Here we go again

September 13, 2019

We didn’t watch the debate of the Democrat candidates for president
but heard a little about it on local news. To be honest, I don’t see
what all the fuss is about. Most candidates are members of Congress
and as such have one job to do, and they can’t even do that.

The oath they pledge is a simple one:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

They all seem to have forgotten the first segment of said oath. The
Constitution is very clear about the right to keep and bear arms yet
some claim it’s open to interpretation while others disregard it
altogether. Those who claim confiscation is within their rights forget
why the 2nd Amendment was written.

Between the anti-gun groups and the talk of health care I’m beginning to think most in Washington are crazier than out house rats. Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act all by themselves yet want to change it because it is so bad. How about leaving our personal decisions alone and obey your oath of office?

This is my opinion and yours will probably be different than mine.
I’m just one American who’s tired of these clowns being all show and
no go.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend is upon us. Now for more coffee.
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What if?

September 3, 2019

We will forewarn those who are easily offended and believe all the politicians tell us, this post is not for you as it contains my opinion.

With so many presidential candidates campaigning on how they’d save us from global climate change wouldn’t it be ironic if the cause is not man made but caused by a shift in the Earth’s orbit? If true, and if the climate change is real, there isn’t anything anyone could do about it.

UC Santa Barbara geologist Lorraine Lisiecki found that
a change in the Earth’s orbital cycle affects the climate. But don’t
take our word for it, check out the Science Daily website from 2010
for the whole story.

So if there is no need for the candidates to save us from our evil ways, what would their solutions actually accomplish? I mean aside from separating us from more of our paycheck. As someone who has no desire in running for any office this seems crazier than most ideas that we’ve heard.

Just for the sake of being ornery, here’s a thought. If there is a
climate change going on, and if it’s caused by a change in our orbit,
it would make more sense to study how much of a change is coming.
Then prepare people for something that nobody can stop.

The staff of these politicians must sit up all night to think up
causes like this, and if they don’t we’d like to know what they’re
smoking. We’ll just be glad when the election is over so the daily
nonsense of the political circus returns.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now I go search of coffee and some
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Of amazing days

August 31, 2019

Friday after I woke up and went outside with the camera, this was the
view. It was still dark out but the sun was waking up to the east and
would soon get up to light the day.

The sky and clouds kept changing all day, and it was fun to watch, but I even managed to get some lawn mowed. That’s the problem with older, battery powered, lawn equipment. The run time keeps getting shorter and shorter. I actually didn’t do a bad job on the lawn considering I was cloud watching.

While my eyes were to the sky this critter caught my attention on a
phone wire that I’ve photographed a dragonfly now and then. At first
I thought he was resting but later saw a spider web below this guy so
perhaps not.

I rediscovered this picture which I like as every time I look
something new pops out at me. It’s just a picture of the chrome strip
running between the tail light and back-up light on the wifes car,
but it’s what is reflected in the chrome that gives me pause. It’s a
mystery as I don’t remember taking it yet looks to me like a hillside
down to a distant river on a cloudy day.

While watching Darth, one of the feral kittens, I was laughing and
taking pictures at the same time. She was attacking some old carpet
on cement and really got into the spirit. She played for quite a

Days like this are hard to beat but we’ll keep trying. Enjoy our
Saturday as some have a three day weekend. Now for coffee so I can
finish the yard later.
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Sky watching

August 26, 2019

I drive the wife nuts as I’m always looking at the sky but sometimes it pays off. We’ll share a few examples here. The first one, above, is looking south in Muskogee at close to sunset as a storm is trying to rain on the parade. It didn’t rain yet made for a good shot.

This shot was taken in Missouri somewhere along a two lane blacktop. It was an interesting blend of colors and contrasts and we’re glad we took it. Almost like the workings of a confused mind.

A little further along the same two lane black top we ran into this. It looked like the sun was trying to break through while the dark clouds were on duty. I liked it.

Later as we turned north on highway 61 the sky really put on a show and pulled out all the stops. It was almost dusk and the white clouds looked as they would at noon. The dark clouds snaking through looked like prehistoric animals looking for a lunch they couldn’t find.

The next morning just before we left Missouri and entered Iowa the sky decided it wasn’t finished yet. Not sure what kind of clouds these are but it was amazing to witness. And that’s why I look to the sky and find it hard to believe more people don’t.

Sure some days are just blue skies as far as the eye can see, but there are also days that make a look worthwhile. Finally, whoever decided a roundabout was needed on Mo 19 surrounded by cornfields it was not appreciated. We won’t return by this route now that said roundabout is in place.

Enjoy our Monday as tomorrow we may talk about a candidate for
Mayor in our city and give some opinions.
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A couple things I noticed

August 23, 2019

Dorothy was right, “there’s no place like home!” We had a great trip
and loved being with the kids and our granddaughter but it does feel
good to be home. We noticed a couple of things, one made us laugh
and the other made me mad. We’ll mention both.

First is the fact that I’m a country boy and can’t change that. The
wife laughed when I told her that when we went to Texas de Brazil to
eat I knew I was in trouble when I saw three forks and two goblets at
each place setting. I’m a much more simple man.

I mean no disrespect to the place or its employees, but I don’t need
servers to bring the meat to the table and cut it in front of me. Rich
folk love me at these places when I ask ‘what the hell is that?’
Hey, I’m laughing right with them, but don’t put anything in mouth
unless I know what it is and the only way to find out is ask.

This picture is the reason I was mad and sad at the same time. We’re
at a city park with nice pond filled with wildlife and some Bozo has
to throw their burger wrapper into the water. After seeing this we
noticed beer and pop cans, plastic bags, and other trash in the pond.
I was half tempted to wade out and get the trash off the turtle.

We noticed trash bins about 25 feet away and people are so lazy they
can’t do the right thing. It’s a sad part of our civilization that some
ruin things for others. Didn’t ruin our vacation yet that doesn’t make
it right.

Enjoy our Friday as we need to stock on groceries and fix my low pizza

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Day 3

August 15, 2019

Yesterday we had breakfast in our motel and our granddaughter
stayed overnight. It was a kind of boring day. We hit Walmart and
Best Buy then stopped at the Shawnee Cafe for lunch. Since it was
the daily special I tried the cheeseburger.

One bite and I knew it was favorite mom and pop diner here. The
place is only open until 1:45 pm as they don’t stay open for
dinner anymore. So we went someplace for dinner.

I remembered the Boom-a-rang Diner from our last visit so when the
son stopped over with a few things the granddaughter forgot, we
went. Again I had the daily special and it wasn’t a cheeseburger.
It was an open face hamburger patty on Texas toast covered with
beef gravy and topped with french fries covered in beef gravy.

Not exactly healthy, but I woke up grinning remembering the meal.
And Anna wanted another picture in front of the mural to show off
her t-shirt. It reads “I asked God for a partner in crime and he
sent me my hot Nana Grandma”.

Tomorrows post will have more on our visit to Tulsa today with
pictures taken at the aquarium. I know this is late but it’s been
that kind of day.

Enjoy what’s left of our Thursday as we are enjoying the air
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Back to nature

August 8, 2019

Yesterday we got a little worked up about all the bull surrounding the recent shootings so today we’ll share a few pictures. Some thoughts on other issues may get a post later.

Saw this spider web between the phone lines going to a neighbors house, and yes, the phone line is the same one a dragonfly likes to frequent.

This kitten makes me laugh. She’ll be walking along and then notice I’m standing there and get a funny look on her face. Makes me wish cats could talk.

These two were out by the garage and noticed shadows. The gray one tried to pry the repair panel off while the orange one attacked its own shadow. Kept them busy for some time.

And in the heat of the day Mama cat and the kittens got under the wifes car and stayed in the shade. Patch is debating going back out into the sun to get a drink of water.

It was a cloudy day and at one point the moon was in the clouds and looked content. We didn’t chat as that just seemed like a crazy idea when it was still light out. After it did get dark the moon was nowhere to be seen and we figured he snuggled up in the clouds and was having a good nap.

That’s the nickel tour of what we saw on the east coast of Iowa yesterday as seen through the viewfinder. Due to the heat it was a slow day for other critters but before long it will cool off and the critters will return.

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some coffee.
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