds would choke them out yet the flowers return every spring and summer. I hope the weeds never win.

This sight made me think we may get some rain but later the dark clouds went away and the day turned out near perfect. The dark clouds even blocked the sun for a while and kept things cool.

There is a bird in this picture of the old oak tree across the alley and it sat up there on top of the branch for quite a while. Thought perhaps it had a nest until it flew to another part of the tree where it actually did have a nest.

And today is Collector Car Appreciation Day nationwide so if you have one feel free to give yours a hug. Today is also the second day of the Trucker’s Jamboree at the world’s largest truck stop in Walcott, Iowa.
We can’t make it this year as the wife is working out of town, but if you live close and have the time it’s worth a look.

Enjoy our Friday and the weekend is here. Now I need more coffee and some leftover pizza before going out to greet the day.
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Failure to communicate

July 6, 2019

The wife claims I’m hard of hearing while I say I’m easily distracted. Case in point is these pictures. I went out yesterday to mow the lawn and noticed this dragonfly on a phone wire. So of course I ran back into the house, grabbed the camera, and got a few shots.

Of course after I took the pictures it was time to upload them to the computer and downsize them so they load faster online. When that was done it was time to see which ones I liked the best, which are all here.

After that was done it was time for coffee with leftover pizza and once that was finished it was time to get busy. Except I got distracted again. I was wondering; if a turtle left San Fransisco at 9 am Tuesday, how long would it take for him to get to Phoenix.

Then back on the computer to find out how fast a turtle moves, and how far it is from San Fransisco to Phoenix. After getting differing answers from the search engine I decided it could wait. Time to get back to chores. In the kitchen and remembering the I forgot just what it was I going to do, I had a cup of coffee.

So when this gets posted I’m off to mow the lawn today. Unless I get distracted again. As I told the wife, my body might be getting older but my mind still works. Hopefully the lawn will look better this afternoon. Enjoy our Saturday as soon the weekend will be history.
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Enjoy our holiday

July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day to all! As you know we celebrate this holiday on July 4th even though the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of Independence on July 2nd. After the vote Congress worked on the Declaration of Independence which revised the original wording and passed that on July 4th, 1776.

In case you didn’t know in 1777 the holiday was observed with gunfire, speeches, prayers, parades, concerts, troop reviews, and toasts. In 1779 the holiday fell on a Sunday and was celebrated on Monday, July 5th. In 1870 Congress declared Independence Day an unpaid holiday for federal employees, and in 1938 Congress changed that to make it a paid federal holiday.

It is a day most celebrate with a cook out and plenty of red, white, and blue. Many of us travel on this holiday to be with family as three day holidays allow it. However you celebrate today enjoy our holiday as it’s the only one we get this year.
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Talking with Dad

July 2, 2019


Went over to Dads for a visit and as happens the talk turned to cars. He gave the opinion, again, that the best car ever made was a Model T Ford. He claimed that out in the country a Model T would get you anywhere you wanted to go.

He mentioned a time he was driving a Model T on a two-lane road and ran out of gas. He had a gas can in the rubleseat and took off on foot to find some gas. About a mile down the road he came across a farmers gas tank that was near the road.

He went on to say he was surprised the nozzle wasn’t padlocked so he helped himself to enough to get him home. It was when he poured from the tank to the can he knew it was diesel fuel. He poured it in the tank and claimed the car made it home, but smoked like crazy.

We talked of travels we had and sights we’ve seen and laughed again about a trip we made as a family in the 1960s and stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona. When we pulled onto the lot of the motel it was a nice warm summer day. The person behind the counter explained how to turn on the heaters in the room.

I thought that odd, until it got dark and temperature dropped like a rock. Yes, it got cold enough to need the heater and I wished I had paid attention when we were told how to start them. The room the folks were in was nice and toasty while us kids were freezing right next door. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Enjoy our Tuesday as the middle of the week is only a dream away. Now for more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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My take

June 26, 2019

We forewarn those who are liberals, progressives, or need safe rooms because their feelings are easily hurt, that this post is not for you. If you continue we take no responsibility if you can’t find a safe room with coloring books.

Tonight and tomorrow night NBC is covering the Great American Giveaway and Hate Trump Festival. By that I mean the debate amognst half of the Democrat candidates running for president at each event. We’ve all seen the talking heads interviewing the candidates.

I’m sure those who watch will hear how these people want to save our economy while I personally see nothing wrong with it. Candidates will talk about free Medicare for All, forgiving student loans, and other “free” things they want to give us. The only problem with that is, it isn’t free for all. Somebody has to pay for what others get for free.

These career politicians will mention what they’d do if elected because they can’t run on what they’ve done during their time as politicians besides getting rich. It may be amusing to watch but I’ll take a pass.

And I think president Trump will be mentioned along with things that happened years before some voters were even born. The audacity of Trump to run, and win, when he isn’t even one of them. Personally, that’s why I voted for him.

That’s my take on it, if you see things differently, that is your right. Enjoy our Wednesday as it means the weekend is that much closer.
Now for some coffee with bacon and eggs.
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Since you mentioned cars

June 21, 2019

It’s the ‘Back to the 50s’ weekend and as you’re reading this over 12,000 street rods and customs will begin entering the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the 46th annual event. It will run Jun 21-23 at the fairgrounds in Falcon Heights (St. Paul), Minnesota. This is the car show on many a bucket list.

Speaking of cars, the wife picked up the new car she wasn’t looking for yesterday and we’re learning how to make all the bells and whistles ring and whistle. The car is a 2019 Fusion Sport and with it comes a hefty increase in horsepower.

Her old Fusion had 225 horsepower and enough power to get out of its own way. This new one has 325 horsepower and does it a little quicker. The only thing we don’t like about it is the shifter, or lack of in this case. It has a knob you turn to shift the gears that reminds me of an old television set we had years ago.

Everything looks about the same as her old one and is the same spot but now does different things. The monitor is in the same spot and when you put it in reverse the back-up camera fills the screen, but the icons for everything has changed. The GPS feature with the little arrow on the map telling you where you are drives me nuts, but she likes and it is her car.

I’m more of a hand on the shifter, other arm resting on the window sill kind of guy. Time will tell if it lives up to all the hype. Enjoy our Friday as we will even with rain in the forecast. Now for more coffee.
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As requested

June 19, 2019

The above picture is me after my ears got lowered. I realize that it is not the best quality but since it’s my first selfie it’s the best I could get. At some point they’ll be another non-selfie that is better and we’ll share that when it happens.

When I went to get it cut the lady asked me how I wanted it so I told her ‘more age appropriate’. She asked me to clarify so I then told her to cut out the gray and leave me enough to comb. I think she did a great job. At the wife’s insistence she even trimmed my mustache. That I’m not happy with but it will grow back out.

On the upside, nobody tried to give me directions to the homeless shelter since the haircut. So this skinny old redneck is now disguised as a responsible adult and it’s fooling some. Those that know me know that I’m really just a misguided teenager with old skin.

You may use the picture as a pest repellent or as an example of what the misbehaving children will look like when they get older if they don’t behave.

On another note, this picture was taken a few days ago and we will wait for the return of partly cloudy days to glance skyward and lose ourselves in the clouds gliding across the blue sky. It seems so much better than the gray wall we have outside today.

Now I’ve chores to get done and critters to feed so enjoy our Wednesday as there won’t be another for 7 days. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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