Armistice Day storm

November 11, 2017

We’ve been told for some time now that climate change is going
to end mankind as we know it. Gloom and doom are predicted. We
seem to forget history along the way, and thus, are doomed to
repeat it. In my lifetime we’ve heard of impending ice ages and
heat waves beyond belief.

None of which came to be. These threats did manage to raise
the cost of certain things while not changing anything. We were
being manipulated then as now. Dad talks about the record
breaking heat wave in the summer of 1937, we’ll talk of another
weather event.

Veteran’s Day used to be called Armistice Day and on November
11th, 1940 a super-storm came through Iowa and other parts of
the country. Global Warming? On that November day in 1940, it
was 58 degrees at 9 am.! Parades were being held in celebration
of the holiday, hunters were in the field, and it looked to be
a picture perfect holiday.

During the local parade the bands wind instruments froze when
the temperature dropped to 33 degrees in about a half hour. The
storm hit the Pacific northwest with near hurricane force winds
and didn’t weaken as it raced east. The storm inhaled moisture
from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air from Canada to become a

The winds that hit that day were called “the winds of hell”
and it is said they reached 70 mph. And then came the blizzard.
Two trains collided, hunters died in the field, boats and
freighters sank on Lake Michigan killing 66 sailors, one million
Thanksgiving turkeys died, and Collegeville, Minnesota
saw 27 inches of snow fall.

The storm tracked from Des Moines to Eau Clair, and the
pressure dropped to around 29 inches of Mercury. When it was
over it was discovered the storm had cut a 1,000 mile wide
path through the middle of our country.

The reason a storm warning wasn’t issued was because the
Midwest headquarters of the government forecaster in Chicago
wasn’t staffed overnight to track the storm. With today’s
advanced technology we hope this couldn’t happen again.

So don’t tell us how climate change is going to cause severe
weather changes and what we have to give up to stop it. Look to
the past for the answers.

Enjoy our Veteran’s Day.
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The cold before the heat

July 19, 2017

Alarmists keep telling us this climate change thing is real
and a deviation of 1 degree over a decade is going to kill us
all if we don’t throw money at them to fix it. No sale. We’ve
been there, done that, and had the t-shirt.

You may remember a recent post about the summer of 1936 and
that it was preceded by the drought and a terrible winter. It
was the hottest summer in the recorded history of weather and
is still the record to beat when it gets hot here in Iowa.

But before surviving the heat that summer people here in Iowa,
and other states, had to get through one of the coldest,
snowiest winters on record.

The winter of 1935-1936 was the coldest in 117 years in Iowa
with temps below zero for 15 days and an average temp for the
entire winter of 12.6 degrees. Snowfall set an all time record
that year with 42.9 inches of white fluffy love from above.
Blizzards hit often and losses along with snow removal costs
ran into millions of dollars.

Unlike today, schools didn’t close. With the temperatures at
29 below zero a school bus got stuck in a snow drift, so it
was pulled out and made it to school. One young school girl
walked three miles to school, and here in Davenport there was a
milk shortage as our town was snowed in and the farmers
couldn’t make it through.

Our state also saw hundreds of cases of frostbite and the
coal mines couldn’t keep up with the demand for coal to heat
homes. The worst blizzard of the winter hit on February 6,
1936 when the cold killed 22 people while the snow drifts
reached 20 feet and the wind blew continuously at 30-40 mph.

Drifts ended up higher than the telephone poles, and road
plows were abandoned where they got stuck. Dad said groups
of farmers would get out and shovel enough so the town
doctor could house calls.

Then after that bad winter came the hottest summer in our
states history. Having been through a few hot summers myself I
asked Dad what it was like to live through something like that
and he smiled then said ‘we survived’.

Enjoy your Wednesday. We’re half way to weekend.
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Thoughts on the weather

March 14, 2017

For a change it was fun watching the local morning news today
as they stumbled over commenting how everyone was surprised
that the weather forecast was so far off. The talking heads
that give their opinion said the snow is done during last
nights broadcast and I woke up to an additional inch of fluffy
white love from above covering everything that had been swept,
shoveled, or had melted yesterday.

A person can listen to news broadcast of the day locally but
as sure as God made little green apples the weather is going to
do whatever it wants. Evidently the people who do these
programs forget the weather doesn’t watch their channel.

Warnings were given about possible black ice later when the
sun goes down and the temperatures drop back to single digits.
At first I think, “how dumb do they think we are?’ Then I
remember the amusing times watching people trying to get their
cars up the hill out front. For a reason I could never figure
out some of these drivers seem to think flooring the gas pedal
will get them up the hill.

When I went over to Dads this morning a broom was thrown in
the trunk so I could sweep his sidewalks, porches, and the
driveway. When finished I went in for chat and we talked about
2 cylinder John Deere tractors. Of course he had to throw in
that they used have to walk six miles, uphill, through snow
drifts taller than they were to get to school.

So all in all, it has been a great day here on the east coast
of Iowa. Our thoughts are with those in the northeast who may
get hit with a couple feet of snow and high winds. Enjoy the
rest of our Tuesday.
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Odds and ends

March 13, 2017

Well we got 7 inches of white fluffy love from above here on
the east coast of Iowa and I don’t think the birds enjoy it as
much as I do. Didn’t even bother firing up the snowblower
either. This was a strange snow as grassy areas got the full 7
inches while roads and sidewalks ended up with about 3.

Since I live in Iowa again this question doesn’t pop up much
but it sure did in my traveling days. It never failed when I
was out of state and somebody asked me where I was from they’d
immediately ask if I knew their friend who used to live here. I
don’t even know everybody in town let alone in the state.

And I was having a great Sunday until the wife reminded me it
was Monday. No, a smart phone wouldn’t help. I’ll keep my flip
phone. Life just seems simpler that way.

Watching the local news one of the stars of the program was
talking about how great ethanol is and why it’s good for us
too. Of course our state is for it, we grow corn! I just
couldn’t believe they got away with broadcasting that many bold
face lies.

Yesterday this flock of geese appeared to be following the
jetliner west. It had me wondering if they didn’t know where
they were going or just thought it was mama. Wish the picture
was better but I couldn’t zoom in closer and keep both in the

Finally, the wife and I have been having a discussion over who
snores. She claims I do yet when I wake her up so she can get
ready for work the windows are rattling. I can now say the
answer is at hand and should be in mailbox shortly. See below
for my solution to the problem.

Enjoy your Monday or whatever day you think it is. Since I had
beer batter cod and french fries for lunch, supper will involve
a toasted pizza with all the toppings I can fit on top.
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Just a few things

January 13, 2017

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Today is Friday the 13th and a full moon. This is a year
where we will see two Friday the 13ths, the next one will be
in October. Don’t know if that one will be accompanied by a
full moon or not.

People have been asking me why I haven’t mentioned the fact
that former Alderman Bill Edmond died Tuesday, as he commented
on this blog from time to time and was a friend. Truth of the
matter is I’m having a hard time translating my thoughts to
the keyboard. Our condolences to his family.

He was a Vietnam veteran and will be buried with full military
honors, was one of the most honest men I’ve ever met, and we
talked when we saw each other. There will be a post before his
burial on Tuesday.

Finally, we are preparing for a possible storm with freezing
rain, sleet, and all the fun stuff we associate with that. We
have coffee, bread, and enough pizza to feed a family for a
couple weeks. We’re good if it hits us, good if it don’t.

Yet with the record our local forecasters have we are not
holding our breath. We’ve had these storms predicted before
and we sometimes just got a little wind and other times got 5
times as much fluffy love from above as forecasted. I have the
gear to get out in the worst of it and the equipment to
remove whatever comes.

Enjoy our Friday the 13th, we see another until October.
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Break time

December 18, 2016


It’s now official. Things got chilly last night with wind chills
locally dropping to almost -30 and the white fluffy love from
above blowing around didn’t help. But once the wind chill got
up to a balmy -15 I did venture out to shovel.

Even that took longer than expected with my eyes watering in
the constant 25 mph breeze. It was shovel, wipe my eyes,
shovel, wipe my eyes, and repeat. But the job got done and I’m
no worse for wear.

Things are looking up though. By Wednesday the high is
supposed to be above 30 with a bit calmer breeze. My winter
gear held up and after several cups of coffee I can honestly
say I’m nice and toasty sitting at the kitchen table.

Our anniversaries are coming up and yes I meant the plural.
The wife got married on December 21st all those years ago and
I tied the knot on the 22nd. No problem, we just celebrate
both days. And a few short days after that it’s Christmas.

A great time of the year and it sure looks like it could be
a white Christmas for those of us on the east coast of Iowa.
I spent one Christmas in Hawaii, and while it is a beautiful
place I just couldn’t get in the spirit.

Regardless of where you are, hot or cold, we wish you a Merry
Christmas! In the mean time I have to find a pizza that has my
name on it.
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Some odds and ends

December 16, 2016


When I shot this picture yesterday I never thought it would
affect me as much as it did. When uploaded and viewed on my
monitor I noticed a face in the clouds on the left side of the
picture and thought of Mom. Strange how things work out.

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of
the Bulge, our bloodiest battle in all of WW II. All gave
some, some gave all. It is a reminder that freedom isn’t free.

The local weather guessers predicted 1-3 inches of snow yet
so far we’ve only seen a dusting. They may have to look into
getting a new crystal ball. We can only hope their prediction
of wind chills to -25 Sunday morning are wrong too.

It won’t be long before the stores are advertising swim suits
and summer clothes so we wondered when we saw discounted
Christmas cookies on sale today. We didn’t wonder long at the
price marked, and they were good.

And are we the only ones wondering when our country got
stupid? It can’t be the water, we all drink it. Some of the
things coming out of politicians and celebrities mouths make
us wonder who they’re trying to kid. We’ll leave it at that
and you can draw your own conclusions.

Now I crave a bacon cheeseburger pizza in case I need the
strength to shovel the predicted snow that hasn’t arrived yet.
Enjoy your weekend and remember what a wise person once said;
there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.
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