Best intentions

March 20, 2019

Yesterday morning this little guy was enjoying his picnic on the lawn as the sun shined and the day warmed. I thought for sure this was a sign that the moon would pose for a great picture. It wasn’t going to happen. The sky got cloudier all day until by sunset the sky looked more like tear gas training in boot camp than a clear spring night.

Then the rain came and while I did see the moon it was just a blurry orb in the eastern sky. Forecasts for tonight call for more of the same but we’ll make an effort to at least try to get a shot of the full moon. I saw two cardinals yesterday as I was cruising around and since I didn’t have a camera with me there are not pictures.

There was a crow in a nearby tree who thought his job was to annoy everyone with his cawing. The crow shut his mouth long enough to get the picture above. His constant calling didn’t bring any friends and he flew away shortly after the shot.

These two were seen at around the same time and looked to be co-conspirators. Not as colorful as cardinals or blue jays, but interesting birds just the same. This morning there were no birds out and about as I put out some bird seed. When I came back in there were about a half dozen birds and one squirrel seen through the door glass. Guess they’re shy eaters.

Enjoy our Wednesday and the pictures as we’ll try to get more later. Now I need some more coffee before grabbing the camera.
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Time well spent

March 12, 2019

The moon was looking skinny last night but we had a talk anyway. Monte, the man in the moon, asked if I was going over to Dads today and when told yes he said to tell him hello. He usually doesn’t say something like that so I relayed his greeting.

Then we talked of many things. Everything from from the horses at the fair to the different parts of the world we’d seen while in the Navy. We talked a gravel roads and dust on the cornstalks. And we talked how the world had changed since we were young.

In between talks I raised his walker as it was low for him and he walked hunched over when he used it. About that time he noticed he had four canes next to his chair and I told him he needed a red one as two were plain aluminum and the other two blue.

When I left his flag pole in the back yard was listing to port so I straightened it out before getting in the car. His flag pole is straight again and old glory looks all the better atop it. And now I’m heading out to trim some bushes and trees before it rains tonight.

Somehow while that was going on my coffee level got evened out, hence the chores. If it’s not raining later I’ll check out the moon and if it is we’ll see how hard it rains.

Enjoy our Tuesday as that’s easier than complaining about it. Now for the pruning saw.
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Different kind of busy

March 9, 2019

Today I was out in the wind and rain to see if there was anything to take a picture of. Turns out, birds must like to eat in the rain. This group was chowing down like there’s no tomorrow.

This cardinal was getting around in the rain also. Not sure what his final goal was but he kept busy. A little later he even had a friend with him and they were eyeing something.

This cardinal just seemed to be enjoying the day, rain and all. Even the wind picking up didn’t phase him. It sure was something to see.

So after getting myself and the camera wet I decided to go back inside and have some bacon and eggs with my coffee before uploading the pictures to share here.

That got me thinking that it was only the second meal we could actually see to eat in months. I used to call the old dim light romantic and told the wife it was like we were dining by candlelight. Yeah, she didn’t buy it either. I’m afraid to admit but it is kind of nice to see what you’re eating. The light also helps when pouring coffee into a black mug.

Enjoy our Saturday as it’s one of my seven favorite days of the week. Now I have a few things to get done so I’m ready for the scary picture that will be featured later.
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March 6, 2019

I spent most of yesterday watching the sky and clouds play. There are times when that is more interesting than hearing the news on TV. Way too much time was spent out looking up instead of doing chores. Which means today I have yesterdays and todays honey do list to work on.

That being said, I did listen to the weather which once again assured us that it would be the coldest day of what is left of in the month of March. We’re thinking, until the next one.

Speaking of the weather, we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and once again I’m confused. The local channels don’t agree on how much or
the timing. So we’re ready for anything from a dusting to a foot. If we get more than a foot we’ll need more salt.

And while watching the clouds climb up the sky and jets fly across I found it settled my soul and brought a smile to my face. As you may know, if I wake up breathing enjoying the day comes naturally. Not much else matters.

Even so, I can be a grumpy old man at times yet the wife still laughs at me occasionally. Last night while watching NCIS before she went to work I could have sworn one actor said “Don’t the have butt prints for babies?” After the wife finished laughing she said the actor actually said “Don’t they have foot prints for babies?”

Sure didn’t sound like it to me but the look the wife gave me was priceless. She keeps after me to get a hearing aid and I keep telling I don’t think it would help with a ruptured eardrum.

Enjoy our Wednesday as here it means no snow until tomorrow. Now I have to get busy and make more coffee.
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Still cold

March 4, 2019

Yesterday I had a little running to do and the sky was putting on a show. The wind chill was only about -14 so I took the camera along in case something caught my eye. And something did.

Since the errand took me past my favorite creek I decided to get out of the car and see what was going on. It didn’t look like much was going on but the critters must have more sense than me as they got out of the cold.

While walking along the creek I noticed some bricks on the opposite bank and possibly in the creek itself. It saddened me that even in my little spot of the creek someone dumped their trash along the bank and made a note to go back when it warms up a little and get rid of the junk.

I finished with this view and calmed down as it looked as it should. If one doesn’t look too close you could almost imagine this is what our ancestors saw when they were here.

The treeline hasn’t changed much over the 50 years I’ve been stopping here, only the different birds nests. When I got back in the car the heater felt good as I don’t wear gloves when taking pictures and was there a while.

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need more coffee and some bacon again.
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Great days

March 2, 2019

When I woke up this morning the sun was up, the day was bright, and I
thought it was a great day. Then I heard the weather on the TV and decided to stay inside today. At least for now.

Yesterday the high was in the 40s yet today that got cut in half and then some. That puts a person in the mood for an adult grilled cheese and coffee. We’ll have ours shortly.

Speaking of yesterday, when I went to sleep I had a dream (nightmare) that I was stuck in rental cabin with the Clintons. It was not pretty and it took a few moments to realize it was only a dream. I still had a good look around though.

The Detroit Autorama is going on through Sunday at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The link will take you some pictures for those of us who can’t attend.

The show is hosted by the Michigan Hot Rod Association (MHRA) and is home to the coveted Don Ridler Memorial Award presented ot the “best in show” at the show every year.

And if you need a reminder, Today is March 2nd. The 62nd day of the year with 304 days until next year. We’ll list a few things that happened on this date in history.

In 1877 the U.S. Congress declared Rutherford B. Hayes the new president even though Samuel J. Tilden had wond the popular vote.

In 1933 the movie King Kong opened at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

In 1961 John F. Kenneday announced the creation of the Peace Corps.

And in 1995 Yahoo! was incorporated.

Enjoy our Saturday as usually there are things to do regardless of the weather. Now I need coffee and bacon.
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A few more pictures

February 28, 2019

Have you ever had one of those days when your brain goes on vacation and doesn’t let you know? Yesterday was one of those days when the lights were on but nobody was home. Even with good intentions of getting more done, I lost a day. A lot of what I thought was done was not and I missed a post again.

I did get out to take a few pictures like this one of the bird watching me watching him. Sometimes you wonder what they’re thinking but yesterday was not such a day.

This little squirrel didn’t like being watched and scampered off while the camera was pointed at her. Must have gotten cold as it has been chilly around here lately.

These two were perched in a small tree and kept looking around. Not sure what they were looking for but they kept it up quite a while.

Even the sky was a distraction. In one direction the jet with contrails cut across the blue and in another I thought of the waves off North Shore in Hawaii. I could imagine surfers riding this wave. The thought didn’t warm me up but did put a smile on my face.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is just a dream away. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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