December 13, 2022

In a plan to discover what could be up, I decided to see what the mainstream media had to say yesterday. I’d been running with the thought that it wouldn’t be long after the mid-term election that politics would turn into a circus again. Well, one source informed me we’re having a triple threat with Covid, the flu, and another respiratory bug and masks may be mandatory again while another stated that a recent study showed the masks didn’t work against the virus.

Not to be outdone, foreign news from Qatar proclaimed a problem with the dreaded camel flu and was complete with a picture of camels wearing stocking caps over their faces! That made us think that nobody makes an N-95 mask big enough for a camel. Then another source stated 24 people were shot in Chicago over the last weekend with I believe 6 fatalities. We know that can’t be true because Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

By now I’ve about bitten my tongue in half by keeping it in cheek. We could go on but think you can figure it out without us. So, if you’re having a real good day, check out the media and get a laugh. Just do it in small doses so you don’t get overloaded with the bull they’re shipping. Enjoy our Tuesday.

Almost over

November 9, 2022

We’re almost to the point where we won’t get mailers from candidates or see political ads on TV. It may take a while to count the votes and get things sorted out, but we are on the downhill side. Haven’t watched results yet as too many media people were all too happy to call the races for their favorites in the past, and they’re not always right.

Honestly, I don’t think much will change yet hope they do. We have had a dysfunctional government for too long now for a quick fix. When things fester over time things can’t be cleaned up until the people really want it to and our country is too divided right now. As the saying goes, I’ll expect the worse but hope for the best. Or at least a small change.

I’ve always gotten a kick out of actors and politicians as they both expect to be noticed when they do the jobs they were hired to do. Actors want awards and politicians want to get reelected. I’ll reserve judgement until after the results are in to tell you what I really think. I’m sure the talking heads on TV will disagree, but it looked like SSDD to me. Time will tell. Enjoy our Wednesday since it’s here anyway.

Today’s the day

November 8, 2022

It’s time to get out and vote. Everyone who eligible to vote should get out and do so, then we’ll stop the political ads and robocalls for a year or so before the next campaign begins. We don’t care who you vote for, which political party, or anything else so long as you vote. This should be an interesting mid-term.

Missed the eclipse of the moon last night and we’re told there won’t be another until 2025. The reason was I plan to be around in 2025 to miss that one, and I have pictures of others from the past. After a busy day yesterday, my eyes wouldn’t stay open that late. In hindsight, I could have laid down sooner and got up earlier.

One final thing. Yesterday I got a call about the open enrollment for Medicare and took a short survey. The questions weren’t invasive and didn’t give much information that could be used by a hacker. The last question was “how old are you currently?”. I replied that I was 71. That’s when the lady taking the poll said, “you don’t sound 71?”. I almost asked her what 71 sounds like but had a good laugh anyway.

Enjoy our Tuesday and get out and vote.

Smoke and mirrors

October 25, 2022

Covid-19 is in the news and once again the fingers are pointing at Dr. Fauci. The Lancet COVID-19 Commission, a task force that looked into the origins of Covid-19 for 22 months, found that it was probably laboratory generated and the technology was the result of gain-of-function research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The synthetic fingerprint found in this variant leads back to Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, NIH-funded gain-of-function research and in cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. You may remember that Dr. Fauci was the head of NIH at the time this all started.

Red flags went up and word came from Fauci that the virus came from bats and not a laboratory. Studies cited by the media showed there were about 47,000 wild animals from 38 species sold in the Wuhan markets between May 2017 and November 2019. It was admitted that no evidence was found that any animals had the virus. We all know how that turned out with the ‘fact checkers’ and paid ‘experts’
who would deny anything if paid enough.

We may never know the whole truth, at least in my lifetime. Or we could believe in coincidences. Enjoy our Tuesday.


October 12, 2022

As happens every election cycle, the circus is back and if those running are to be believed, nobody is worth voting for. One party is declaring their opponents want to take away all womens rights while the other claims their opponents want to tax us into poverty.

Not my circus, not my monkeys, but we all know a few of the clowns. This would be a good time for somebody to run on getting term limits passed and doing it. We know common sense has left the building and has been replaced with ‘fact checkers’ whose drivel we are supposed to believe without doubt.

Humanity has reached the point where some will believe anything they’re told while others are too lazy to do their own fact checking. Today, many want instant results and with the push of a few buttons take the first item to turn up as gospel and search no farther. Others claim the dreaded, it must be true because I saw it on TV. Lord love a duck.

The politicians have many worked up about some imagined slight to their race, religion, and even political party. The days of adult conversation without one getting mad has gone the way of common sense. We don’t have an answer but sure wish we did.

All that said, I’m going out and enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy our Wednesday.

Running late

August 26, 2022

I’m running as fast as I can to catch up and am sorry this is late. Sometimes the brain is willing but the body just says ‘oh hell no’. Been running on fumes and every day we get closer to catching up on all the things left undone due to the wifes illness.

Usually, we don’t do two political posts in a row but with Biden in the Oval office it’s hard not to. Heard old brainless Joe called Trump supporters all sorts of things and none good. Correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t he run on being the great unifier who would reach across party lines and bring the parties together?

Since we watch a few short videos we are also wondering what a “vallot” is. This guy makes Mush Mouth from the old cartoons sound like a college professor. Never thought I’d live to see the day that we need an interpreter for our own president. Just goes to show you can learn something everyday. It was amusing to watch Joe try to blame Trump for the Corona virus debacle after taking credit for it.

Enjoy our Friday as we will.


August 24, 2022

Yes, we know we’re late but I stretched myself too thin yesterday and overslept. That said, I did get more sleep than I had in a while so I’m not complaining. Much like the guy in the picture above the predators are coming out in force. We’re getting close to the election.

I watch local news until coverage of said election is covered when I find a different channel. We can’t be the only ones who are suspicious of gas prices dropping just before the election nor the name calling in the ads of those trying to get reelected. It’s actually amusing to watch, in small doses.

Besides getting things done around here, I’ve talked to different people and one subject that comes up is big pharma. Those I’ve talked to, almost to a person, have agreed that the drug companies don’t want a cure while treating illnesses is more profitable. Some who have diabetes are paying way too much for insulin, and some drugs are out of reach for their finances.

Then we have the talk of forgiving some portion of the student loan debt. Now if that goes through our taxes will be even higher. We have a novel idea, you signed for the loan, you pay it. That’s called being an adult. When election day rolls around, remember who did this to our country and vote them out.

Enjoy our Wednesday as fall is just around the corner.


June 14, 2022

Just about everywhere one looks, one can find drama. That is especially true when one turns on the TV. There are times when the station even breaks into programming with ‘breaking news’ just to give us our daily dose of drama. Murder hornets, monkey pox, the virus, food shortages, floods, droughts, and the idea we’re all going to burn up because our cars use gas.

The sad thing is, this has happened so often that some people are buying it! Instead of doing a little research to confirm said rumors, some just buy the bull they’re shipping. Long story short, it is not the warmest it has ever been, and climate change is not going to kill us. Incompetence might, but not the climate.

Our feckless government heads are more dangerous to us than most other threats combined. Once the government get it in their head that they are more important than everyone else, chaos ensues. And when they say they want to help one wants to stock up on food and water and other essentials. That said, tomorrow we should have more pictures to share.

Enjoy our Tuesday since it snuck up on us anyway.

Thinking again

June 11, 2022

The man in the moon was looking dapper just after sunset so we got a picture. This post isn’t late because of that fact it’s because I’m slow getting started this morning. If I was still drinking the spirits I’d have an excuse and there is no excuse for being late.

Don’t know if it’s just us, but we’ve been thinking there are too many people in our nations capital who actually think they know better than us what our country needs and trying to force their ideas on us. We just wish they’d get mad, take their toys, and go home. They just don’t seem to get it.

The only other option a thinking person can come to is they’re trying to bring the country down to the level of a third world country. We don’t like that option. Can’t figure out what all these rich folks have against us middle class, but it’s getting old. Perhaps we’re the only group who isn’t buying the bull they’re shipping?

We have an election coming up and if the people elect the same people trying to destroy our country we’ll have lost our faith in humanity. We know common sense died a long time ago in most, but if you’re buying the lies they’re all selling, you’re part of the problem. Tomorow we’ll have a snicker and get back to regular posting. Until then, enjoy our Saturday.

Here we go again

May 25, 2022

We would like to give our sincere condolences to those affected by the recent shooting at the Texas school. It gets even sadder as the death toll rises. We also noticed politicians wasted no time in bringing up gun control laws. These functioning idiots don’t even realize the problem isn’t the guns.

We will say again, we have a mental health crisis that isn’t getting better on its own. Add to that a broken justice system that seems more geared towards politics than the law, and you have a perfect storm. There is a reason we have a legislative branch of government and a judicial branch of our government. One should not be telling the other what to do. Unless an unconstitutional law is passed.

The mental health issue has been around for some time now and we don’t see things getting better any time soon. In most cases these things don’t happen overnight but fester for months. Something needs to be done as the system we have now is broke.

With the judicial branch, we need to end the nominating of judges based on their political affiliation. They need to be seated on their understanding of the law as written and not their belief that one political party is better than another. Those are my thoughts on the issue, yours may vary. Enjoy our Wednesday.