May 8, 2020

This recent virus experience left me thinking of a song that came
out in 1971 by the 5 Man Electrical Band called ‘Signs’. The part
that stuck to me goes as follows:

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

If this brings back memories, the lyrics to the song can be found
here. Don’t know what history will call this part of our lives down
the road, but it is interesting.

With so much of our country shut down the poor are getting poorer
while the rich don’t seem as affected. Oh sure, the complain by
saying being locked in their mansions is like being in jail, but any
of us who been in jail know that isn’t right.

It’s kind of amusing that our government is trying to save us and
legislate us into poverty. They think they know about the virus and
what’s good for us and living by a different standard themselves. It
is confusing to an old fart like me.

I missed going over to visit Dad for two weeks as the wife was
exposed to the virus at work and waited before going over to see him
again. We had a nice reunion of sorts and enjoyed kicking jokes back
and forth.

Now I find out he came in contact with someone who tested positive
for Covid-19. At 94 years old he doesn’t get out much and now he has
to go without visitors again. This is getting old.

Let’s open our country back up so those who can, and want to, go
back to work and those of us who pre-existing conditions that could
make things worse if infected, stay home. Don’t know about you but
we want our life back.

Enjoy our Friday as it means we’re one day closer to seeing the
tail end of this pandemic. Now for coffee and a cheeseburger.
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When it rains…

April 30, 2020

My desktop went FUBAR 3 days ago and I’ve been trying to bring it
back to life. When we got said computer it was top of the line and
we were told it would be the last one we’d ever need. Bull! Ten
years later here I sit needing another one.

Not sure if the problem is fixed or it’s time to bury the dead, but
will wait and see. Worst case, posts can be done from my laptop until
another tower is bought and installed.

On the virus front it seems like SSDD. We haven’t heard of any riots
but demonstrations are up. The number of fatalities is much lower
than predicted, yet some are stuck at home. And now we have some
businesses claiming they won’t let us in if we don’t wear masks.

Don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble breathing on a
regular day to put a mask on and make it worse. I’d be panting like
like a pug dog in a tail chasing contest! Then we’re told that
social distancing is here to stay even if more states open up.

So I’m at the keyboard hoping this post will make it through the
process without the computer going crazy on me again. Developers
need to put a hood on the towers so we can open up the top to work
on them instead of taking it halfway apart.

Fodder for another day. Enjoy the rest of our Thursday as at least
the weather has been decent here today. I need some coffee no and
a pizza later to get back on track.
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Head scratching

April 24, 2020

Made the mistake of watching some national media news and have been shaking my head ever since. Tried to watch a press conference our president was giving yesterday and admit to once again being amazed at things said media is getting away with.

During the talk Trump said that we could try ultraviolet light or
disinfectants on patients who have the Covid-19 and added that might
work. Got up this morning and checked my email to find the media has
done it again. On more than one liberal leaning site the articles
stated that Trump wanted inject bleach into patients and use bright
lights to beat the virus.

In the version I saw, bleach wasn’t mentioned and these mental
midgets don’t realize peroxide can also be used as a disinfectant. At
least the president is trying. And it has been proven that sunlight
kills the virus, but I don’t think that would work as a treatment
for the virus.

What is really needed is for the Democrats to stop trying to slip
money for their pet projects into stimulus bills and actually work
on the problem instead of trying to tear down those who are.

That being said, I don’t believe in these lock downs, quarantines,
or that the problem is near as bad as we are being led to believe.
Doctors who are specialists on infectious diseases are saying that
the lock down will extend the time before the virus peaks and are
ignored in favor of politicians who have no training in the field.

It is said the seasonal flu has killed a lot more people this year
than Covid-19. I still say the best way to end the political
nonsense is take away their pay until this virus is over. We have to,
why shouldn’t they?

Enjoy our Friday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee and
leftover pizza.
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Just a thought

April 20, 2020

Read an interesting article on WND this morning about how Sweden is
handling the virus. In Sweden restaurants, bars, playgrounds and
parks are open. Elementary schools are open but high schools and
colleges are not. The government suggests that if you can work from
home you do so, and limit crowds to no more than 50 people.

Oh my God, they’re all going to die! Not quite. One would think with
all the media bias the death toll would be a lot larger than ours.
That would depend on how you look at it. In the U.S.A. we have 71
covid 19 deaths per million. In Sweden they have 91 covid 19 deaths
per million.

Perhaps it’s just me, but with numbers like that it leads me to
believe we don’t need the lock down on our population. Before you call
me heartless let me say that I have underlying health issues that
would not work in my favor should I catch this bug. I don’t wear a
mask or gloves when out in public but choose to wash my hands when
I get home.

And while many are up in arms about the spread in New York few are
concerned about this virus decimating our Native Americans. That I
find disgraceful. I know money to help is on the way but our
government doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to
Native Americans.

It’s about time to open things up and let those who are afraid of
catching the viurs isolate and the rest of us get back to business
as usual. We can’t do that everywhere but we have to start somewhere.

Enjoy our Monday and tomorrow we’ll share a few recent pictures.
Now I need more coffee so I don’t nod off again.
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Enough is enough!

April 13, 2020

This whole corona virus nonsense makes as much sense to me as the
car manufacturers putting dials in place of shifters in our cars. So
far this ‘pandemic’ just hasn’t lived up to its name. While peaking
in some areas the numbers still aren’t as high as we were told they
would be.

It feels almost like when a business goes out of business and has a
big sale. Prices get inflated and a discount offered but when you
look at the final cost, it’s the same as everywhere else. Our
government has gone power crazy.

Even if we wanted to peacefully assemble we could be fined or
arrested during these crazy times, our religious rights have been
violated, and our economy severly battered. Vacations? Surely you
jest. We can’t even be with dying relatives when we want to be.

Those making all these laws and medical experts alike readily admit
they don’t know much about this virus while ordering us not to go
out. Even criminals took a hit as people everywhere are already
wearing masks.

Time to let those who are healthy go back to work and start to
recover from their loses while those of us with health issues will
stay home. If we wish to. And it’s past time to remind Congress,
Governors, Mayors, and others that they work for us.

And the dials for shifters? Lets get rid of them too.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee and leftover.
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It’s a start

April 6, 2020

We will forewarn liberals, progressives, those that need “safe
spaces”, those without common sense, and others, that this post is
not for you. If you continue reading we are not responsible for
your hurt feelings, filled up coloring books, or the depletion of
tissues. This is an opinion piece and it will not gel with yours.

That being said, we’re tired of the 24/7 mainstream coverage of the
corona virus, Pelosi and her flying monkeys, and all the other BS
being throw at us by those who can’t preach on their accomplishments
and feel the need to drag others down to their level.

We’ve all probably seen the latest attempt by Pelosi and others to
have Trump investigated for his handling of the virus. They don’t
remember they were trying to impeach Trump while he already working
on the problem earlier this year?

And did you notice we never hear their solution or what they would
have done differently? They have been too busy pushing their own
agenda to get Trump impeached to worry about something like this.
Well, we believe we have an answer to the problem that would bring
back bi-partisanship and unite the parties.

If we are truly in an emergency situation all bills passed by the
House and Senate should only address the emergency and not include
any pet projects or paybacks to campaign contributors. Once the
emergency is officially declared over the parties could go back to
business as usual.

Politicians should relieve no pay until the emergency is over and
any who complain about it fined. If this is good enough for ‘we
the people’, it should be good enough for them.

And finally, there should be no elections held, by mail, at the
polls, or otherwise, until this emergency is over. If we can’t do
anything else I’ll waive my right to vote until we’re safe. Those in
office would keep their job, minus a paycheck, until we’re over this.

This is my opinion and yours may differ, but this old redneck is
getting tired of the dog and pony show. If you have a better idea,
we’d love to hear it.

Enjoy our Monday as we will.
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The insanity continues

April 4, 2020

Been busy lately and the time has been flying by while finding out
my body has gotten older. Thought to remove some volunteer trees and odd brush that have popped up and found out I’m not as young as I thought I was.

Was also left speechless for the first time since Christ rode a
bicycle. Went out on the porch to see what was going on and spotted
this possum chowing down on the cat food! When I opened the porch
door to scare the critter away, it hissed at me.

So I called the wife to take a look and she asked “how did that
possum get there?”. Well I sure didn’t know and wasn’t about to ask
after the hissing. The critter had some more food until something
in the alley scared it away.

Got another surprise later when a robin in the neighbors yard stuck
his butt in the air and spread his tail feathers. Don’t know what
he was trying to do but there wasn’t another bird in sight so don’t
think it was a mating ritual.

Yet seeing these things while outside didn’t seem as strange as all
the hype going around about the virus. I watch a bit of early
morning local news and a Perry Mason re-run later. Much more than
that and I’m tempted to throw my coffee mug through the TV screen.

We’ll end this here as somebody drank my coffee and I need a refill.
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