The perils of pictures

February 26, 2015


Did you know that if you put a picture on your
blog, linked to the source and gave the photographer’s
name, did so innocently, and made no money from it,
that you could be sued? I didn’t give it much thought
until today.

The wife sent me an email with a link to a blog post
of a lady who got sued over a picture.

She admits that chances are slim that we would be
sued, but there is still a chance. She also links
to sites that have free pictures that are called
Creative Commons licensed and says some photos
in the public domain are safe to use.

We can take our own pictures too. But we should
be aware that if we use images without approval we
are probably violating copyright and could get sued
over it.

Her post is from 2012 but is still applies today.
So if you have a few minutes, and would like to
know more about this issue, just go to her website
at the link provided above.

We have read it twice, clicked on the links she
provides, and believe it to good information for
those of us we have a blog. If you already know all
this, carry on. If you don’t, click on the link. it
may just save you a hassle in the future.
Comments are always welcome.