It’s Here

January 16, 2019

Yes, Barrett-Jackson is in Scottsdale, Arizona again and the
live coverage started yesterday on the Motor Trend channel and
others. After watching a few hours yesterday I once again was
amazed at the quality of the vehicles going across the block and
the amount some went for.

According to Barrett-Jackson there are 5 must-see cars at this
auction. There favorites are: a 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring
Edition, a 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta, the first pre-preduction
hardtop 1965 Mustang, a 1970 Chevy Chevelle Custom, and a
1965 Shelby GT350.

And there are charity vehicles. Last year the charity sales at
Scottsdale totaled $6.21 million. a few of the charity vehicles

on the block Wednesday is 2019 Bennington SW series boat and all
proceeds will go to the Mayshad Foundation.

on Thursday a 2015 Ford Petty’s Garage Stage 2 Mustang GT will
be auctioned with all proceeds going to the Barrow Neurological

also on Thursday, Rusty Wallace’s #27 Kodiak NASCAR race car, a
1986 Pontiac Grand Prix will cross the block with all proceeds
going to the Task Force Dagger Foundation.

on Thursday a 2018 Ford Fusion NASCAR race car will be sold
with proceeds going to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

For the entire list go here. You can use the links to
learn more, or if you’re not a car person, ignore them.

Enjoy our Wednesday as ours started out cunfusing but is now on
calm seas. Now I need to get more coffee in me to be ready for
the telecast this afternoon.
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Bound to happen

January 4, 2019

We forewarn you that if you are thin-skinned, have a safe room,
or take a progressive view on life, you may find this offensive.
That was not our intention although there are those among us
who are easily offended. This is just a confused old farts
opinion of current affairs.

After taking my meds and having a few cups of coffee I turned
on the TV to listen to the news. Since the wife was still
sleeping I began arguing with said TV news. A couple of things
mentioned had me saying Lord love a duck!

A California drivers license now has 3 options under sex? I
always believed, and still do, that there are only two. Either
male and female or yes or no. Turns out California deemed it
wise to add non-binary to the list.

I didn’t even know what the what is. So I looked it up. This
is what one site said “The gender binary, also referred to as
gender binarism (sometimes shortened to just binarism) is the
classification of the sex and gender into two distinct, opposite
and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine.”

Needless to say no further reading was required on my part. If
it takes that many words to say that little I’ll remain in the

Another thing about the new California drivers license is that
they are now real IDs. Iowa has had the real IDs for a while now
and I wonder what they thought the prior drivers license were.
As someone who remembers drivers license without the bad photo
on the front I’ve come to the conclusion our country has gone

It seems our government has taken the old adage to heart, “If
you can’t dazzle them brilliance baffle them with bullshit”.
What’s wrong with keeping it simple? It was bound to happen
yet still a surprise.

Now I need more coffee before heading out to run errands.
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New month

January 3, 2019

The sunset last night was amazing to watch but with the sun
being further south than in the summer there was no way to get
around the trees. In the coolness of the late afternoon it was
quite a show here on the east coast of Iowa.

And we are in the first week of the first month of 2019. We
have been through our coldest day, our warmest day, and our
wettest day. So here are a few things that happen in January.

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, National Mentoring
Month, Stalking Awareness Month, Be Kind to Food Servers Month,
and Hot Tea Month to name a few. Today is Chocolate Covered
Cherry Day.

The new year means the Rod and Custom Show at the QCCA Expo
Center later this month. It will be held January 25-27. This is
an indoor show and is just the ticket for getting rid ov cabin
fever. Not sure if we’ll be there or not but we are going to
try this year.

If you need a quicker fix <A href=””&gt; Retro Rewind</a> will be at the Five
Flags Center in Dubuque this weekend. For more on the this one
just click the link above.

And we’re going to a little warm up in out weather here and
that means when the warm up ends we’ll dip back down again. But
enjoy it while it never lasts long enough.

So enjoy our Thursday as I have to go out and feed Mama cat
because she has claws and I don’t.
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One for the books

December 4, 2018

After doing a lot of running today I returned home to find an
adult hawk in the oak tree across the alley. From head to tail
this one was probably around 20 inches with a wingspan of
almost 4 feet.

The hawk just sat there looking at me moving around to see if
a better shot could be had. This hawk seemed to be eyeing some
feral cats that were gathering in the alley and although I’m
sure the bird would find them tasty I chased them out of sight
before the dinner bell rang.

After posing for some pictures, and not getting his lunch of
feral cat, the hawk flew off so rapidly I didn’t get a picture
of him in flight. The sky looks strange as it was drizzling
freezing rain when the pictures were taken. Later it switched
over to snow.

The cats lived to see another day, the hawk went elsewhere to
hunt, and I went in the house to dry off and warm up. After I
got back up to room temperature the wife surprised me with a
bowl of home-made turkey noodle soup. That got me up to running
temperature, just a little too late in the day to get much
done. So I’m cancelling this afternoon due to lack of interest.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the first one this month. Now I need
more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Don’t tell anybody

November 12, 2018

Now that Veteran’s Day is over our mind goes back to automatic
mode and thinks of pizza. While cruising along the internet I
chanced upon a site called Food & Wine which had an interesting
article on our beloved local pizzas.

From the crust made with molasses to the pound of sausage on a
large pizza, we like them too. The article on this site claims
we have some obscure pizza traditions here in our Quad Cities
and that may be, but our pizzas can’t be duplicated.

Our Quad City area has Rock Island and Moline, Illinois on the
west coast of the Illinois and just a little to south across the
Mississippi River is Davenport and Bettendorf on the east coast
of Iowa, and the Quad City area encompasses many more.

The article mentions Harris Pizza here in Davenport, Iowa, and
Frank’s Pizza in Silvis, Illinois. Both are great places to grab
a pie and both are long established businesses. Uncle Bill’s
pizza is good too. If you see the sauce, or if the pizza is
greasy, somebody isn’t doing it right.

Some claim the sauce is spicy but we haven’t noticed. Pictures
of the pizzas are on the site in the link above. Now with all
that said I have a strange craving for pizza instead of eggs
for breakfast.

Enjoy our Monday as we won’t have another until next week.
Now I need more coffee to ponder my dilemma.
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October 15, 2018

We ran across a riddle that didn’t take long to solve but
decided to share it anyway. And here it is…

A man lives on the 14th floor of a building. Everyday he walks
down to the elevator, hits the ‘lobby’ button, and rides it to
the bottom and then goes to work. When he comes back from work
he takes the elevator to the 7th floor and walks the rest of the
way on the stairs unless it’s raining or someone else is in the
elevator. Why? If you’re not groaning already with this oldie
we’ll have the answer at the end of this post.

We had a little snow here on the east coast of Iowa last night
but things will warm up a little later in the week. And it seems
like our weird luck is going to stretch on for a while. You may
remember our water in the basement from recent rain.

Now it seems we’ve had no phone all weekend and our internet
access has been hit or miss. We’re going to run this post while
we have access and figure out the phone later. When it’s working
the silly thing rings all the time anyway and I’m enjoying the

As for the snow, it won’t be long and we’ll have some serious
white fluffy love from above anyway and we find it calming to
watch it fall from the sky. Oh yeah, the riddle. Well, if you
haven’t figured it out the answer is the man is too short to
reach the button for the 18th floor and can only reach the
button for the seventh.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now I need more coffee and a bite
to eat.
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Happy National Farmer’s Day

October 12, 2018

The basement is now dry and I just got the pilot light lit on
the water heater so I came upstairs to get this post out only to
find our computer crashed! Gotta laugh with those odds. Then I
remembered today is National Farmer’s Day.

National Farmer’s Day is in honor of hardworking farmers all
across our great land. We still find it amazing that only 2% of
of our population feeds all of us. So give them a thought on
their day and support local farmers year round.

Supporting local farmers is easy. Some have roadside stands so
we can buy their goods, farmers markets are getting popular, and
some grocery stores are selling produce, meat, eggs, and milk
from local farms.

With that in mind, this is going to be a short post as now we
have to get our running done before breakfast then some chores.
Enjoy our Friday, and National Farmer’s Day. Now I need more
coffee to make it through the morning.
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