Our future?

August 12, 2017

As someone who used to read every single Popular Science issue
in hopes of seeing a glimpse into the future I found this
concept mind blowing. If you did the same perhaps this video
will amaze you also.

I remember now ancient articles on how by the 21st century we
would all have automated houses with attached runways for our
personal planes and heliports on the roof. Most of those
predictions haven’t come to pass, yet some have.

The futuristic firetruck featured in the video would look right
at home with Dick Tracy standing on the sidewalk below talking
in his wristwatch radio. Don’t know if the world is ready for
a silent, self balancing bright red burger basket looking vehicle
that is steered with a joystick, but what a concept!

And yes, we will post a snicker later today. Enjoy our Saturday
as our summer winds down. Now I have some leftover pizza to
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I knew it!

July 14, 2017

You may remember I got a haircut yesterday after everyone gave
up on bugging me to get one. I didn’t get it to look prettier,
nothing would help in the that department. I got a store bought
haircut because it was hot out and I was tired of not being
able to see anything when I bent over.

Having a face full of hair makes it hard to see the kids to
yell at them to get out of the yard. Yet people get the wrong
idea. They seem to think said haircut signafies the desire to
become a new and improved me. This is not the case. I can
assure all that I am still the equal oportunity offender.

By that I mean if you are easily offended at some point I
will be hearing I offended you. This is why I haven’t been
invited to wedding, or asked my opinion on the beauty of a new
baby for many years. The last wedding I attended resulting in
having to post bail twice and parents don’t like being told
their baby looks like Winston Churchill.

So imagine my surprise when I recieved a call that I was
eligible for an upgrade on my cell phone. The caller stated
that I could rid myself of my phone that only allows to make
and recieve calls and get one that allows me internet access,
text messaging, and the ability to share pictures taken
instantly on the internet.

I have no need for instant updates of phony baloney news or
to know what the weather guessers think the weather will be
like. This is one oldfart who is fighting the technology fad
and proud of it. And if by chance you call and I don’t answer,
leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Enjoy our friday. We’ll be heading to the grocery store in a
little while to pay too much for what we don’t really need. Now
I need a Snicker’s again.
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Gas and a cruise

June 30, 2017

Last year, AAA hired an independent lab to compare top tier
gasolines with the cheaper blends. Although testing was simulated
and only 4,000 miles, some results were clear.

A minimum gasoline detergent standard was started by the EPA
in 1995 to meet emission goals. For some reason these blends
came out around the same time engine longevity took a giant leap
forward. So higher standards were created to deter long term
issues like clogged fuel injectors and carbon build up in
combustion chambers.

All gas comes with basic additives then the distributor will
blend more into top tier fuels based on brand specification.
Does all this make a difference you ask? According to AAA,
if you don’t use a top tier gas you’ll have 19 times more
carbon deposits than if you did use top tier.

And as some of us know, a clean engine is a happy engine. It
doesn’t work as hard as a dirty one and it lasts longer. Now is
where you ask, which gasolines are top tier and which are not?
Well, we found an app for that. To see the list of all top tier
brands in the U.S. and Canada, go here.

There is also a cruise in downtown Davenport later today (5:30)
hosted by Klemme’s Motorsports. Their showroom is located in
the old Firestone building at the corner of 3rd Street and
Pershing Avenue.

We’re sure there are other benefits to using the right gas as
well as other car related events today. These just caught our
eye so we shared them with you. Enjoy our Friday, it’s the last
one we get this month.
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June 26, 2017

On the way back home this past weekend we came across a
pickup truck I’d never heard of before that got my
attention. I knew it was an F-150 Ford, yet it was unlike
any I’d seen. When we got closer the side of the bed
proudly proclaimed it was a Tremor F-150.

I also noticed it had “twin turbo-charged” badging which
almost made the low profile tires make sense. It just looked
fast. Turns out Ford has discontinued this series according to
research I’ve done since we got back.

It does have two turbos on a 3.5 liter ecoboost V6 making 365
horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque. That size would equal
about 213.5 cubic inches. With the torque and a set of 4.10
rear gears it would be a stop light bandit. And you could get
it in 2-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive.

Marketed as a truck that would appeal to street truck
enthusiasts looking for V8 power with V6 fuel economy. It does
look like they might bring both the Tremor and the Lightening
as Ford promised 12 new global performance vehicles through

I looked at the Lightening when it first came out and wasn’t
impressed. Yes it had a V8 and was fast for truck. But it had
as many options as a Cadillac and a stripped down version was
not available. If you want a laugh, go to a dealer and tell
them you want a half-ton pickup with manual transmission but
without air, power steering and power brakes. The look on their
face is something to see.

Enjoy our Monday and have a great one.
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A little birdie told me

June 23, 2017

Trump was in Iowa yesterday in a city close to us and the
righteous indignation has begun. Iowa gets around 36% of its
energy from wind turbines and during his speech the president
said “I don’t want to just hope the wind blows to light up your
homes and your factories as the birds fall to the ground.”

These few words caused one of our Senators to proclaim “Trump
would succeed in ending the production tax credit in Congress
over me dead body.” Supporters of green energy spoke out and
gloom and doom was predicted over a simple sentence. Yet the
consensus is that those who attended the event cheered the

Wind energy is like ethanol in Iowa and considered by many to
be the only answer to our many problems. Both have been around
longer than people think. I am one Iowan who believes both are
over rated. Wind energy is still more expensive and ethanol is
just a stepping stone until something better comes along.

It is fun to read, and hear, all the people forecast the end of
the world as we know it if changes are made. We lived before
these fads came along and will continue breathing when they are
gone as long as the good Lord is willing. Too many people take
this stuff too seriously.

We, on the other hand, have a life. And since the wife has a
few days off in a row we are going to cruise the two lane
blacktop to somewhere, spend the night in a motel, and cruise
back when we’re ready. Until then I will have no internet
access but will post upon our return.

So enjoy our Friday, it’s the last one we get this week.
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Sunday service

May 28, 2017

It’s not what you think. We aren’t going to get dressed up and
preach from the pulpit but will give some help with working on
your classic or antique car. This first installment will deal
with a seldom thought of component of the points style ignition

If you have an older vehicle with points in the ignition a
ballast resistor is used to drop the voltage by about 2 volts
in a 12 volt system and also drop the amperes by about .5 amps
going into the coil. The reason a resistor is used it to
lengthen the life of the electrical components and cut down on

These resistors are usually located on the firewall with one
wire running from the ignition switch to the resistor and
another from the resistor to the positive side of the coil. If
you remove the resistor you will be replacing the points at a
much faster rate and the ignition coil more frequently.

Ballast resistors do fail and when that happens it is pretty
clear what the problem is. The engine will run with the starter
engaged but stop when the starter switch is turned to the “on”
position. Or the engine may not start at all.

Newer vehicles don’t use the ballast resistor because most use
a crank trigger sensor with one coil for each cylinder or a
pair of cylinders. The modern ignition system is also much more

And no, a ballast resistor for a fluorescent lamp won’t work.
Get one specific to your make and model. The one pictured above
is for a Chevy V-8. Others will be a sheet metal piece that
may look like an ECM to some. This concludes this session of
the Sunday Service.
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Sometimes I wonder

May 11, 2017

We stopped over to visit Dad while nurses, doctors, and others
came in to do what they do. It seems a mystery to hospital
staff why Dad hasn’t regained the use of his right arm yet. Tests
and scans have been done and studied that tell them what is not
the problem.

And I thought of an incident years ago in a country doctors
office that was in a town of about 100 people. My brother and
I were playing in the hayloft and I ended up with a pitchfork
all the way through my foot. He ran and got Dad while I held
the pitchfork and waited.

Dad climbed up to the loft, carried me to the car and then
into the doctors office with the pitchfork stuck. The first
thing the doctor said was “that doesn’t belong there”. Then
he felt around my foot, asked if any of the prodding hurt, and
handed me a thick leather strop.

The strop went between my teeth, the doctor pulled the
pitchfork out, cleaned the wound good, bandaged me up, and
told me stay off it for about a month. Today I wonder. Would
the doctor have to notify the police for possible abuse?
Surely a CAT scan and ultrasound or some such tests would be

A surgeon would remove the implement before another doctor
would treat the wound, then surely an orthopedic specialist
called. I know it’s called progress but many a day I think
there was nothing wrong with that leather strop.

So enjoy our Thursday and if you’re looking for something to
celebrate, Minnesota became a state on this date in 1858. Now
I end this to seek a few tacos for nourishment.
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