Looking back

April 25, 2019

Yesterday I posted a picture with the post and think I forgot to say where the picture was taken so I’ll do it now. The picture was taken in a little city park in Mountain Home, Idaho. With the mountains in the background we could see why they called it Mountain Home.

This picture was taken in September of 2017 inside an inter-active museum type place in Boise, Idaho. You could pull yourself up to the ceiling in a chair, see all kinds of sharks, walk over a virtual pond full of fish, and make giant bubbles.

The wife, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are looking at the start of a giant bubble in the contraption that made them. I got lucky and ended up with a decent picture of the bubble and the ladies. Our granddaughter looked like she was trying to figure out how the magic happened.

Our youngest did the driving as I can’t stand driving in a place with much over 100,000 people living there and Boise was triple that. It just seems to me, in this day and age, everybody is in a hurry. No wonder some people don’t even notice what’s around them.

Even on two-lane black top roads people are zooming past like they’re volunteer firemen on the way to a fire. Can’t remember how many times I heard people say, you could have made it out there a day sooner. I’m retired, the wife is on vacation, not in any hurry, and there’s no emergency. Why sweat arrival time?

On one trip we left Interstate 80 to take the black top to Montana because the wife had never been there. We spent two days there and after went through the western part of Yellowstone park on two-lane roads until we hit Idaho.

At any rate, enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away and my coffee is only a room away.
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We’re here…

August 30, 2018

When we woke up this morning in Lebanon, Missouri, the sunrise greeted
us as the trunk got loaded for our final leg of our trip to Oklahoma.
After running into rain that came down so hard you couldn’t see the end
of the hood for about 10 miles we can only hope the car was driving by
wire or some such technology. With the cruise control set on 80 mph we
were just hanging on.

Speaking of technology, I had no internet access yesterday or today until
we reached our motel a short while ago. There are more pictures but it
may take a few days to get used to my new laptop. Things are just
different enough to make me dangerous to the computer.

I should have the new system worked out about the time I go bald or
said computer ends up smashed in the parking lot. As I’m getting older
I find my short fuse is getting better but not cured. The lady who
follows me around is having a ball while I’m melting in the heat.

We’ll leave you there as our granddaughter is stopping by for a visit
and it’s our job to spoil her. Enjoy our Thursday as that means the
weekend is only a dream away. Now to hunt up more coffee so I don’t get
worn out.
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We’re back

October 30, 2013


We made it back from our mini-vacation to the
House on the Rock and our stay at the House
on the Rock Inn.

Everything went well and we saw a lot more than
we thought we would. Everything from really
neat furniture with mother of pearl inlays,


to some really wild guns,


to a humongous steam tractor,


to fancy skrimshaw,


on a walkway about 30 foot up we ran into


Burma Shave signs,


airplanes overhead,


and a lot more. After we left the House on the
Rock we came to a scenic overlook.


A little over a hundred pictures are uploaded
on Photobucket. Feel free to take
a look.

We woke this morning and after our Continental
breakfast we hit the road at 7 am in less that
perfect conditions. It was so foggy out it looked
like how imagined a Steven King would look.

We couldn’t see our car from the main entrance!
But we made it back with no major glitches and
know I need a day to rest up from the vacation.
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It’s time

October 29, 2013

Reservations have been made, the oil’s been
changed, the weather looks to be good for our
little mini-vacation, and I ran out of reasons
not to go.

So in a few hours I’ll fire up the 500,
point the hood north, and head to Wisconsin.
Since the wife quit poking me every few
minutes to tell me she’s on vacation, my arm
shouldn’t be too sore to drive.

A few things are certain every time we hit
the road to relax and escape the rat race. It
never fails that someone will call with an
emergency, and detours unknown to us will be

We also realize that when we haven’t visited
a place in a decade some things change.

I hear they have added on to the Infinity
Room since our last visit. We heard it is a
lot longer now.


We also heard they have improved the bridge
over the Mississippi since then.


We reserved a room in a real nice place,
and the help are around 24/7.


We are also taking a religious medal to hang
on the mirror so we don’t end up like this.


And we won’t have any nightmares that start
like this…


Finally, as we walk through miles of
attractions we will remember one our
favorite Mantra’s…


Enjoy yourselves and we should be back with
some pictures before you realize we’ve gone.
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Here we go again

October 4, 2013

Of late the wife and I have been discussing
the merits of a vacation. All my protests
have gotten me nowhere so it looks like we
need another one.

I opened with ‘but dear, we went to Florida
20 years ago’.

She countered with ‘yes we did and the whole
trip you reminded me you were going under

So I fire away with ‘well about 17 years ago
we went to the House on the Rock and Baraboo
and I didn’t protest that’.

She hit me with ‘exactly, we haven’t went
anyplace else since’.

I was about to protest when she informed me that
HyVee and Wally World were not vacation

And I was told we’re going to House on the Rock
later this month rather I like it or not.

At that point some husbands would put their
foot down and refuse, but I got to thinking.

The House on the Rock is a neat destination.

After all, where else can you go and see
a Packard, a Rolls-Royce, ships at sea,
airplanes overhead, whales and elephants,
the world’s largest indoor carousel,
a humongous steam tractor, a wall of armor,
wicked looking pipe organs, walk out in glass
room 60 feet off the ground, plus much, much

If you’ve ever been in the infinity room that
juts out of the hillside you know the view is

I may miss a post later in the month, but the
pictures will be worth the wait.
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