4 legged critters

December 2, 2021

In case you’ve never seen one, this is what a dead raccoon looks like. Gives a new meaning to words ‘belly up’. He has gone to a better place yet we can’t say we’ll miss him.

Almost called this post ‘squirrely times’ as the remainder of the pictures will be of squirrels. Saw this one up a young walnut tree but don’t know what he was looking for. We also noticed a lot more black squirrels this year than last.

This squirrel is out on a limb and was looking for something also. Used to see them running about 24/7 storing up for winter. Perhaps this year will be mild after all. Either that, or we have a bunch of lazy squirrels around here.

Not to be outdone, this one was on a tree house railing and seemed to be having a good time.

Finally, this squirrel thought the crotch of an old tree was the place to be. Not sure what kind of tree it is but it has berries on it that the birds love this time of year. Today we’re hoping a different critter will get lost and wander into the neighborhood as we’re getting tired of squirrels.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is only a dream away. Now for coffee.

Different looks

November 30, 2021

We mentioned sharing a few pictures and even though they’re different, here they are. This is one we mentioned that reminded us of the old sci-fi movies with impossibly large creatures attacking anything that moves. I know, I have a weird imagination.

The moon was out the night before last, even though the man in moon was sleeping on the job. Early in the night it appeared like above while later it went back upright. Don’t know how that happens but are glad we got this earlier shot.

This guy was dining on some berries off a bush and looked like he didn’t like getting caught with his mouth full. With the colors we just had to get his picture. Turned out as nice as we hoped.

Part of the weekend looked like this, and felt as cold as the picture looks. At least the wind is supposed to let up a little today. And this wasn’t taken at night but in the morning. Made for a chilly day while watching all the critters and the sky.

Haven’t shared a picture of a feral cat lately. This critter was a pitiful mess when we first saw her. She was scared of everything yet now comes up to eat at the food bowls we put out and drink the water. She still won’t let us get close, but we’re working on it.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some more coffee.

Outside again

November 19, 2021

Was outside around 0300 to see how the eclipse of the moon was going and wasn’t impressed. Read somewhere the moon would turn orange as the event unfolded but must have missed it. Did notice that with the moon almost dark the stars were out in force. Like to think of the stars shining in the dark of night as little holes in Heaven that are loved ones and friends who are looking down on us and letting us know they’re thinking of us. But I digress. Here are a few of the pictures taken yesterday.

The moon looked different last night and almost full. Looking up it felt almost as though someone had left a night light on for us. Hard to photograph but great to look at.

Saw this robin in a nearby tree and he almost blended in with the branches and the remaining leaves. The tree has been there for years yet I don’t remember the little berries hanging from it. That explained why so many birds visit the tree every day though.

This woodpecker was eating like he may not get another meal anytime soon. Saw him in a few different spots on the tree enjoying the treat. If it wasn’t for the red on his head we would have missed him. Fun birds to watch.

This picture shows why we call European starlings and invasive species. This is a small part of a flock that kept flying around and perching in different trees to scare off the other birds. There are times the sky gets darker as they fly over.

We did manage to get a few shots of the moon this morning and will share them later if we’re happy with how they turn out. Enjoy our Friday as it’s going to be a busy one for us. Now for some coffee.

Another brain fart

November 17, 2021

Sorry this is so late but got uploading pictures to share and had a brain fart. Think I’m ok now but some would argue with my assessment. So without further delay, here are a few pictures we finally got uploaded to the computer.

We like this time year as we can see more of the church steeple after the leaves start falling. The view will only get better as the trees shed more leaves. Can’t say a little color is a bad thing either until the rest drop though.

Speaking of color, can’t beat these this time of the year. Funny how just a few leaves still have some green on them. These should be gone after the cold front moving in. Glad they’re not in our yard. Not a great shot with all the power lines in it and yet we couldn’t get a shot without them in the picture.

This male robin was up in another nearby tree and we got a couple shots, a long shot and a zoom. Like the leaves this robin seems to blend in pretty good. We found him anyway. In the top picture he’s in the center of the pic.

This female cardinal was on the phone line and was gracious enough to pose for a picture. Usually, by the time I pull the camera up and focus they’re gone. She was enjoying the gray day as much as I was. This one looked healthy and content to have me shoot a few pictures.

Finally, saw this guy in the pine tree and if he was a duller color we would have missed him. He was singing away, perhaps in hope of finding his mate. A little early to say it but this is almost like a Christmas card. Hope you liked the pictures and enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee to stay awake.

Perfect days

November 9, 2021

Yesterday was as close to a perfect day as it gets. It hit 69 degrees for a high, Lady Luck was sitting on my shoulder, the camera got some great shots., and the wifes portable oxygen concentrator arrived. The only think that wasn’t perfect was the choice of critters to take pictures of. All we saw was cats.

This fine looking trio crossed the alley and sampled the food bowls and water bowl. Everyone concerned thought all the female feral cats got fixed only to discover that wasn’t the case. Our neighbor and I agree that while kittens look cute, they don’t stay that way when the grow into food consuming adults.

Lil Bit and Lil one were the first to appear and hung around all day. Due to supply chain problems the store didn’t have our regular brand of cat food so we bought a more expensive brand. Of course all the cats love the new food. Hope the old brand makes it to the store by next week as these critters are getting expensive.

Puka was out and it looked like his scar is healing nicely. As the alpha male cat he has to keep up appearances. He is also a gentleman as if he sees smaller cats at the food bowls he will watch and wait until they’re done. He’s still a good looking cat.

Fluffy had to give his opinion of the day. He’s not a big fan of waiting in line to eat. Either that or he’s getting tired of seeing the camera pointed at him. He is one of the skittish ones who took to running with a kitten that has similar markings.

This gal likes to wait until there are no cats around the food bowls before she eats. Not sure what kind of cat she is but we find her interesting looking. Don’t know where she’ll wait when the bushes are cut back later this week. Sometimes we wonder where they all come from.

This one is just a cat on a roof. But it may have answered our question about where all the cats are coming from. What if this cat is the cat crier and gets up on this roof to tell the others cats we have the good food now? That makes as much sense as anything else we can come up with.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for more coffee before going back out to feed these critters.

Frost on the pumpkins

November 1, 2021

Yesterday it was October and today it is November, and chilly. The low was supposed to be the magic 32 degrees but was already up to 34 when I went outside at 03:30. Even at that early hour Lil Bit and Lil One were sitting by the food bowls waiting for me to put breakfast out. And after a quick smoke they got their food and water.

The sky was full of birds yesterday morning and they all seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Did notice they were headed south so they could be on a beach today. The picture above isn’t the best, and shows only half the hoard, yet it felt like they were not going to hang around for the cool snap.

Even some of the feral cats were on edge. This one just looked like he was mad at the world and didn’t care who knew it. He must have been in the mood for cooler weather as he looked to have a red nose already. We’ll check on him today.

If birds have a sixth sense about the weather this robin didn’t get the memo. He sat up in the old pine looking for we don’t know what for the better part of an hour. And him bringing a little more color to the tree line didn’t hurt our mood either.

Finally, Fluffy was showing off his winter coat. Still skittish after all this time, but he is a feral cat and did run a raccoon off once. That was something to see. Poor raccoon had a look on its face like ‘what the hell was that?’ Mama cat would be proud. He wasn’t around earlier this morning so we’ll look for him later for an update.

Enjoy our Monday and the first day of November. That means some elections are right around the corner. Now for some coffee.

Another one

October 29, 2021

Met my youngest son from my first marriage for breakfast yesterday and had a great time and some good food. If the place has biscuits and gravy, and coffee, I’m in. Hope you enjoyed it also Chris. That said, I went outside this morning in the rain with it cool enough to see your breath, and had a smoke and a grin. Going to be a another great day.

We also got our refrigerator running again so grocery shopping a little later is going to get expensive since we lost a lot when the fridge went out. Now’s the time to try some new things. We have a few pictures we’ll share, and it may sound crazy, but they are all of the same bird. There are only four, so please bear with us.

Went out later yesterday and saw this cardinal about 20 feet away. Decided to sneak back into the house, grab the camera, and hope this guy was still there when I got back. He was! He was getting wetter by the minute but was determined to have lunch.

At one point he looked to be trying to scare me off. Didn’t work, but we did get the picture. The lighting had changed since the first photo yet we like them both.

In this one he was munching among the poke weed and had a nifty cowlick. Whatever he was munching on must have been good as he kept at it for about 20 minutes longer. He was in the rain the entire time.

For this one we changed the settings to come up with a darker looking picture. He was still eating in the picture, and still very wet. At some point he had his fill and flew off to dryer spaces. It felt good to get these shots on such a dark day. And we didn’t even get wet taking the pictures as we were under an awning.

Enjoy our Friday, even if it’s raining where you’re at. Now for more coffee.

Got a few

October 25, 2021

The weather has not been cooperating so the camera has stayed in office. Guess we could have gotten shot of water running off the roof, or out of the gutters. But we did get a few pictures before the storm and will share them with you now.

Was trying to get a picture of this raccoon that resembled a cartoon with the blurry legs looking more like circles than legs. This was as close as we could get Saturday with the settings we tried. He was a fast little critter.

You may have to enlarge this one to see the female cardinal sitting in the pine tree. Didn’t have the longer lens so this is what we got. We think it says fall with the colors. She didn’t stay long and we knew a trip to the house to change lenses would give her time to be long gone.

Again, you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it, but this guy has having lunch atop a poke weed bush that we let grow out in the back yard. Birds love the berries and we like watching the birds so everyone is happy. He was a fine specimen to photograph.

Here’s another female cardinal, this time in the poke weed. While the weed is toxic to humans it doesn’t bother the birds. She looks to be dreaming of warmer weather, or more poke berries. You can never tell.

This little one perched on a phone line to have a look around. It didn’t take her long to look and she was soon back in the air. We did mange to get two shots before that happened.

And this one like the poke weed also. Liked the striped look of his head and the yellow atop his eyes. Just seemed like a pretty dapper little guy on a breezy day.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s here anyway. Now we need coffee.

Full moon

October 20, 2021

Tonight, if you have a clear sky, the Full Hunters Moon will be seen tonight. The hunters moon comes either in October or November, depending on when the Harvest Moon happens. It is said this full moon will appear full for 2 or 3 nights. Tomorrow night the moon will still be 99% full.

This picture was taken last night and the moon looks full to me. This picture is also among the first taken with my new lens. I finally broke down and bought a Sigma 150-600 mm monster. Once I get used to the lens we’ll post more pictures using it. The lens weighs about 8 pounds and is a little hard to get used to.

This picture was also taken with the new lens just after the sun peaked over the trees to our east. That gave everything a reddish tint, and we thought, makes an interesting picture. Should have used a bird other than the house wren, but he was available.

This one is again using the new lens. Not sure what kind of bird this is, and the lighting was off, but still like the picture. These smaller birds don’t sit still for long so we were happy to get this one.

This is last of this batch taken with the new lens. This bird was very still and we think he was trying to hide but we saw him anyway. The lighting was off on this on also but we’ll get it figured out. The birds are liking a row of bushes that get ignored the rest the year. Not sure if berries, or some small flower grows on them or not, but have seen a lot of different types of birds there.

Later in the day the clouds put on a good show as they danced across the deep blue sky. I could have watched for hours if we didn’t have things that needed done. At any rate, enjoy our Wednesday. Now for some coffee.

Slow but sure

October 18, 2021

This post is going to be slow going for me. Not because it is written for those who read slow, but due to an accident I had yesterday putting up a ladder. Made a rookie mistake and got a finger sliced by the rung lock. Be back to regular in no time and should only have type with 7 fingers for a few days. So let’s look at some pictures taken yesterday.

The last picture taken yesterday was of the moon. He looked happy so we chatted for a while. Won’t be long and he’ll be a full moon. Great view on a perfect night.

This little lady came prancing out the scrub brush like she owned the place. Have to say, she had some piercing eyes. This feral cat has been coming around a while yet is still skittish. Fine with us as she is a wild critter anyway.

Saw this flower with the pink accents and took it as proof that God is still in the wheelhouse and wants us to be happy. The wife also smiled when I showed her. Pictures can’t do it justice.

This cardinal was perched on a phone line and the background is the soffit of a neighbors house. Thought the colors made this one pop. Probably not to everyone taste, but we like the shot.

A little further down the same phone line and with the sky as a background, perched this male robin. This was early morning so the colors aren’t on full display as we try not to edit our photos. Not even sure what our free photo editor can do but am learning. And it wasn’t all cats and birds out and about yesterday.

We know raccoons are pests yet we find them hilarious to watch. The wife was going to have breakfast cereal and didn’t notice the milk had gone bad until she poured it in the bowl. Although I threw the cereal on the lawn thinking the birds would eat it, this masked bandit beat them to it. This one is one of three that eats what is left of cats food after dark.

Enjoy our Monday as I’ll be busy waiting for a package to arrive. Hope it gets here this morning or I’ll run out things to do with my 7 good fingers. Now I need some coffee.