Getting it

January 12, 2019

The white fluffy love from above has arrived. We had 2 inches
on the ground early this morning and the snow is supposed to
continue into the evening. The forecast has been updated from
2-3 inches to 5-7 and we’re just watching it float down on us
from above.

I was out shoveling earlier and can say it is a wet, heavy,
snow. Now I’m warming up and waiting to hear the snow plow go by
before doing another pass. It isn’t too cold either so moving
the snow from where I don’t want it to where I don’t mind it
should be easy-going.

Used the shovel already, put mink oil on my boots, and have the
snow thrower ready to go. All that is needed now is the ambition
to go out and get it done. We’ll make it at some point.

So enjoy our Saturday and this short post as I have to use
the power of positive thinking and get back out there.
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Having some weekend fun

December 28, 2012

The weekend is here and we just broke our
record for most consecutive days breathing,
so how about some distractions.

A friend sent a video for all those who
like the white stuff but think your
snowmobile doesn’t have enough class, or

Here is a different set-up on a van.


From November comes the Auto Club NHRA
Finals in Pomona.

NASCAR now has its first female pit crew

If you’re having trouble with your GMAW (Mig)
welder, this might be something to watch.

Too bad all hearses don’t look like this.


We couldn’t end this without a movie, so how
about “Tales from the Crypt”?

Enjoy the diversions and the weekend.
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Going to snow

December 17, 2012


We are going to take our own advice, take a
deep breath, and not discuss the school

I am in too good of a mood because we’re
going to get with 4-12 inches of snow in
a few days. Also, the wife and I will
celebrate 25 years in the institution of
marriage Thursday.

When we got married it had snowed heavily
the night before and we weren’t sure if
anyone would make it to the ceremony. As
it turned out, everyone showed up and we
got married.

The wife claims we got married on the
20th and she has a wedding license to
prove it. I claim we were married on the
21st, but my proof died a few years ago
and I can’t prove it.

And even though I am no longer allowed
to say “it doesn’t cost anything to look”
around anything automotive, I’d do it

We have went through the depths of despair
and the heights of happiness. And as I
tell her, we can handle anything together.

Instead of gifts we ask you hug your spouse,
embrace your children, our just enjoy the
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Thoughts of snow

December 11, 2012


I am anxiously awaiting a heavy snowfall
while the wife is praying for a heat wave.
This may seem absurd when I remove said
snow from half a block of alley, a big
driveway, two sidewalks, and a set of

But I have always marveled at how the
first heavy snow lays a blanket of
pristine white over all the flaws of our

A scruffy looking tree that didn’t fare
well over a dry summer suddenly becomes
a festive Christmas tree with real

The lawn with its bald spots, crabgrass,
and brownness, becomes a uniform layer of

The oil stained and cracked street turns
into a sparkling white ribbon for as far
as the eye can see.

I like to look out and soak in the sight
before anyone walks or drives through it.
After I take a picture in my mind, it
never fails to amaze me.

Anyone who thinks we are beyond help
and our country is falling apart, need
only behold such a sight to have their
their spirits lifted and hope restored.
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