When will it end?

November 20, 2021

You may have heard that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts. Recent comments in the media had me yawning like Lil Bit in the picture above. Am I the only one who wishes the media, celebrities, and left leaning talking heads would learn some new words?

White supremacist, racist, and calling rioters ‘peaceful protesters’ aren’t cutting it anymore. Much like the boy who cried wolf we still don’t believe it. We realize that some people make a living giving their opinion of the news, and we’re fine with that, but the telling of flat out lies has gone on long enough.

And what happened to Bidens campaign promise to be the great uniter? He can’t even get more than a half dozen people to show up for a speech let alone bring the country together. We’ll end this now or we may write something we’d regret later.

Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a good one. Now for more coffee and a smoke.

Some thoughts

November 10, 2021

It would appear we have a problem here in our river city that will not go away any time soon. The city wants to build a bigger Juvenile Detention Center in a residential neighborhood and people have come out against it. The usual suspects are involved for their own varied reasons and the local media is covering it all.

The NAACP is against the idea as a spokeswoman stated that twice as many black youths are arrested compared to white here in Davenport. A member of the county board of supervisors is against it as he believes incarceration of juvenile offenders isn’t the way to go and doesn’t work. Others have objections to putting the facility in a residential neighborhood. The circus is back!

It would seem that those opposed to this idea would be happy if authorities looked the other way and didn’t arrest anyone under the age of 21 for anything. This type of thinking that sees 13 and 14 year olds caught driving stolen vehicles and many times with weapons found in the vehicle. How about instead of a slap on the wrist and probation, these kids go to trial and pay for what they did.

We have no answers while watching the debate while those outraged by the thought of a new facility don’t either. We do know that we live in a somewhat unique city in that we border another state and have many major highways bisect our city. This allows access to our city that others don’t see. And we have had more than our share of vehicle thefts lately.

Perhaps if the parent or parents had to pay damages their kiddies caused things would change. Or arrest them as accessories on the same charges as their wards. Something needs to be done and this project feels like a step in the right direction. That’s our opinion on the matter, yours may vary. But we all should be tired of all the juvenile crime by now.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re halfway to the weekend. Now for some more coffee and a smoke.

An early post

November 6, 2021

After my meeting with the financial advisor I admit to being more confused than when I went in. Seems we’ll be paying more in taxes this year even though we haven’t touched the money. Heard the old ‘it takes money to make money’ spiel. And I still can’t see how stocks can be up with the condition our economy is in.

But enough of that. Seen another article about another electric car that burnt to the ground outside a home. Some people love them but I just can’t see the reason for having one. Some of the charging stations are even diesel powered! Then there are owners of these vehicles that claim there aren’t enough charging stations around. No thank you.

All that while the politicians claim we’re all going to die if we don’t let them fix the climate. Yes, the same politicians who can’t even come up with budget, or stick to it, are now saying they can ‘fix’ the climate. They can’t even keep the wind turbines going or find something to do with the used vanes when no longer in use.

If all the politicians in the world are worried about the climate they should start by planting trees and quit running their mouths. Or they could reduce their use of forms, in triplicate, and save some trees that way. We’ll end it there before we say something we may regret at a later date. Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a good one here. Now I need another cup of coffee before I go to bed.

Nothing to see here

October 9, 2021

We are to the point that we love our country, but not the government. Don’t know what the end plan of this administration is as it looks like that plan is turn America into a third world country. Went to get some groceries only to notice empty shelves while ships sit at anchor outside of ports because they can’t unload the goods we need.

And since the food supply is spotty this administration feels it’s alright to bring a million or more refugees and aliens into our country. Where is the extra food going to come from? Speaking of those entering our country, we wonder how it is that they don’t have to get tested, or vaccinated against the covid virus.

Other countries have successfully used different medications as treatment, yet this administration won’t allow them. Add to that the fact that said politicians and others in favor of the forced vaccines are exempt from the vaccine mandate and one has to question their motives. Like, why is the vaccine the ONLY cure when others work?

Gas prices have just about doubled in the 10 months this administration came into being while we went from energy independent to being energy dependent on countries that don’t like us. The pipeline deal with Canada was cut so they and other allies are getting mad at our country.

If more citizens don’t start letting their voices be heard we will descend this slippery slope into socialism even faster. They work for us, not the other way around.

Confusing times

October 7, 2021

Dr. Fauci has been the talking head on the corona virus since that event started in China and spread around the globe. You may wonder, what does a picture of an old tree trunk have to do with the whole virus debacle and Dr. Fauci?

It has nothing to do with Fauci, the same as his rhetoric has nothing to do with science. Actually, that’s not entirely true. If you look long enough at the picture you will see something. A shape, a texture, but something. The same with the good doctor. If you look into his background you will see things also.

Like the fact that he sold the virus to the lab in Wuhan, donated money to the lab in Wuhan, etc. His latest proof that he is not an expert came when he announced the covid positive immigrants, who are getting spread all over the country, don’t contribute to the recent rise of positive test results.

One wonders why we citizens are being told we must get the vaccine or everyone will die while the same attention is not paid to those who come across or borders? Make the vaccine mandatory for everybody, with no exceptions or exemptions, and then we may take you seriously.

Enjoy our Thursday as Friday is only a dream away. Now for some coffee.

Don’t know…

September 20, 2021

Much like the cat in the picture, I admit to being surprised. Never thought we’d live to see such a dramatic change in our great country. And anyone old enough to remember knows what we’re talking about. For those who don’t, we’ll try to explain.

One of the big differences is that nobody else cared about which party you voted for on election day. We were not calling the other political party Nazis, white supremacists’, or other names. It felt like we were a more polite society. Some would say polite is other word for giving in, but it is not. Common curtesy should make a comeback.

Things said back then, that wouldn’t get a raised eyebrow at the time, are now the cause of the surge in adult coloring books and safe spaces. People said what they thought even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. And nobody got offended or demanded money for nothing. If anyone did get offended, they got over it and life went on.

Now we’ve heard the government wants access to our bank account information. Being silly, government wants to know of any transactions over $600. Sadly, the only reason for this is to tax us more then we are now. A more simple solution to the deficit is that the government have a balanced budget every year and doesn’t spend more than they have.

We don’t know the solution nor where the country we grew up in went, but we do know we’d like it back.

Crazy world

September 6, 2021

Woke up breathing again and thanked God for that while thinking about getting outside. The critters scampering around outside make more sense than most things people do. Ironically, we celebrate Labor Day today when the job numbers just came out and were far short of projections. Makes us wonder what the numbers will look like now that the extra money from the government ended.

Taking pictures of wildlife keeps us sane during these trying times. If you haven’t heard, The talking heads are pushing another vaccine shot to protect against us against the virus. These same talking heads are telling us hospitals are just full to overflowing with Covid patients so we must get the shot.

I have a problem with that. It goes back to the days when Trump was still the president. You may remember Trump got the virus, took hydroxychloroquine, with some other things, and beat the virus. And you may remember, even at that early stage of the virus, that Dr. Fauci claimed the medicine didn’t work and wasn’t safe. The CDC was quick to agree and did their thing to stop the practice even though doctors who actually treat people said it did work and was safe.

So quit trying to shame those of us who don’t believe you and will not get the vaccine. The more bull they ship, the less the chance of us getting said vaccine. It is not us unvaccinated people who spread the disease but those who are pushing the vaccine causing the deaths. Their hands are bloody, not ours.

All that said, enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of our lives. Now for some coffee.

We wonder…

September 2, 2021

How Biden can stand in front of the podium and say the things he says with a straight face, and how the media makes clowns of themselves defending him. It’s obvious that the man has an elevator that doesn’t go all the way to top, which causes us to wonder if he even knows what he’s saying.

The man gets in front of the cameras and botches his short speeches which he reads off a teleprompter! And if you look at his eyes during any of speeches it becomes obvious the lights are on but nobody’s home. So the real question is, who are the devious people that control the man? Somebody is pulling his strings and putting the garbled words in this mouth.

I don’t like the guy, or his policies, but also don’t believe in coincidences. Like with Covid, the entire world went crazy with lockdowns while trying to instill fear in all. Almost every country in the world had mask mandates are were pushing the vaccine over other proven cures for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.7%. Some group of people are behind the curtain trying to bend the will of our planets population.

Then we have climate change and going ‘green’. The people that can’t even cure a virus are trying to tell us they can fix a non-existent problem? Sure it’s getting warmer. Look at all the wildfires due to the government not maintaining the forest and all the solar farms radiating heat back into out atmosphere.

And we have to remember the track record of the government. How’s the war on poverty and the war on drugs going after all these years? How’s all the baseless gun control regulations doing? This crap has been going on for too long and it’s time we go back to the politicians upholding and defending the Constitution instead of looking for loopholes. We love our country, we just don’t care for our government right now.

Enjoy our Thursday and we’ll have more pictures tomorrow. Now for more coffee and pizza.

Crazy world

August 9, 2021

Don’t know when it changed so we’ll ask. When did our country become a dictatorship? This whole covid mess has gone on long enough and it’s about time the politicians pushing vaccines and lockdowns get a reality check. Bad policies have killed more Americans that any of us who choose not to get the unapproved vaccine. And anyone who disagrees with the ruling class are automatically wrong and ostracized

More violence is being committed, and ignored by the media and our lawmakers while the media ignores most of it. We say most of it because if those raising hell aren’t of a certain party they will make the news and be made examples of. We have turned our backs to the ‘woke’ sports associations and players while both parties in Congress are throwing away money in unheard of proportions.

These politicians are trying their darnedest to get us working against each other based on religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, and even political party. Meantime the Constitution is getting stepped on more than our flag. Some of us have a good idea why this is happening and history even proves it will repeat itself. So here’s one take on the subject.

Let’s set the Way Back machine to 2020 and get a look at some history. You may remember we had an election that year. You may also remember being told on a daily basis how bad the Corona virus was, mask mandates, isolation, businesses closed, and while our then president tried to calm the masses and offer a cure that worked for him, Democrats went bananas and started pushing the ‘vaccine’.

Now ask yourself “what’s coming up that would cause the virus to re-emerge?” The mid-term elections next year. The politicians are crazy, but they’re not completely stupid. They know in 2022 Democrats will probably lose the House and the Senate while their agenda fizzles. So stop it! We have seen the man behind the curtain and are tired of the bull you’re shipping. We’ll get on with our lives, you stay out of it.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

The circus is back

August 5, 2021

Woke up in a good mood again and thanked God for giving me another day with a smile on my face. I am still thankful but got a bit of a shock when I opened my email. There was another article about the 2,702 page infrastructure bill. Nothing new there yet as I read on said ‘oh Hell no!’

This entire bill needs to be tabled until such time as all members of Congress have had the time to read the entire bill. We can only hope this happens or the bill doesn’t pass. Tucked away on pages 508-519 is a pilot program for a motor vehicle national per-mile user fee or MBOF to help pay for the infrastructure. Seems the House didn’t get the memo from Lyin’ Biden that people who make under $400,000 a year wouldn’t see new taxes.

We’ll list a couple of highlights before we give our opinion. Page 508 explains the program is set up to “test the design, acceptance, implementation, and financial sustainability of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.” The pilot program would involve unnamed participants who remain so for their protection against retaliation.

On page 513 the bill states “Secretary of the Treasury shall establish, on an annual basis, per-mile user fees for passenger motor vehicles, light trucks, and medium to heavy duty trucks.” Claim is these “fees” would be based on several factors which, of course, include environmental impact.

Now, why would this be in the bill? We believe that the green politicians have pushed the electric vehicle so well that too many are being sold. Of course when they do things like this they forget that electric cars don’t use gas. If there are fewer drivers buying gas there is less revenue from gas taxes. So instead of putting the user fees on only electric vehicles politicians have decided we all should pay more.

Give the user fee to the electric vehicle owners and base it on gross environmental impact and not just the driving impact. Once again our government has outsmarted itself, created a problem, and are telling us it’s our fault. Don’t buy the bull they’re shipping.

Enjoy our Thursday as Friday is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and pizza. Comments are always welcome.