Lord love a duck

October 10, 2019

Made the mistake of watching, and reading, some news today and have to say the times are changing. We heard about Matt Lauer being a bad boy again, the nonsense that is our Congress, and how we’re going to have a cold morning come Saturday.

Now if you believe that news is fair and balanced while not being biased you probably won’t like this post, but I can’t help myself. Those who believe in Climate Change enough to protest confuse the hell out of me.

In the past pictures after some protests show litter strewed about and
nothing said about actually doing something to fix the problem. The
latest article seen was about a Climate Change protest in London where the author found it hilarious that the protesters were doing yoga, interpretive dance, and weird things on a blocked off street.

The street was blocked off so cars wouldn’t pollute yet plastic tents
and shelters were all over the place along with paper and plastic
banners wanting the government to move faster on greenhouse gas
emissions. Of course they also had to fight with the police.

One would be more inclined to believe the seriousness of these people
if they were seen picking up trash and actually doing something that
might help our environment. Because we don’t see that I’m leaning
towards the belief that that said protesters are unemployed and too
dumb to realize they are being used to make us feel guilty.

I also believe there is nothing mankind can do to change the climate.
Climate has been changing since the earth has been here and will
continue to do so after we’re gone. This is just a huge con to justify
sky high taxes in the future. We don’t have a climate crisis, we have
a common sense crisis.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is but a dream away. Now I need
more coffee and some bacon.
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Bound to happen

November 30, 2017

Our run of good luck just came to screeching halt. Yesterday
was our youngest sons’ birthday and when he tried to call us he
couldn’t get through on our landline. He called the wifes’ cell
phone and told her, then got hold of me online.

I checked said landline only to discover there was no dial
tone. A call to Mediacom had them rebooting our modem twice
which didn’t fix the problem. So we were told there is a wide
spread outage that runs for Indiana to our little haven on the
east coast of Iowa.

This has been an ongoing problem and we were told they would
keep us in the loop by cell phone, but they had no idea how
long this outage would be. Here’s a novel idea; fix the damn
problem. At least we have access to our computers.

The last time this happened a friend tried to call then died
the next day and I never found out what he wanted. I don’t want
that to happen again. I’ve always been a man of my word and
when somebody tries to reach me for help, and can’t, I am not
a happy camper.

We’re happy with cable, the wife likes the TiVo, our internet
is faster than ever, but we keep having problems with the
phone. Not many people have my cell phone number as I can’t
hear it ring half the time and putting on vibrate doesn’t help
as I can’t feel it vibrate against my leg.

Hope this doesn’t last as long as the last time, and thanks
for letting me vent. Enjoy our Thursday, it’s one step closer
to the weekend. Now I need some coffee and need to look for a
bigger mug.
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It’s getting old rant

November 2, 2017

Did you ever have one of those days when you get a gut feeling
that things aren’t going to go as planned and then it gets
crazy? My day was yesterday. Let’s just say things got stupid
fast and went down hill from there.

I won’t go into details or name names, but when people come at
me with baseless accusations and toothless threats I react.
Throw in some second hand rumors and it gets crazy. Something I
learned a long time ago is you can’t make everyone happy but
you can sure piss them off.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people hear some
rumors and assume the worse. Then, with no actual information
but armed with rumors, like to get in my face. And after all
that these people get angrier when a glimpse of the old me pops

Well, spread the gossip and believe the rumors if you must.
It won’t bother me because those who know me won’t believe and
I don’t care what those who don’t know me believe. There are
times I think I was born 100 years too late. Our current
politically correct, hurt feelings society it tiring.

But I will promise this, all this nonsense aimed at getting
me to feel guilty over something I didn’t do, or shame me into
doing things I can’t do will not work. So play your games, act
the victim, and blame me if you must. When you can do so with
the truth let me know.

That being said, I’m not angry, hate no one, have done nothing
wrong, and will continue on as I have been. Please feel free to
think the worst if it makes you happy.

Sorry for the rant, but enjoy our Thursday. Here on the east
coast of Iowa it looks gloomy, but the critters and birds are
enjoying the slightly warmer weather.
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A rare rant

October 27, 2016

The old adage “When cardinals appear angels are near”, meaning
a deceased loved one is making their presence known, occurred to
me today. I immediately thought of Mom and asked if I could take
a picture.


This bird sat until I took a picture and flew off before I
could take another. Mom was one of strongest women I have ever
met in my life yet I wondered why she chose now to let me know
I was in her thoughts.

Back when I was the one your mother warned you about she had
an uncanny knack of calling when I was up to something. I took
it as a sign something was heading my way I wasn’t going to
like. Sure enough when I received news later I was ready to
deliver justice.

But a calming inner voice told me to look into matters and
not make any rash decisions. If I find out what I heard is
true someone had better give their soul to Jesus because their
ass in mine.

I won’t get into specifics but suffice it to say I won’t do
anything until such a time I am convinced the rumor is true.
People who know me remember the old me and believe him to be
a thing of the past but this just isn’t so.

Many years were spent changing my temper and my actions yet
that doesn’t mean they won’t resurface for the right cause.
There are some that say nothing is written in stone, but those
people have never met me.

And while I remember this I also remember a promise I made to
Mom on her death bed. That promise is still kept, and will be,
as long as I am able. I don’t want to go down that path again,
but I do not fear it. Things happen for a reason and this just
may be a test. I pray it is.

Now I need a pizza as my gut is telling me it knows where one
is. Sorry for the rant and please enjoy the weekend.
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Non sibi sed patriae

June 18, 2015

I’m beginning to think the left and the media toss
around words to lessen their impact on those of us
who aren’t buying the bull they’re shipping. Words
that used to have meaning and would invoke
emotions with just an utterance are now being
turned into meaningless drivel.

When Bruce Jenner got a boob job, shaved his body
hair, and slipped into a slinky gown he was hailed
a hero, courageous, and brave. We will never equate
those words to likes the Jenner.

Those words belong to people like Army Captain
Will Swenson who was awarded the Medal of Honor. If
you are left wing you may ask why. Well watch the
video and if it doesn’t get your eyes leaking, you
aren’t human.

Where will this nonsense end? We have men claiming
they are women, women saying they are men, a white
woman who thinks she’s black, and another white
woman who swears she is native American. And this
is the bunch claiming we are not responsible enough
to own guns or follow our own religion? God give me

The title to this post is in Latin and translates to:
Not for self but for his country.
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Here’s the deal rant

May 13, 2015


America has lost its way. All around the rest of the
world adults are thinking we are a country full of
people who should put on grown up clothes and stop
acting like spoiled children.

Before you call me crazy hear me out. There is
only one thing that can truly destroy our country
and that is us, the American people.

We have turned into a bunch of sniveling name
calling idiots that are fodder for comedy shows in
other countries.

Everybody has problems. Our country has seen its
share of ups and downs. And yet some of us don’t get
it. Nobody can destroy OUR country unless WE let them.

We have to present a united front and not be
splintered according to race, sexual orientation,
religion, political party, social status, or other
labels. We have to turn you against us into
us against them.

As long as we are divided we give an unfair
advantage to those who would do us harm. We don’t
have to like each other, we don’t even have to
respect each other, but the more our unity
disintegrates the more harm is being done.

We do not need diversity. Look around, we’ve been a
country of immigrants from all over the world for a
few centuries already.

It’s time we take pride in our country again. Not
the politicians, not certain individuals who live
here, but in our country. It’s time we stop
trying so hard to change it and start saving it.
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Pet peeves

April 20, 2015


I am usually an easy going guy and can honestly
say that I haven’t been mad since Christ rode a
bicycle, but I do have a few things that stick in
my craw.

Recently I’ve noticed the practice of using the
American flag as a doormat at protests while saying
this is the right of the protestors. Here’s the
real deal: putting our flag on the ground, or
floor, is a crime punishable by fine and up to 1
year in jail.

If a veteran, patriot, or other proud American
calls you on this fact they are not being racist.
YOU are being unAmerican. The same goes if they
remove your flag from the ground.

Veterans, patriots, or other proud Americans who
fly the American flag at home should never have to
take the flag down. If it offends you and you use
your right to protest we have no problem with that.
But if you are offended by seeing an American flag
fluttering in the breeze and demand its removal,
YOU are the problem.

Then we have those who want to take our gun rights
away. Does anybody else see the insanity of this?
Legal gun owners obey the laws, criminals never

Finally, the phrase ‘political correctness’ should
be stricken from vocabulary. This particular bull
has been shipped all the way to the processing

And now that I have that off my chest, it’s time
for a pizza.
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