What’s going on?

May 13, 2021

We have to wonder where all the sane people went. Did they leave our great country and move abroad? Asking for a friend. No really, with legitimate complaints tossed aside all we hear about come from the nutbars out there and reported by a biased media. We can’t be the only ones thinking this.

We’ve had price hikes, went from low unemployment to businesses begging for help, gas prices are raising at a steady pace, and we may see a lot worse before the dust settles. And what are the politicians talking about? Racism, a very bloated bill they want passed, systemic racism, the vaccine, inherent racism, and Trump.

Of course, those who hoarded toilet paper are now filling plastic bags with gas in an effort to stockpile fuel, or be the first person on the moon who didn’t use a spacecraft to get there. This will have the same effect on gas as it did on toilet paper, there may not be any when we need it and it will be expensive when it can be found.

Biden was bragging about all he did in his first 100 days so why haven’t we heard any solutions to these escalating problems? Once again the government has created a problem that will be blamed on everything else and has no clue as to how fix it, short of a bill bloated with pork that won’t address the issue anyway. We can hardly wait for inflation to hit.

The way things have been going, Trump will get blamed for it, the media will bad mouth the former president, and nothing will be done to fix the problem they made. We can hardly wait to hear how the government is going to fix this. That’s what we think. You may have a different idea on how things are going.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee and pizza. Comments are always welcome.

Crazy world

May 7, 2021

These weeds were in our yard before mowing which got rid of them for a while. They seem to be all over this year. We ran our errands and are ready for a few chores, we hope. Didn’t see any critters yesterday except the usual culprits but will try to get some pictures later. If we get a shot of anything interesting we’ll post it tomorrow.

Don’t know about anyone else, but this whole mask thing is getting old. We heard some places are still in lock down. Do these lock downs really help anyone or is someone just trying to make our lives miserable? Don’t know but I have just kept on trucking and haven’t looked back. Think through all this covid deal I’ve worn a mask twice. We social distance and try to be aware of those around us.

Early on in this whole covid overreaction I talked to a clerk in a jewelry store who claimed she hated having to wear a mask but had to if wanted to keep her job. She mentioned masks made it difficult to understand what some people were saying also. Couldn’t argue there as I’ve experienced the same problem a few times. And masks, like many other things people use, end up as litter and a threat to wildlife.

Now the government is pushing the vaccines as hard as they were the masks. I say no thanks to that idea. We have a virus that if you’re under 55 has about a 98% survival rate. Yes, oldfarts like myself are at a higher risk yet we should be able to decide for ourselves what steps to take. I choose to social distance and let the wife wear the masks.

Also noticed the price of gas is going up and there is talk of a possible gas shortage this summer. Add to that Iowa wants a gas mandate that would increase the price even more. We see no need for this or for the need of gas stations to spend between $300 million to $800 million so they can dispense the ‘new’ gas. Why isn’t anyone in government thinking about how to get things back to normal and reduce the costs to us citizens? The inmates are running the Asylum.

Enjoy our Friday. Now for some coffee and a Snicker’s bar. Comments are always welcome.


April 23, 2021

Much like the shadow on the garage some media are all about illusions. Heard that a network edited not only a video clip, but also an audio clip about the girl who brought a knife to a fist fight who was threatening to stab people. They even said it was a normal part of life. Why would said media news edit the knife out of the video clip and the mention of the girl being armed with knife out of the audio clip of the 911 call?

Thing is, there are still people out there who claim that it must be true because they heard it on the TV news. As someone who tries to authenticate information this shouldn’t be. People like these are probably the ones who believe gossip when they hear it also. It does explain how politicians keep getting elected even when they’re not doing their jobs.

Quit watching the political speeches long ago when I found out some politicians have no clear cut beliefs. They vote for something when it’s popular and against it when it isn’t. It has gotten absurd. Want another example? Got a newsletter in my email that had the headline “UCLA students ask if automatic hand soap dispensers are racist?” So it seems the removal of the racist dispensers is more important than the children who get shot in Chicago.

It must be because we’ve seen not groups rioting in Chicago or signs reading ‘Not one more dead child in Chicago’. There are many more examples out there but to list them all we’d need to write a book. Hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope it isn’t and oncoming train. We shouldn’t have to put up with the nonsense.

That said, enjoy our Friday and let the weekend begin. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

On a loop

March 24, 2021

Here we go again. With the mass shooting in the Colorado store politicians used the camera time to tell us we need more gun laws. Funny thing is, Colorado already has many of the restrictions the Democrats would like to see nationally, and the shooting still happened. And of course since the shooter wasn’t the ‘violent white man’ they could not blame systemic racism.

We’re getting tired of the bull being shipped about how if they take our guns away it will make things safer. No, that would merely make us victims. Yet some politicians insist new laws would be for our benefit and would save lives. We say it isn’t about guns it’s about control. But at what cost? Even tying up Congress to debate the issue takes time and money while not spending the time tackling real issues of the day.

Issues that don’t see important to them like homelessness, sex trafficking, and the mess on our southern border. How about the rising cost of gas, groceries, and other necessary items to live in a way we are accustomed to? Although recent laws passed do explain the fence and National Guard in our Capitol. Congress works for us not the other way around. It’s past time somebody grows some balls and sets them straight.

All the smoke and mirrors prove it is past time for term limits. If some were paid what they’re worth they would be homeless. Time for Congress to do their job and stop posturing. It’s time to take them out of the loop as we’re tired of hearing and watching the bull being ship, time being spent, and promises made that can’t be kept.

That’s our opinion and you’re welcome to yours. Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for some coffee and breakfast. Comments are always welcome.

The crazy bus

March 12, 2021

Feels like we’re all on the crazy bus and Pelosi is at the wheel. Don’t know what happened to the country I grew up in, but I’d like it back. We didn’t wear masks in the country I grew up in, unless we were going to rob someone. Same can be said about locking down entire states in a failed attempt to stop a virus that most have over a 99% chance of surviving.

In the country I grew up in we didn’t have fences with razor wire and the National Guard in our nations Capitol nor the rabid politicians who labor under the delusion that they run us. We don’t have a legislature where debate shows the way to a solution that helps our country and its people. Those who disagree what one party proposes are attacked and calls for riots in the street ensue.

Common sense has gone the way of Elvis and rational thought has left the building replaced by an agenda that many find hard to believe is allowed to continue. One needs to look no farther than the recently passed stimulus bill of which only 9% of the monies goes to covid related issues. Now these same people want to infringe of our gun rights. We will say again, stop trying to take our rights away while letting crime rates rise and work on issues that need work.

Our children and grandchildren will pay for this mass overstepping of politicians power, and that’s a crying shame.

What the ?

March 9, 2021

Had a good sunrise the other morning before the world got crazy. Not sure what’s going on but do know I don’t like it. Heard on the local news that car thefts in our city are 166% over this time last year. Then came news of a couple of shots fired calls. It would seem our fair city is earning the nickname ‘Little Chicago’. Still say the main reason for this uptick is the Juvenile Court system that slaps the offenders on the wrist when caught. The police are doing all they can with the restrictive laws in place.

We personally knew kids who would brag about being on probation for a half dozen, or more, crimes at the same time. Now we have a dead 14 year old and property damage to vehicles and homes that the owners end up having to deal with. What ever happened to 3rd strike and you’re out? Perhaps if these kids knew they would be spending time in prison at the third offense it would straighten some of them out.

The offenders appear to be getting younger and if caught will tell you that you can’t hit them, or detain them for the police, because they’re minors. But from what we see this whole ‘there are no bad kids’ attitude of the justice system hasn’t been working. Perhaps it’s time to show some tough love. Why not put them to work to pay for the damages they created instead of giving them another probation? If they don’t show up for work, or give money for reparations, throw them in jail.

Looks like politicians are more worried about how to spend more money than actual problems that exist. Instead of setting inmates free and getting rights for those who enter our country illegally they should be fixing the damage they’ve already done to this country. I’ll end this here before smoke starts coming out my ears.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now for some more coffee and leftover pizza. Comments are always welcome.

Changing times

March 1, 2021

It looks like the new one shot vaccine is going to be a reality which makes one wonder how long people are going to put up with the bull being shipped. Most recent news we’ve heard from the talking heads who get paid way too much money is that this new vaccine is 85% effective. Heard Fauci say that if one gets this wonder drug they will have an 85% chance of not dying or getting seriously ill if they get the virus.

Excuse me, but doesn’t the CDC claim that those under 50 have a 99.1% chance of surviving an infection? And at what cost. We have seen rising prices and limited availability in our grocery stores and gas prices going up while businesses close because of rules the government imposes on them. Alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicides are up, and tempers flare. Still say that if want to wear mask, do so. If you don’t want to, or can’t, wear a mask don’t. And if you’re at a high risk of getting the virus stay away from other people.

If we still have history books in the future, and if they’re an honest representation of what happened, this will be a sad chapter in our nations history. On top of all the above we have politicians who seem so intent on keeping us isolated, trying to take away our gun rights, and getting back at Trump they don’t concentrate on what our country really needs. It’s a crying shame.

Then we saw a short clip of Biden in Texas trying to name some fellow Democrats only to stop talking, then ask, “what am I doing here?”. Yeah, nothing to see here. It will be interesting to watch how long he lasts before he has a huge temper tantrum.

Enjoy our Monday as only we can. Now for some coffee and some M&Ms. Comments are always welcome.

Thinking again

January 23, 2021

Thought this cat must be one mean cat to bust through a wood gate and leave an outline in the wood. Others didn’t see that so guess I think different. Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re supposed to get some snow overnight and snow for 3 of the 5 days coming up. We’re ready, we lived through 2020.

Haven’t mentioned Biden yet or what has happened on this watch. Some antics made me laugh while others made me mad. Just guessing I’m not alone with those thoughts. Since Biden took office he’s pissed off Canada, made pipeline workers unemployed, and got union bosses wondering why they backed him. Also noticed the lack of accountability that was a daily event for Trump.

Since Biden has been in office Washington, D.C. has become an armed military base and the National Guard were booted out of the Capital building and told to live in a parking garage. It was short term, granted, but that has nothing to do with legislators getting a conscious, and everything to do with the public uproar concerning the event.

How about the virus? Well, according to CDC figures for 1-21-21 there were 4,383 Covid-19 deaths on Biden’s first day. And a new game plan emerged concerning testing. Now it is admitted that tests being used give false positives and should not automatically mean the person tested has the virus. So that equates to the numbers magically dropping.

To those who thought we’d be mad when Biden was ‘elected’ we say, we can wait. Biden himself will prove that Trump was a much better president and don’t look to us for help they start coming after you. Now that I’ve got this out, going to get ready to go out for lunch.

Enjoy our Saturday, after all we woke up breathing this morning. Now for some coffee, and pants. Comments are always welcome.

Crazy times

January 15, 2021

Yeah, we’re hanging in there.. Yesterday I was threatened by Facebook because, according to them, I was spreading false news. They threatened to throw me in Facebook jail, or whatever they call it. Twice. Push comes to shove I won’t miss the BS or return.

I shared a meme that said a scientist in Sweden said masks are useless. A disclaimer was put on the meme that called that false. They did not state if said scientist believed his statement or if he even said it.

Then we hear some Democrats in the Senate fear for their lives and don’t want to be shot by their gun carrying opponents. So their answer is ban guns from the floor, even for concealed carry permit holders. This got me thinking. What are planning to pull that makes them so worried about getting shot.

Haven’t heard of any such occurrence that I can recall. Do they think Republicans will get tired enough of bull they ship to actually shoot them? Having legally armed members on the floor sounds like a safety measure to me, unless you try something really stupid. If true we should all be worried.

And today our state of Iowa is seeing snow of varying depths. Here it was about .2 of an inch overnight while around our capital that was 7 or more inches. Since we’re on the east coast of Iowa we aren’t planning on driving west into the storm. It is that time of year and we expect the white fluffy love from above.

Got a few new pictures, one of which is above, and will share some tomorrow. Enjoy our Friday. Now I need more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

We’ll wait

January 12, 2021

Don’t believe the nonsense is going to stop anytime soon and we’re alright with that. The reason is that before long those who support the incoming government will eventually get a taste of why there was a demonstration at the Capital. Just wait until after the inauguration. Some of us think our country will look a lot different.

Already patriots, Trump supporters, and others who don’t agree with the new platform, are having their first amendment rights taken away. Facebook and Twitter and blocking opposing views, Parler and Rumble have lost the ability to function, and you’re fine with that. But what happens down the road if you don’t agree with all the bull our government ships our way?

Small businesses have taken a huge hit and still remain closed in some states over a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate for those under 50, while big business is humming right along. Churches, and other places of worship, have been severely restricted by over zealous politicians out of what the politicians claim is a health issue.

Biden is already picking people to chip away on gun control while more people die from shootings in Chicago on a single day than were lost at the Capital. Then the ‘public option’ healthcare will be the death knoll for private insurance and government will control our healthcare too.

If you see nothing wrong with what’s mentioned here, we’ll wait. Just remember, you’re all for this regardless of where it leads. Comments are always welcome.