As I see it

July 26, 2017

If you have any access to media you have heard of the current
debacle in Washington, D.C. No, not Russia hacking our election
process. I’m referring to repealing Obamacare. The topic seems
to be all over the media with varying degrees of accuracy.

It numbs my brain when I hear, or read, that if Obamacare is
repealed 20-30 million people will lose their insurance. Since
there are only about 8 million people on Obamacare where do all
the other people come from? And since when is health care a

Remember AARP lobbying for the bill then getting an exemption?
Or hearing Congress would have to pass it so we could see what
was in it? Or our favorite, if you like your doctor you can
keep your doctor? Yet with all that has transpired since this
bill was passed some people still think it’s a good thing.

One has to wonder what our government is up to since they can’t
get anything done. A bill to allow illegal aliens to work is
more important than getting the government out our health care
and ensuring that social security is there for those who paid
into it for decades? We think not.

Republicans ran for office on the platform that they would
repeal the Affordable Care Act and are now saying it can’t be
done. It would be nice if there was an adult in Congress who
could play well with others and get something done. Excuses
aren’t getting it anymore.

I don’t blame Trump for this as I believe he is doing what he
said he would do during his campaign. He may doing it at a
slower pace than some would like, but he is doing it. And
finally, how can you be against a bill a isn’t even scripted

Enjoy our wednesday as it is the last one we’ll see this month.
Now I need more coffee and a pizza infusion.
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What a week

July 7, 2017

We made it to friday. This week has been filled with a little
more drama than the usual. So many things were going on we
don’t know where to begin. The media vs Trump feud continues,
the green energy bunch aren’t happy, it now looks like the
fireworks ban is spreading in our local community, and it’s

Nothing unusual, just a constant supply of same stuff
different day. The Trump bashing media has gotten to the point
I avoid news and only turn it on when I know the weather
guessers are on. That’s entertainment. It’s getting to the
point I’m waiting for the media to declare “Trump said shit
when he had a mouthful!”

Locally, fireworks are banned for use again. Now a neighboring
city, and the county, want to ban them also. The arguments
for the ban are laughable. The official take seems to be “we
gave people the chance to set them off responsibly and follow
the law and it didn’t work”.

Isn’t that why we have police? If everybody followed the law
like responsible adults there would be no need. As Americans
some do everything to excess. We drive too fast, slide through
stop signs, and push laws every day. Personally, I think the
neighbors put on a better fireworks show than the city did.

Our former city administrator is suing the local newspaper as
he feels said paper slandered him and caused him a loss of
income. Not sure how that one’s going to play out either.

And Happy Birthday to the wife! Even though you longer believe
me when I say it doesn’t cost anything to look, I love you.
Enjoy our friday as monday will get here before we know it.
Now we have to go restock my pizza shelf in the freezer.
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Bound to happen

July 6, 2017

When our former Governor signed the bill legalizing fireworks
I wonder if he knew it was going to cause major problems. It
has been noisy and the smoke at times was pretty thick, but the
bill only allowed fireworks around the 4th of July and New
Year’s Day.

Our city council has reacted with the swiftness of a gazelle
to enact a ban on the use of the legal fireworks. Citing 8
serious injuries, 4 grass fires, 2 structure fires, a car fire,
the noise and bunch of leftover trash that wasn’t cleaned up.

The city now has a ban on the use of legal fireworks and are
talking raising fines if caught. The police I’ve talked to have
said it’s almost impossible to catch someone in the act and
they can’t ticket someone standing around watching when they
are set off.

Those saying clean up is a problem must not have grew up
living on an alley. Our daily walk usually finishes with our
hands full of liqour bottles, cigarette packs, fast food bags,
and pop bottles that others have deposited in our ferns and the
edge of the alley.

But I say our city leaders are looking at the problem all
wrong. Since fireworks sales became legal again the vendors
must have made a lot of money which means lots of sales taxes
were paid, some of which may end up back in our city. It is
times like these I dream of living in a place that you need a
telescope to see your nearest neighbors house.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is only a dream away.
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It’s getting old

July 5, 2017

I know the post is late again but I have priorities. Even at
this late hour I’ve only had 4 cups of coffee. Early this
morning after the fireworks died down I went out to have a talk
with the man in the moon and didn’t get to bed until the wee

Recently our fair city had an “Impeach Trump” march and after
hearing some of the organizers platform I have to wonder what
some of us are drinking. One of the main reasons they wanted
our president impeached was the Russian hacking.

I’ve always believed God looks after idiots and drunks, and
he wasn’t a politician, but had to wonder what he’d think of
this mess that is our current political climate. We have
politicians who do nothing loudly, blame it on the other party,
yet want us to vote them back in.

When these politicians pass laws, the laws never affect the
politicians or people who throw large amounts of money at their
campaigns. Forget big pharma, the almighty dollar has replaced
‘the good of the people’. One can only conclude that ethics has
left the building along with common sense.

It used to be when people protested they were against an issue
that made sense. End the war, lower our taxes, etc. Now most
groups we’ve seen hold the same signs and when the reporters
show up have the same sound bite. Sounds bought and sold to me.

But I digress. Have a great Wednesday, it’s the first one of
the month. Now I have to get busy doing what I should have been
doing when I was sleeping.
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The good, the bad, and the stupid

June 30, 2017

Tomorrow is July 1st, the day several new laws go into effect
in the great state of Iowa. Some make sense to us while others
have us scratching our heads saying ‘what in the hell were they
thinking?” We’ll list a few here that we like followed by
some we haven’t made sense of yet.

HF 517 goes into full effect. Stand Your Ground just makes
sense. Our doors aren’t locked for our benefit but to keep you
out if you mean us harm. By the time you kick through one of
the solid core with 6-inch screws in all the hardware you will
be looking at the business end of my 45.

SF 444 prohibits the use electronic communication devices
while driving. If you use a device to write, send, or view
an electronic message while driving it will be considered
evidence that you driving in a recless manner with willful or
wanton disregard for the safety of other persons or property.

HF 516 is the Voter Integrity Act dictates a state approved
ID must be shown to vote. We’ve been showing ours for years at
the polling place anyway.

And now, those that don’t make sense to us.

SF 362 involves claims against Fairs for damages arising from
the transmission of pathogens from certain animals housed on
the fairgrounds. If you’re allergic to animals, don’t go to
a livestock.

HF 473 establishes multiple pathways to obtain a High School
Equivalency Diploma beyond an exam. Isn’t the test enough? Or
is this another politically correct idea borne of the
everybody gets a trophy train of thought?

And finally, our favorite. SF 447 will allow farmers to
present an affirmative defense if sued by neighbors who claim
odors or other aspects of an animal feeding operation is a
public nuisance and interferes with their enjoyment of life.

City folk never cease to amaze me. If you aren’t smart enough
to plow around the stumps or didn’t know farms can be smelly,
animals have sex in the open, and dust could be an issue, you
have no business living in the country.

For a more complete list of the new laws that go in effect
July 1st, go here.

Enjoy our last day of June. Don’t know about where you’re at
but it’s noisy here on the east coast of Iowa. Now for a
smaller version of the new pizza I tried last week.
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A little birdie told me

June 23, 2017

Trump was in Iowa yesterday in a city close to us and the
righteous indignation has begun. Iowa gets around 36% of its
energy from wind turbines and during his speech the president
said “I don’t want to just hope the wind blows to light up your
homes and your factories as the birds fall to the ground.”

These few words caused one of our Senators to proclaim “Trump
would succeed in ending the production tax credit in Congress
over me dead body.” Supporters of green energy spoke out and
gloom and doom was predicted over a simple sentence. Yet the
consensus is that those who attended the event cheered the

Wind energy is like ethanol in Iowa and considered by many to
be the only answer to our many problems. Both have been around
longer than people think. I am one Iowan who believes both are
over rated. Wind energy is still more expensive and ethanol is
just a stepping stone until something better comes along.

It is fun to read, and hear, all the people forecast the end of
the world as we know it if changes are made. We lived before
these fads came along and will continue breathing when they are
gone as long as the good Lord is willing. Too many people take
this stuff too seriously.

We, on the other hand, have a life. And since the wife has a
few days off in a row we are going to cruise the two lane
blacktop to somewhere, spend the night in a motel, and cruise
back when we’re ready. Until then I will have no internet
access but will post upon our return.

So enjoy our Friday, it’s the last one we get this week.
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Strange things

June 22, 2017

I went and had my chest x-ray today in an older hospital that
had just been remodeled. At one time I could find anything in
that hospital with my eyes closed. Now they added curved walls,
meandering halls, and confusing signage. I guess the updates
were needed but still saw nothing wrong with old straight

I read in the newspaper that people were surprised at the
small turn out in the 3rd Ward election to narrow the field
from 6 candidates to 2. Perhaps it had something to do with
the fact that the issue was more important to the politicians
than the voters.

And last night while I was cruising the information highway
something strange happened. There I was rowing through the
gears and speed shifting the tabs when an IM noticed popped
up. That wasn’t unusual but what made it a Twilight Zone moment
for me was the message came from my cousin who recently died.
All the message said was “Thank you”.

Then we all know common sense has died as surely as we know
Elvis has left the building. The way things look today Mr.
Sense has company. Common courtesy is no longer with us if we
disagree and debate has turned into hate filled rhetoric aimed
toward those of us who haven’t drank the Kool-Aid. The sad
thing is that those who argue the loudest and protest the most
are the problem and don’t have the ability to figure it out.

Political parties have become opposing sides in a war against
imagined rights and innocent slights. Our lawmakers are once
again the butt of jokes while they imagine they actually doing
something that would help the average citizen. I think a lot of
people need a nap.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is almost knocking on the
door. Now I need to get some mowing done or declare our yard
a tropical rain forrest.
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