When it rains…

April 30, 2020

My desktop went FUBAR 3 days ago and I’ve been trying to bring it
back to life. When we got said computer it was top of the line and
we were told it would be the last one we’d ever need. Bull! Ten
years later here I sit needing another one.

Not sure if the problem is fixed or it’s time to bury the dead, but
will wait and see. Worst case, posts can be done from my laptop until
another tower is bought and installed.

On the virus front it seems like SSDD. We haven’t heard of any riots
but demonstrations are up. The number of fatalities is much lower
than predicted, yet some are stuck at home. And now we have some
businesses claiming they won’t let us in if we don’t wear masks.

Don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble breathing on a
regular day to put a mask on and make it worse. I’d be panting like
like a pug dog in a tail chasing contest! Then we’re told that
social distancing is here to stay even if more states open up.

So I’m at the keyboard hoping this post will make it through the
process without the computer going crazy on me again. Developers
need to put a hood on the towers so we can open up the top to work
on them instead of taking it halfway apart.

Fodder for another day. Enjoy the rest of our Thursday as at least
the weather has been decent here today. I need some coffee no and
a pizza later to get back on track.
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We figured it out

April 22, 2020

The wife and I thought we were handling this stay at home-safe
distancing thing rather well, until today. We had a old small TV in
the kitchen and she wanted a new one. No problem. Went to Wally World and came home with a new 32 inch Vizio smart TV and thought our problems were over.

I hooked up said demon TV from hell and the wife went through the start up guide that came with it. It kept asking for our wi-fi information and wouldn’t accept the password we use. The wife admits to knowing nothing about technology and I know just enough to be dangerous.

So envision her pushing buttons, myself telling her she was hitting
the wrong buttons, and neither of us knowing which buttons to use. A
shouting match ensued and I’m thankful nobody called the police for a
domestic problem. We are not cool headed people when things go down the tubes.

I left to get a HDMI cable and thought that would fix the problem,
but the TV still didn’t recognized the cable as being hooked up. The
wife said “then you try” at one point so I tried to think of any
kids in the neighborhood that more about electronics than we did.

I had nothing. So after several hours of trying the same thing we
tried something different, and it worked! The only problem is I
already forgot what we did to get the set up going and the wife
wasn’t paying attention. If something like this happening again
we’re hiring somebody to install anything that has ‘smart’ on
the box.

The wife is happy now, I’m happy, and we hope you got a smile out
reading this. Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ve marked it off on our
calendar as a day to remember.
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Happy day

February 15, 2020

Well we finally have our computer back. After trying several different
things, a lot of praying, and a little bit of cussing, the desktop is
working again. Not sure who hacked us but will find that out also. The
last time this happened the hacker was tracked to a fine arts college
in Florida and I emailed said college to let them know their system
could have a problem.

We’d like to thank everyone who offered suggestions as we were a
little overwhelmed at first.

Yesterday the wind chills were below zero here yet today we’ll get
into the middle thirties and close to 40 tomorrow. That didn’t stop
the birds from coming out though. The cardinal kept singing for his
mate but she didn’t show up while we were out.

Even the feral cats were out enjoying the sun. They didn’t look
happy to be doing so but they did it anyway. Patches, on the right,
seems to have an attitude problem on a good day.

Before getting the problem fixed I considered getting up into the
neighbors tree house and just look around. My mind changed when an
idea came to me that actually fixed our computer problem. Perhaps
next time.

The Daytona 500 is tomorrow so enjoy the rest of today as we should
now get back to regular postings, again. Now for coffee and a snack.
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February 10, 2020

Was going to post earlier until everything went FUBAR. My desktop would not let me sign in and refused my password so I’m doing a scan. Said scan will take at least 24 hours so I got the laptop out. Every time I do that I’m reminded of what a dial up modem moves like.

My desktop is running Windows 7 which means an update to something a little more modern may be in order. The computer was still fast before it wouldn’t let me log on so it should be worth saving. At least my pictures won’t be affected as I also load them onto a flash drive just in case of glitches like this. I may have my work cut out for me.

I did get one picture of the full moon but it is still in the camera and will be uploaded after the desktop is back up and running or replaced. We’ll have to wait for the scan to finish to find out. Also got pictures of cardinals, a sunset, and some other neat things still on the camera.

Hope to get the desktop running strong again as I don’t like posting from a laptop. My fingers seem too big for the keyboard. And when I move my hands around the curser jumps all over. Yeah, I’m old school. So I’ll be working on the problem until I either fix the desktop or shoot it. Enjoy our Monday as at least the weather is nice here. Now for a lot more coffee.
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Phone confusion

December 9, 2019

So my old flip phone isn’t staying charged like it used to I’ve been
looking for a new one. Last night when our youngest called he said
something about a new phone that has a 64 mega pixel camera in it
so I had to check that out.

Turns out the phone has a 64 mega pixel sensor that quads something
which results in 16 mega pixel pictures. Not near as earth shattering
as first thought. I just thought that a phone would be easier to tote
around than my dslr camera for an occasional photo. The camera can
get bulky when paired with the zoom lens I prefer to use.

But I’m also partial to the flip phone as I’ve had it so long it can
no longer get updates and needs charging more frequently than when I bought it. Have to figure something out before it gives up and quits on me.

For an old fart like me a trip to the cell phone store is akin to
torture. Seems like the sales staff are pushing the high dollar, able
to do everything except cook your dinner and do your wash, while I
like to keep things simple.

Last time we went the sales rep was pushing the fact I could check
my emails and surf in the internet on a fancy phone. So I told him
that I had a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and a tablet and
didn’t need anymore access to the internet.

Evidently the guy had never such a notion and asked what I used my
flip phone for. I replied that when it rings I answer it and will
occasionally make a phone call with it. I don’t need to be able to
check my email or play games on the thing. I’m one of those that will
not answer the phone while I’m driving also.

So we’ll see how it goes when we make a trip out to see what they
have that they think I can’t live without. Until then I have my old
flip phone.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for some coffee and more
research on the latest phones.
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Robotic what?

November 16, 2019

Woke up late again and almost broke my neck getting into my jeans.
It was 9 am and way past time to get moving. The wife thought I
needed the sleep yet the feral cats were not happy getting fed three
hours late. They did like the fresh water though.

Now four hours behind schedule it’s make up time. Not sure how
things will go but am going to give it my best shot. Should be in
the low 40s today and I’ll make it a point to take the camera out
and see what looks interesting.

In my dream last night I worked in a factory assembling life
size robotic raccoons. We had a glitch in a machine and all the
raccoons that came off the line had the back legs on backwards.
Since they moved when we tested them we let them pass down the

Higher ups weren’t happy as we explained that while the legs were
on backwards the mechanical features still worked. They just
hopped backwards. They didn’t buy we may be able to sell them as
post apocalyptic hybrids that survived the A bomb.

Nobody got fired but we did spend some time taking the robots
apart and putting them back together with the legs facing forward.
When I awoke I thought for sure there would be robotic raccoon
parts scattered all over. Thankfully there weren’t.

Enjoy our Saturday as it will be over before we know it. Now for
some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Had to do it

October 30, 2019

We keep learning life’s lessons no matter how old we grow. I found out yesterday I may be stubborn. After over a week of suffering through what ever it was I let the wife talk me into going to the Emergency Room. Things have changed in the 5 years since I was last there.

Think it’s safe to say I do not like hospitals or going to same. But
there are times when even skinny old rednecks can benefit from a visit.
When back in the room a nurse told me to take off my t-shirt and she
would put a gown on me. I bit back a snide remark but did as she

So there I am with a hospital gown on yet still wearing my jeans and boots laying on a gurney hooked up to a heart monitor and various other machines I knew nothing about. When the doc came talk led to the Navy and he used to a Corpsman. Good enough for me.

After a quick examination doc announced my chest was ‘tight’ and I wasn’t taking in much oxygen, as if I didn’t know. But the little clip on finger reading oxygen level said 96% so I wasn’t too worried. So after a breathing treatment that lasted an hour and chemicals ran through an IV doc asked it felt good enough to go. We were gone.

I now have the medicine to get better fast and the wife and I found
something to laugh about. After picking up prescriptions for steroids,
anti-antibiotics, and cough syrup with codeine we were sitting at the
table when I scratched my belly and got a funny look.

It felt like since my ER visit a nipple had grown on my stomach! This
made me question what they injected with until I lifted the t-shirt to
discover the leads for the heart monitor weren’t removed before we
left. That was certainly a relief.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it looks like more snow here on the east coast of Iowa and I’m ready for the up to 5 inches of the white fluffy love from above.
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