Interesting times

January 22, 2019

You don’t have to have a sense of humor to live on the east
coast of Iowa, but it helps. Today we’re told we’re going to get
hit with rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow and then the temps
will drop. Wind chills to -40 and a zombie apocalypse. Even the
birds are taking off.

Ok, not the zombies but it will make for interesting travel. It
just goes to show God does have a sense of humor too. Of course
the bitter cold will be going on right when we cruise to the store
to get groceries and pet supplies.

Those of us who have lived here long enough usually have enough
staples on hand that we wouldn’t have to venture out for a month,
but it gives us something to do in the early hours of a cold
day. And in this day and age one could find milk or bread at
hour in a pinch.

The last snowfall I had to shovel by hand as our snow blower
wouldn’t start. I haven’t been able to unfreeze the key since
the previous snow storm when the white fluffy love from above
was blowing sideways. I figured it will thaw out by April or
when I get tired of shoveling and bring our a torch.

One thing that never fails to happen in times like these is you
run into somebody who says they wish it was warmer. Noooooo. If
that gets said when summer does roll around we’ll have a bunch
of humid 100 degree days in a row. Think! God has a sense of
humor and a good memory.

So if your area is getting hit with something similar stay
safe. If not, quietly count your blessings. Enjoy our Tuesday
as enjoying it is better than the option. Now for some more
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Cold night

January 21, 2019

I was outside often between 9:30 pm last night and 1:30 am this
morning trying to get some pictures of the eclipse. Between the
clouds and the below zero temps, I didn’t get many. So here are
a few of them.

When I went out to get the wife off to work at around quarter to
ten the moon was starting the eclipse. I wasn’t sure what to
expect but continued to go out every 15-30 minutes to see if a
shot was possible.

At 10 o clock the moon was getting darker and the clouds didn’t
seem too bad. At least I could tell it was the moon.

When 10:30 rolled around the moon was over half covered in
darkness. Not much light for a picture but I tried.

When the moon turned orange the clouds were heavier and a clear
shot wasn’t possible. I saved this one as it does show the

About 20 minutes after the show of color the moon was almost
entirely dark. Just a sliver was left.

Later, I took this cloud masked photo when the eclipse was
nearing its end. I would have continued going out until the full
moon popped out again but am not ashamed to say this old redneck
got tired around 1:30 am. You can enlarge the pictures, just
click on the one you want bigger.

There is a brief pictorial of the eclipse as good as we could
make it with the clouds. Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for
some coffee.
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Got to thinking

January 19, 2019

Here on the east coast of Iowa we got some white fluffy love
from above and the time has come to remove it from where I don’t
want it and put it where it’s not in the way. I’ve also been
staring at the clock above the computer hutch in hopes time
would stand still.

It’s still ticking so that means I have to get the gear out,
gas up the snow thrower, and get busy. We were told before the
snow began that it would be a light fluffy snow but I have since
learned the snow is wet and heavy like the last batch.

So it now looks like I’ll be outside for at least a few hours
this morning moving snow. It’s also windy out there which means
I’ll come back in looking like Papa Smurf in a white snow suit.
It’s the price we pay for living where we do. And it’s worth it.

The Mississippi river is only a mile away, a good spot to
watch eagles about 10 miles, we can see all sorts of wild
critters just by walking out our back door, And we get all four
seasons to boot. So while we don’t have everything we want we
do have everything we need.

So enjoy our Saturday wherever you are. We’ve already had our
breakfast and 10 cups of coffee and that’s enough to get me
through my snow removal plan.
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In the zone

January 15, 2019

I must have woke up in the Twilight Zone this morning and just
stayed there. Up early only to run late all day. I realized that
I haven’t even had breakfast yet and the sun is almost down.

Over at Dads we had a good talk before coming home and leaving
again to return a laptop bag that was too small for the device
so of no use to us. I should have just stayed in bed.

I didn’t get on the computer until just now, got no chores
done, haven’t had any meals, yet the time has flown by. I’ll
have to double up tomorrow so I at least have a reason for the
day to go so fast.

And now it looks like we have more snow, along with a lot
colder weather, on the way later in the week. We’ll have to get
closer to the weekend to figure out what we’ll end up. Not a
problem there as the snow blower is gassed up and I have the
gear for colder weather.

I even had to go from the kitchen to the office three times to
remember why I went there. I came out with a belt and a knife
before I got it right and grabbed a bottle of water. Getting old
isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

Enjoy our Tuesday and I hope it went slower for you. Now I need
more coffee and time to figure out which meal to have.
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The weekend

January 14, 2019

When the white fluffy love from above quit falling we had
almost six and one half inches on the ground. I also felt my age
after shoveling and running the snow thrower over it. The snow
got moved from where I didn’t want it to where I didn’t care if
it was there and later my body said to not do that again.

Sunday morning I woke to pains in places I didn’t know I had
and a feeling the classified ads might have a snowplow with my
name on it. I almost bought one years ago then remembered that
we don’t get snow every year and when we do it isn’t always wet
and heavy.

I also have a project for this summer. I’m going to restore the
old Montgomery Ward self-propelled 2-stage snow blower. I should
have it completed in time for a winter we get no snow, but it
sure will look fancy.

And after all that the people who guess what the weather is
going to be in few days claim it will get just warm enough to
melt the snow! We’ll believe it when we see it. While we’re
waiting to see how that works out I be back out a little later
moving a move snow and cussing the plow truck drivers who
insist on blocking the end of our alley after I have cleared
it of snow.

Enjoy our Monday on this, the 14th day of our new year. Now I
need some coffee and doughnut hole for the strength to go back
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Getting it

January 12, 2019

The white fluffy love from above has arrived. We had 2 inches
on the ground early this morning and the snow is supposed to
continue into the evening. The forecast has been updated from
2-3 inches to 5-7 and we’re just watching it float down on us
from above.

I was out shoveling earlier and can say it is a wet, heavy,
snow. Now I’m warming up and waiting to hear the snow plow go by
before doing another pass. It isn’t too cold either so moving
the snow from where I don’t want it to where I don’t mind it
should be easy-going.

Used the shovel already, put mink oil on my boots, and have the
snow thrower ready to go. All that is needed now is the ambition
to go out and get it done. We’ll make it at some point.

So enjoy our Saturday and this short post as I have to use
the power of positive thinking and get back out there.
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That’s it!

February 14, 2018

No more mister nice guy. I am reclaiming the title of the
most unromantic man in the world. As I shuffled out the door last
night to get the car ready for the wife to go to work, something
happened that changed my way of thinking.

I know her car doesn’t like me. At times the car won’t unlock
when I press the car touch pad, the seat is always so far
forward my knees hit the steering wheel, and I can’t keep the
car at the speed limit on the highway.

So what happened you ask? Well, since tomorrow is Valentine’s
Day, and since I’ve done it every time I get the car ready for
her, I bent in to kiss her goodbye. That’s when I changed my

As I bent in to give her said kiss her evil car dropped a ton
of snow down my back! I mean a major snowfall. Snow in the hood
of my jacket, snow inside the jacket, snow inside my sweatshirt,
and yes, snow all the way down to my skivvies!

After the wife got done laughing and we had our kiss I waddled
back into the house looking like a flattened Hostess Snowball.
A closer look showed me the jacket hood was full of snow and as
I started stripping off clothes in the kitchen I discovered the
snow had even made it inside my boots.

After drying off, getting dressed in dry clothes, and mopping
up the lake on the kitchen floor I drank about 4 cups of coffee
so I didn’t get hypothermia. And if that’s what being romantic
is all about, count me out.

Enjoy our Wednesday, and for you romantics Happy Valentine’s
Day. This realist is going for more coffee to warm up.
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